Is it a Trick or a Treat?

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This is my first submission for one of the competitions and is for the Literotica 2021 Halloween Story Contest so please remember to rate it at the end and leave me some comments, your feedback is always appreciated.


Slowly pulling the tap on the keg, his natural nervous tendencies, always making him a little nervous that the tap could pop off and spray him with beer, Terrance glanced around the crowded party, sighing to himself that he had found himself in a very familiar position. Every year was the same; he would resist his friends’ urges to come to the annual Halloween party for weeks leading up to it, only to succumb to their demands on the day.

Taking his now full cup, he found himself a quiet corner, smiling politely and waving hello at people he knew and continued to peruse the party. There were around thirty people in the apartment but the place didn’t seem crowded. The place had a huge open plan lay out, like a studio apartment but with stairs to one side that looked like they led up to several bedrooms, Terrance wasn’t sure whose party this was but they were certainly doing well for themselves.

Looking around the people in attendance there were a variety of outfits, three slutty witches, two horny devils, and couple of ladies who just appeared to have made the decision to come in their underwear and not given any thought into their costume, certainly stood out.

Terrance had made the same decision that clearly a lot of the guys in the room had done, what could he get away with that would be minimal work but still pass for a Halloween costume. He made the decision to take an old white t-shirt, rip the sleeves, muddy up the front and put some fake blood around his face, classic zombie costume and it meant he could just wear jeans along with it.

He couldn’t really explain why every year he insisted he wasn’t going to the party but for some reason Terrance just couldn’t buy into Halloween. As he looked around the party at the scantily clad ladies, he knew in his own mind that he should enjoy this, normally timid and shy girls, were dressed in very little all around him, what’s not to enjoy about that.

The reality for Terrance was that it wasn’t just Halloween parties he didn’t do, he wasn’t much for parties in general, give him a nice meal and some intelligent conversation over drunken dancing and poor decision making any day of the week, yet every year he made the exception, eventually, for Halloween.

Drinking from his cup, checking his watch, 10.30pm, he’d only be here thirty minutes, but already his mind was thinking about the door and taking himself out of this situation before people started to get too drunk but as he glanced around the room his eyes fell on two girls sat on the sofa who, if he didn’t know better, he would think were staring right at him.

Now, I say, if he didn’t know better, it wasn’t like Terrance was ugly; he just always had a better looking friend. He was 6’1, blue eyes, a nice smile, he took care of himself with regular visits to the gym, so without being buff had a nice athletic toned body and combed over brown hair that he always ensured was well kept but having two girls staring at him was not a regular occurrence.

Trying to resist the urge to stare back at them, Terrance drank from his cup and tried to look anywhere else but the entire time he could feel their eyes remaining on him. Seeing them in his peripheral vision, scanning them quickly each time his gaze switched from one side of the room to the other. Terrance was under no illusion that they were indeed staring at him and just feeling their gaze was making him drink quicker than he normally would, his nervousness building again and quickly found that he had almost finished his beer.

It was understandable that he would feel nervous, the quick glances he had of the two girls, they were clearly two of the hottest girls in the party. One had red hair that seemed to glisten in the lights of the party and was dressed in a naughty angel outfit, consisting of a white bikini top, showing off her pert breasts that weren’t huge but looked like a perfect handful, a white mini skirt, white stockings and a little pair of white heels. Whilst the other girl was a brunette and had gone for the classic naughty devil outfit, bright red dress that had a zip from top to bottom in the front, red heels and plastic toy devil horns. Her figure was much curvier that the red heads but not in a bad way, her dress clung to her curvy hips and her ample breasts were almost spilling out the top of her dress.

Still unsure where to look, Terrance finished his drink and headed over to the keg once more, eager to escape their gaze. Taking his cup, placing it under the tap, carefully pressing once more still nervous of the keg, he almost jumped as he heard “Mind pouring us one whilst you’re there.”

Gulping and cheeks reddening, Terrance looked up from his bent over position, his gaze level with almanbahis adres the waist of the two stunning figures stood before him. Eves level with the red heads thighs her pale skin, seeming to glow just as her hair had done, looking up as she smiled down at Terrance, her green eyes so appealing.

Managing to stutter a response, Terrance looked from one to the other, “er, yeah of course.” Putting his own cup down before grabbing two more cups, focussing on the keg once more as he poured each drink, this time as an excuse to not look up at the stunning girls stood over him.

Taking a breath, Terrance stood up as he handed the girls their drinks and smiled at them, taking his own cup and raising it to them, “Happy Halloween,” before clinking his cup against theirs.

He was relieved as both girls smiled back and joined him shouting in unison, “Cheers,” both there smiles absolutely stunning and sending a shiver down Terrance’s spine, he could feel eyes on him once again but this time it wasn’t the two girls eye she could feel, it was every guys in the party jealous that he was stood with them both.

There was a pause for what felt like an eternity but was just a couple of seconds as Terrance tried to decide whether to retreat back to his corner or try to com e up with a conversation starter but he didn’t need to worry as the brunette held her free hand out, still smiling and introduced herself, “Hi, I’m Tori and this is my friend Faith.”

Reaching his hand out probably a little to eagerly Terrance quickly shook Tori’s hand as he looked up in to her dark eyes, “Terrance but my friends call me Terry. Nice to meet you both and a very suitable name for an angel, Faith”

Faith giggled and reached out stroking her hand over his arm, “You’re so funny Terry,” allowing her hand to linger on his arm a little longer than was natural. Terrance smiled back at her, cheeks blushing, as he told himself she wasn’t flirting with him and it was just in his head and still internally shouting at himself for saying such a cheesy line.

Tori then reached out and stroked her hand over his chest, toying with the rips he’d cut into his t-shirt, smiling up at Terrance, her eyes a beautiful enticing blue as she looked into his, “Love your costume Terrance.”

Feeling her manicured nails scraping down his chest as Terrance looked down at her long red nails, stroking down his chest and then back to Faith, he couldn’t help himself as he felt a twitch in his jeans, these two girls were absolutely incredible and he was under no illusions they were flirting with him. Quickly regaining his composure he quickly gathered himself with thoughts that they were likely just teasing him to have some fun like so many hot girls like these two do, quickly responding to Tori, “Thanks.” Not sure what else to say to it considering how basic his costume.

Turning his attention once more to Faith as her hand stroked his arm again as she stepped back, looking up into his eyes, her eyes even more appealing than Tori’s as she bit her bottom lip, “Do you like our outfits Terry?” Striking a pose and actively encouraging Terry to look them up and down.

Terrance’s brain was completely boggled now as he looked Faith up and down every inch of her body perfection before doing the same to Tori, drinking in her full figure before returning to their almost hypnotic gazes, nervously mumbling his response, “You both look incredible.”

With this Faith stepped to him again and wrapped her arms around his arm hugging herself tight to him her barely concealed breasts pressing against him as she smiled up at him, “Awwww, you really are the cutest, thanks Terry”.

Cheers still burning bright red as he felt Faith’s breasts pressed against him, he looked to Tori whose expression had changed slightly as she sipped from her beer, looking him in the eyes, a wicked glint appearing, “So Terrance, its Halloween, you know what that means.” She paused to give a stunned Terrance time to respond before answering for him, “Trick or Treat.”

Standing like a deer in headlights as he looked down at Faith still hugging his arm, then up at Tori her look making him more and more nervous, Terrance nervously responded, “Treat.” Which was greeted by an excited shriek from Faith who grabbed his hand now but Tori retained her wicked glint as she looked into his eyes, “Treat it is.”

Without another word being said, Faith tugged on Terrance’s hand and started leading him through the party as Tori walked behind them. Glancing around Terrance looked on as his friends who he had came with watched him being escorted by the two stunning girls to an unknown location, the party seeming to stop and go silent as everybody in attendance watched the trio.

Still not words being spoken Terrance continued to follow as Faith pulled him upstairs, his eyes level with her ass barely covered by her mini skirt, his cock twitching in his jeans once more, glancing back every almanbahis adresi so often to see Tori continuing to follow until they stepped into a room, dimly lit with several candles scattered around the room, and was pulled down, taking a moment for his eyes to adjust to the light before releasing they were in someone’s bedroom.

Faith knelt on the bed next to him, whilst Tori sat the other side. Faith continuing to seem giddy with excitement and Tori retaining her wicked grin, their behaviour giving Terrance a mixture of emotions as he sat between them both and tried to hide his nervousness and the obvious impact on his jeans the two girls were having.

Tori broke the silence as she looked at Terrance, “so Terrance, you chose treat,” her tone suddenly feeling a whole lot more seriousness Terrance just nodded in agreement as he looked into her eyes. Hanging off her every word he listened as she continued “Well, turn around and you will see the first part of your treat.”

Hesitating not sure what he was about to see still finding this whole situation surreal, Terrance slowly turned around to see Faith still kneeling on the bed facing him her arms down by her sides but had now removed her bikini top to reveal her bare breasts to him. Terrance would guess her breasts were about a b cup, not overly big but a pert handful, her nipples stood to attention, as he stared at them then up at Faith who just knelt there with her excited smile on her face.

Resting a hand on his thigh Tori leant into him and whispered, “Why don’t you give them a taste Terrance, she loves having her nipples licked and sucked.”

Slowly, his gaze moving from Faith’s eyes down to her breasts and back again, Terrance slowly moved forward, bending lower, letting his tongue snake out, expecting Faith to pull away and this to be over at any moment, until he gently circled her hard nipple with his tongue, looking up watching her biting her lip once more as she enjoyed the feel of his tongue.

Realising she wasn’t going to pull away Terrance closed his mouth over her nipple, sucking on it, gently, his cock now hard pressed against his jeans as he switched between sucking and licking at her hard nipple, eyes still up on her watching her moan and close her eyes clearing enjoying his actions.

Lost in the moment as Terrance started to move from one nipple to the other, Faith reaching down stroking a hand over his head, ruffling his hair like a good dog, he had completely forgot about Tori until he felt a hand start to undo his tight jeans. He couldn’t believe this was happening as he slowly felt his jeans opened, tugged down a little and then Tori’s hand gently reaching in and pulling out his hard cock.

Terrance had never had any complaints about his cock but he was under no illusions, he wasn’t going to be a porn star anytime soon, he was 7 ½” and average girth, it got the job done but he figured the least he could do was keep it well tended too, so as usual, he was completely shaved, no hairs whatsoever, which always made it seem that little bit bigger too.

Breaking his focus on Faith’s breasts for a moment he looked back at Tori as her fingers slowly stroked his hard cock, catching her eyes that retained their wicked glint even in the dim light as she smiled at him, “That feel good Terrance, you like my fingers?”

All he could do was muster a nod to her as she gripped his cock a little harder and continued to stroke him, whispering back to him “Good boy.” Tori’s words sent a shiver through Terrance, he’d never been called a good boy before but the hearing the words escaping Tori’s lips just felt right to him.

Turning his attention back to Faith, she was grinning at him once more, as she asked “You ready for part two Terry?”

Mind awash with everything that was happening there wasn’t much Terrance would say no to at that precise moment as he just nodded his approval.

Faith gently pressed on his shoulder and he fell back on to the bed, his legs dangling over the edge his hard cock standing to attention, as both of the stunning girls sat either side of him, looking from one to the other, Faith’s breasts glistening now with the wet from his mouth, whilst Tori’s breasts strained against the tight material of her dress, her fingers still stroking his cock gently up and down.

Looking up, Terrance watched as Faith, slowly hiked up her mini skirt, her bare thighs slowly revealed, until her bare pussy was on display grinning down at Terrance his mouth open as he looked Faith up and down, settling on her bare pussy, “I never wear panties at Halloween.”

Terrance didn’t think his cock could get any harder but seeing the gorgeous bare pussy had him throbbing even more as Tori just continued to slowly and gently work his cock. He remained in place lying back as slowly Faith, crawled up the bed not saying another word; her skirt hiked up around her waist and slowly straddled his face.

Thoughts almanbahis adresi of why this was happening or when the prank was going to be over were long gone from Terrance’s mind now as he allowed his tongue to lick the length of Faith’s pussy as it was pressed to his face, all the while his cock throbbing and twitching between Tori’s gentle fingers.

His eyes travelled up Faith’s body as she wriggled atop of him, focussing his tongue on her clit, circling and lapping at it, as he watched her reach up and start to toy with her own breasts, clearly loving the attention of his tongue. Terrance’s hands reached up, stroking over Faith’s bare ass as he held her close, loving the taste of her sweet juices that were slowly covering his face.

Never taking his eyes off of Faith as he watched her wriggle and moan above him, determined to please the stunning red head, Terrance didn’t even think as he felt Tori tugging at his jeans, lifting his ass up off the bed to help as his shoes and jeans were removed altogether, parting his legs as he felt Tori move between them and wrap her fingers around his cock again, groaning as she went back to work stroking his aching hard cock.

Feeling Faith’s body start to quiver atop of him, her moans getting louder, Terrance started to suck and bite at her clit, knowing she was close but was startled as suddenly he felt a new sensation, as Tori knelt between his legs, lifted his cock and gently pressed a finger against his puckered star.

Now Terrance wasn’t a prude, he was always up for trying new things with girlfriends he had had over the years including playing and teasing their bums, but he’d never had one do anything to his and normally his first reaction would be to stop them but there was nothing going to stop him from pleasing Faith and then he admitted to himself that the feel of Tori’s fingers on his hard cock and teasing finger on his ass was only making him feel good.

Over the initial shock, Terrance gripped Faith’s ass tighter holding her in place as he lapped at her clit like a possessed cat, her moans driving him on, quickly followed by his own moans as he felt the unquestionable feeling of a wet mouth engulfing his hard cock.

Moaning into Faith’s pussy, against her clit, without him realising it had the decide effect on Faith as her body stiffened above him and then shook wildly, looking up at her as an orgasm crashed over her body. Faith gripping and pulling on her breasts, lost in the moment, her orgasm so intense as she reached down and stroked her hands through Terrance’s hair.

It was Tori’s turn to groan now as she slowly bobbed her head up and down Mike’s throbbing hard cock, working slowly up and down allowing Terrance’s cock to fill her mouth and tease at her throat before pulling back. At the same time her finger still teasing and rubbing over his tight ass, adding a little pressure occasionally feeling Terrance tense and moan under her, testing how far she could push him as the tip of her finger started to press into his tight star.

Terrance still couldn’t believe this was happening to him, his chin covered in the juices of the gorgeous red straddling his face, whilst a stunning brunette was sucking his cock, things like this didn’t happen to guys like him but he sure as hell wasn’t going to complain.

Slowly recovering from her intense orgasm, Faith carefully climbed off of Terrance, giving him his first chance to look down as Tori worked her mouth up and down his cock, her full lips looking incredible as she slowly slid down his cock.

Turning to his side, Terrance looked up the bed in Faiths direction who had laid down on the bed now her pale cheeks now flushed red from her orgasm, her legs spread she was teasing her fingers over her wet lips, her orgasm clearly not enough to sate her needs.

Hoping that this moment would never end Terrance almost groaned in disappointment as Tori slowly lifted up and off his cock, her lips lifting off with a pop as she smiled at him, “You enjoying yourself Terrance?”

Her tone serious again Terrance smiled down at her “God yes I am, you two are unbelievable.”

Smiling up at him that wicked glint in her eyes again, Tori didn’t say anything but wrapped her fingers around his cock once more and lifted his shaft up towards his belly, lifting it up, her head leaning down as she did. Terrance watched on in awe as the stunning girl kneeling before him moved down and gently started to lap at his tight ass, he’d never felt anything like it before and just laid back closing his eyes and moaned softly, his cock throbbing between Tori’s gentle fingers.

Mumbling in between her tongue lapping at his ass Tori asked, “You like me playing with your ass Terrance?”

Still barely able to speak, the sensation was so good, Terrance just mumbled, “It feels so good!” Laying there is eyes closed, happy to let Tori do whatever she wanted to him at that moment in time, he was once again dejected as he felt Tori lift up and stop what she was doing, his eyes opening as he looked down to understand why.

Tori just looked at him, her fingers still softly jerking his throbbing hard cock, “What about our poor Faith though, she looks all lonely up there on the bed.”

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