Island of Submission Ch. 02


The Tour Continues

In this room the sprung floor was covered with some blue plastic material. A circle perhaps ten feet across was marked in the centre. On one side stood a young female trainer, beautiful, with light brown hair and green eyes and a stunning body in a tight, black leather minidress. She carried a coiled whip. On the other knelt two more naked slave girls, backs straight, heads up, legs quite widely spread, with their wrists crossed behind their backs.

On the left knelt a slim, dark-haired girl with very white, flawless skin and dark eyes. The gentle sensitivity of her lovely face was given life by full, soft pouting lips and a firm little chin. She had the cool look of a classic “English rose”, but here she too was held under perfect discipline. Her figure was slender but trimly muscled, her thighs nicely rounded, her athletic body obviously subject to constant exercise. Her breasts, not large but pert and shapely, were high and firm from intensive workouts, the nipples rose-pink and surrounded by large aureole, her shoulders and neck elegant and fine. Like most of the other girls I had seen, all her pubic hair had been shaved off, and her overall appearance was of sleek, alabaster, disciplined submissiveness barely holding in check a superbly hot and hungry, wanton eroticism.

Her companion looked like a typical Californian beach goddess: lean and fit, light blonde hair in a long ponytail, blue eyes and even white teeth in a tanned, vivacious face of finely-featured beauty. Her legs were long, shapely and supple; her trimmed pubic hair shone softly gold; no tan line marked her golden skin. Above her slim waist her breasts were large, globe-like and firm, thrust proudly out and tipped by jutting nipples. An adolescent’s dream, she seemed designed purely to give sexual pleasure.

The trainer smiled as we entered, and Joanne smiled back and nodded in reply to her look of enquiry, then motioned me forward to stand near the circle. I clasped my hands rather obviously in front of me, trying – doubtless in vain – to conceal my throbbing hard-on. The trainer cracked her whip once, which made both slave girls start. But they did not break position, only looked up at her as she issued a crisp command.

“Kimberly, perform for the Master.”

“Yes, Mistress” said the blonde, quickly going to all fours and crawling to the circle. Reaching it she lowered her head and kissed the perimeter three times, the third time long and lingeringly, and I could see her use her tongue. Clearly these girls were under strict discipline. Crawling inside the circle she went to her belly, hands by her head and legs flat out behind her, and looked up at me, her lips parted, waiting.

I nodded once, and she began to perform: displaying herself for me, posing and moving as sexily and as temptingly as she could. I had never seen a woman show herself to a man like this before – and it was a revelation.

Rising first to her hands and knees she positioned herself left side on to me. Left knee well forward, right leg slightly back, arms straight, and looking forward. In this crawling position her left leg was sexily presented in its slim, tanned shapeliness; her smooth, rounded bottom beautifully silhouetted; her full breasts pendant, and crying out for a man to cup and fondle their luscious softness, and her lovely face poised in profile.

She held this position for perhaps three seconds, then moved smoothly to kneel, still in profile to me, and place her hands behind her head, elbows stretched back, this lifting her breasts magnificently; throwing her head back, she arched her back to thrust her bosom even further out.

Another few seconds and she moved again, falling gently to her back on the ground with her arms stretched out flat along the floor above her head, and her legs slightly flexed, the left leg rather more bent, toes pointed to accentuate the slim line of her limbs. In this pose, she turned her head to look up at me; then her lips parted as she slowly and provocatively arched her back. She held herself so for a few heartbeats, then while the rest of her remained still, she slowly raised her legs into the air, artfully bent and gracefully moving, one slim foot then seductively caressing along the silken skin of the other leg.

Next, a fluid transition to face me, kneeling with her back straight, knees spread apart, arms curved up above her head with wrists crossed, her shoulders back and breasts pushed out. My eyes feasted on her luscious golden tits, with their jutting pink nipples. From this position she bent forward from the waist, placing her face to the floor, arms extended on the ground before her in a humble offering of submission.

Then she rose upon her knees, thighs stretched as she leant piteously as far as she could towards me, face pleading, and hands holding up her breasts for my delectation, fondling and caressing them and stroking the nipples erect.

After some time doing this, she crossed her wrists behind her xslot back, holding them in place as if bound, and writhed slowly before me, still on her knees, head up, lips parted, all of her luscious body in motion. She glistened slightly with sweat as she tortured me to even greater arousal with her wanton movements.

Another graceful shift and she was on her back facing me, hands still held behind her and legs half drawn up; she lifted her head to look into my eyes, deeply and submissively, then slowly spread her legs wider and wider apart, uncomfortably so, before me. She was completely open to me, feet flat on the floor, thighs taut and straining, her pink pussy glistening. She arched her back, offering herself even more deeply to me, and then her gorgeous body was squirming again, an erotic dance of constant little twisting and undulating movements, fluid, sensuous and unbearably arousing. She was so tempting, so beautiful, so hot and vulnerable, naked on the floor at my feet. I was sweating now, and it felt as though all my muscles were clenched with desire.

The girl moved again, rolling to bring herself to all fours facing away from me. She pushed her breasts to the ground, raising her perfect rounded bottom to me, turned her face to press one cheek flat to the floor and clamped her hands behind her neck; then she again spread her legs for me, grinding her belly in a tormenting rhythm.

Then another smooth change, and she was lying on her side on the floor, posed seductively with her left arm out beneath her head, her right palm flat to the floor, her right hip turned and right leg bent forward. A sexy smile played on her lips as she she brought her right forefinger to her lips, and kissed, licked and sucked at it tantalisingly, gazing into my eyes the whole time.

And then another pose, and another, as for perhaps five minutes the blonde slave girl turned and rolled between positions, never rising above her knees, squirming and writhing, fondling and caressing herself, stretching her limbs and calling attention to their beauty, her attitude now submissive, now defiant, now pleading – and, increasingly, aroused.

The trainer’s whip cracked again and the girl ceased her performance and knelt looking up at her mistress, knees wide apart, back very straight, breasts heaving from her exertions.

“Not bad, Kimberly, not bad”, said the trainer. “Now show the Master how you make yourself come.”

Kimberly turned on her knees to face me, and looking into my eyes she slowly brought her right hand to her mouth and sucked and licked three gingers till they were thoroughly moist. Her left hand then opened the outer lips of her slit, and stretched the skin upwards, and her right hand came down to tease and rub at her clitoris.

At first the girl’s strokes were gentle, playing with her sex bud and sometimes slipping a finger inside herself, but then her breathing became more ragged, her face flushed and she gasped as her lust took control of her. Her rubbing became more insistent and she began to masturbate with a strong, fast rhythm, her hips bucking as she rode her own hand, little gasps and whimpers now escaping her lips. Her taut golden body was an entrancing sight as she writhed and ground herself onto her now frantically moving hand, slim buttocks clenched, large breasts bouncing, nipples erect, her ponytail flying when she threw her head back in her arousal, eyelids fluttering as the girl became oblivious to everything but her own need. I could smell that need now.

“Enough. Hands behind your head. And elbows back.”

The trainer had not spoken loudly, but even in the throes of her own passion the slave girl heard the cruel words and obeyed. With a last desperately lingering stroke at her sex, she placed her hands as commanded, clasped tightly as she strove to regain her self-control. She was gasping, her lips parted in arousal and frustration, her lovely face twisted with anguish at the casual, callous denial of her relief.

“Tara, enter the circle. Arouse her.”

The dark-haired girl now crawled to the circle, and like her bondage sister kissed the floor three times before entering, the third time long and sensuously, her face tilting as if she kissed a man, her tongue curling out to lick at the floor before she again submissively kissed it with her full, soft lips. The blonde slave Kimberly held her position, but her eyes flickered to watch Tara crawling towards her, and her face now showed a mixture of arousal and apprehension as she guessed the torment to which she was to be subjected.

The sexy little dark-haired slave took her time with her helpless, kneeling prey. Still crawling, she first circled behind her, moving in close to kiss and caress Kimberly’s back and bottom, to tickle the backs of her thighs and kiss her neck and shoulders. Then her hands slipped forwards around the blonde, to each cup and fondle a breast. Kimberly moaned as Tara lightly circled her palms around each nipple, while kissing and xslot Giriş sucking at the sensitive nape and sides of her neck. Kneeling as she was, fingers interlaced behind her head, the blonde slave could do nothing to protect herself from those skilful, merciless hands. After a few moments, Kimberly’s nipples were erect and full, and she was squirming and gasping with arousal.

The trainer nodded her head in satisfaction as the slave girl’s torture continued. Tara’s hands moved slowly down to brush and tease Kimberly’s clitoris and her hot, wet pussy. A few gentle caresses and Kimberly’s back arched with the pleasure she was being forced to feel. Tara brought her fingers up to the blonde’s lips, and the girl fervently licked and sucked at them – assisting with her own torment, for those moistened fingers then stroked and toyed with Kimberly’s own intimate flesh.

Now for long minutes the two girls remained in this position, the blonde kneeling up, hands clasped behind her head, helplessly squirming and whimpering with arousal and leaping to the touch of the dark-haired slave kneeling close behind her. Tara’s cunning fingers and soft kisses kept her sister slave in a constant state of unfulfilled excitement, as she caressed breasts, flanks, thighs and the tender folds of her sex, kissing and licking, and rubbing her own body against Kimberly’s.

Then, with a sinuous movement, Tara twisted onto her back and slid beneath Kimberly from behind, so that she was looking up into the blonde girl’s face, her mouth coming up to kiss between the parted lips of her pussy, her fingers gently caressing as her tongue probed and teased. Kimberly cried out and her body jerked forward with the exquisite sensations, but she did not break position. Her eyes were closed, her whole body tensing and shuddering, her mouth an ‘O’ as she panted and moaned with pleasure and desire. After only a few moments she seemed on the brink of orgasm, and the trainer spoke again.

“You are not to come without the Master’s permission.”

Hearing these words, Tara now removed her mouth from Kimberly’s engorged clitoris, and began to lick at the sensitive flesh at the very top of the inner thighs, while carefully caressing her slick pussy. By constant teasing and occasional licking of Kimberly’s bud she kept the blonde wickedly suspended on the edge of orgasm, but would not allow her to reach it.

Joanne, meanwhile, whispered into my ear.

“Do not permit her to come, Master, no matter what she says.”

Kimberly looked up at me from her knees with wild, desperate eyes. She was gasping and struggling to maintain position as her body jerked helplessly under Tara’s cruel ministrations. She could not have heard Joanne’s whisper, but even if she had, she seemed so driven into a frenzy of frustration and desire that I do not know if she could have processed the words. Instead, as Joanne had known she would, she pleaded with me.

“Please Master…please, please let me come…I…oh…ohh…I…please.” Kimberly’s accent was West Coast, her voice tortured and tremulous with tension and need, and ragged as she gasped for breath.

“Please, I beg you to…ohh…I beg you to let me come. Ohh…ohhhh…your slave humbly begs you to allow her to come…Ohh, I can’t take any more Master. Have mercy…oh…have mercy. Please, ohh, ohh, ohhhh. Oh no…Oh please…I…please…yes, yes…ohh. I beg you Master please. Let me serve you. Oh…ohh. Use me. Use me. Please. I will do anything. I will be good…ohh, ohh…so good…Please Master…Please Master…ohhh.”

Kimberly continued to sob and grovel, as Tara tormented her, and the beautiful trainer watched her implacably. Finally, she spoke.

“Tara, stop. Kimberly, that was not good enough to persuade the Master. Crawl from the circle and kneel with your wrists crossed behind your back.”

Agonised, Kimberly complied, crawling slowly, still gasping with arousal and with tears in her eyes. Kneeling, her hands bound behind her by another’s will, she bit her lip and struggled to hold position without rubbing her thighs together. She looked so hot and beautiful, her whole body and being crying out for a man to take her now, to dominate her, to use her, to fuck the shit out of her – but to grant her relief.

Tara remained lying in the circle, but had posed her body beautifully: arms stretched out above her head, body slightly tilted towards me, shoulders back and breasts lifted in offering, one leg drawn up seductively and toes pointed. Subservient and infinitely desirable, she waited to be commanded.

After this erotic display, I was also breathing hard and struggling to control myself. With one hand on my back, Joanne pressed me forward into the circle. She looked down at my footwear: brown deck shoes, a little chunky perhaps but comfortable.

“Those should do” she said. “Please stand here Master, with one foot by this slave girl’s head.”

She said nothing else, but looked expectantly down at the xslot Güncel Giriş girl. Tara, still holding her sexy position, looked up at me. After a moment, she reached out with her tongue and licked the side of the shoe, timidly at first but then more lasciviously as she was not kicked away. She pressed her lips to the leather, showering it with soft, submissive kisses, and then brought her hands down to gently hold and caress it while she rubbed her cheeks and hair on the shoe and her tongue lapped at it teasingly. She looked up at me, submissively and hopefully, and made to rise to her knees, but Joanne stopped her with a gesture.

“You will not rise to your knees yet, slave. Give your service to the Master’s shoe – please it, love it.”

“Yes Mistress” the girl breathed, and sexily curled her body around my foot. Pressing her breasts to the outside edge of the shoe, she brought her knees up along the floor between my feet and I watched one slim thigh rubbing along the inside edge of the shoe. Then she brought her face down over the front, above my toes, her dark hair falling about my foot, and again began to kiss and lick. For a minute the girl stayed in this position, rubbing breasts and thigh against the deck shoe, while addressing it with her lips and tongue.


The whip lashed down hard on Tara’s sweet buttocks, and I saw it left a vivid red mark. I felt the girl’s body jump and she let out a cry of pain and surprise, tears flooding her eyes.

“You can do better than that Tara” the trainer said, and brought the whip down smartly again with another ‘Smack’ upon her naked bottom. Joanne nodded, and crouched down by the weeping girl, gently reaching out to touch her face.

“You are a slave girl. A girl who is a slave. To this Master. Feel it. Feel your submission deep within you. Look up at him. He stands above you. He is wonderful and magnificent, isn’t he? Yes. And you, you are naked at his feet. You are just a toy, a plaything for his pleasure. And he makes you do his will, he forces you. It is his to command you. It is yours to obey. But not just to obey. You are to give yourself to the Master, all of yourself. He demands it. And you want it.

“You are a beautiful woman, and your life has had many privileges. I’m sure you teased plenty of boys. And now you lie naked on the floor and must make love to a mere shoe. It is humiliating, isn’t it? You are so humbled and degraded. You must be so submissive. And that is what you are now, slave girl. You can have no pride in status or possessions – you have none. Your only pride can come from being the best slave girl to the Master that you can be. From how well you can submit and please a master. Do not try to hide from this – you cannot. Embrace it. Submit. Become that slave girl, fully. Show us who you are, and what you can do.”

“Yes Mistress” the girl wept. “I…I will be better.”

Desperately, Tara writhed against my shoe for a moment, then quickly but with a graceful and sensuous movement she wriggled to sit before me, arms behind her, back arched, one leg on either side of my right foot. To look up at me, mouth open and so close to my throbbing dick, eyes hot though still moist with tears, completely exposed to my lustful gaze. Sexily she eased herself down until the toe of the shoe was pressed against her pussy.

Then, supported by legs and arms, head thrown back, she began to rub herself to orgasm on the leather, riding it and grinding herself onto it. And looking up submissively into my eyes as she abased herself before me.

After what seemed only a few moments, her breathing became unsteady. Her face was flushed, pupils dilated. And looking down on the desperate slave girl was getting me as hot as her.

Her eyes closed, as she tried to concentrate – finding, it seemed to me, and tapping into, her most essential, sexual, submissive core.

“Master” she gasped. “Master. I am only a worthless slave, but I beg to serve you. Ah…I beg to serve this, your shoe. Let me…ah…let me try to please it. I give you everything I am. Please Master, permit me. Ah…ahh…let me try to please you. Let me try to please this leather. I devote myself to this…Ahhh…ahhh…take everything from me. Let me serve, let me serve even just your shoe with everything I am…Ahh…I beg you to let me please you.”

Tara was visibly becoming more aroused, both from the friction of the leather and, I thought, from her degrading submission to a mere object. After a few moments more of intense rubbing on the toe of my shoe, now slick with her juices, she changed position.

Without rising from the floor, she moved back, spun to face my feet on her belly, and then crawled forward until her chest was over my foot. Then, while she kissed and licked at the top of the shoes around my ankles, her hands pressed her breasts to mould around my foot, and she rocked her whole body back and forth to rub her soft bosom submissively along the shoe. While she maintained the charged sexual rhythm of her body’s service to my foot, her mouth kissed passionately and deeply, straying sometimes onto the bare skin of my ankle, but for the most part strictly obedient to the command that she give her service to a mere shoe.