It Could Be Worse Ch. 06


In chapter 5 Leon took control of what he called his new sissy and fucked Cin into submission. We both became addicted to his superior black cock.

Besides falling for his cock, Leon’s predatory nature was evident. He wants Cin and I to prostitute ourselves for him. In the throes of black cock lust, we agreed.

It could be worse Part 6

“Did you remember to get the Remy?” Cin asked me. “Leon was pretty specific about that.”

“I got it Cin.” I was delighted that Leon would be coming over this evening.I wanted everything to be perfect for him. I love my wife and want to spend all my life with her, but what Cin and I feel for Leon is stronger than love. It’s more like animal magnetism.

Cindy showed me who I really was. It was she who coaxed me into giving up my charade of masculinity and how to demonstrate my submission to real men. Cin has also helped me dress more provocatively, more feminine. “Softening my look” is what Cin called my transformation to sissy cock sucker. She helped me bring Jim into our lives.

Jim allowed me to suck his cock in order to fuck Cin. That was Cin’s stipulation to him. She wanted me to be all the cock sucker I could be.

My wife had convinced me that I wanted that too.

It wasn’t long before Jim began fucking my mom. She and Cin were hanging together a lot and mom was practically our room mate, having had a falling out with my father. Seems his disowning me after my transformation to sissy was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

Mom and Cin, under Jim’s guidance, dressed more sexier, more provocative. Cin bleached her hair and had breast augmentation for him. Jim also had me enhance my lips to a fuller more alluring to cocks look. Cin, at Jim’s urging, started me on hormone therapy.

It’s all working. That’s why Leon found me attractive.

Mom and Jim haven’t met Leon yet. They’ll meet him tonight.

Yep, Jim’s in town and mom is with him, staying at his hotel as Cin and I entertained his business associates who visit us during their lunch break.

Black cock whores. That’s who Cin and I are about to be. Or rather that’s what we will pledge to Leon. It took only one fuck and suck of Leon’s big black cock for us to convert.

Tonight we will solidify our commitment to Leon and his magnificent cock.

Cin is looking fine. I mean PHINE. Her white hair is teased to perfection. Her make-up is slutty. For Leon’s visit she wearing a Victoria’s Secret black garter belt under a matching black thong. Her hose are seamed and I helped her get those seams straight. My nose in her pussy as I slid her stockings up her legs, I could smell her desire for Leon’s cock. Her thong was damp and her pussy exuded her lust for Leon’s big black cock.

My own dick was stiff with the same excitement. Although my hormone therapy has caused my dick and balls to shrink, I could still get it up. I proved that earlier today. When Cin and I were entertaining one of Jim’s associates who visited us during his lunch hour, Cin wanted to amuse him as he dressed to leave.

After Jim’s nameless associate fucked my wife, and after I did my clean-up chore on his cock, Cin sat on my face and held her worn panties over my dick for me to fuck. Humping up trying stick my dick in what she calls my panty pussy, I wanted to cum badly. It was hard for me to concentrate on eating the fuck slime from her cunt as I furiously fucked up trying to reach my hand held pussy.

“Get it all, you worthless motherfucking faggot” Cin ordered me. “Quit trying to fuck my panties harder than you’re trying to get this cum from my cunt you pansy cocksucker” her voice was ragged as her orgasm over took her.

Pushing his cum into my sucking mouth, Cin grunted out her orgasm, grinding her gaping maw of a pussy on my face.

As she relaxed, she lowered my panty pussy to where I could finally reach it, fully encasing my dick in the smooth silky material.

“God damn” our visitor watched, amazed. “That fucking sissy. Never saw anything like it” he said tucking in his shirt. “Gotta run.”

“Wait one minute” Cin told him. “Watch my little faggot cum.” She moved off my face and sat by my side.

Holding my panty pussy in one hand and cupping my smaller balls in the other, Cin urged me to climax. “Hurry up faggot. Our friend wants to see your sissy ass try to make my panties pregnant. Think of Leon’s fat black cock in my pussy. Think of you lapping at his nut sack as he fucks me senseless.”

That was all it took.

With her encouraging words, I hunched and gritted out my orgasm as those two looked on with a mixture of fascination and amusement. I was thankful for the release and, indeed, for me, dumped quite a load in my panty pussy. If it were possible, that panty would be knocked up.

As I calmed down from my climax, our visitor handed Cin a tip and thanked her for the show. Naked, Cin led him down the hall to the door.

After we cleaned ourselves, we made ready for Leon’s visit.

“Now lets get you dressed for tonight” Avrupa Yakası Escort Cin was happy to help. “I think it’s time for you to begin wearing more make-up. We’ll start with your eyes.”

I sat completely naked as Cin applied the mascara and eye liner. My little dick stiffening when I saw my face in the mirror. The mascara was dark blue and my eye brows darkened, I did look like a minx.

“Now for your cock sucker lips” Cin smiled as she applied the outliner to my deep-red painted, enhanced lips. “Ready made for cock” she said as she admired her handiwork looking at my image in the mirror.

I puckered and winked at my loving wife.

“Since Leon has claimed you as his sissy, a more girly appearance is called for” Cin explains. “I have a surprise for you. It was Jim’s idea really. So I used some of our “tip money” to get it for you. I hope you like it. Now stand up for me.”

Turning to face her, Cin instructs me to stand with my back to her. Doing a 180 I watch as she circles my waits with a silver chain. It’s about as thick as a pencil and fits snugly on my hips as Cin clasps the ends together.

“Not done yet honey” Cin says.

I watch her attach a shorter chain to the front of my waist chain, this one hangs down several inches below my dick. There are two adjustable rings on it. They look like miniature handcuffs. Cin places my dick through the top ring and tightens it just below the head. My nut sack goes through the lower ring. Cin tightens that as well.

“Almost there my little homo” she whispers in my ear. Cin pulls the remaining chain between my legs. My dick and balls are tucked back almost against my anus. “All done” she says proudly as she attaches the chain that holds my dick and balls to the back of my waist chain.

I look down and see my dick is gone. Well, it looks like it’s gone.

“You’ll get used to it” Cin tells me. “It’s a good look for sissies. What it does is make your dick disappear so real men like Jim and Leon aren’t offended by your little stiffy. With panties on your crotch will look like a woman’s. You want that look don’t you joanie?”

My hormone therapy has made my dick smaller and my balls almost insignificant. I look down at myself and know she is right. I need to be all the woman I can be for Jim and Leon. I want to be less offensive to the real men ion our lives.

“You’ll wear your low rise bikini panties so the waist part of the sissy belt that hides your dicky will be visible. It’s a new look for you. The pain in your balls you feel will help you walk more dainty. In other words, my little faggot hubby, you’ll mince.” Cin has all the answers.

And she’s right.

My balls do hurt and I try to minimize the pain by taking less of a stride and putting one foot in front of the other like a runway model. The chain that runs under me rubs against my anus. I like the feeling. I’m reminded of Leon’s finger probing my ass on his first visit.

I shiver a little thinking of Leon. I wonder if he plans to fuck my ass. That hasn’t been done and I’m not sure if I want it to happen. Still, the thought that I could shed that last vestige of my heterosexuality, my manhood, and dedicate my life in the service of black cocks for Leon…… My dick stiffens in it’s captivity at the thought.

“Do you think Leon will try to fuck my ass Cin?” I ask.

“Oh yeah” she replied. I see the same wicked smile on her as when she first caught me jacking off in her panties while she and Tom fucked. “It’s the last step in your journey, joanie. You might want to stop thinking of it as “your ass”. You gave it to Leon. You would serve him better if you thought of it as his boi-pussy.”

She makes sense.

“You haven’t been a man since you stopped fucking pussy and began your journey to being a cock sucker. When your hormone therapy started it marked the end of any real masculinity you may have had. Joanie, you’re almost at the finish line. Maybe some day we’ll start you on the way to being a full bodied woman.” She’s still wearing that wicked smile. “Perhaps a sex change operation is in your future.”

At her words I look down at my dick. But I can’t see it. It’s pulled under me so far I look like a eunuch. Boi pussy to real pussy. The idea has merit.

“We can get you some nice silicone implanted titties too” Cin adds. “Maybe an ass enhancement to give you a Kardasian butt. You know the soul brothers like a big ass.”

She’s making more sense.

“But that’s for Leon to decide” she bursts my bubble. “Now lets finish getting ready.”

Our ensambles completed we wait.

Besides her garter belt, hose, and thong, Cindy is wearing a black demi-bra that which leaves her nipples exposed and hold her breasts out as if they’re an offering. Her lip gloss matches mine and it will be a contest between Cin and I to see in whose mouth Leon wants to dump his superior negro sperm.

I’m wearing a brief bikini, translucent, pink panty. As Cin said, the chain on my waist is visible above the Avrupa Yakası Escort Bayan panty’s waist band.

For Leon, I’ve decided to take my feminine attire a step further. I’ve added some pink thigh high stockings and some platform espadrilles that accentuate my legs. A black tube top completes my outfit. My long hair is brushed straight down, in sort of a 1960’s Cher style.

I feel sexy.

At 5PM mom and Jim arrive. Jim whistles when he see how we’re dressed. “What’s the occasion?” he thinks we dressed for him. “Did my little sluts want to surprise me?” The same charming Jim.

Cin had hugged mom and was now in a deep embrace and kissing Jim, his hands roaming over her body.

Oh but I like to see real men enjoy my wife’s body.

Mom is looking pretty hot. Her short tight leather skirt barely covers her pussy and her stocking tops are clearly on display. Her blouse is a transparent black bib. Tied at the neck and lower back, it leaves mom’s back and sides bare. The sides of her generous breasts are there for anyone to see. Her eyes and lips are dark. Her once brunette hair has been dyed black.

I wonder of mom is going Goth on us.

As usual, Jim is impeccably dressed. He’s wearing Italian wool taupe slacks, open neck white shirt under a navy blue blazer. No socks on his feet and I bet the loafers are Italian too. His tan good looks only add to this package of a real man.

I marvel at his ability to seduce not only me and my wife, but mom too. Here he is escorting mom as he paws and feels my wife’s ass. Mom is smiling as Cin welcomes Jim to our home.

“joanie” Cin finally ends their long tongue kiss, “are you going to be rude and not welcome Jim?”

Mom walked in on me once when I was on my knees while an associate of Jim’s was feeding me his cock. But she’s never witnessed my welcoming ritual of a real man into our home.

I walk to Jim and kneel before him but as I move to kiss his cock through his trousers he grabs a handful of my hair and pulls my head back away from him. “That lip stick you’re wearing will fuck up my pants, you thoughtless motherfucker.” He shoves me away from him.

Mom sees his rough treatment of me and admonishes me. “Joanie, you need think before you act.” Clearly she’s on his side.

Of course she’s right.

Cin was giggling through the entire scene. She set me up. I see her smirking at me as I rise from the floor. I blush with shame at having been so eager to have my face in Jim’s crotch that I was careless.

“Tonight mom and Jim, we’re going to introduce you to an extraordinary man” Cin explains our attire. “Leon will be here soon and joanie and I are going to pledge our commitment to his superior black cock. He wants to turn us out, make us earn money for him by servicing black cock and cunts.”

Mom looks at her like she’s crazy but Jim is angry. “No black motherfucker is going to take my two whores from me” he growled. “I haven’t finished with you two bitches yet. Those visits you’ve been getting from my associates have made me a lot of money. Yeah, that’s right. You’re already prostituting yourselves for me. Every time you get a tip, I’ve made $200.00.”

Cin and I are shocked at learning Jim was using us for his financial gain. “We thought we were doing you favors Jim” Cin bleats. “All those guys. They were customers?”

“That’s right” Jim say flatly. “You two cock crazy sluts were sucking and fucking for free. I knew I could use your twisted faggot husband and your whoring ass to make money. I was right. You two clueless fucks are lining my pockets and until I say otherwise, you’ll continue to do so.”

All Jim’s charm is gone. His stony glare and look of defiance have us cowed. Even mom took a step back from him.

Jim continues his rant, “I don’t know who this nigger thinks he is but it will be a cold day in hell before you two cunts leave me.” Jim’s a racist. Who knew?

Cin and I are stunned into silence. You could hear a pin drop as Jim waited to see if we’d defy him. He’s already spanked me bare assed once. I wasn’t going to try him. Cin has tears in her eyes.

Just then there’s a knock on the door.

Jim tells my mom to “get that. I want to meet this black motherfucker who thinks he can take my property.”

“Who da fuck this is?” Leon asks looking at Jim. “What da fuck goin on?” He can tell there’s a problem just by looking at Cin and I.

“Who the fuck do you think I am?” Jim does not back off. “I’m the one who turned those two cunts out” pointing to us, “and I’m about to turn this other cunt out too” he says gesturing to mom. “That bitch has made me money and the faggot there has helped her. Now they say they’re leaving me to whore for your black ass. I won’t stand for it.”

Lightning fast Leon caught Jim with a big right hook that knocked him back a few feet.

Shaking his head clear, Jim advances on Leon throwing a punch of his own.

Leon side steps Jim’s punch and locks Jim’s right arm in his. Escort Avrupa Yakası “You cracker mothafucka” Leon moves quickly behind Jim. “You won’t be standin at all, you fuck wit me.”

Mom, Cin, and I cringe at the sound of Jim’s shoulder dislocating. He screams in pain and his face pales.

Leon is not done. With his big left hand Leon delivers body blows punching Jim in the ribs and kidney.

I watch the beating Leon doles out and I know in my heart that this is a superior man in every way. My heart beat increases, my breath is short. All of the insult and shame Jim heaped on Cin and I disappears as Leon kicks his pimp ass at will.

Mom grabs Leon trying to pull him away from Jim. “He’s had enough” she yells.

Leon pushes her back and tells her “I be done when I bes done.” The beating continues.

Finally Leon lets Jim slink to the floor. One last kick in the ribs and Leon tells him, “I see you again, I’ma kill you.”

“Get the door punk” Leon looks at me. “Get this motha fucka da fuck outta here.”

Just like that it’s over. I open the door as instructed and watch Jim struggle to his knees. Mom helps him to his feet and watches the man who was going to pimp her out stagger out of our lives.

Cin hasn’t said a word. She looks like she’s in shock.

Finally Cin is coming back around, “that lousy bastard! He kept most of the money!” Cin is getting into a rant, “I thought I was doing him a favor, fucking his associates. If I had known they were johns, I would have worked a deal for more money. That lying cheating fuck. After all we did for him and he screws us out of our money?”

Mom tries to cool her off by telling her it’s okay now.

“Fuck that!” Cin is still mad. “Leon, please kick his ass again.”

Leon was paying Cin no attention. He was sizing up my mom. “S’up pretty momma? Was you whorin fo him too?”

Moving to sit on the sofa, Leon waits for mom’s answer. “No sir” mom says, “I’m no whore.”

“We see bout dat soon enough” Leon challenges her. “You ain’t had a taste of my ole black snake yet.” It’s obvious Leon is hitting on mom. “Once I fuck you you’ll never want a white, little dicked, fuck like the one I just fucked up.”

“Get me a Remy and Coke faggot.” Leon wants his drink. “Come here bitch” he motions for Cin to sit beside him. “I don’t take orders from no white ho. Unner stan? I kick his ass again he come back or fuck wit my property. Otherwise, shut da fuck up and bring your fine white ass over here and thank your man.”

Without a doubt Leon takes charge of any situation I think to myself as I bring him his cocktail.

“Sir” I say bowing and handing the glass to him.

“Who da old bitch?” he asks me.

“She’s my mom sir.” I say with pride.

“Dat right?” Leon ask incredulous. “She fine for a ole white bitch.”

“Thank you sir. She does look sexy” I reply.

Cin has moved beside Leon on his left. Her exposed nipples make contact with Leon’s upper arm. He’s not wearing a suit or sport coat. Tonight he’s sporting a black t-shirt and jeans. His shoes are the ghetto boots, partially laced and loosely tied.

His ebony face didn’t break a sweat when kicking Jim’s ass. It was easy for Leon. He survived a violent world and even flourished in it. He knows his place.

He also wants to show me mine.

Grabbing my arm Leon pulls me close and down to my knees. Then releasing me he puts his big arm around Cin, cupping her ass.

I look at Leon and although I know what he wants I wait for him to tell me.

“Get dem shoes off” he tells me.

I obey excitedly. Removing his shoes and socks I can’t resist kissing each foot. It feels right to honor his presence.

Rising from my task, I place my hands on his thighs and look at my wife who is rubbing her tits all over his arm and squirming as Leon fingers her bottom.

Leon merely nods at me and I know what I must do. I know what I want to do. I’ve been wanting to worship his big black cock every day since the first time.

I reach for his belt and as I loosen it and open his jeans I move in to his crotch and bury my face in it.

His fly unzipped, I pull his pants and underwear off as one. Cin immediately reaches for his cock and I hear my mom gasp at her first sight of this magnificent cock.

Cin has beat me to Leon’s cock. Taking it in hand she rubs it across her face showering it with kisses. I see her looking directly at mom as she jacks him with one hand and tongues his piss hole. Then never breaking eye contact with mom, she puts the head of his big black cock in her mouth.

Soon with Cin’s mouth urging it on, that big black cock has hardened to it’s full glory.

I move up and lick that part of his cock Cin doesn’t have in her hand or mouth. I lick downward slowly, lovingly, savoring his musky scent. Finally I reach his balls. I nuzzle them. I lick them. I kiss them reverently.

I am where I belong. I’m on my knees before this superior black man, my face in his crotch. I am here for his pleasure only.

My dick and balls hurt, contained by the chains and rings. The pain is small payment for the privilege of pleasing this black God.

I push my face under his balls between his crotch and sofa. Leon understands what I want to do for him.