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Gregory A. Patrick


Jaiden Chapter 107

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The story Jaiden is wholly a work of fiction. Any resemblance to persons living or dead, events that may or may not have occurred, or places or businesses that exist or may have existed is purely coincidental.

The story Jaiden contains sexual inferences and direct mention of male-to-male sexual contact. If you are under the age of 18; if access to this story is a violation of the community laws of the city, state, or nation in which you live; or if this type or style of writing offends you, leave this site immediately.

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Greg Patrick


“Uncle Jaiden, this is Jeremy; how are you today?” “I”m doing well, Jeremy, how about you.” “The same on my end.” I wanted to let you know that I got my mid-term grades for the semester today and I still have a 4.0 GPA.” “That is awesome, Jeremy, I”m really proud of you.” “Hey guys, Jeremy”s on the phone and he has a 4.0 through mid-terms, he”s headed for the Dean”s list again.”


“Jaiden, put the phone on speaker phone.” “OK, Jeremy you”re on the speaker phone.” “Jeremy this is Uncle Peyton, and Uncle Dale, and Uncle Charley. We”re in the den together. Congrats on the fantastic grades. We you come home on break, we”ll have to go out and celebrate, so be thinking about where you and Carl would like to eat.” “That”s an easy choice, Uncle Peyton, it”s the Warf Seafood House on the Thursday buffet night.” “The Wharf Seafood House it will be!” “Thanks, Uncle Peyton.” You”re welcome, Jeremy, you earned it.”


“Uncle Jaiden, may I talk to you in private for a few minutes?” “Jeremy, you know you can. Let me walk out on the deck so we can talk more privately.”


“OK, buddy, what”s up?” “Uncle Jaiden you told me when I got hurt to be careful in my relationships so I didn”t get hurt again or mess up what Dr. Brannen did. What I wanted to ask you is really personal but I am more comfortable asking you than Dad for obvious reasons.” “Jeremy, are you and Carl wanting to take your relationship to the next level?” “Yes, Sir, and thank you for saying it that way. I was trying to figure out how to phrase what I wanted to say.” “Let me ask you this, Jeremy: have you and Carl had intercourse?” “No, Sir, but we want to, but he asked me to check with you to make sure we don”t do something wrong or do something that might injure me.”


“Jeremy, first and foremost, make sure this is something you want to do.” “Uncle Jaiden, it is. I love Carl with all my heart and he tells me all the time he loves me the same. His parents came up last weekend, and Carl was very upfront about our relationship even though he had never actually come out to his parents. What his Dad did shocked up both. His mother just smiled.” “Jeremy, what did Carl”s Dad do?” “Uncle Jaiden, he looked at Carl and asked him if he was happy and Carl told him he was, that he was truly in love with me. Carl told me his Dad was a redneck temperamentally, so we expected him to get angry. He said, `Carl, if you love Jeremy and he loves you, and if you don”t cheat on each other, you have my blessings; screw what anybody else may think.”


“Uncle Jaiden, Carl”s mother stood up and told me to walk to her so I did. She gave me a bear hug and a kiss on the forehead and said welcome to the family, we”ll love you like you”re our own child. That”s when Carl lost it. I held him until he calmed down, and his Dad said that was exactly what he thought I should have done. When Carl stood up to go wash his face, I went with him. When I got back in the apartment”s living room, Carl”s Dad gave me a hug and said he felt the same way Carl”s Mom did. We were blown away.”


“To make a long story short, Carl and I are engaged.” “Congratulations, Jeremy, I think that is awesome news. I”ll tell your other uncles the good news after you and I finish talking about why you called.”


“Now, Jeremy, about making love, what do you want to know?” “Uncle Jaiden, the first thing I want to know is if it is safe for me to do that.” “It is, Jeremy. If Carl tops when you two make love, make sure he doesn”t put his full weight on your chest and rib areas. Since the other areas I am sure you want to talk about can be embarrassing, I am going to go ahead and address the other issues,”


First, to avoid too much pressure on your colon, get an enema bulb and fill it with warm water. Insert the end of the bulb into your bottom and fill yourself with the water. Both you and Carl do that until what you expel in the toilet runs clear. When it does, clean yourselves with a warm, damp washcloth. When you have done that, lay down on your stomach and get Carl to put a fair amount of lube on his index finger and then insert his finger into your body. When he feels your sphincter muscle relax, place his second finger inside you with his index finger and slowly rotate the fingers from side to side and in and out. When your sphincter muscle is totally relaxed, put a condom on Carl”s penis and lube it really well. Make sure you use lube for having sex instead of Vaseline because Vaseline can degrade the material the condom is made of. When you feel you are ready, let Carl position himself and then slowly push until he enters your body. You know the rest of what to do, make sure to take things easy.”


“Thank you, Uncle Jaiden. I know I put you on the spot with this, but I felt more comfortable asking you. “Jeremy, you can call your Uncles Peyton, Dale, or Charley anytime you need to talk about anything. Bye the way, do you have enough money in your account or do I need to put some money in for you?” “I have about $400.00 in my account; that should be enough for a while.” “OK, but when you get to $200.00, call me our Uncle Peyton and we”ll put some more money into your account.” “Yes, Sir, thank you. “You”re welcome Jeremy, now have a good time and be careful, I will Uncle Jaiden; I”ll call you next weekend.”


“Carl, we need to run to the drug store and pick up a thing or two. Do you want to go now or after dinner?” “Let”s go now. After dinner, we can focus on what we need to do for the week.”


“Jaiden, what did Jeremy want, if you can tell me.” “Peyton, he wanted to know if it was safe for Carl and him to make love and what he needed to do before they engaged in intercourse. He said he felt more comfortable asking me than Jay or Don.” “So, you told him what he needed to know?” “I did, Peyton, and I told him to take it slowly and easily and not to let Carl put his full weight on Jeremy”s chest.” “Just thinking about what they may be doing right now is making me sprout my unicorn horn!” “Interesting, Sweetheart, I”ll have to help you take care of that shortly.” Peyton got excited as he ran his tongue around his top lip.


“Jeremy and Carl got to the drug store and went to the personal hygiene isle. When Jeremy picked up an enema bad, Carl asked him why he was getting that, and Jeremy told Carl he”d show him when they got back to the apartment. The next thing Jeremy took Carl to get was a box of lubricated condoms and several bottles of lube. On the off-chance Carl would want to use rubber gloves in preparation for their amorous activities, he picked up a box of those as well. Jeremy paid the bill and he and Carl returned to Jeremy”s car. When they got inside, Carl asked mezitli escort the reason for the enema bag and the rubber gloves. Carl replied, “as soon as we get back to the apartment, I am going to show you what they are for.”


Carl looked a bit puzzled as they got out of the car in the dorm parking lot and went inside. Jeremy looked at Carl and said, “Come to the bedroom with me for a moment.” When they got inside their bedroom and shut the door to the commons area and to their bedroom, Jeremy looked at Carl and said, “Take all your clothes off and lay on your stomach. When Carl did as he was told, Jeremy took the enema bag to the bathroom sink and filled it with warm water. He put a little drop of the lube on the enema nozzle and walked back into the bedroom. When he put the enema nozzle in Carl”s rectum, Carl jumped a bit since he didn”t expect that to happen. “Carl, I am going to put some warm water inside your colon to help flush out any fecal matter, Uncle Jaiden said we needed to do this to each u=other until what we expelled into the toilet ran clear.”


“I am going to do this for you until you run clear and then you can do the same for me.” When each of the guys had cleaned each other out, Jeremy said, “Carl, turn over on your back and put this glove on your right hand. Carl did as told and Jeremy then placed a fair amount of lube onto the index finger of the glove. “Now what, Jeremy?” “Slowly slide you finger inside of me and move it in and out until you feel the muscle relax. When you feel it relax, put your second finger in with your index finger and move your fingers in and out and twist them from side to side aa you move them in and out. When you feel the muscle relax, tell me.”


“The muscle is relaxed, Jeremy; there is no squeezing against my fingers. “OK, come stand beside me.” When Carl stood in front of Jeremy, Jeremy rolled a condom onto his penis and squeezed an ample amount of lube onto is and spread it around with his hand. Carl, put your penis against me and slowly push in. When you get in, you know what to do. Just take it easy.” Jeremy pulled his legs back and Carl slowly pushed into his lover. Ten minutes later, with one forward thrust and a loud grunt, Carl unloaded himself into the condom. A few minutes later when Carl slid out of his lover, he pulled Jeremy onto his side and very lovingly kissed him. “Babe, making love to you is so awesome, thank you. I love you more than anything in this world and I want to spend my life with you.” “I love you, too, Carl, and you will spend your life with me.”


Jeremy rolled Carl onto his stomach and then put a glove on his hand. He lubed his index finger amply and slid it into Carl”s bottom. When he felt Carl”s sphincter muscle relax, he inserted his second finger in with his index finger and began rotating them as he slid them in and out of Carl. When the time came, Jeremy lubed the condom, placed his penis at Carl”s sphincter and slowly pushed in. Carl stopped Jeremy for a second to let a tinge of pain pass. When the pain subsided, Jeremy began slow, methodic movements doing his best to make his boyfriend feel extra special. Each time Jeremy shot a rope of spunk into the condom, he let out a soft grunt in Carl”s ear.


“Carl, I wish I knew how to tell you how much I love you, but I just don”t know the words to use. You are the best thing that has ever happened for me, and you make me feel so special. Giving up my virginity to you was something I wanted to do so badly.” “Sweetheart, I feel the same way. I gave you my virginity as well, and I will never regret that. Before I met you, I wasn”t happy; my grades at school sucked compared to now. I think that may be part of why my parents love you so much.” “I don”t know why the love the way they do, Carl, but I”m glad they do. It reminds me of my uncles” parents. Uncles Jaiden and Peyton didn”t have any problems with their parents, but Uncle Charley”s and Uncle Dale”s Dad”s hated them until Uncle Jaiden”s Mom backed them against a wall and gave them a piece of her mind. Uncle”s Dale”s Dad said Uncle Jaiden”s Mom bit him on the ass like a lioness protecting her cubs. He and Uncle Charley”s Dad changed after that.”


“Jeremy, would you please do me a favor?” “What is that, Babe.” “Would you please hold me for a while.?” Jeremy pulled Carl onto his left side and held him against his side. The two young men fell asleep like that and didn”t wake up until dinner time.


“Jeremy, wake up babe, we need to go to the cafeteria for dinner unless you want to go somewhere else to eat. “Carl, let”s go to Ruth Criss” Steak House and celebrate.” “Celebrate what, Jeremy.” “Making love, Carl. We waited a long time for today, and now that it happened, I am on top of the world. You were so gentle and you made me feel so loved. Feeling you inside me was unbelievable, and it was something I have wanted for so long.”


“Jeremy, everything you said is how I feel. I have never had many friends because I had hidden my secret for so long. When I met you, something snapped and I didn”t care what people thought anymore. All I knew was that I fell head over heels in love with you when I saw you walk across the campus. When I went to the room housing assigned me to, you were there. I pinched myself to see if I was dreaming or awake. You walked over and shook my hand, and it was like a bolt of lightning running through my body.”


“I wanted so badly to put my arms around you and hold you; to feel your skin; to smell the wonderful scent I smelled when you walked up to me. I wanted you so badly and I was so scared of saying anything because of the fear you might not be gay. When you talked to me and told me how you felt, I wanted to cry because it was a dream come true. When you made love to me today, all those wants ran through my head and I realized I finally had what I wished for all my life. Jeremy, I love you with all my heart and I never want to lose you, so please, don”t let me say or do something that will drive you away.”


“Carl, we”ll have differences and things we need to talk out, but there is nothing that would make me walk away from you except one thing: If you ever cheated on me.” “Jeremy, I promise you that will never happen. I have seen it too much in my friend”s families and I know the pain it causes; I could never do that to you.” “Let”s go eat, Babe.”


When they got to Ruth Criss” Steak House, Donovan met Jeremy at the hostess station and took Carl and him to a little corner hideaway with a table covered with a white table cloth, an incredible flower arrangement in the center of the table with a single candle burning in the center. Partitions hid the guys from the other guests in the restaurant making the evening very romantic. Tony walked through the restaurant and stopped to speak to the guys when he saw Jeremy. “Looks like you guys are celebrating tonight.” “We are, Tony, today was very special for us and we wanted a romantic dinner to celebrate.” “That”s good. I hope you enjoy your meals. If you need anything, let me know. I”ll tell Jaiden and Peyton I saw you when I talk with them tonight.”


“Donavan, Jeremy and Carl sitting in the corner, their meal is on me tonight. Make sure they get a nice dessert as well, and no alcohol, I promised Jeremy”s Dad I would look out for that.” “Yes, Sir.”


When Jeremy and Carl finished their meal, Donovan brought them a slice of Death by Chocolate Cheesecake with a small amount of hot fudge poured on top and a dollop of whipped cream. When the two finished their dessert, they asked for their ticked and Donovan said, “Guys, have a nice evening.” “Donovan, why did you say have a nice evening when I asked you for the check?” “I said it because I meant have a good evening. Your meal is already paid for, so, have a good evening, guys.”


Jeremy drove back to the campus, and when they two got out of the car, Jeremy laced his fingers with Carl”s and said he wanted to take a walk. As they walked around the lake behind the dorm, Carl stopped Jeremy about half pozcu escort way around the walking path and pushed Jeremy against an old oak tree. When he had his lover pinned to the tree, he leaned in and kissed Jeremy with all the love he had in him. The kiss was so tender and so sweet that Jeremy grabbed Carl in a tight embrace as a tear fell from his eye; he had never felt so fortunate, so blessed as he did that night. For anybody who could see Jeremy, there was no doubt in their mind that Jeremy was deeply in love…and so is Carl.


“Jaiden, Tony here. I was at the steakhouse tonight and saw Jeremy and Carl. Those two boys are deeply in love. You can”t look at them and not know it. If I didn”t know better, I would swear it is Peyton and you all over again.” “Others have told me that, Tony, and I thought the same thing when I saw them together when they flew to Erie for Spring break. Jeremy is doing well in college with a 4.0 average. When we got him away from his bio-doners, and he was adopted by Don and Jay, he blossomed in school and in his social life.” “He seems to have matured in amazing ways here and he has kept his nose clean. I have some guys at the pizza restaurant who keep an eye on him on campus and they tell me he is straight as an arrow when it comes to school.” “I can believe it, Tony, from his grades alone. I hope he may consider medical school when he gets his degree at Wellstone and graduates from high school at the same time.”


“Are my nieces and nephews doing OK?” “They are, Tony. They started using the potty at seven months old, walking and running at eight months. Nathan and Jason are pranksters like Jenny except for the fact they are on 24/7 and Jenny will give you a break. Jenny and the other surrogates and their families were here last week and Peyton and I showed her how Nathan and Jason will hide your keys if they get half a chance and then act like they don”t know what you are talking about when you ask them if they hid the keys.”


“That is hilarious, Jaiden.” “Not when you are late for work and they won”t tell you where they hid your car keys. I started keeping extra sets of keys where they can”t get to them so Peyton and I can get to work on time.” “I know you wouldn”t change a thing if you could, would you?” “Not at all, Tony. All the children are happy. If the boys get out of hand, Alaina Noelle has a way of getting mad and making them sit in time out; now that is hilarious to see, she”s a tough little girl. She gives them the eye and they pay attention. I hope you can get up this way before we go to Tennessee in late June, or at least come to see us in Memphis so you can see the children.” “Let me see what I can do, and I”ll let you know next week.” “Deal!”


“Uncle Jaiden, this is Jeremy. Thank you for the advice you gave me. Things worked out well and Carl and I are more in love than ever. Tony told us if he didn”t know better, he would think Carl and I were Uncle Peyton and you.” “He told me the same thing, Jeremy. I”m happy that you and Carl are so much in love, it does remind me of Peyton and me when we were at Wellstone. Be careful with your relationship. Don”t fuss, cuss, or scream with each other about anything. If you can”t talk it out, let it go until you can. Nothing is so important that it should interfere with the love Carl and you share.” “I understand, Uncle Jaiden. Carl and I do exactly what you told us in that regard, and we sit down and talk to each other about everything and anything just about every night.” “That”s good, Jeremy. Give Carl a hug and a kiss for Uncle Peyton and me and we”ll talk to you next week. We love you to Mars and back!” Carl and I love you and Uncle Peyton the same.”


“Was that Jeremy, Jaiden?” “It was, Charley. There must be something about our old dorm apartment casting spells on people and making them fall in love. There is Dale and you and Peyton and me, and now there is Carl and Jeremy. Those two are more in love than ever and they have taken their relationship to the next level. They both have a 4.0 GPA and they will graduate a year early by going to summer classes every year. I would be on top of the world if they decided to go to med school at LECOM and joined Peyton, Richard and me in our practice after they graduated and completed their residencies.” “Do you think they”ll consider that, Jaiden?” “Dale, I don”t know yet, but I am going to talk to them about it, they are certainly smart enough to do it.”


“Doctor Peyton, that was the last patient. We have everything done up front and you and Dr. Jaiden looked bushed, so why don”t y”all head home. We”ll lock up here.” “Thank you, Ashley. We have some patients to check on the pediatrics floor, and then I think we will do exactly what you suggested. And you are right, we are tired today.”


“Hello young man, how are you feeling?” “I feel good, Dr. Peyton. I”m not nauseated like I was before they took my appendix out. I”m a little sore where the stitches are, but that”s all.” “Well, let me take a look and see how the incision is doing.”


“Everything looks good. How would you like to go home?” “I can go home tonight?” “If you promise me you won”t try to play sports, that you won”t run, and that you won”t bend over and pick anything up off the floor, I think you can go home.” “What about school?” “Well, today is Wednesday, and…,” Peyton looked at the boy”s parents and then back at him, “Daren, what grade are you in?” “Tenth grade.” “Do you tape physical education?” “Yes, sir.” “Do you like it?” “No, sir, all we do is run track.” “Hmm! I can”t let you do that, can I? Tell you what, no PE for thirty days, and you can go back to school on Monday. I want you to take it easy and rest this weekend. Here is a prescription for an antibiotic Daren should take for a week. Make sure he takes the medicine as directed and takes all of it. Here is a note for no physical activity for thirty days and for Daren to return to school on Monday.” “Doc, thanks, you are the greatest.” “I may be great Daren, but I”m only half as great as you are. I want to see you a week from Monday, so call the office and get Ashley to put you on the schedule.”


“Good evening, Robert, how are you feeling?” “Dr. Jaiden, I have been nauseated from the medicine they used to put me to sleep for the surgery, and my leg really hurts.” “Well, I can take care of that. I am going to order a shot for pain. I”ll let you have one shot at bed time to help you sleep and then I will see you around seven in the morning and we”ll see what else we may have to do. You had a nasty compound fracture of your left tibia and they put I a steel rod to help the bone to heal. The screws they used will be absorbed by your body over time and the rod will eventually be removed. You will be in the hospital about a week and then if everything is OK, you should be able to go home by Saturday. The nurse will come in around ten and give you a Darvon injection for pain, and that should help you sleep. It will be a low dose. But it will help with the pain. If you need anything, let the nurse know. If the pain gets worse or you get sick again tonight, the nurse will call me at home and we”ll take care of anything that comes up. Get some rest, I”ll see you in the morning.”

“Ashley, this is Shelia West, Daren”s Mom. Dr. Peyton said he wanted to see Daren Monday week for a surgical follow-up.” “What time do you get off from work?” “4:30.” “How about five on Monday week?” “That is perfect, thank you.” “You are very welcome, Mrs. West, we”ll see Daren Monday week at 5.”


“Ginny, this is Jaiden, is Dale home yet?” “He is, Jaiden, let me get him on the phone for you.” “Hey, Jaiden, what”s up?” “Dale, I am beat today, would you please make a pot of coffee so I can get a cup when I get home” “I”ll do it right now. Charley and I will take the children out back so you can rest when you get home.” “Dale, there is a reason Peyton and I love you and Charley. You two are the greatest. Thanks!” “Anytime for my favorite brothers.”


When Jaiden walked in the door at home, Dale had his coffee escort bayan ready the way he likes it and sat it on the counter. Jaiden grabbed Dale and gave him a bear hug and said, “I love you bro.” I love you too, Jaiden, now sit down, rest for a while, and drink your coffee. We”ll keep the children outside for an hour and then bring them inside so you can play with them. “Dale, thank you so much.”


When Dale peered into the den to check on Jaiden, he had fallen asleep, and Peyton was right next to him. Charley looked at Dale and said, “Those two must have had a really rough day, they are sound asleep on the couch.” “I know. When Jaiden called me and asked me to have a pot of coffee ready when he got home, I knew something was off. He sounded so tired and the way he said thank you to me was rather unusual. When he got home, he hugged me and told me he loved me. He”s told both of us that he loves us and is glad we are brothers to Peyton and him, but he”d never hugged me and said he loved me the way he did today.” “Dale, we are blessed to have them in our lives; they taught us what true love is.” “Love, that is so true.”


Dale glanced at his watch and Peyton and Jaiden had been asleep for forty-five minutes. He said they would probably wake up in the next twenty minutes, and he wasn”t far off on his time-guess. At the one-hour Mark, they saw Peyton and Jaiden wake up walk to their bedroom, and come back downstairs in their favorite khaki shorts and tee shirts. When he and Peyton walked onto the deck, they walked to Dale and Charley, patted them on their shoulders, and thanked them for watching the children. Jaiden said, “Guys, how about Peyton and I take everybody out to eat at Restaurant 808?” Dale spoke up and said, “Jaiden, isn”t that place a bit expensive?” “It isn”t that bad, besides, you two deserve dinner out. You work just as hard in your classes as Peyton and I do in our classes at the hospital and in the practice. To paraphrase what Mom would say, “If we didn”t love you and the children so much, things might be different; I am so glad they aren”t.” Charley replied, “Jaiden, thank you for saying that and for the dinner invitation. Can they accommodate all the children at 808?” “
Charley, we”ll find out. Everybody knows about our children and most of the restaurants in town that we go to have bought enough baby chairs so that we can have our children with us.”


“Restaurant 808, this is Julie, how may I help you?” “Julie, this is Jaiden Riley-Reynolds, my husband and I would like to treat our brothers and our children to dinner tonight and I was wondering if you have ten baby chairs on hand.” “Dr. Riley-Reynolds, we do. When news of your babies spread across town, the owners made sure they could accommodate your entire family. We have a long table that seats 15 people, would that be OK with you?” “Julie, that would be perfect, thank you. We should be there at seven.” “We”ll have your table ready.” “Thank you much, Julie.” “You”re welcome, Dr. Riley-Reynolds. We”ll see you at seven.”


When Dale, Charley, Peyton, and Jaiden got to the restaurant, the table was perfectly set up with an adult at each end of the table and the highchairs between the adults, seven on each side of the table. When Robin, Peyton”s and Jaiden”s favorite waitress came to the table to get the families food orders, Jaiden told her they would have the ribeye steaks, medium, with baked potatoes with all the trimmings. He ordered tea with Stevia for Peyton and him, and Charley and Dale got the same; Jaiden”s no-sugar rule has rubbed off on the brothers. For the children, could we get steamed shrimp and a small piece of broiled fish?”


“Yes, Sir, we can accommodate that request with no problem. Twenty minutes later, Robin sat the food on the table for the adults and had the children”s plates on a cart so the Dads could mince the shrimp and fish before they gave it to the children. When the children got their food, the picked up their spoons and dove in like dive bombers on a mission; and they didn”t spill a drop of food. They had milk to drink, but they didn”t pick it up and drink any until they had eaten all their food. When the guys cut their steak and took a bite, Jaiden”s and Dale”s eyes rolled back as Dale said, “This steak is so good, so tender. We haven”t had steak this good since we”ve been in Erie.” Peyton chimed in that he agreed with Dale”s assessment.


When Robin brought the bill, Jaiden asked, “Robin, aren”t you a student in the education department at Penn State?” “Yes, Sir, I am.” :That”s what I thought.” The guys got their children in their prams and ready to go. Jaiden paid the bill with his debit card and left Robin a very good cash tip. When she saw what Jaiden had left for her, her eyes turned red. She couldn”t thank him because everybody had left the restaurant to go home. There was a note with the ticket that said, “Robin, thank you for being such a good, nice person and helping with our children the way you do. This is not a tip; it is a belated birthday present that is not taxable. I know you can use the birthday money for expenses, but please go somewhere and do something nice for yourself, maybe a nice dinner somewhere you don”t usually don”t go to. Jaiden.”


Robin was incredulous about the tip Jaiden left for her, and he was right: she could use the money for some supplies she needed at school. She would use part of the money to buy gas for her car so she could go home for the weekend to see her Mom; it was a weekend away she really needed. When the next semester rolls around, she is going to be surprised that an anonymous person paid for her summer semester at Penn State. One wonders who the person could be that would do something so nice; only two people know who was nice enough to do that, and they weren”t talking.”


When Robin went to get her mail from the Penn State mail center the next day, there was a letter from registration in her box. She wondered why she would be getting such a letter before the beginning of the next semester. When she opened the letter and read that someone had paid for her next semester in school, she broke down and cried. She had no idea who would do something so nice, and nobody would tell her who the name of her benefactor. She called her Mom to tell her about the letter and they cried together. Robin had a trust from her father”s death in a plane crash, and it was being eaten away with college expenses.


Several weeks later, Peyton and Jaiden returned to the restaurant for a date night. Robin saw them enter the restaurant and she went over and hugged Jaiden and Peyton and thanked them for the birthday present. She related how her Dad had been killed in the 9/11 plane crash, how he has set up a trust for her, and how the college expenses had eaten away at the trust. Jaiden told Robin about his Dad”s, and other than that story, he didn”t say a word. He glanced at Peyton who knew exactly what he was thinking, because he was thinking the same thing. When they got home, Peyton called his Mom”s cousin at Penn State and asked her to get some information from the registrar for him. Jaiden and he got the information they wanted and Jaiden would take care of a matter that was not to be discussed. Robin had three semesters left before she graduated with a Bachelor”s in education.


When Jaiden got to the office, he asked Ashley if she would type a letter for him to sent to Penn State. He told her what he wanted it to say, and that he specifically wanted it to instruct the University not to tell Robin who here benefactor waws. That is when he handed Ashley a check that made her eyes bulge; he and Peyton paid for the balance of costs for Robin”s education.


Robin got another letter from the registrar at Penn State informing her an anonymous benefactor had paid for the balance of her education, including her room and board. When she read the letter, she slumped to the floor and cried her heart out. How could somebody be so nice to her, to help her in such a manner? She wanted to thank the benefactor, but she had no idea who it was. As with the first letter she received from the University, the second letter also stated that the benefactor wanted to remain anonymous. Robin called her mother to tell her about the second letter and her Mom had to sit down when she heard what had been done for her daughter.


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