It All Started with a Box Ch. 02


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Adrienne squirmed, writhed and moaned on top of the bed as I continued my assault on her wet cunt. My mouth was fully covering her pussy, my tongue focused on her clit as I drove her closer to her second orgasm of the day.

She worked her hands through my hair, screaming loudly as I continued to tongue-fuck my sister in law. Her sweat and her arousal gave the air a sweet, musky smell and I had to use one of my hands to adjust my hardening cock to allow for the movement that Adrienne’s screams were causing.

It had been about a week and a half since our first encounter on the couch of the living room, and ever since that night there had been a lot of flirting, teasing and downright debaucherously dangerous activity in the house. It could be as simple as a flick of a tongue across lips, a simple gaze downward, and once, when Adrienne had been inexplicably bold, a flash of her tits while my wife was facing the other way. On another occasion after Adrienne had bid the household goodnight, she winked at me suggestively. After putting our daughter to bed at the other end of the house, I crept back down the hall so as not to wake everyone, when I saw the door to Adrienne’s bedroom ajar, with a dim glow coming from within. I could hear a faint, yet familiar noise coming from the doorway, and couldn’t resist the urge to take a peek on my way past.

I was rewarded with a very pleasant sight. Adrienne, gloriously naked, on her back on her bed, knees up, legs apart, with one hand furiously rubbing her clit while the other worked her pink vibrator in and out of her wet snatch. If that wasn’t enough of a turn on, she was staring straight at me, straight through the door, her moaning no more than a whisper. She mouthed the words “I want your cock” as she thrust the vibrator in as deep as she could, and I stood in the doorway and placed my hand on my groin, squeezing and stroking myself through my pants. I watched her gaze lower to my crotch and when she saw me begin to play with myself, she let out a short, quiet squeal, let go of the vibrator buried inside her, grabbed a pillow and threw it over her face to muffle her moans as she frigged her clit and came hard on her bed.

She began to calm down and removed the pillow from her face. I simply smiled and whispered a polite “thank you for the show” before heading to my own bed.

Then came the weekend. Usually, the house is busy as everyone is home, but that weekend saw a friend of my daughters having a birthday party, and rather than be bored out of my mind at yet another play center, I opted to stay home to get some work done, and put myself a day or two ahead for the coming week. I said goodbye to Kate (my wife) and my daughter and sat down at my desk to get stuck in.

After about an hour (and little progress), I heard the main house door open and close, and had forgotten that Adrienne had gone out earlier for her gym session. My cock, understandably, stirred in my pants when I realized that we were in the house alone together, but I didn’t want to push the issue and refocused on my work.

A few minutes later, the door to my study opened and Adrienne walked in, dressed in her active wear (which was looking better and better every time I saw it), and carrying a coffee. She placed the coffee carefully on one side of my desk, then moved around behind me and sat on the other corner, facing me.

“Morning!” She beamed, beads of sweat still clinging to her neck and forehead.

“Morning.” I replied, “Thanks for the coffee — if it is for me, of course.”

“No. Sorry,” she shrugged, “It’s for the black stud with the 14-inch cock I have stashed in my room.” She playfully punched my arm. “Of course it’s for you, dick.”

I chuckled. I was enjoying her company more and more.

“Thanks again.” I took a swig. It was perfect, exactly how I like it. I moaned my approval.

“So,” she mused, leaning in to me to look over my shoulder, “what are we working on today?”

“Clients. More clients. Just trying to get ahead before the week starts. Then I can maybe have a day off.”

“Nice. Don’t let me distract you.”

…Yeah, right.

As she said this, she leaned even closer, right against my ear. I could smell the sweat and she smelled amazing. She whispered in my ear, slowly and deliberately.

“I’m going to take a long, hot shower — to clean myself up. While it’s not common practice around here, I’m going to leave the door open.”

Adrienne sat up, and very carefully spread her legs on the corner of the desk, opening herself up.

“Wide open.” She added. Then she leant down, and licked and nibbled at my ear before standing, and heading off to the bathroom. As she did, she placed her arms around herself, and lifted both her mesh workout top and her sports bra off in one pull, leaving her bare back mocking me as she sauntered away, stopping briefly to look over yalova escort her shoulder with an incredibly suggestive gaze.

Once she was out of sight, I quickly saved all of the work that I’d done (what little there was) and shut down the computer. I heard the shower start running, and as I stood I readjusted my pants to accommodate the thickening shaft of my dick.

I made my way down to the bathroom, coffee in hand, and found it amazing that both major instances of my having some sort of sexual congress with my sister in law both started in the same room. This time, though, there was very little pretense. The steam was billowing out of the doorway to the bathroom, and the shower was in full swing. I braced myself for the eyeful I was about to receive, and as I turned into the doorway, was not disappointed.

Adrienne had stripped down for the shower, and was soaping herself up and down, all over her lithe, young body. She seemed to be paying extra special attention to her hard, eraser like nipples and the bare, shaved space between her legs more than the rest of her body, but her eyes were locked on me, watching me watching her.

I stood there, in the bathroom, like a total pervert, watching as my sister in law cleaned off the grime from her workout. I must have lost focus (well, maybe I was focused on something in particular) when Adrienne snapped me out of it.

“You should sit down, Mike.”

I agreed. It was worth settling in to watch the show. I moved to sit on the edge of the bathtub, when Adrienne called out to me.

“Mike, if you are going to stay and watch, you have to watch properly.”

I must have made a face that said I didn’t understand, as she looked at me sternly and said with authority, “If you’re going to stay to watch, you’re going to work for the privilege and give me a show, too. Now get those pants off and stroke that cock!”

Again, I did as I was told. I stood, placing the coffee on the vanity, and began removing my pants, then slipping my boxers down over the end of my raging hard on, which was by now standing at full attention. Without even saying a word I wrapped my right hand around my member and gently started to stroke. I didn’t apply too much pressure to begin with. I wanted this to last, water bill be damned.

Adrienne moaned her approval as she watched me commence servicing myself. “There’s my big boy,” she mewled, “Doesn’t that feel better?”

I nodded, and moved closer to her, getting a better look at the water cascading down her body, dripping off her nipples and down over her pussy. She picked up the pace with her ‘washing’ and began flicking her fingers over her pussy with renewed vigor. Her quickened masturbation caused me to kick things up a notch and I began stroking faster, using my left hand to cup and massage my balls. If Adrienne kept up the noises and the show she was putting on for much longer, I knew that I wouldn’t last long. I let out a loud, deep moan as she dipped a finger deep inside her cunt.

She continued to finger fuck herself and with her other hand she latched on to her clit, rubbing it furiously as she drove herself closer to the edge. I watched as she brought herself closer, the ‘o’ forming on her mouth as the impending orgasm approached rapidly. Then, she was coming, gasping loudly under the spray of the shower as she slowed her movement and the pistoning of her finger in and out of her pussy. She withdrew the finger, placed it in her mouth, and sucked it clean. Then she eased herself down from her arousal long enough to shut off the water, before stepping out of the shower and pushing my hands away from my cock.

“I can’t wait any more. I need you and that cock of yours so badly!”

She sank to her knees right there in the bathroom and ran her tongue along the base of my cock, balls to tip, then proceeded to spit all over my cock, sliding her hand up and down my shaft, lubing me up as best she could. She then made that familiar face where she opened her mouth wide, and took the head of my dick deep into her throat and began to work me over. The pleasure of Adrienne giving me head was so great that I lost control and the primal being inside me awoke.

I grabbed her head in my hands and held her tight as I began to thrust my cock deeper into her willing mouth. She let out a yelp of surprise that turned quickly into moans of desire as I hastily began face fucking my sister in law. She relaxed her jaw and allowed herself to deepthroat me some, before I began to relent my assault and let her resume control. She pulled off my cock for a moment and stared up at me, looking very messy but very pleased with herself.

“Good boy,” she began, “I want you to use me as much as you like. I’m your fuck toy, Mike. I’ll suck you whenever I can, just make sure you keep eating my pussy!”

And with that, she reached up onto the vanity, and took a large mouthful of the still warm coffee, swallowed it, and then quickly swallowed my cock once more.

I screamed.

The warmth of her mouth was amazing, but the added warmth of the coffee yozgat escort was fucking mind blowing. It shot through my sensitive cock head like a bolt of lightning and I had to steady myself on the vanity as Adrienne bobbed back and forth on my dick, my balls now being squeezed and massaged as she worked me closer to orgasm — and she wouldn’t have to wait long!!

I warned her that I was getting close, and she moaned her approval as she gently moved a finger from ticking my balls to gently start probing my ass, and that was enough. I pulled my dick out of her mouth and pointed it right at her fucking face as I wrapped my hand around it and pumped for all I was worth. Adrienne, the good (or nasty) girl that I now know her to be, simply rose up on her knees and lifted her tits to my cock, along with tipping her head back and opening her mouth wide once more.

I let fly with pent up loads of come, spraying her across the face, eyes, mouth, chest and generally glazing her from forehead to nipples with an extra helping of my seed.

As I came back to earth and floated along in the pleasure of my release, Adrienne began to scoop up what she could and placed it into her mouth. Using the mirror to check if she’d recovered as much of my spunk as possible, she swallowed, moaning afterward at the taste.

“Waste not, want not.” She giggled, as she stepped back into the shower and turned the water back on.

“Join me?” She asked.

Again, I did as I was told. As much as Adrienne had said that she was mine to do with what I liked, I’m pretty sure that I was now permanently under her spell. We washed each other (somewhat unnecessarily as Adrienne was already clean — save from her shoulders up) and took longer in some places more than others, before shutting off the water and toweling each other dry.

As I was running the towel over Adrienne’s ass, I let the towel slip and gently brushed a finger along the folds of her pussy, which was still very wet. I stood, turned her to me and without hesitation pressed my lips to hers and forced my tongue into her mouth, which she accepted hurriedly. After a few moments, I broke the kiss and stared deeply into Adrienne’s eyes.

“Come with me, I need to repay a favour.”

I led her by the hand to her bedroom and after kissing her again, then moving my mouth down her body to suck on those nipples, I pushed her back onto the bed, and then continued further south, beginning to feast on her pussy with passion and fervor.

And this is where you came in — with me, buried between my sister in law’s legs as I ate her to her second orgasm of the day.

Adrienne bucked and writhed as I continued to tongue fuck her deeply, her arousal and wetness coating my chin with her juices. She tasted amazing and I let her know so by focusing solely on her clit and attacking that bud with every effort I could to give her the biggest, most explosive orgasm I could. I could feel her start to orgasm but I didn’t let up. I kept at her clit, knowing that it would be sensitive but looking to drive her into the stratosphere with pleasure, and judging by her moaning, groaning and the fact that she’d wrapped her hands around my head, effectively holding me in place, right where she wanted me, it was working!

As her orgasm subsided and she began to slow her breathing, Adrienne started to shake slightly. The effect was subtle, but enough to let me know that I’d really done a number on her. Adrienne opened her eyes and stared down her body at me, still in between her legs, gently kissing her thighs.

“Fuck, Mike. That absolutely destroyed me! I don’t think I can even sit up.”

My hand had returned to my cock, which was back at full mast after the show we’d just put on. I slowly stroked my dick as I stood up, lust all over my face as I leaned over her body, placing my knees on the bed and creeping up toward her, my knees parting her legs once more as I did so.

Adrienne stared at my cock head as I pumped it, and I offered her a chance at a reprieve.

“You can’t sit up? That’s okay, I’m happy to do all the work from here.”

Adrienne moaned. “Yes, Mike. Give me another one. Make me cum on your cock.”

She was panting now as I lifted her knees and placed her legs over my shoulders. I grabbed a pillow and shoved it under her ass, lifting her even more, getting the angle right for what was about to come.

“Fuck me, Mike. Please.” Adrienne begged.

I placed my engorged cock head against her pussy lips for the first time, feeling their warmth, their wetness as I slid the head of my manhood along their length. Adrienne was moaning heavily now. I could feel her legs still shaking slightly as I moved my knees closer, lining up my dick with her entrance.

“Please, Mike! Stop teasing and fuck your sister in law!”

And that’s what did it.

With a deliberately slow push, I watched as my cock disappeared inside Ady’s hot, wet cunt for the first time. She let out one moan. One long, slow, loud moan that reverberated through the house as my full length slipped deeper ankara escort inside her, bottoming out with my balls now nestled against her entrance. I held her there for a moment. Both of us breathing heavily, and her pussy walls squeezing my dick inside her. Then, I pulled back, and began to do as she asked. We began to fuck.

I slid my cock almost all the way out before sliding back into my sister in law, all the way to the hilt. I could feel that primal animal inside me rising to the surface once more, threatening to break free each time I thrust back inside Adrienne, making her tits shake.

“Fuck… me… Mike. As… hard… as… you… can!”

I grunted my approval — and the animal within took the fuck over.

I grabbed Adrienne by the hips and plowed back into her, speeding up the fucking and slamming into her over and over again. The audible slapping of my balls against her skin just added to the wanton nature of this pleasure overload, and I continued to bang into her as deep and as hard as I could.

Her pussy lips squeezed me back with each stroke, letting me know that I could do whatever I liked, and I intended to do exactly that. I plowed my sister in law for a few more strokes before pulling out, and flipping her over on the bed, so that her ass was pointed up at me. As I repositioned myself, I leaned forward and pushed her head and shoulders down against the bed, taking time during the process to reach under her and massage her tits and pull on her nipples. Then, without missing a beat, I thrust my cock back into her pussy as deep as I could go, and began to fuck Adrienne from behind with a new found energy.

The new angle allowed for deeper penetration, and Adrienne moaned her approval, spitting out dirty talk as she begged me to fuck her harder, deeper. I grabbed her hips once more and drove my cock home, sliding in and out of her cunt faster and faster.

“Don’t stop, Mike! Fucking cum inside me!”

A moment of hesitation crossed my mind. The briefest of moments. But lust and the animal within took over and I plowed my way home, pumping in and out of my sister in law in an effort to coat the inside of her pussy with my come.

I kept at it, driving my cock home over and over as I felt my balls begin to tighten, and I knew it wouldn’t be long until I reached my climax. Adrienne could feel my cock harden inside her, and sensed that I was getting close.

“Just do it, Mike, fucking cum in me! I’m on the pill, just fucking do it!”

I’d already decided that I was going to unload in her, but that comment — and confirmation — renewed my drive. I picked up the pace, forgot that Adrienne was an actual person, and let the animal do it’s primal thing. After another ten to twelve strokes, I pushed myself inside Adrienne’s tight, wet snatch as far as I could as I felt my cock twitch, pulse and spurt the biggest, sloppiest and hottest load deep inside her. My pent up frustration at my wife’s lack of sexual desire and need wiped away in one fell swoop.

After the last of the cum had squirted inside my sister in law, I held myself still buried in Adrienne as we both came down. I didn’t know if Adrienne had come or not — I didn’t care. I sank back down onto my knees and as I did, Adrienne moaned as I slipped out of her, my cum flowing back out of her pussy and over her bed. My cock still retained a little hardness, and Adrienne turned to look at me, then gently began licking my cock clean as I slowly returned my breathing to normal.

I glanced down to watch this beauty — I’d started seeing her in a different light and she was certainly much more attractive when she was suckling on my cock and balls — and watched as she diligently cleaned up our combined juices. When she was done, she scooted over to me and, throwing her arms around my neck, collapsed forward, pushing me down onto her bed and snuggling up to me as close as she could.

She nuzzled against me, her breasts tickling my chest, and gently whispered into my ear.

“You, sir, are amazing. I’m going to need this treatment at least once a week.”

“Ady…” I began, but she ‘shushed’ me by putting a finger to my lips, then pressing her own lips against mine, kissing me deeply and passionately.

“Once a week, Mike. That’s the rule…” She smiled a devilish smile, then continued, “Or I’ll tell Kate you were spying on me in the shower.”

I sat up and frowned. Adrienne burst out laughing.

“I’m joking, stud. I’m not doing anything that’s going to jeopardize having that cock of yours buried deep in my pussy.”

I got up, picking up towels and starting to rearrange the bed, preparing for the arrival of everyone back at home.

“And Mike?” She added, as I was heading toward the door.

“If you keep this up, I’ll let you put that thing up my ass.”

Jesus. And I thought I was the primal one.

I returned everything to its rightful place, and Ady and I cleaned up the mess in her bedroom, disposing of the evidence of our illicit congress. Even though I’d done something that most would frown upon, I couldn’t help but feel relieved and joyed that the weight of the frustration had been lifted. I’d gotten laid, my sexual desires sated for now, and it would be a good while before I was desperate enough to go online shopping for sex toys. And if what Adrienne had said was true, I may never have to consider that again.