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The story I’m about to relate happened to me beginning about eight months ago. It was a time of great distress and turmoil, in my life. I will be brief as to the circumstances or sequence of events that befell me. I am a lady of great discernment and prestige with a family owned business in the State of Florida. I am not of great wealth but there was a time when my Grandfather owned the orange grove which he built from the ground with one orange tree, and several seedlings, to make a very comfortable living for our family. Since then, we have had to battle many factions of difficulty in our lives. Now it was up to me to keep the orange grove business for our family afloat.

I am Rebecca Sarah Virginia Price. I used to get teased all through school because of the initials R.S.V.P. all of the time from the young boys in school who would find out later just how hard it was to get an invite. All of that changed with my first failure at my attempts in marriage.

I am twenty seven years old and have been called a ruthless competitor in the orange grove industry. I must say that even though I am somewhat young, I am never the less, a very wise business lady. However, my love life as you can imagine, was somewhat dismal. Oh, I would date several different men letting them talk me out of my panties for what had eluded me most, my first orgasm. Funny as it was, that I had been married for several years and even dated the most popular men in the small town we lived in but they didn’t have the drive or desire to make me theirs, in the orgasmic sense. I never knew why?

I was considered very beautiful because of my tanned body working in the orange grove in the Florida sun. I had silky soft light brown hair with green eyes, a small but pouty mouth, light dimples to each cheek when I smiled, and as my friend Sarah put it, a figure to die for. I was only one hundred thirty one pounds on a five four frame. I was considered voluptuous by the last man I was with, who immensely loved my thirty four double D-cup sized breasts. I thought he might be the one who broke the curse of never having an orgasm but he was way to excitable and finished way too fast, before I could even get started. The truth of the matter, I figured, it would never happen at least not with a man. Sure, I could get myself off, whenever I masturbated, but I needed a real live man to have me and do me perfect. I would do anything to have that.

One day Sarah was helping me with breakfast at the diner we have on the family owned get away and resort restaurant, I owned as well. Sarah had been my friend since school. We were not like boss to employee speaking because our relationship was too sisterly. I had sat down to an orange marmalade on toast with coffee and Irish crème which is the only way I’d drink my morning coffee. I needed my Irish crème to satisfy my palate.

Sarah giggled at me then said, “You know honey, the reason you have such poor luck is because you want to be in control of everything. You never let yourself go. You never relax letting the man take the lead. I truly feel sorry for all those sots who tried to woo you into bed. Hell, after they accomplished that goal, they had to penetrate a fortress of armor, just to be able to get you off. They never had a chance to soften the outer layer. Besides, you always want to be, too much of a control freak.”

Sarah sat down across from me and she was a stunning lady in her own right. Sarah is only five-two with blonde hair and deep blue eyes, smooth skin with a smallish kissable mouth and shapely lips. Sarah was about one hundred forty pounds but this made her look chunky. Sarah had more muscle than fat because she would workout at the gym everyday with her trainer Mark. I say she is a complete knockout. Sarah was only a year younger than I was and graduated with my same class. She was very smart during school so, I at times, am able to let her manage the inn, along with the cabins we have on the eleven hundred acre orange grove during the prime vacation season.

I smiled at Sarah stating, “Sarah, there are certain requirements I need from a man and if he meets all of them, then I’ll know that I met the right one. First, he has to love Irish crème in his coffee and orange marmalade on toast. Then he must wash his face every morning with a wash rag the way Grandfather used too. Lastly he has to be an exquisite sexually, a capable man that can make me forget my entire existence, up until now. If I meet this man, then I’ll know he’s my soul mate. I would wed him living orgasm happy for the rest of my life. Now, I know that this would be utterly impossible for these things to happen unless, there is some centrifugal force at the peak of the Universe controlling everything or perhaps God.”

Sarah stared at me with a blank look while she was putting the butter on her dollar sized pancakes, a little dab on each one. Then I watched as she poured the syrup on a specific side of her plate away from her bacon and sausage. Sarah then cut the smallish pancakes into neat little triangles. I Şanlıurfa Escort was merely observing her reaction to what I had just stated. I knew the God thing would get her dander up because she believed in God controlling all things, to include my orgasms as was evident in her next statement.

Sarah took a bite of a tiny triangle piece of pancake, dipped ever so lightly in the syrup, which I didn’t know if she had anything even on it. I watched her chew for about six or seven chews then she said, “You see that there, is why you’ll never have an orgasm Becca, you fail believing in the Almighty. I bet you one thing though God’s going to make a believer out of you when you meet this mystery man of yours. I believe he’s right around the corner. He will be God’s mighty sword that will knock down the walls of Jericho or in this case Becca Price.”

I watched as she giggled covering her mouth which I thought was adorable then she said, “Becca, I believe in the power of prayer and I’m going to pray for you that you will meet your mighty cocks-man. Why not the bible says that you can ask God for anything?” I watched as Sarah laughed wanting for God to help with my sex life. Now I don’t know if she really prayed but later on that night we were having a girl’s night out and WOW! I met the dinger the best of the best ever.

He wasn’t remarkably handsome or tall but he was from Ireland the old country here on some business. He had brown hair, blue eyes, spoke with a wonderful Irish accent, and had a nice juicy fat eight inch cock for me that I say was magic.

I was on my second orgasm as he was fucking into and out of me like a champion stud gone crazy. I felt heat, fire, sweat, a sense of falling yet I was lying down. The absolute tingle down there as it built up like pressure as if I was about to pee but it wasn’t pee believe me. It would build and build, the intensity of every nerve ending coming alive in my satisfied pussy.

Oh, now I understood what Sarah was saying to me a long time ago. She said, “When it does happen it is a feeling of complete utter insanity, then quaking, and lastly you couldn’t run or move even if someone said a bear just crashed into the room.” I couldn’t help myself as I giggled about what crazy Sarah had said, while the guest between my outstretched legs was making my pussy into his personal playground and I by no means minded.

I felt each thrust of his hips as he entered and divided my sweetness. I was reaching with my nails rubbing his rib cage lightly stroking as he penetrated me over and over again. I was as they say completely relaxed letting him take me to even greater heights of pleasure if it were at all possible. He had a pure thoroughbred feel to his breathing and movement. I was championed by him as he continued sliding in and out thrusting upwards with each stroke expertly hitting my clitoris for maximum pleasure.

I again felt the tingles continuing with more voracity than before. My breathing was intense and my hair was matted from the sweat on the back of my neck. It was to my delight that I was totally his. I felt the wetness increasing with each inward stroke to puddle under my ass. Our souls were mixing in the pleasure of the ecstasy we gave one another. I then felt the third orgasm gush as every muscle tensed to an extreme contortion as I gripped my lover’s sides bearing into him with an intense grip. My legs which were uncontrollable wrapped themselves around his hips for his maximum depth inside my body. I screamed but it was a scream of immense joy and then laughter took over as I couldn’t believe the feelings this man caused in me. I felt my lover, Robert Parker, tense then let loose finally his sperm into my ever exhausted body. Delightfully squirt after squirt released mixing our deluge as one massive orgasm clamor. He then slid himself off my wasted body and his magical cock fell out of my pussy. He lay beside me then said, “That was spot on, if I must say so me self.”

I giggled at his way of telling me how terrific he felt and I said, “Oh yeah, it was perfect alright.” He looked at me as if noticing my beauty for the first time since we decided to have sex. Robert leaned in close sucking my nipple into his hot, moist, mouth using his expert tongue to dance little circles around and around my areola. This sent shivers throughout my already highly intense nerve ending because of the orgasms I had just had. I was so euphoric that my every nerve was alive. I was felt so aware, almost too giddy or girlish for words.

I reached over kissing him full on the mouth when he finally quit pleasuring my breast and decided to stay until the morning. I couldn’t, for the life of me, remember what it was I was supposed to do in the morning because my lover had made me completely forget about everything. The feeling was glorious. Suddenly, nothing mattered to my neat little life. I was completely in a dazed state of the afterglow effect of sex and orgasmic satisfaction. I was truly lost in the moment and for the first time in my life Şanlıurfa Escort Bayan I didn’t care what my sex partner thought of me. I was willing to be his totally.

I began to slowly, ever slowly, slide down his chest letting my hair cascade down his lean body, as I kissed my way down toward his beautiful cock. I wanted to please the man because he gave me so much pleasure and I wanted to make this memorable. I licked, kissed, and sucked my way down his flat torso, rib cage, and lower pubic area until I found that beautiful semi-erect circumcised cock. I then softly, gently, licked it, and then sucked it into my hot, wet, mouth encircling my tongue around the shaft while I heard him gasp in amazement.

I was good at this because when young guys wanted more and I was trying to keep my virginity I did this for them to forget the act of deflowering me. I became quite the expert little cocksucker and didn’t mind at all keeping my virginity for my wedding night which turned out to be a complete bust. Little did I know, that my wedding night would turn out the way it did, though.

I now had my newfound lover’s full attention, much pun intended. I began a faster paced sucking and swirling of my tongue. I overheard him once more gasp as he gripped my head with both palms gently. I felt his hips move upwards thrusting into my open mouth hard. I accepted his thrusts with my own downward motion. I kept pace with his thrusting and then began a new sucking twist to my blowjob as I put a stronger suction to each stroke.

He now grabbed my head anew with a gripping of my hair which I thoroughly enjoyed. It wasn’t rough, mind you, a mere wrapping up of my locks into his hands, so as to hold on. It was pleasantly surprising to know I still had this effect when doing this favor for my lover’s. I now sensed his urgency building as he began thrusting upwards even more vigorously than before. I allowed my head to sway up and down like it was a bobble head doll on a pendulum. I felt the first squirt hit the back of my throat as my lover moaned loudly and loosened his grip, lying back, as if dead.

I watched his expression of pure satisfaction while he lay back on the pillow with his arms relaxed, outstretched. I then when my deed was completed slid up beside him snuggling up on his chest almost as if I were a kitty cat somehow without the purr. I rolled my head nicely on his shoulder then whispered, “That relaxed feeling you’re feeling right now, is how I felt the entire evening with the way you made love to me.” I wasn’t being vulnerable just speaking plain truth to my lover. He was magnificent. I then curled up and went into a deep uncaring sleep.

It wasn’t until I got up the next morning, that I was watching him wash off in the sink with a wash cloth his face and neck, that I thought of Sarah and her prayer. I began chuckling thinking maybe you are real as I looked upwards at the ceiling. I can’t remember what it was Robert said but then he got me moving.

Robert said, “Oh me love, I would like to be with you another round but I be late for me meeting. I was supposed to be there an hour ago. You can leave your number with the chambermaid and I shall give ye a ring on the tele if it isn’t too much a bother? I had a wonderful moment with you and do not wish it to end in this fashion, love.”

I too recalled an important meeting and looked at the clock stating, “Oh gosh, is that the time? I have got to go, I’m late too. I began picking up all my clothes never expecting to see this stranger again and then my heart began aching. I was for the first time in my life satisfied to the extent that I wanted to cancel the meeting. I had to stay here with the only man to give me what I needed. I forced myself to get dressed then I drove like a maniac to the orange grove. I leaped from the car and rushed upstairs for the shower.

Sarah was there waiting in the driveway with a panic on her face as she said, “Becca, where have you been the lawyers are waiting for you and the other man to get here?”

I then shouted as I ran upstairs for my shower, “It was a very great night Sarah, Orgasmic!”

I watched her expression turn from worry to delight as she said, “Oh really, well then those sots can wait, can’t they then? I want details when we have time later.”

With a wave of the hand I dismissed my friend and she never the less went into the meeting room to stall some more and announcing my arrival, no doubt.

Fifteen minutes later, I was waiting in the same room apologizing to the lawyers stating that something pressing came up and I had to take care of it immediately. This made Sarah snicker and I kicked her in the chin for her trouble. The other lawyer was from the old country of Ireland and he was awaiting his counterpart when in walked, Robert Parker, from last night. I noticed on the broacher that the name was Robert Samuel Vincent Parker or R.S.V.P. Just like my name but I believed this man to be a mere delivery boy for the true owner of Irish Crème the Escort Şanlıurfa company we were to talk about this morning.

The waitress brought over my morning toast with orange marmalade and a nice hot cup of coffee with Irish crème. Robert was carrying an attaché case. He sat offering his apologies for his delay when he looked up noticing me. He was astounded believing that I somehow seduced him because of this meeting and that Sarah was in fact me the owner. I was just a strumpet to doodle for the right agreement. I was quite surprised to see him there also. I thought he was merely a messenger boy from Ireland with a message for me.

Then Robert surprised me ordering a cup of coffee with Irish crème and toast with orange marmalade from our farm. Precisely, what I was eating. He looked across at me then said, “She can leave these proceedings so we may begin.” He indicated me and I lost my cool.

I exploded with, “Now just you wait a minute, Mr. Parker! I will not tolerate rudeness from you in my place. I own this entire eleven hundred acre grove. So, just because I made a mistake last night fucking a messenger boy, I won’t tolerate that same messenger boy, ordering me around like a whore in my abode!”

He now became angry as hell also saying, “Messenger boy! Messenger boy my arse! I be the owner of Irish Crème my sweet flower! All ye had to do was come to the meeting. You not have to seduce me like a common wench last night! Our two families have done business with one another for three decades now. I felt you were important enough to know that we can no longer do business because me company is going belly up like a wounded fish, dear. I love Irish Crème with me morning toast with orange marmalade from nowhere but this grove. You are the last and most important to me so I, Robert Samuel Vincent Parker, came me self to tell ye in the flesh.”

Both Lawyers were so embarrassed that they stood immediately trying to calm things down. Sarah was laughing as if this was comedy relief, and the waitress all but stopped in her tracks with Mr. Robert’s tray of coffee Irish crème and the toast with the orange marmalade until I nodded for her to serve him. Brenda was an old timer with a sense of pride so she wouldn’t hold her tongue even if it meant that God himself would strike her dead. Brenda placed the coffee down with a huff then said, “Common wench my arse indeed!” She said this using the Ireland accent which made Sarah bust out laughing once more uncontrollably. I guess if the incident happened to her I would be the one in stitches because it was hilarious but not when everything happened at once.

With calm restored I asked, “Well, Mr. Irish crème, what will it take to ensure that our two families will continue to do business together? Give me the entire amount if you’re in the red. I cannot see such a valuable commodity go to waste. I have to have Irish Crème every morning with my coffee, along with my toast with orange marmalade.”

Robert surprised raised his eyebrows then said, “I have the same palate as you. I need them both or my day is for not.”

I looked over my shoulder at Sarah who was astounded at this new revelation and she said, “See I told you, God answer’s prayers.”

That night I found the man of my dreams. I was being made love to with the most exquisite fashion as I was on the verge of my fourth glorious orgasm. I found out he was a great soccer player and this is why he was so lean. It is also why he could last and last, until I got the goody out of his cock. I felt like I was falling even though I was lying down. I felt the sweet release after convulsions rocked my every sense. I saw bright lights exploding behind each eyelid if I closed my eyes. The orgasms this man made me feel were extraordinary. I knew I was in love with all of him.

The very next morning I watched as he washed his face again with a soapy wash rag to include behind his ears, making mountains of bubbles. He looked to be a bubble bearded Irishman and I laughed. I felt the giddiness of a loved woman. I felt the perfect lover couldn’t have been ordered for me. I had no idea if it was the aligning of the planets or some mystery creator but I understood my feelings.

That morning Robert and I walked between the Orange groves through to the middle of them hand in hand. The sound of the pollinating bees, the fresh smell of the orange blossoms, the warm summer breeze, and the gentleness of his gate had my insides twisted in knots. I had no idea why this man was feeling so perfect and I waited for him to say he was married or truly gay, something. My disappointment never came. In that very Orange grove I watched as my Robert kneeled down on one knee and asked for my hand in marriage. I was not disillusioned knowing how hard I tried the previous marriage in failure so I explained myself.

Robert simply took my hand and walked me over to the various picnic tables we have scattered about the orchard. He lifted me up onto one then removed my shorts kneeling down but this time he devoured me through my cotton bikini panties using his tongue making it stiff while stuffing the crotch of my panties which were bright red inside my labia. Oh God, how intensely sexy my Robert was. He then licked, sucked and devoured me through my panties before using his teeth to remove them.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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