It Happened One Summer Ch. 03


To my readers….. First, let me apologize for spending far too much time getting Chapter Three done and here for you to read. As you will find, I added an unexpected twist to my story. Let me warn you now, there are more to come. And for those of you who are interested, there will be a Chapter Four as soon as I can get it out of my mind and into my word processor. That will be another slow moving project with my writing style, but it will come.

Many thanks to my editor, NALA CAYENNE and also to my unofficial proof reader, UnexpectedVixen, I wish you well.

David and Shauna were awakened in the morning by an annoying noise from David’s alarm clock. He sat up slowly, turned it off and reluctantly got out of bed Shauna lay there a short while longer blissfully content for the second morning in a row. She stretched luxuriously and slid off the bed as well, heading into the bathroom where David was.

He stood in the shower letting the very warm water hit his head and shoulders, eyes closed. Shauna quietly got in the shower with him much as she did the previous morning. She put her arms around him and held him close.

“David, I’m sorry about last night.” she said softly.

“You mean that stuff with that damned cop? Don’t worry about it, little one. I’m not all that upset about it. In fact, in hindsight, its strikes me as rather funny.” David told her.

“Just the same, I’m sorry, Baby.” she murmured.

“Hey, my love, I wasn’t happy with her either,” said David. “Without all the facts, she assumed I was hurting you. Even after we tried to explain it, she still gave me….that look, if you know what I mean.” He chuckled adding, “You embarrassed her, and I think she needed to be embarrassed.”

She smiled, and then laughed. “I still think she liked what I showed her.” Her hand slid down his body and found his semi-erect cock. “Do we have time, or do you need to go?” she smiled up at him lustfully.

“Sorry Darlin’. ” He said glancing at his watch. “Big meeting today with another veterans group from back east. How about a little extra lovin’ tonight to make up for it.”

Shauna pouted a bit, but relented. They showered together and washed one another thoroughly, nearly giving into their carnal desires more than once. They managed to behave though, then left the bathroom. David returned to his room to get dressed while Shauna went to the living room to recover her own clothing.

She took her time getting dressed…hoping David might change his mind and want to have a “quickie” before he left. I am addicted to that man’s cock, She thought smiling. And I’m lovin’ it.

Much to Shauna’s dismay, David appeared a few minutes later fully dressed. He went into his kitchen and rummaged through a drawer. A moment later, he came to Shauna and kissed her, then he pressed a brass key into her hand. “There…,” he said, grinning “…now you are officially my unofficial roomie.”

“But I haven’t given you one of mine yet.” She told him. She was inwardly berating herself for not having thought of the same thing yesterday. “I’ll get you one later.”

“No hurry, Darlin’, take your time.”

“But David….”

“But nothing,” he told her. “Shauna, honey, it’s really not a big deal. I’ll get your key later tonight, okay? I really need to get going. Let me walk you back to your place.”

David and Shauna walked slowly to her apartment, talking about things new lovers talk about and enjoying one another’s company. As they approached Shauna’s apartment, they encountered an older unbelievably attractive woman. She was at least a couple inches taller than Shauna with a trim, well-maintained figure. Snow-white hair was tied into a bun on top of her head.

“Good Morning, Mrs. Rothstein.” Shauna said brightly.

The woman, who looked to be in her early ’60’s, stepped right up to them smoothly albeit with a cane. She apparently did not really need it. It seemed a wardrobe accessory more than anything. “Good morning, child.” she said to Shauna, completely ignoring David. “How are you this morning?”

“Couldn’t be better!” said Shanna holding David’s hand and gazing lovingly up at him.

Mrs. Rothstein looked at David for a long moment, she handed her cane to Shauna, reached up grabbing David’s head with both hands, pulled him down to her and kissed him square on the mouth. The kiss was more intimate and lasted longer than either Shauna or he expected. Shauna stared.

A moment later, Mrs. Rothstein released David and stepped back. “I’m Greta Rothstein, young man, and I wanted to thank you. You have made my little Shauna a very happy girl.”

David just looked at her. Judging by the kiss she just gave him, she must have been a fantastic lover in her day. Finding his voice, he said. “Your Shauna?” We’ve only just started dating.”

“Yes, my Shauna.” Greta said in a clear voice. “I’ve been trying to look out for her since she moved in here. That last boyfriend she had was a real loser…as for you just getting started? I know a good couple when I see one.”

“Um…. Mrs. Rothstein…, Kadıköy Yabancı Escort David began

“Greta. Call me Greta, young man. If you ever get tired of playing with children, give me a call. I can show you a few things she’s too young to have learned yet.” Mrs. Rothstein said, playfully jabbing Shana and winking at David. She took her cane back from Shauna and without another word turned and gracefully walked back to her own door. David noticed that she looked just as nice walking away and joked. “Nice cupcakes, Mrs…. Greta.” Greta just laughed, winked at David and went inside.

“I can see that I’m gonna have to keep an eye on that old lady.” Shauna said in mock anger.

“She’s certainly put together nicely, but you are the one I’m in love with, baby.”

She turned to him, rose up on her toes, put her arms around his neck and kissed him invitingly. She was deliciously happy.


Watching discreetly from across the street, Keyshawn Blaque was not happy at all. At 6′ 2″ and 230lbs, he was a fairly powerful looking man. His shaved head and lack of facial hair gave him a very clean, smooth appearance. His skin was so dark that it seemed to shine blue in bright light.

So, it was true. His Shauna was fucking some white guy. He still thought of her as his, even though she had broken it off with him. How dare she break it off between them? Just because he had some pussy on the side? No “real man” could settle for only one woman. Didn’t she understand that? He’d fix that soon enough. Especially since he’d seen for himself that, she was screwing some mother-fuckin’ white piece of shit. A fucking white biker, his friend had told him. He’d see about that!

After all, white men had been at the root of every problem he ever had. White men were jealous of all his money. It didn’t matter that all his income came from illegal sources. They couldn’t stand that a black man had a nice home, a nice car and more money than most others. White women were different of course. Women were women no matter their skin color and were only good for a few things anyway. And those were sucking black cock, giving up their pussys on command and keeping their man’s home clean.

He’d fix that little bitch once and for all.

Keyshawn started his car and drove away plotting his revenge.


Shauna continued kissing David, knowing that he would have to leave in a moment yet wanting him again anyway. She broke off the kiss and told him “Wait here just a second, please.” She turned and ran into her apartment.

She returned a few seconds later and handed David a silver key. “Now you have a key. Come here and spend the night with me when you come back?” she asked hopefully.

“Of course I will. You’re my baby now, who else would I spend the night with. He kissed her.

Shauna looked straight into his eyes. “I love you, David.”

“And I you, Shauna, but I need to get going right now.” He kissed her again and left.

Shauna reentered her apartment in a dream like state. She hated that David had to go, but was already anticipating his return. The last couple of days replayed in her mind. It wasn’t quite love at first sight, but did not seem far from it. There was no denying that she loved David so totally and completely it was well beyond her cap-ability to understand it. The sex the last two nights were without doubt the best ever, not that David was the greatest lover in the world, though Shauna thought he could be. It was just that they were so ‘in tune’ with one another, each other’s bodies, they were an ideal match. As far as she was concerned, they were perfect for one another in every way.

At that time, the flashing light on her answering machine caught her attention. She had two messages, the first from George, her employer, informing that due to the shooting the night before that Cheers would remain closed that night. There was no concern, as it would be open tomorrow night for sure. The second was from Bo-Bo asking her to call when she got a chance. She left a number for Shauna to call. Shauna scribbled down the number next to her phone with a note to call Bo-Bo shortly, then went to her room to take a short nap since she would not be working that night.

Besides, she thought, after two straight nights of truly incredible sex, she could use the rest. She pulled all the covers back, and because she liked to sleep naked, stripped off all of her clothes. She lay on the bed and closed her eyes letting images of David flood her mind. She thought of his kisses and his touch. Her hands acted as though by their own accord. Caressing her body as wicked thoughts their lovemaking raced through her mind. Shauna’s hands moved over her body. She cupped her breasts. She then twisted and pulled on her own nipples while imagining her hands were David’s

Shauna closed her eyes and imagined that he was in her bed with her. Her right hand slid down and started caressing her slit. When her finger contacted her clit, she sucked in Kadıköy Yeni Escort a deep breath, then shuddered as her release coursed though her. “Oh, David….” she whispered. Incredible! She thought. Even when he’s not here, he makes me so complete. All of her sexually active life she was never one to cum easily, but since David came into her life; it seemed that she could do so at a drop of the proverbial hat. Shauna moaned softly as her fingers rubbed against her clit more. She then inserted two fingers from her other hand into her pussy, probing for her ‘G’-spot, finding it, she pressed hard her body quivering as she came again. She imagined David’s hands were the ones on her body. She came again…. And again…. And….

She eventually fell blissfully asleep.


Several miles away, Keyshawn was busy plotting. He was going to be sure, that that bitch would paid a huge price for dumping him and then taking up with a white son of a bitch.

Keyshawn Blaque was a decidedly evil man and few knew the truth about the man. He was drug distributor, a murderer and a pimp running a a small stable of eight whores, all white and strung out on drugs to help keep them in line. Maybe it was time to add a little chocolate to the menu. He was an exceptionally persuasive man.

Keyshawn’s greatest danger was his ability to talk anyone into almost anything. It had been said that he could have easily sold ice water in the Antarctic. In short, he was a very smooth talker with a great deal more manners than anyone, anywhere when he chose to use them. His only failure as of late was trying to get Shauna over her outrage at his screwing around. She had, after a time, become immune to his charm and gift of gab. After Shauna had had a white cock in her, she was really not good for anything at all anymore.

His current flavor of the month was a painfully skinny peroxide blonde named Sandy. Her skin was pasty white except for the never ending series of bruises she got for having a bit of an attitude. She didn’t know it, Keyshawn was rapidly becoming bored with her. She was starting to think like Shauna and expected him, a real man, to be satisfied with only one woman. She’d learn soon enough. Well He thought. That new girl with the red hair from Texas sucked cock a lot better.


It was nearly noon when Shauna awoke. She showered and then decided to return Bo-Bo’s call after checking the number. Shauna dialed.

“Hello?” Bo-Bo said after a couple of rings.

“Bo-Bo, its Shauna.”

“Oh, hi sweetie! How are you?” Bo-Bo sounded genuinely thrilled to hear from her.

“Couldn’t be better.”

Bo-Bo chuckled. “Did you wear Dead-Eye out last night?”

“Actually, he wore me out…again.” Shauna giggled, then launched into a long explanation of everything that happened the night before, including her near total submission to him. She even went into detail about their late night visitor, the cute female police officer and all Shauna had done to embarrass her.

Bo-Bo laughed merrily. “You did that? Really?”

“Yeah. In hindsight, it may not be the smartest thing I’ve ever done, but dammit Bo-Bo! She pissed me off!”

“So Dead-Eye really had you screaming? He always was really good in the sack.”

“You and David…?” Shauna asked slightly stunned.

“A very long time ago. I’ll tell you about it some day if you like.”

“I’ll have to think about that. Anyway, you wanted me to call?”

“Yep, that’s right. I wanted to invite you out with Wanzta and me to dinner and a couple drinks. Kinda like a ‘girl’s night out’.”

Shauna thought a brief moment. “Sure Bo-Bo, I don’t see why not since Cheers will be closed tonight. Where are we going?”

“The Quiet Dive. Its a little biker friendly place over on County Line Road.”

“I know of it.” Shauna said.

“Great! We’ll pick you up at about eight or so.”

“See you then. Bye.”


Shauna hung up her phone and went into the kitchen to make herself a light lunch. She decided on some tomato soup and a turkey breast and cheddar cheese on Jewish rye sandwich with brown mustard and mayo.

She had just finished and put her dishes in the dishwasher when her cell phone chirped.


“Hey Darlin’. How are ya?” David’s voice came through the phone.

“Hi baby! I miss you already.”

“I miss you too. I just wanted to call to let you know that we won’t be back ’til after mid-night.”

“Well baby, when you get back, can you come straight here? Cheers is closed tonight. I’m going out for a while this evening with Bo-Bo and Wanzta. I don’t plan on being out too late.”

David said “Sure thing darlin’. I gotta go…just wanted to touch base with you. See ya later honey…Love you.”

“I love you too, baby.” Then the connection was broken.

The unexpected call from David brightened the rest of the day for Shauna. She straightened up her apartment, which was already neat, but she went though the motions anyway. Kadıköy Masaj Salonu Then she went to her closet to pick out some to wear for the evening. Shauna decided on white shorts and a white spaghetti strap tank top, electing to go braless. She had always been proud of her 34B breasts and loved the way they looked without a bra.

At 7:55, her doorbell rang and she went to greet her new friends. Bo-Bo greeted Shauna warmly with a hug and ‘air kisses to each cheek. She was wearing a black button down shirt, mostly unbuttoned and black shorts. Wanzta, in pink, extremely short hot pants and a tiny matching halter top which left little to the imagination, hugged her tightly and kissed her squarely on the lips.

“Ready?” Wanzta asked.

“Let’s go have some fun!” Shauna said enthusiastically.

They walked out to the parking lot, got into Bo-Bo’s car and headed to the Quiet Dive.


In a house not too terribly far away, Keyshawn lay in his bed on his back with his legs spread as Kari, the pretty little red head from Texas was busy sucking his cock. Her clothing lay on the floor next to the bed. She looked lovingly at him saying “I love you Keyshawn. I’ll do anything to be your main girl.”

He heard the door to his house open, then close. A moment later, Sandy entered the bedroom and froze. She screeched and attacked Kari, grabbing her and dragging her by the hair, attempting to pull her out of the room. “You fucking slut! He’s my man…! Go find your own!”

In a flash, Keyshawn was on his feet. He grabbed Sandy by the throat and slammed her against the wall, knocking her senseless. Kari, who had managed to disentangle herself, and fled to the far corner of the room and cowered.

Keyshawn pulled Sandy from the wall and looked at her. She was barely conscience, but still on her feet. It was time. He leaned back a moment, wound up and then hit her in the middle of her face with nearly all of his strength. Sandy literally flew across the room blood and teeth coming out of her mouth and fell to the floor in an inert heap. Keyshawn went to the bedroom door and shouted. “You two get in here now.”

Keyshawn walked back to where Sandy lay unconscious. Two large black men entered the room. “Abe, you and the dummy here take this….” he point to Sandy. “…and get it out of my sight. I want her disappeared.”

Abraham Stocks asked. “Can we…?” The dummy that Keyshawn had referred to was Le-Roy Johnson, A giant hulk of a man, but with the intelligence of a 10-year old. At 6′ 9″ and nearly 400lbs, he was someone to recon with. He smiled with anticipation.

“Sure, for a couple hours, she’s yours to do with whatever your perverted mind can come up with. After that…she’s nothing but a fading memory, got it?”

“As you wish.” was Abe’s reply, as he and ‘the dummy’ picked up Sandy and left.

Keyshawn then noticed Kari’s naked cowering form in the corner. “Get over here and clean up this mess!”

“Y-yes baby, r-right away. Kari said timidly.

“And when you’re done there, come back to bed and finish sucking me off.”


Meanwhile, at the Quiet Dive, Shauna, Bo-Bo and Wanzta were just sitting at a table and ordering drinks while looking at menus. All three ordered draft beer and cheeseburgers.

The Quiet Dive was exactly as Bo-Bo said it would be. It was a typical biker bar. There were men in there wearing the ‘colors’ from five or six different clubs. The Quiet Dive was considered neutral turf and it wasn’t uncommon to even see members from clubs having disputes drinking together and having a good time. The walls were decorated mostly with old David Mann prints, Harley posters and pictures of women in various stages of undress including a large one of Wanzta on a custom motorcycle totally nude. Shauna looked at her with a raised eyebrow.

“I was young and foolish.” shrugged Wanzta.

Bo-Bo laughed. “Yeah, three months ago?”

“So, I’m still young and foolish!” she said, laughing merrily.

“I would love to see a hot nude or semi-nude shot of Shauna here on that wall soon.”

Shauna, while far from being a prude said. “I don’t think that’s a good idea. I’m not nearly as pretty as you are Wanzta. I could never do that.”

Wanzta blushed a little and smiled softly. “You’re sweet to say that honey, but I’m still determined to have you up there on the wall next to me.” She winked.

Bo-Bo looked at Shauna seriously. “You know what’s next, don’t you?”

“Actually, no, I don’t.” Shauna replied.

Wanzta spoke up. “Your test.”

“Test?” asked Shauna

“Well, to be honest, it’s more like an initiation, but we call it a test.” Bo-Bo said. “We can’t tell what it is. There are three different ones the girls use, depending on who the new girl is.

“But….” Wanzta interjected. “…We have yours scheduled already. In two and a half weeks for Saturday, the 25th.”

Their beers came and Shauna took a long drink. “I have to confess, you guys have got me a little nervous.”

“Shauna….” Bo-Bo said “…Wanzta and I were both tested. All of the girls with the Defenders have too. It can be kind of scary, but sometimes it can be little fun. I promise you, it’s nothing illegal. You should also know that Wanzta would never allow anything that could hurt you in any way.”