It All Began with Her Panties

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Candace — or Candi, as she was called by a few close friends and an awful lot of men before they found out her gate didn’t swing in their direction — had begun to notice something odd. Her panties were disappearing. A couple weeks ago, she thought nothing of it; she assumed she had misplaced them. This week, though, another pair was missing from her laundry, and she was sure she hadn’t misplaced it.

The first panties to go AWOL had been her girlfriend’s favorites, black satin bikini cut with subtle sequins trimming the edges and quiet appliqué on the front, right over her love hole.

The second, the ones she had just noticed lost this week, were her own favorite sexy panties — satin tiger-prints with metallic gold and black stripes. She thought they particularly accented her curves.

Uncertain what to make of it, she tried to put it out of her mind, as she carried the rest of her laundry back from the laundry room to their apartment Much to her delight, her girlfriend had gotten home from work, and was in the mood for some physical attention.

Candi’s girlfriend was named Vesna, and she was one-quarter Indian and one-quarter native Alaskan. Apart from her name, the only thing sub-continent about Vesna was the pretty angularity of her facial features and her ability to communicate volumes with a simple twist of her mouth or movement of one eyebrow The only thing native Alaskan about her was the way her sculpted curves flowed together like liquid sexual magic. Otherwise, Vesna was a white girl who burned more easily than she tanned, had soft brown curls worn back in a pony tail, and very pink lips. She was a little heavier than average, but she wore it well, packing it in tight curves that accented her loveliness not hid it.

Candi loved Vesna very much. She’d always known that she was a lesbian, but at twenty-four years old Vesna was her first real girlfriend, her first committed relationship. Candi was Vesna’s fourth girlfriend, but the 20 year-old was not a player, so much as bad judge of character.

“There you are, sexy,” Vesna greeted her upon return.

The slightly older girl smiled and set the laundry down inside the door, closing and locking it behind her. She liked being told she was sexy. Candi had to work very hard for her figure. She was very thin with one of those metabolisms that burned through all food, and in younger life it had left her flat and shapeless. Her twentieth birthday and a world of exercises, however, had suddenly wrought a transformation in her body, however. While she still had very thin waist and long, lean limbs, she had a very round, circular ass and two very round, spherical breasts that she was quite proud of, all of which was far shapelier than expected for his overall thinness. She worked hard to keep herself thin and to develop her figure, and she liked for her work to be appreciated.

Candi looked at her girlfriend, who was wearing boxer-shorts and a loose t-shirt. “You know how I get when you dress like that,” Candi said lustily. The outfit dramatically accentuated Vesna’s sex-appeal.

Vesna grinned. “Why do you think I’m dressed this way, lover?”

Compliantly, Candi walked up to her and ran her hands up under the t-shirt, delighting with the feel of her girlfriend’s naked breasts. She kept her hands raised to those smooth full peaks and lowered herself to her knees.

Leaning forward, she nuzzled at the crotch of Vesna’s boxers, finding a way in. Vesna parted her legs slightly, allowing her lover’s nose and tongue access to her hot spot. Vesna never shaved or needed to trim; her bush was naturally thin and soft. It was an incredible experience of which Candi never tired. Likewise, Vesna never tired of her lover’s extraordinarily long, thin tongue which always seemed abnormally capable of contortion when it was inside her. Vesna closed her eyes, and, as often happened, tears formed in the corners of her eyes. Candi’s loving, somewhat aggressive lingual probing always felt as if the girl had herself somehow entered Vesna’s innermost chamber and was presenting herself as a gift.

The trembling began deep within her and that only encouraged Candi to work her tongue harder, deeper if possible, around new corners if she could find them. This ultimately set Vesna off, and she came with one massive shudder which forced her to lean against the wall to maintain balance. She let out a loud grunt of appreciation and struggled to open her eyes and catch her breath.

“It’s not over yet, baby,” Candi said with sparkle in her eyes.

She rose from her knees and slunk off to the bedroom. She opened a drawer in their bureau, found what she was looking for and came back. Still fully dressed, she told her girlfriend to strip, and Vesna complied, and thereupon got down on all fours, arching her back and presenting her rear entrance to Candi.

That’s when Candi showed her the large black dildo. Vesna closed her eyes and groaned. “Oh, yes, Candi, please, fuck me hard.”

Candi smiled, and only then finally Şanlıurfa Escort took off her t-shirt and bra. Leaving everything from her waist down on, she got behind her lover and slowly started to caress her glorious ass cheeks. “What do you want me to do, lover, I’m just a girl.”

Vesna groaned, started moving her ass and hips to get Candi’s attention. “You’re not just a girl, you’re a woman, and you’re my lover,” she said. “Love me.”

With a teasing smile on her face, Candi bent over and kissed Vesna right on the asshole, just barely slipping her tongue in. “Baby, my tongue is awfully tired. You want me to use my fingers?” She began running a finger in the fold of her girlfriend’s mound underneath her.

Groaning even louder and rocking back and froth more aggressively, Vesna got demanding, “Fuck me with that dildo, Candi, please, damnit.”

“Oh this?” Candi rubbed the length of it along her lover’s pussy. “Are you sure?”

“Fuck me! Fuck my brains out, girl!”

Candi finally gave in, plunging all of the massive dildo in at once. She had never taken a ruler to it and it had been a gift, so she didn’t really know the length, but she figured it to be around nine inches, and it was thick, with a little crook in the end. It filled Vesna’s tight hole and still had length left. Working it brutally in and out at a slight upward angle, Candi also continued to kiss all around Vesna’s ass. She loved her girlfriend’s body and couldn’t get enough of it.

Feeling as if there was no more room inside her, but wanting to press the thing into her very soul, Vesna rocked back harder and harder and ever harder into the dildo. She could feel her fluids draining out around the tool, stimulated by its size and the expert use of it by Candi. Not to mention the added stimulation of Candi’s lips and tongue on her ass. After a few minutes, she felt the dildo lose a little control and knew Candi had started to one hand it. She opened her eyes and looked back as best she could, seeing her girlfriend with her hand stuffed inside her jeans.

Seeing the woman she loved so turned on just by giving her pleasure, Vesna blew over the top again, convulsing on the forward thrust of the dildo. But the dildo didn’t stop. It kept after her, like a monster with a bottomless appetite for her pussy.

“You’re so sexy when you cum, lover,” Candi said as she continued to frig herself inside her jeans with one hand, dildo her girlfriend with the other, and bite and kiss her girlfriend’s ass when she could.

“Deeper!” Vesna begged. “I want more of it!”

She didn’t want to hurt her love, so rather than pound it in even harder, Candi began to move the dildo’s trajectory around, changing angles with every thrust. First up, then down, then to the side, increasing its coverage. It didn’t take long before Vesna exploded again.

This time she reached back and pulled the Dildo out of herself, pouncing her naked body on top of Candi. “I love you,” she said, covering the other girl’s thin face with loose, wet kisses. “I love you so much.”

She reached down and began to undo her lover’s pants. “Do you want the dildo this time?”

“No, baby, just you.” Candi never took the dildo. She wasn’t interested. But she definitely loved what she got in its place.

Once they were both naked, Vesna knelt and lifted Candi’s pussy right up to her face. She had the taller girl’s legs draped over her shoulders, her cunt staring right at her. Candi always trimmed to a thin strip, which Vesna found her exciting. She opened her mouth wide, and dived in.

Candi cried out with pleasure, thinking that life couldn’t get any better than this…


The following week when Candi went to do the laundry, she was apprehensive about whether she’d come back to the drier and find another missing pair of panties. She didn’t. But what she did find was something even more perplexing to her.

She stood in the laundry room, staring at what she held in her hand. She had just taken these clothes out of the drier, but she was looking at a green satin thong which was very distinctly wet. Nothing else in the drier was at all wet. The thong was very damp and very bunched up. Almost as if…

No… It couldn’t be…


It looked very much to her like someone had taken the thong into their mouth and sucked and chewed the life out of it.

The thought simultaneously crept her out and lit a spark of erotic intrigue within her. She heard a rustling at the door and quickly stuffed the thong back into her laundry basket, and made for the exit. On her way out, she passed a woman who was going in to pick up her own clothes. Candi eyed the woman curiously.

Could it have been her?

Candi hoped so. She could never say anything to Vesna about it, but she had always found the blonde divorcee attractive. She was a woman in her early to mid forties who had kept in good shape. Her face still showed its earned character and maturity but held all Şanlıurfa Escort Bayan the energy and beauty of its youth.

The thought of the woman sucking on Candi’s panties…

When Candi got back to the apartment, Vesna wasn’t home yet. Candi tried to distract herself by folding the clothes, but that only kept reminding her of the thong and of the divorcee.

“Fuck,” she swore. The thin brunette took off her jeans and her panties, leaving her in a t-shirt and white socks. She almost never masturbated anymore, but she had thought about the divorcee once or twice when making love to Vesna, something she tried never to do, but nevertheless it had allowed her to dub the unknown woman Marilyn.

She know threw herself onto the bed, clutching the saliva-soaked thong in her right hand and rubbing it on her wet pussy.

“Oh, god, Marilyn,” she moaned aloud, pressing deeper with the panties, feeling their satiny smoothness and the wetness of the saliva. She began to hump up and down on the bed, frigging herself as hard as could with the panties. She grunted loudly with each thrust upward at the thong, thinking of Marilyn’s mature face pressed between her legs.

“Oh, Marilyn, yes, yes, it’s never felt like that before.”

Her hand moved faster, pressed harder. The thong was practically buried inside of her now.

She felt herself getting close, and raised herself high up in the air just as she felt her muscles clenching around the thong. Her limbs bucked and she bit her lip as she exploded, thinking of Marilyn.

What she did next was totally out of character, but she had very quickly become obsessed and a little irrational. She pulled her jeans back on, not bothering with her panties, and tucked the thong, now soaked with her juices, into her pocket. With that, Candi walked as quickly as she could back to the laundry room. Finding it empty, she took the thong out and deposited it in the drier she usually used.

Lingering for a few moments over whether or not she was insane, Candi kept finding her mind going back to Marilyn, and that left no room for insanity or foolishness. Just lust.

So she left the thong in the drier and made her way back to the apartment. On her way she passed Marilyn, walking back towards the laundry room again with a basket of dirty clothes. Deciding to test the waters a little, Candi said, “Always meeting over the laundry, aren’t we?”

The older woman smiled and agreed. “It’s our personal water cooler, I suppose.”

Pressing a little farther, Candi added, “Though you never know what you’ll find there.”

Marilyn, or whatever her name really was, smiled even more warmly. “I’ve seen an awful lot to still be surprised. I’d better get going, but I’m sure we’ll meet again.”

And as she left, Candi watched the movement of her very toned ass and the mature easiness in the sway of her hips. And that’s when she was that out of Marilyn’s dirty clothes basket had fallen a pair of the woman’s own panties. A thong. The lace was pink. The silk front was white with red, yellow, and pink flowers. There was a damp spot on the front.

Knowing it was a gift for her, Candi scooped up the thong, and rushed back to her apartment. Vesna still wasn’t there.

“Thank God,” she said, unzipping her jeans and pulling them down to her knees, right in the living room. She brought the thong up to her nose and inhaled deeply. “Oh, god…” The thong had been scented with a highly arousing perfume, and Marilyn’s scent mingled with the perfume to send Candi over the edge.

Standing there, in the middle of the living room, jeans around her legs, Candi took the took and started rubbing her pussy with it. “Oh fuck,” she said, her heart beating fast, her breath catching, “it’s like I’m grinding my pussy against hers.”

She really got into it, rubbing herself hard with the thong and humping hard against it.

“Oh, yeah, fuck me, Marilyn, fuck me you dyke bitch!” she screamed out as she came and kept fucking the silk panties. She brought herself to another climax before, dizzy, she stumbled into the bedroom and collapsed on the bed to catch up with herself. Standing orgasms were a lot of work.

She found herself staring at the panties, wondering what she should do with them, when the idea struck her like a thunder bolt.

Of course!

She pulled her jeans back up, took a couple of long drinks of water to replenish herself and calm herself down, and then walked around to wear she thought Marilyn’s apartment was. Clutching the panties in her left hand, she walked up and knocked on a door.

A young man opened the door. “Yeah?”

“Sorry, wrong house.” Candi knew that the divorcee lived alone. Must have been the upstairs apartment. She went there, knocked on the door.

She did answer.

Candi, without ceremony, just held up her left hand and unballed the panties. “I think you dropped these,” she said with what she hoped was a seductive smile.

Looking somewhat Escort Şanlıurfa amused, the older blonde woman motioned for Candi to enter. Once in the apartment with the door closed, the woman accepted the panties with a raised eyebrow.

“These are definitely mine,” she said. She lifted them up, smelled them deeply. “But something’s different about them.”

Shaking nervously, but certain this was what she wanted to do, Candi just reached down and unzipped her jeans, leaving them in place on her hips, but unfastened. “If you want to know where that new smell came from…” she offered.

Marilyn blushed crimson. “What are you offering, honey?”

Candi lowered her jeans a bit, displaying the top of her trimmed bush. “Everything.”

“I must be twenty years older than you…” But her eyes were unmistakably drawn to what Candi was showing.

“You’re twenty years more beautiful than I am,” Candi corrected her.

Marilyn smiled. “You don’t give a woman much of a chance to resist, do you?”

“Neither do you,” Candi said. “This is a snowball for me. It all started this afternoon. I didn’t plan this, but you left me know choice.”

Marilyn, who was wearing tight jeans and a loose red button-down top, started to unbutton that top. When it was hanging open, her cleavage exposed in a white lace bra that obscured everything but hid nothing, she asked, “Are you sure you want this?”

Candi reached out, took the panties back and inserted them into her mouth, sucking their combined juices from the silk. Then, she reached out and started to undo Marilyn’s jeans, slowly letting the thong fall out of her mouth.

“I’m not normally this easy,” Marilyn told her as she shrugged her blouse off and began to undo her bra.

“Me either,” Candi assured her, lowering the woman’s jeans to her knees. She was wearing a black lace thong that shadowed much of her mound but made it clear that she had recently shaved herself clean.

“And I haven’t been with a woman for years,” the divorcee mentioned, pulling Candi’s t-shirt off over her head.

“Then get ready to lose your mind,” Candi said, taking the older woman’s chin her hand and bringing their mouths together for a soft gentle kiss. “Because this isn’t about making sweet romantic love, it’s about losing control.”

And with that, she grabbed Marilyn’s shoulders, pressed her against the wall, and kissed her hard. Candi’s long tongue easily found its way into the older woman’s throat, and she twirled it around in circles there, making the other woman alternately moan with pleasure and gag on the penetration. Sliding her hand inside the woman’s thong, she wasted no time in moistening her up and sliding two fingers in. She was pleased to see that Marilyn responded, humping against her hand and clutching her head closely.

As she felt the older woman’s hands move to undo her bra, Candi dragged her teeth lightly down her throat to her breast.

“Oh god, I that feels good!”

The blonde’s hands abandoned the bra and found their way inside the young girl’s jeans. They couldn’t keep humping hands in this position with their clothes still partly on, so they mutually abandoned the attempt. Marilyn grabbed Candi as she herself had been grabbed, sun around, slamming the younger girl hard into the wall. She pulled the bra off the rest of the way and started to devour the young breasts.

“God, I haven’t tasted a woman’s tits in so long,” she moaned.

“Fuck, that’s so good!” Candi cried out, and she meant it. Not only was Marilyn sucking on her breasts, but her lips were actually reaching out and massing the flesh with the strength of fingers, and she was using the side of her tongue to flick Candi’s burning nipples. “I’ve never felt anything like that before.”

“Then just wait,” Marilyn growled, taking her by the hand into not the bedroom, but the bathroom. She had Candi step out of her jeans and then put on a pair of Marilyn’s own dirty bikini panties. Then, with surprising strength, she hoisted the taller but thinner girl up onto the counter of the bathroom sink. she pushed her a little farther until her ass was hanging over the edge of the sink.

Without explaining, she cranked the water and stretched out the back of Candi’s panties, pushing the girl back and back until the water was rushing inside her panties, coursing over her ass, and building up, inside her panties, creating cold pressure on her asshole and pussy. Not letting her move, Marilyn bent over and begin kissing Candi’s thighs.

“Oh, you taste so good, honey,” she said.

Practically whimpering with pleasure from the sensation of the water and the older woman’s expert mouth on the sensitive flesh of her thigh, Candi felt herself growing dizzy, needing release. “Please,” the young girl begged, “get me off.”

Marilyn smiled. “I thought you’d never ask.” Leaving her in place, Marilyn pulled the panties off, drew the young pussy towards her, and dove in with mouth and hand. Her strong lips found Candi’s clit, and her fingers, split like rabbit ears, worked in all crazy directions inside the girl’s warm, wet cent.

When Candi came for the fourth time that afternoon, she squeeze her thighs around the older woman’s head and let out a long scream of pleasure. “Marilyn, god, Marilyn, you’re incredible.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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