Jake and Danny Ch. 02

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He kept telling me when to take a hit, how much to take and how long to hold it, as he progressed from one finger to two, then to three which was a bit of a stretch, then back to two, then three again, then one, then thumb, then two, then three when he told me to take a big hit and hold it to the count of ten, and to push out as he slid in, and I’m not certain, but I think it was four fingers, and I was flying on poppers and the feelings in my butt!

Then I could no longer keep track of how many fingers were in me at a time, he kept changing it up, and when I was totally confused he told me to take a big hit in each nostril, hold it release, then do it again.

I was now in orbit and EVERYTHING he did felt fucking amazing, I was actually pushing back against his fingers, while flexing and relaxing my hole over and over, when I felt a smooth pressure and smooth thick penetration of my hole. There weren’t the bumps of his knuckles, it was smooth and thick and amazing! That’s when Jake told me to take yet another hit, and that wonderful feeling kept going deeper and constantly deeper into my hole, where I didn’t think it would stop!

I was flying and panting and trying to comprehend all the new pleasure sensors in my heaving body. My hole felt so nice and so open, I felt “sooo” full, so amazing there was pressure everywhere inside of me and it felt so right, so fucking amazing! Then I slowly realized that both of Jake’s hands were on my hips just below my waist, his tight hard lower belly and bush were against my butt, and so slowly I almost didn’t realize it was happening something slick, thick and long was now sliding OUT of my butt! Holy shit, it hit me like a ton of bricks that right now, this very second Jake was actually fucking me! He had his cock, or at least most of it buried inside my body! I also realized that I was no longer a buttfuck virgin!

My dream of the last 12 years of knowing Danny and being his best bud, had finally come true! I was inside the most beautiful butt in the world, the butt of a man who had probably never had a thought of being with another man, much less getting fucked! I knew 100% for certain that I was going to make Danny mine, forever and ever, I wanted my cock to be the only cock to ever enter him, my cum to be the only cum to ever enter him, and I knew that my cock, my cum and my scent would accomplish that, I had to take him as far as I could possibly take him tonight, even if he resisted a bit. I could always convince Danny to go farther and farther, and now was izmit escort bayan the time I needed to be my absolute best at convincing him!

All of these realizations were going through my head when I felt Jake lean over me and wrap his strong arms around me, making me feel safe and hugely turned on! I noticed the hair of his thick chest, hard abs and his full bush. I felt his strong body wrapped around mine, and took a deep breath and totally relaxed against him.

It felt totally fucking wonderful, but then I felt his cock move forward, an inch or two more and then go a little farther than he had been so far. Holy fuck there was something up inside of me and it was a part of me, that felt so good it almost hurt, I knew it wasn’t my prostate as his shaft was already massaging that, this was deeper and even more sensitive, and I was panting and moaning!

“Yeah baby, that’s it, just relax onto my cock, there is a lot more of it for you to enjoy, right how I’m against your second gate, or second ring, it is another amazing pleasure spot deep inside of you, and when you open that for me like you did your other hole, it will give you the most extreme pleasure, more than you’ve ever imagined. Take another deep, deep hit of the poppers, then relax your entire body and just push back a bit farther and it will send you into orbit!”

Fuck Danny was so into this, it was incredible, I’ve opened a few holes in my life, but it had never been like this! Danny didn’t know anything about this part of his body and this kind of sex, but he was so hot, so horny and so into me, that he was a very willing participant. He was panting and trying not to. I encouraged him to slow down his breathing as it would help him relax. When I asked him, he told me he was alright, just shocked. When I asked him if it felt good, he shook his head no and turned to me and said, “Not good, FUCKING amazing!” I couldn’t help from moving a bit to touch lips with my hot panting boy!

Once I had taken a couple more deep hits of the poppers, Jake turned my head so that would could have a more of a kiss, I exhaled the poppers into his mouth then he moved and put my face into his hairy, fragrant armpit again and told me to inhale deeply before I moved back to take the rest of his big thick cock!

Between the poppers, the manscent, his tight hairy muscled body against me, and the fact that his cock felt so amazing inside of me, I slowly moved forward just a bit then moved back against his cock! I pushed hard against izmit eve gelen escort that sensation inside of me, and it felt amazing to the point of almost hurting!

“You’re almost there stud, now do it again, and go all the way, it will be intense but you’ll love it!”

I did what he said to do and almost jumped over the couch, fuck it hurt, but when I pulled off it again, I realized it really felt great too! Jake pulled me to him again to kiss and let me inhale his armpit scent. Suddenly I felt a gush of liquid inside of me, and I thought Jake had shot in me, that scared me and turned me on at the same time.

I took another deep hit on the poppers and pushed all the way down onto Jakes cock again, and this time it was a lot more pleasure than pain, and when I pulled forward there was another gush and some very noticeable gurgling inside of me!

“Jake,” I asked, “did you just cum?”

He kind of laughed and said, “No buddy you did!”

Well my cock was gushing precum and felt like it would split open it was so fucking hard, but I knew I didn’t cum and I told him so!

“No baby, not your cock, your ass came, just like hot, wet pussy! It’s getting all gooey and you’re going to have fuck farts, that’s the hottest feeling ever!”

Jake now kind of rotated his hips and I could feel my wetness, then he slowly pulled out of my second gate and went right back in, it felt fucking amazing and I could now feel some wetness running down the back of my hairy ball sack. Then he started really fucking and a warm, wet burst of air escaped my butt and sounded disgusting!”

“Oh fuck Jake, I’m sorry, and I started to pull away!”

“Danny never, never apologize for the sounds your butt makes when my cock is making it cum! It is the hottest feeling, sound and the biggest compliment a bottom can give a top in this world, just let go and let it happen!”

I didn’t even have to tell him and Danny took another deep hit of the poppers, and I started long stroking his no longer virgin hole! The first time when I pulled all the way out his hole, which was now my jock pussy it gushed fuck juice and air, fluttering and spurting, and I shoved right back in mid flutter and then plunged again into his second gate! Danny hollered and gushed more!

Pretty soon I was just a blithering idiot, making sounds I’d never made, loving what was happening to me, loving Jake, yes I now knew I was in love with him!

Jake grabbed my shoulders, pulling my upper izmit otele gelen escort body back toward him, making me arch my back and suddenly things changed, if possible it even felt better, it was as if I just opened for him and his big long, thick cock and he started pounding me! Sometimes short strokes that were just in and out of my second gate, sometime almost pulling all the way out of my hole and plunging back in, and sometime pulling totally out and I’d feel a gush of air come in and then back out as he plunged into me again!

I actually felt like some kind of depraved whore and at this second all I wanted was for this to never end. I was firing on all cyclinders, my mind was on overload, my ass was leaking juice and spewing wet farts, my cock was practically pissing precum as Jake pounded me in so many different ways, and I just totally gave myself over to it wanting to give him somewhere as much pleasure as he was giving me!

Suddenly! Totally without warning, I only knew it just a split second before it happened, my cock lurched and fired! Holy fuck I heard it blast against the leather of the couch! It actually splattered back at me! Suddenly my butthole was spasming and if possible Jake fucked me harder and faster! I wished I hadn’t started panting so much, as I didn’t seem to be able to stop and for a few seconds thought I was going to pass out! Finally I just let my weight and the weight of Jake’s body kind of meld into the couch!

Then I heard Jake holler, grunt, snarl, and holler again! “Fuck Danny, I’m cumming up your hot ass, and I’m turning it into a pussy….ugh, ugh, ugh…making it my pussy! MY PUSSY!”

Jake kept himself wrapped around me, and plugged deep into my hole, not moving, but like I was, he was trying to catch his breath and also catch a bit of reality again! I could now again hear the moaning and grunts and the slapping of bodies against each other from the video, but none of that mattered.

Here I was with my best friend, the man I had loved as a brother, and admired for many years, with his buried cock deep inside of me, hell his cum even deeper inside of me, it was hot, wild and depraved, but what was really running around my head is that he had called my ass a pussy! Like I was a girl, and he had called it his pussy, like he owned it!

Jake started coming back to reality before I did, and finally started talking a bit!

“Wow stud, that was hot, so fucking hot, the hottest ever, I hope you enjoyed it half as much as I did!”

Danny was now mine! I had marked him with my cum, deep inside of his hole, now a pussy! My DNA, my man juice, my life force, my boys, my swimmers were now doing their job, they were working frantically to find their way into his hot body, where they would meld with him and become a part of him forever!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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