International Relations

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I got off the conference call with mixed feelings. My employer was sending me to the home office in Switzerland for training on new equipment. This was a rare opportunity, as the company usually brought the instructor to the States because of costs. Normally, two or three technicians would go for the classes, but the new product was expensive, and expected to have limited appeal for very specific clients. Management decided I was likely to have one of the first units installed, so I was being sent to training by myself.

I enjoy an adventure every now and then, but being sent to a country where I don’t speak the language for four weeks seemed a bit daunting. Not that it was really all that bad…nearly everyone there speaks English, and since technicians come from all over the world, classes are in English as well. My biggest regret was that my wife couldn’t come with me. The trip was for work, not pleasure, and she couldn’t get away from her own job anyway. I had been overseas before, but always on a guided vacation tour, and at 27 years old, I was hardly a world traveler.

My wife, however, seemed much more excited about the situation than I was. “This is really cool, babe.” She said, genuinely envious of the opportunity. “It just makes you more valuable, and harder to get rid-of.”

“I know you’re right…and given the lay-offs that have been going around, it certainly adds a layer of security.” I replied, rubbing her shoulder and bending down to nibble her ear. “What I’ll miss most is taking care of you.”

“I’m sure I’ll miss being taken care of.” Sue said as she reached back to squeeze my crotch. “But somehow, I’m sure we’ll be able to manage…it’s really not that long.” She then spun around, lowered my jeans, and took my swelling member into her mouth.

Sue and I have been married for three years, and our sex-life is more than fulfilling. We spent as much time making love as we could before my departure. I knew I would miss her…but it wasn’t like I was going off to war. Still, I didn’t protest the extra attention I was getting.


The time finally arrived, and I found myself stumbling around, finally managing to find the hotel in a village 30 minutes outside of Zurich. The first few days were confusing, but I soon mastered the train schedules, and found that being able to function wasn’t as hard as I imagined. The classes were filled with about a dozen guys from around the world…some speaking English better than others…and not a single female. The type of job I have is typically male-dominated, but I thought there might be at least one lady to add variety to the mix. I spent a lot of time with two guys from Scotland, and one from Croatia. We would debate which of the five local restaurants to dine each evening, and sometimes taking the train to Zurich for more variety. The other three were single, in their early-to-mid twenties, and often wanted to hit the bars, cruising for women. I usually went along, but often felt like the odd-man-out, since I was married and not interested in any international flings. The guy from Croatia was particularly talented at picking-up women. We called him “Ivan”, though his name was longer and more complicated than that. He claimed to speak “American bad-ass”, and not English, since he learned most of the language from Die-Hard and other movies. Ivan was my partner in most of the group-work for the classes, and we got along well.

“Why you go to bars and not get the pussy?” Ivan asked in broken English, tainted with a Russian-like accent. “Woman with me had sister…wanted you bad.”

Ivan had been teasing me good-naturedly for the past week, though he knew I was married and not at all interested. “It seems to me that you’re good at the meet-and-greet, but not so good at closing the deal.” I said, taunting him. “Maybe you should give-up “on the pussy” and just stick to your right hand for the next three weeks.”

“I know, I know…must be off my game.” Ivan said with a laugh. “Anyway…I’m left-handed.”

By the end of the second week, the Scottish guys had to leave. They were doing the training in stages, and were due to return in two months. This left just Ivan and myself to argue over dining choices and weekend entertainment. It also led to an unexpected problem with the hotel rooms. The hotel wasn’t anything fancy…just clean and friendly. Most of the rooms were very small…amounting to a twin-size bed against a wall, and a small desk…but at least had private baths. My room, however, was a bit larger and had two twin beds pushed together to form a double bed. My colleagues gave me shit nearly every day about having the “luxury suite”, while they returned to their “cells”. When the Scotts left, they also mistakenly bumped Ivan out of his room. They couldn’t rectify the situation for three days, so Ivan either had to move two villages down on the train line, or find someone to share a room. Like an idiot, I offered to let him stay for three days, knowing that moving would be a major hassle for Bomonti Escort him. At least the hotel gave us free meal vouchers for the headache.

“I am grateful for this, Steve.” Ivan said sincerely. “I will do best to avoid bother to you.”

“No problem, man. I just wish I could do more about the beds. There’s no room to spread them further apart…at least they are two separate beds.”

“Good enough for three days.” Ivan said with a sigh and shrugging his shoulders. “Choices are not many.”


The first night went fairly well…at least Ivan didn’t snore. Neither of us, however, had packed with the intention of sharing a room. I had a t-shirt and one pair of boxers, so I made that my sleeping attire, while Ivan wore only a pair of low-rise briefs. I’m not an overly modest person, and Ivan didn’t seem to be either, so it really wasn’t much of an issue. I woke up the next morning before Ivan so we could stagger our showers. I looked over and saw him on his back, with an obvious morning erection. I laughed to myself, and threw a blanket over him to protect his modesty before heading to the bathroom. I had finished showering, and was brushing my teeth when Ivan came in the room, stark naked, and started taking a piss.

“Dude…give me a minute, and you can have the whole room to yourself.” I said, with a mouthful of toothpaste.

“Sorry…had pressing urge. I have nothing not seen yourself, but will be more careful of you.” Ivan said apologetically.

“Not really a big deal.” I offered, feeling a bit foolish, but not knowing why. “Living in close quarters anyway…thought maybe I was taking too long for you.”

“No, is fine…do as you need.” Ivan replied, sounding relieved he hadn’t embarrassed me.

Ivan then stepped into the shower while I finished my last few tasks. I’m not in the habit of staring at other guys, but I suppose everyone has taken the “locker room glance” every now and then. I was mildly envious of Ivan’s physique…he had a very muscular upper-body, small waist, and well-toned legs. Not quite as ripped as a male gymnast, but damn close. My build, on the other hand, was more like a swimmer’s physique…lean and toned through years of tennis and soccer. He had light skin and dark hair, which he apparently kept trimmed. I have a naturally smooth body, a moderate tan, and dark blond hair. Becoming self-conscious over my curiosity, I looked away and stepped out of the bathroom to get dressed.

I was tying my shoe when Ivan stepped out of the bathroom, wearing nothing, and walked over to his suitcase. “Your shower sprays much better than mine.”

“It’s pretty good, unless the neighbors are in the shower at the same time.” I offered casually, trying not to notice his half-hard cock bouncing only a foot away from me as he crossed the room.

I was not at all shocked or concerned that he walked around nude. I’ve been through all that shit before with locker rooms and living in college dorms. I probably wouldn’t have thought anything about it all, except he was obviously half-aroused….his uncut cock hanging slightly curved and swaying between his legs.

Ivan must have noticed my attempt to look anywhere but directly toward him. “Please excuse…needed to take care of the wood.” Ivan said calmly as though describing the weather.

“Uh…alright…we’ve all been there.” I said, slightly embarrassed and amused at his sudden confession. “Probably more information than I needed, though.”

“Relax…is just body function…like sneezing.” Ivan chortled as he put on his clothes. “Is nothing to me…again, I will be careful of you.”

“Whatever, man…it’s just a few days. Can’t imagine anything you could do that would really shock me.”

We left the room, walked to the train, and rode to work as we had done for the last several days. The situation wasn’t ideal, but at least it wouldn’t last long.


After work, we decided to just to have dinner at the bar and drink a few beers. At least that was the plan…a girl stepped-in that night that we had not seen before, and Ivan was making advances within minutes. They danced most of the night, and the lady spent a considerable amount of time grinding her ass into Ivan’s lap. It was getting late, and I needed to call home, so I left Ivan (as he would say), to “get the pussy”. After catching up with Sue, and having her tease me with some hot phone sex, I went to bed. It had been nearly two hours since I left Ivan at the bar, so I figured he had finally gotten lucky. About forty minutes later, I was half-asleep when Ivan entered the room…he wasn’t alone.

I could hear them kissing and fondling each other on the bed dangerously close to me. I wasn’t sure what to do, but the situation quickly turned worse for Ivan as the lady gasped when she realized they weren’t alone. They were whispering in German, so I didn’t understand a word…but I got the sense she wasn’t thrilled to have an audience. A few seconds later, Bomonti Escort Bayan with a slap on his face and the sound of the door closing, I figured Ivan had once again struck-out.

“If it wasn’t so late, dumbass…I could have been gone for a while. You should plan this shit better.” I grumbled without turning over.

“Is not something I plan.” Ivan huffed with frustration. “She was cunt anyway. Promised you would not touch her…maybe just watch.”

“And she didn’t go for that? How do you find these crazy bitches?” I said with deep sarcasm.

“Yeah, yeah…I hear you.” Ivan replied as he got undressed and under the covers. “Just moment of weakness…horned like hell…not thinking.”

“Obviously not.” I mumbled into my pillow, not wanting to pursue the conversation further. “Try again another day…see you in the morning.”

When I thought the evening couldn’t get any weirder, I woke up at about four in the morning to the sound of muffled groans. The light in the room was very dim, but as I opened my eyes, I could clearly make out that Ivan was beating-off in the bed next to me. This seemed completely unnecessary, as he could easily go into the bathroom. Doing my best at pretending to be asleep, I turned over to have my back toward him and hoped he’d take it to the bathroom. There was a long period of silence with very little movement…but it became obvious he resumed activities after deciding I was in a deep slumber. I could hardly blame him for wanting to knock-one-off, Sue had me needing to bust a nut in the worst way, but this was ridiculous. I decided it was best to ignore it…at least until I heard one last stifled moan and felt a splat of warm fluid on my neck. That asshole had actually cum on me! I struggled with the urge to turn around and beat the shit out of him…but his behavior suggested he was surprised as well, whispering curse words under his breath while trying to quietly clean the mess he could find.

The situation might have relieved some of Ivan’s stress, but did nothing for me. The oversexed atmosphere had me dreaming of Sue’s hot chat and imagining being in our bed together. I finally managed to drift back asleep, but the morning alarm brought more awkward moments. I reached to turn off the irritating buzzer, when I noticed a pillow had been placed on my lap. Given I had an insistent case of morning wood, I surmised that Ivan did for me what I had done for him the day before.

Ivan was standing in the room, his hair damp and a towel around his waist. “I guess Sue filled your ear.” He said with an uneasy grin…as though afraid of being caught doing something wrong. “I try to save your dignity.”

“Oh…yeah…appreciate it man. Sorry to freak you out so early in the morning.” I replied, running my hand through my crumpled hair and feeling something dry and flaky under my ear.

“Is fine…just like sneezing…problem for everyone.” Ivan said as he brushed his hair and a prominent bulge was outlined at the front of his towel.

“Yeah…I guess so.” I chuckled uneasily as I hid my erection behind my arm and stepped into the bathroom. It took a while, but my cock finally went down and I had a much needed piss. After I started the shower and stood under the water, Ivan came in to brush his teeth. The shower door was clear glass, and offered no privacy. Again, not something that would have bothered me at all…but last night’s events seemed to add a touch of awkwardness.

“Are you Jewish?” Ivan asked nonchalantly as I brushed the water off my body.

“Uh…no. Why?” I answered, confused by the seemingly random question.

“Your cock is cut. First I’ve seen like that.” He said with absolute ease.

“Oh…well…still pretty common in the States. Doctors are getting away from it though.” I replied nervously, feeling strange about having a conversation about my dick with another guy, and relative stranger.

“Ah, yes…I have heard this. Seems a strange custom.” He replied dismissively after putting on deodorant and turning to leave the room.

I decided to just let it drop…I had no intention of discussing my circumcision the rest of the morning. We finished getting ready, and spent the rest of the day doing business as usual. I was glad to be occupied with work and not allowing my thoughts to linger over recent events.


Ivan and I met with some guys from Brazil for dinner, and had a great time trading stories in fractured English. It was getting late, and I told Ivan I was heading back to the hotel to call Sue.

“Oh sure…I give you time…don’t let her tease you too long…not healthy.” Ivan chided as I rose from the table. “This is last night of me bothering you. I won’t be too late, so I can pack.”

Of course, I knew he would probably try to score with some woman at a bar, and come back either drunk or pissed-off. It was great to talk with Sue again….but it didn’t help to hear the soft buzz of her vibrator while she described how Escort Bomonti much she missed me. We were nearly ready to hang-up when I heard Ivan putting the key in the door. I quickly grabbed a pillow and put it in my lap to hide the arousal inside my boxers. “Well…I really should go, honey. Ivan’s back, and we have to get up for work tomorrow.”

Ivan heard my conversation, saw the pillow, and made the connection. “Sorry, friend…I will give more time…say “hi” for me.”

I motioned for him to stay as Sue and I exchanged our last few words for the evening and hung-up the phone. “You’re fine, man…just finished talking. No luck with the ladies tonight?”

“What do you think? All women in this village are either whores or don’t like Croatians!” Ivan said in his thick eastern-block accent.

“That seems a little harsh. Not everyone wants to hop in bed right away, my friend.”

Ivan took a deep sigh before speaking. “I know…you are right. We will both be home soon and everything forgotten. At least they could just say “no” right away…not give me hope.”

“Guess we’ll both just have to live without release for just a little longer. I’m sure it won’t kill us.” I said, offering no hint of what I saw him doing the night before.

We spent a few more minutes bullshitting, and went to bed. I was glad to help him out, but not completely sorry to see him getting his own room tomorrow.

The phone call with Sue had the same effect on my dreams as before. One scene seemed particularly vivid. Sue and I were on the beach where we had our honeymoon. We kissed passionately, her breasts firm and warm. Sue snaked her tongue down my chest, lowering my trunks and taking my cock into her mouth. Her tongue felt incredible as it traced the shaft of my prick…in fact…almost too incredible.

“What the shit!” I exclaimed as my eyes shot open wide and found Ivan licking my cock as it protruded from the fly of my boxers. I tried to move off the bed, but Ivan held me firmly in place…one hand at the base of my neck, and his body across my legs.

“Relax…is good…relieves the pressure…like sneezing.” He said calmly, while still restraining my movements. “Take deep breath…after reflex gone…then can kick my ass.”

“Fucking straight, asshole! Just how the fuck is your mouth on my cock like sneezing!” I said nearly shaking in shock as I pushed my dick back in my shorts and sat up in the bed. “I should fucking kill you right now!”

Ivan had a look of deep disappointment on his face and his hands began to shake from nervousness. Sitting on the end of the bed, facing me…he took a few seconds before speaking. “I…I feel foolish…now that heat is gone from my head…don’t know what I was thinking.” Ivan rested his head in his hands, staring at the covers, while his own arousal subsided within the skimpy briefs. “Thought only to relieve tension…your dreams were troubled…thought could calm you.”

“What kind of bullshit is that? I’m supposed to believe it was some noble, selfless act while you’re sitting there with a hardon?!” I was pissed…and I struggled with the urge to start pummeling his face. “I don’t give a shit what you’re into…but I’m no fucking faggot!”

“No, no…please, not misunderstand…I love the pussy!” Ivan struggled to find the words as his broken English started to get even more fractured. “Have no good reasons…was looking at hard cock with no skin…just curious to see.” Ivan stared at the ceiling, to avoid looking me in the eye. “We both horned-up…thoughts went too far.”

My blood pressure was calming down, but I was still fuming over such a personal invasion. I had my own fleeting curiosities about Ivan’s body…but at least I kept it to quick glances in the shower. I had nothing to add to the conversation. Ivan grabbed his blanket and slept on the floor…as far away from me as he could get. My heart was still pounding, but I finally managed to find sleep once more.

I awoke several times from dreams involving making love to Sue…and Ivan’s grip on my shaft. A cold shower seemed like a good idea, so I got up at three in the morning and stood under the stream…lazily stroking my cock and hoping to knock-one-off. Then I heard a knock on the door.

“I am very sorry to disturb…need to piss badly. You much longer?” Ivan asked meekly through the door.

I stared through the glass panel at the slightly-opened door, wondering how many more times I’d have to stifle a hard-on while he’s around. I was just starting to work up a good boner, and knew it would take more than a few seconds to bring it down again. “Just do your thing and get out.” I said curtly as I turned to face the wall…keeping my back to him as Ivan came in to relieve his bladder. I could hear the stream of urine entering the toilet as I closed my eyes…my head and hands touching the wall while the shower sprayed down my back. I just wanted Ivan to leave quickly, so I could get back to blowing off some steam. Sounds in the room indicated that Ivan had finished, and was rinsing his hands in the sink.

“Again…I am sorry…was wrong to do in that way.” Ivan said, his words halting with nerves. “Maybe you’d be sleep by now if asked first.” He continued with a nervous laugh, as though trying to make light of the situation.

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