Jack the Brothel Slave


To my darling John, may this your wildest fantasies never come true.


Jack Jones entered his office. As he placed a large stack of files down amongst the papers strewn over his desk a single red envelope caught his eye. Picking it up, he held it to his nose and inhaled. Immediately he recognized the fragrance, her favorite. His mind drifted into wicked thoughts of her; it sent a chill down his spine. She owned his ass, and he knew it.

Forgetting everything else, he sat down and tore it open. Two words were scrawled in scarlet lipstick across the white card inside – seven O’clock. That told him who, when, and where. Jack reached for his telephone, and dialed home.

“Hello Darling, something has come up and I’m going to have to work late tonight.”

He grinned down the bulge forming in his crotch and thought smugly, well that’s hardly a lie; something has just come up, and I will be working tonight.

Pouting his lips he made kissing sound into the mouthpiece adding, “Please don’t wait up for me.”

What a lucky man he was, to have her. Marrying Susan wasn’t just the smartest career move he’d ever made. An excellent cook and homemaker, she was also loving, intelligent, sweet, and sexy – the perfect wife!! Yes, Jack saw the way men looked at her, however one woman would never be enough to satisfy a man like him. Susan reminded Jack so much of her mother, so sweet and fragile, not at all like her father. He made life hell for many people, especially those who worked under him or happened to get in his way. Now, however, as the son-in-law to the principle owner of the firm, Jack had no trouble with the old bastard. Yes, ‘Daddy’ would do just about anything to keep ‘his little princess’ happy, and he used that knowledge to his full advantage.

Two hours later he arrived at Mistress Alex’s bar. As usual he headed straight through the main area and out to the back. However, the door he usually entered through was locked.

“No, not there today Jack.”

He turned to see a pretty young girl in a skimpy pair of shorts and a halter-top. Jack felt a familiar stirring in his groin as he noticed her pert nipples poking through the tight fabric stretched across her breasts.

“I don’t understand, Mistress Alex sent me a message to be here at seven.”

It had been two weeks since Alex had last contacted him and he was anxious to see her again. Now however, he felt certain she was playing some kind of silly little game with him. Fuck, she could be such a tease at times. Oh, but what a fucking hot bitch too.

“Yes that’s right,” the girl said, smiling and eyeing him up, “Come with me Jack.”

“But who are you?”

“My name is Kittikins, I’ll be preparing you tonight.”

Jack wasn’t entirely sure of what she meant by ‘prepare’, but as long as it involved a sweet little piece of ass like hers, he had no qualms about it. She turned, and as he followed her his eyes automatically dropped down to see just how tight and high cut her shorts were.

She led him down a long hallway, open doors on either side all revealed similar dimly lit rooms. None appeared to have windows, and chains and handcuffs hung from the back wall over a large double bed of each one.

Stopping at the end room, Kittikins stood to one side allowing Jack to enter first. As he stepped past her, his arm brushed against her breasts. “Sorry,” he murmured, feeling smug he had gotten away with it.

“Maybe I will get to have a good grope of those tits “, he thought.

“Please remove all your clothing,” she told him in a very business like manner. “Mistress Alex will be along shortly.”

“What a kinky bitch that Mistress Alex is”, he thought as he began unbuttoning his shirt, and wondering exactly what she had in mind for tonight.

Kittikins didn’t take her eyes off him as he stripped, but Jack didn’t give a damn. Knowing she was looking on actually made his cock begin to stiffen. As long as he got what he had come for, that’s all that concerned him. He rather enjoyed being watched like that, especially when he removed his shorts and his cock dropped out in front of her.

She smiled and indicated for him get onto the bed. Lazily he laid back on it, and then in a somewhat bored fashion he lifted his hands for her to lock into the cuffs. Jack knew the routine, tie him, tease him, and fuck him.

From under the bed she produced two chains which she used to secure his ankles to the lower corners of the bed. Finally, she placed a black leather hood over his head. Two small holes allowed him to see. A small-unzipped opening over his mouth would allow him to speak, and tiny holes under his nose let in just enough air. A thick collar buckled around his neck secured the whole thing.

“Mistress Alex will be along soon,” she said, looking down and admiring Jack’s naked body spread over the bed. Now in his forties, any good looks he may have had in his youth were now faded, however, Jack still took good care of his body. Kittikins licked her lips, smiled, and then left. xslot

Jack waited and waited. He usually didn’t like to be kept waiting for anyone or anything, but for Mistress Alex he made an exception. He heard voices, but not his mistress’s.

It was Kittikins coming back with another man. Yes, they were in the room next door, and she was giving him the same instructions he had been given a few minutes earlier.

Fuck this, he thought.

He began to struggle to release his cuffed and chained hands, but it was useless.

“Release me now,” he shouted to the room next door.

A minute or so later, Kittikins re-entered.

“Now what’s all this noise about Jack? You don’t really want to leave do you? Mistress Alex has a special surprise for you tonight,” she told him, smiling and leaning over to pull the zipper closed across his mouth.

Around half an hour passed. He listened and heard more men being ushered in one by one. Each one receiving the same instructions he had been given.

Jack’s mind flooded with questions. How many men does that bitch intends fucking tonight? Why are we all in separate rooms? Damn it, why did she have to invite other men here tonight anyway? I’m enough to satisfy her, if she would just give me a chance! All the other women I have fucked before found me very satisfying.

Jack stared down at his swollen cock. The mere idea of her with other men filled him confused thoughts of jealousy and lust. Why should he have to share her? But then, an insatiable woman like Alex was a challenge, and a challenge was something Jack just couldn’t resist.

He closed his eyes and began to fantasize about her golden patch of pubic hair soaked with the cum of other men. Of her coming to him and fucking him so hard and long she would eventually be completely satisfied, and realize she needed no other man. “You are the only one I need Jack. All the others are just little play toys”, he would hear her say.

His thoughts were interrupted by womens’ voices, one Alex’s, the other he didn’t recognize.

Good, at last she’s here, and she’s brought a friend, he mused as his cock began to twitch in anticipation. There was only one thing he enjoyed more than being fucked by a woman, and that was being fucked by more than one woman.

He heard the sharp clicking of heels on the hard floor. Oh fuck yes, she must be wearing those damned spiked boots again, he thought, as he listened.

The two women entered the small room, and walked over to the bed. Neither bothered to greet or speak to him.

The other woman was around the same age as Alex, dressed in a dark suit, with immaculately groomed auburn hair that framed her attractive face. By her business-like attire Jack assumed she had just come from an office.

As he had suspected, Alex wore her black leather boots. She complimented them with a matching corset, and gloves.

“This one’s rather feisty, but I can personally recommend him. He has good staying power and as you can see a nice full cock,” Alex explained, playfully tapping his balls with her crop, then running the leather tip up the length of his shaft.

She grinned, and shook back her long blond hair, as Jack’s body tensed at her touch. It amused her to play with him like that. What would she do next? Slap him? Tap him? Or just tease him more? Nobody knew better than she who controlled Jack and his cock, restraints or no restraints.

Jack tried to speak, he want to question what was going on, however his words were muffled behind the hood, as the two women continued to discuss his body and more particularly, his cock, as if it was a piece of merchandise.

“Yes, good tight balls too I see.”

“Oh yes, and please feel free to check their weight Vivienne.”

The woman moved closer and cupped his testicles in her soft hand giving them a gentle squeeze, as if she were testing fruit for ripeness.

“Mmm… Yes, you are right. They’re good and heavy. Well, he does look rather tasty Alex, but I think I’ll stick with the black whore I saw on the way in. I just happen to feel like some dark meat tonight.”

Both women chuckled as they turned and walked out the door.

Again Jack tired to speak. He kicked and squirmed about on the bed, but it was useless. Shaking his head, he raised his voice, but his muffled protests only became loud garble. “Will you excuse me a moment Vivienne? You can pay Kittikins at the desk and she will attended to everything,” she said smiling, then walking back to Jack.

He calmed himself as she smiled sweetly and leaned down to him. However as she grabbed hold of the top of the hood and brought her face down to his, her expression changed.

“Now listen to me, and listen good! You’re here to work. Did you think it would be all fun and games with me Jacky boy? That fucking bar doesn’t make enough money to pay for the champagne I drink, let alone my designer clothes and my jewelry. And my penthouse and my Porsche? Who do you think is going to pay for them? Well?” Alex xslot Giriş paused for a moment, glaring at him. “I’ll tell you who,” poking a finger in his chest, “you do, slut. You and that cock of yours are going to pay for all the things I want.”

Jack found it difficult to understand her logic, but then again, he wasn’t exactly in a position to challenge her on the issue.

She stood back and lightly flicked the tip of his cock with her whip, grinning as he flinched. “These are busy career women with needs. Only they can’t go fucking their secretaries like some people.” she hissed. “Now be a good little fucker and give them what they want Jacky!”

She was about to walk away, but then turned and added, “You do want more of my sweet pussy, don’t you Jacky?” He felt himself sweating under the hood, as she cupped one breast to her mouth before extending her long wet tongue out and over the nipple, “and my tits too? You do want more of my tits don’t you? Not to mention everything else a woman like me can give a I can give a whore boy like you.”

She smirked as she waited for his answer.

Fuck it, of course he wanted more of her. His addiction to sex and her kinky ways were things he simply had no control over. One day he would leave her. He would stop being unfaithful to his sweet wife and forget he had ever met Mistress Alex. Today, however, was not that day.

He hesitated for a moment, then nodded his head.

“Good boy Jacky, I knew you would make the right decision.”

A short time later, Alex returned with a big heavy woman, somewhere around forty, with dark shoulder length hair and caked on make up. Like the previous woman, this one too was dressed in business like manner. Her puffy pink lips curled immediately she saw Jack lying there.

“This one is new?”

“Yes, and he hasn’t been used tonight either.”

“How much?” she asked.

“The usual,” Alex replied.

“Good – leave us.”

Jack swallowed, and began to struggle and squirm against his restrains. He was Jack Jones, fucker of beautiful women. Not ugly harpies like her!

Ignoring his muffled protests she hitched her skirt up past her hips then slipped her lacey panties down and off, before carelessly tossing them aside. She climbed onto the bed and without a word straddled Jack’s lower body. Licking her lips she made a loud slurping sound, then smirked and blew him a kiss.

“You better pray that fuck meat of yours stays good and hard for me whore boy,” she warned. He shook his head, and she laughed at him. She grabbed hold of his head and forced him to nod a couple of times. “Yes, you want to fuck me really badly now. Don’t whore boy?” Again she force him to nod his head.

Poor Jack, his cock had a mind all of it’s own. When his cock sensed a cunt nearby, and cunt, it just got hard, it didn’t really matter what he wanted. He felt her sweaty fingers wrap around his shaft, then her sticky wetness rubbing against his cock head. For once in his life Jack wished he wasn’t so damned horny. She positioned his cock between her heavy thighs, and then pushing her body down, she impaled herself on him.

Repulsion, that is what he felt. Not so much because of her looks, but her attitude. This woman was using him – using his cock for her pleasure!

Again and again she lifted herself up only to drop down to swallow up his defenseless cock into her insatiable cunt, until with one loud grunt she appeared to climax.

Thank god she’s finished, Jack thought, but then…

“Lick me clean slut!” she demanded, sliding off his still hard cock and crawling up his body. Kneeling with her dripping cunt positioned over his face, she ripped open the zipper across his mouth.

As Jack look upon the pump moist folds of her sex all he could think was, no way am I licking that bitch’s cunt!

“I said lick it!” she repeated, but he still refused to open his mouth.

“Ok, you want to do it the hard way do you?” she said, grinning and reaching into her pocket. “Good I enjoy doing the hard way.”

She held a small metal contraption in front of his eyes, before moving back down between his legs. He still had a raging erection, although he really had no idea how he had managed it. Yes, for once in his life he wished he wasn’t quite so damned horny.

She placed the gadget over his cock and balls. The metal felt cold against his heat. She made a couple of quick adjustments and Jack felt it biting into his tender flesh.

Fuck! It was so damned uncomfortable, and something was now jabbing at his cock head.

“You know it can be a whole lot more painful than that, if I chose to make it that way. Now lick me clean whore boy!”

Jack fought licking her wet cunt as she continued to tighten the contraption, until the pain became too much and he had no choice but to give in.

Crawling back up, she positioned her cunt over his face and again lowered her body. Extending his tongue, he reluctantly began licking at her moist folds.

All he could xslot Güncel Giriş think was, fuck, what I am going to do if the bitch starts getting horny again?

A light knock at the door, however, saved Jack.

“Time’s up unless you want to buy another thirty minutes Ma’am,” a female voice announced.

Reluctantly she climbed off and released his cock from its torture. She dressed and left without uttering another word.

A few minutes later Kittikins entered carrying a bowl of soapy water, rubber gloves, and couple of towels.

“Oh good I see your cock is still hard, that will save me a lot a work,” she quipped. She placed the bowl down between his thighs, pulled on the tight rubber gloves and began rubbing the cloth over his cock and balls.

The warm water was a welcome relief after that bitch had ridden him so hard. Kittikins patted his cock and balls dry with a fresh towel, then left the room only to return minutes later with a glass of water. She held it to his lips and poured a little into his mouth.

“There’s a good boy. Have a good rinse now,” she instructed him, placing the bowel under his chin.

Jack swilled the water around in his mouth, then spat it out, but he knew it would take more than that to get the taste of that bitch’s cunt out of his mouth.

Kittikins patted him affectionately on the head, then left him there helpless to do anything but to contemplate his hard and swollen cock as it throbbed there on his belly.

He heard voices at the door again, and anxiously lifted his head to see who it was this time. His cock stood fully erect want he saw Mistress Alex enter with two young women.

“Well what do you think Lucy… Ducy? Is this cock big enough for the two of you?” Mistress Alex asked with a grin.

The women looked at each other and giggled. Both were attractive women in their mid twenties, with short blond hair. The matching outfits they wore, tights skirts and silk blouses, were perhaps some sort of uniform, Jack thought.

“He’ll do just fine thanks Alex,” one replied.

Alex closed the door as she left, and again the two women grinned at each other. “I know I lost the bet, but if I do it, you have to do it too.”

“No, that was not our agreement,” the other woman argued. “You said if you lost, you would suck a man’s cock… not us… you!” Giggling, she reached over and pinched her companion’s breast. “Now let me see you do it Lucy.”

Lucy pouted. “But I’ve never sucked a real cock before. You’ll have to show me how it’s done.”

“Well, I haven’t suck a real one before either!”

“Maybe not, but you know about these things.”

“You a have tongue don’t you dear?

“Yes. Why?”

Well, use it! And remember we’ve only booked this cock for half an hour! So for goodness sake – quit stalling!”

“I know but I’m nervous,” Lucy whined, licking her tongue over her lips, then slyly adding, “you always know how to make me relax Sugar. Help me to relax, please.”

Ducy grinned, the sight of her lover’s pink wet tongue always got her excited.

“I love when you call me ‘Sugar’.

The two women sat down on the end of the bed, now seemingly oblivious to Jack presence.

Their lips touched, and he watched in awe as they embraced and kissed. A light gentle kiss with just the lips at first, then as their mouth parted for a moment he could see their tongues begin to swirl and dance just before they locked in a passionate embrace. As they drew apart, one began unbuttoning the other’s blouse, confirming what Jack had suspected – she wasn’t wearing a bra. Then as she unbuttoned her own, he realized neither of them wore anything under their blouses.

Ducy cupped Lucy’s breasts in her hands and leaned down, sucking gently on her nipples before kissing each one. He strained his neck to get a better look. He saw tits… big beautiful tits being touched by lovely long fingers with shiny red nails… wet tongues… flicking from between wet red lips… licking sweet young breasts. Oh fuck…

Jack moaned as his whole body tensed. Panting like and animal his hips were thrusting as if fucking. His cock twitched uncontrollably then jerked as a stream of hot milky cum squirted over his belly and chest. As he heaved and panted to regain his breath, his cock became flaccid for the first time in many hours. He began to worry the women would be angry, but neither seemed to be interested in his cock anymore.

One now had her hand up the other’s skirt, and was slipping her blouse down over her shoulders. As she tossed it down on the bed Jack’s limp cock and gob of cum on his belly caught her eye.

“Oh look what’s happen now.”

“It- it’s not my fault,” Lucy stammered, “I don’t know how it happened do I? I didn’t do anything!”

“Well how long will it take to get hard again

“I don’t know I haven’t fucked a man before.”

“Look that’s cum. That white stuff all over his belly.”

Lucy leaned over and poked Jack’s cock with her finger. He felt as if she were testing to see if it was still alive.

“Oh let’s forget about his silly old cock, and that stupid bet. You know what I want now don’t you?” Ducy told her. Lucy looked relieved. “Oh but you don’t get off that easily, I have fun idea.”