Isabella and Zoe’s First Time


[Writer’s note: this story is based on mostly true events and dedicated to my fiancée, ZeeZee. Baby, it’s been three years and I love you more than ever. Love you always, Izzybelle]


Zoe and Isabella met in their freshman year at Pennsylvania State in the cafeteria. They shared a small group of close friends and quickly become close friends themselves.

Zoe was studying Biotechnology from Texas, she was an athletic girl, a star varsity rower. She had dark brown hair with green eyes, and a fit body type. She was focused academically, but rather introverted socially.

Isabella came from Rhode Island to study Fine Arts. She was free spirited, whimsical, yet very vibrant. Her personality sparkled and her cute, social nature drew people in. Isabella had gorgeous auburn hair and blue eyes with curvy body that she dressed in the latest fashions.

Since she was 8, Zoe knew that she was a lesbian. She was very shy and unsure about it, due to the response of her family. She was certainly not open about it to other people. But she had the biggest crush on her friend Isabella and it was consuming her.

Isabella, on the other hand, was boy crazy. She loved all kinds of boys, but never could manage to find a serious relationship with one. Isabella was uncertain about romantic relationships, after watching her parents’ marriage end disastrously due to her father’s affair. She never considered the possibility of a relationship with another woman, yet she was aware of her attraction to Zoe.

On Valentine’s Day during their first year, Zoe confessed to Isabella that she was gay. It came up unexpectedly over coffee and Isabella was shocked. Zoe never formally told Isabella that she liked her- she couldn’t utter the Casibom words. She alluded to it while they were talking and her eyes shone with tears. Isabella wasn’t in a place to reciprocate. She hugged Zoe and apologized, her heart was heavy with guilt. They remained friends over the next few years of college and managed to bridge over the awkward afternoon.

In their junior year of college, Zoe and Isabella decided to live together in an apartment closer to campus. They remained strictly friends at first, yet as their winter exams approached, things between them started to stir.

Both girls were studying for their last round of finals before Christmas break, which involved late nights up studying. They were sitting beside each other on the couch having a late night snack when Isabella was asking Zoe if there were any cute girls in her life. Zoe looked at her, her eyes shining with a response that never came.

Isabella looked straight at her, “You are so reserved, ya know that? One of these days, you’re going to have stop being afraid of who you are and talk to people.”

Zoe sat there, beside her friend, looked at her and whispered, “what am I afraid to talk about?”

Isabella couldn’t meet her friend’s gaze, “I don’t know,” she responded.

Zoe touched her hand gently. “I think you do,” said Zoe bravely. “I think you know that I’m completely in love with you.”

Isabella looked her friend in the eyes, Zoe was waiting for a response- she had finally put herself out there, being completely vulnerable, waiting for Isabella to respond.

Isabella stroked the side of Zoe’s face with her other hand. Looking straight into her eyes, she whispered, “I’m so in love with you too.” Zoe looked at her friend Casibom Giriş hungrily and leaned her face inward to kiss her softly on the lips. She opened her mouth and started exploring Isabella’s mouth with her tongue.

Isabella was stunned at how her friend took the lead, she was enjoying every moment and starting to get really turned on. Isabella broke the kiss, taking a minute to look lingeringly at her friend. She gave Zoe a devious smirk and started sucking on her neck while gently rubbing Zoe’s back. Zoe started moaning, quietly at first, but her arousal became more and more evident.

Zoe looked at her friend with love and lust, “I want you, right now, I want you.” Isabella came up from Zoe’s neck, kissing her lightly on the mouth before responding.

“Well dear, ask and you shall receive,” Isabella said winking at her. Isabella lifted her shirt up and over her head, revealing her sexy, lacy, red bra. She then removed Zoe’s top and bra. Isabella undid Zoe’s jean skirt, pulling it off in one grand swoop. She looked at Zoe and said “not here, let’s go to my room.” She scooped a nearly naked Zoe up in her arms. As Zoe wrapped her legs around Isabella’s front, Isabella could feel Zoe’s wetness as she carried her.

She gingerly placed Zoe on her bed and coquettishly said, “now, where were we?” She gave Zoe a little striptease, revealing very racy pair of red panties to match her bra. Zoe started stroking her nipples. Isabella responded immediately. “Let me help you there, babe,” she said seductively, straddling Zoe on the bed.

Isabella held Zoe’s hands above her head with her own hands and started sucking on Zoe’s hard nipples. Zoe was going wild. “Ohhhh, ohhhh, yes! That feels so good, don’t stop, Casibom Yeni Giriş please don’t stop!” Isabella continued, slowly making her way down to Zoe’s soaked panties.

“Tell me how much you want it,” Isabella said deviously. Zoe looked at her, as Isabella rubbed on top of her panties.

“I want it so bad,” Zoe said.

“Now babe, let’s not be shy, what does my bad girl want me to do to her? Something naughty? Can you say it to me?” Isabella teased while continuing to rub her friend’s soaked pussy.

“Alright,” Zoe exploded, “I want you to suck my dripping pussy!”

Isabella smiled, knowingly, “okay, my bad girl, your wish is my command.”

She slowly pulled Zoe’s panties away from her thighs. Isabella started licking the inner sides of Zoe’s legs, teasing her, gradually moving in closer to her trimmed pussy. Zoe’s clit was hard and protruding, Isabella found it instantly. She licked around it, sucked Zoe’s lips for a long time before looking up. Zoe looked into her eyes and Isabella watched her as she started sucking her clit.

Zoe started moaning uncontrollably. Isabella inserted a finger, then two in Zoe’s pussy and started finger fucking her while she continued sucking. Zoe quivered, shaking slowly at first, before her orgasm erupted over her entire body. She squeezed her pussy on Isabella’s face, but Isabella kept sucking. A second and third orgasm came over Zoe’s body.

“Okay babe,” Zoe gasped, “enough!” Her oversensitive clit needed a release.

Isabella lifted herself up to Zoe’s face and kissed her delicately on the mouth. “I love you so much Zoe,” Isabella whispered, “and I loved watching you cum, with your cute face all scrunched up.” Isabella lay beside Zoe wrapping her arms around her.

“I love you too, sweetie,” Zoe responded, “I’ve been waiting so long for this, and right now, I’m going to make you cum so hard you’ll see stars.” And with that, she flipped Isabella on her back, ready to return the favor.