Jake, the Handyman Pt. 01

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This is a story of Jake, a very good friend of mine who told me his story which, I thought should be shared.


Jake is a nice guy, around 40 who always stayed in shape. He was a very successful attorney but one day decided he had enough and quit.

He was financially secure and a bachelor and money wasn’t a concern. He owned a small house in the suburbs which he completely renovated himself, with very little help from me, Tony, his long-time friend.

He told me that he liked working with his hands so he decided on helping people who might need home repairs which he would do for very little money. He said it was his way of giving back.

Over the next year or so, he got to be well known for helping people in need. He managed to get a steady supply of ‘customers’ who he always helped.

Just so you know, Jake did not do major renovations for people but smaller jobs that were equally as important.

One day while he was driving home from a friend’s house way out in the boondocks when he noticed a big, old colonial that needed some work. Even though it was out of the way he decided to stop and ask if he could help with some repairs.

He parked his car in the driveway and rang the doorbell. A woman answered and he introduced himself and told her he noticed the outside of the house needed work and that he would do the work if she wanted.

The woman, Nancy, had him come in and she introduced him to her sister, Ellie. The women were a bit hesitant but Jake gave them his business card and a list of references and told them that he only got paid after the work was done to their satisfaction.

Apparently, that made the women less anxious and told him they would let him know.

He then thanked them and left. Before he drove away, he took a walk around the property and wrote down what other work they needed, such as: the wooden fence needed repair the shutters had to be secured better and the shrubbery was overgrown, just to name a few.

On his ride home he thought about the women and wondered how they got into the position they were in since they both didn’t appear to be needy.

About a week later he got a call from Nancy. She told him that they would like him to come back to discuss the work that needed to be done.

Jake told her he could be there the next day at 10:00 a.m. and arrangements were made.

The next day Jake drove out to the house and this time Ellie let him in.

They went into the kitchen and, over coffee, they discussed what work was needed.

After awhile they came up with a plan, including scheduling, cost and work priority.

As the meeting was coming to an end, Jake asked them about the house and asked how come it needed work.

Nancy told Jake that their father left them the house but they just let things get away because they spent most if their time with their new business.

Ellie said that they were on limited income, not poor though.

Nancy went on and told Jake they make their money teaching couples, and said nothing further.

On the way home Jake was wondering what Nancy meant about teaching couples. He laughed to himself and, like most men, figured they taught sex education.

Jake had told me that he thought Nancy was in her mid 30’s, about 5’6″, 125, long black curly hair, nice legs, firm ass and full bosom.

He thought Ellie looked a bit younger, maybe early 30’s, about 5’7, 130, short blonde hair, nice legs, firm ass and ample tits.

He figured that they both worked out to stay in shape and both were very attractive and wouldn’t mind giving them a good fucking.

A week later, Jake showed up to start work. As agreed, he started with the fence and after three days, it was repaired and he even stained it.

Over the course of the next two weeks, he fixed the shutters and trimmed or removed the overgrown shrubbery.

By the time he finished that day, it was almost dinner time and Nancy invited him to join them for dinner, an invitation he accepted.

Since he was rather a mess from working, he asked if he could shower and clean himself up. He told them that he had fresh clothes in the car and got them to change into.

Ellie smiled and showed him what bathroom to use and gave him extra towels.

Jake jumped into the shower and, as he showered, he felt like someone was watching him but shook it off.

His feeling was correct as both women watched him and eyed his big cock and balls.

He finished and changed into his clean clothes and joined them in the dining room.

The women poured some wine and they chatted for a bit until dinner was ready.

Nancy told Jake he did an excellent job on all the work he did.

Then Ellie said, “Jake, we were wondering if you would be able to do some work inside the house too?”

Jake said that he would have to see what was needed and what it entailed before he could say yes or no.

Nancy said they would show him after dinner.

Dinner was finally over and everything was cleaned and put away.

Nancy and Ellie briefly mentioned Sinop Escort to Jake what they wanted done.

They took him down the hall to another large empty room. The room had a fireplace and had its own full sized bathroom. Nancy said they wanted to make this a very special room for when they teach couples.

Jake just looked at them with a puzzled look on his face.

Ellie then said, “Jake, we teach couples on the Kama Sutra and need a special room and we think this room could be perfect. Will you help us?”

Jake looked at them and smiled and said, “So, you two teach couples on the fine art of lovemaking.”

Ellie replied, “Jake, it is more than just sex and lovemaking. It is about an aura of sexual release, pleasure and tranquillity.”

Jake smiled and said, “What did you have in mind for the room?”

Nancy answered, “We want to make the bathroom a special place with a large shower, a jetted tub and a hot tub.

Ellie continued, “We want mirrors on the walls, all around. If you could manage mirrors on the ceiling, we would like that but if you can’t, maybe we can come up with another idea.”

Jake was dumbfounded and answered, “I don’t usually do work like that.”

Nancy then begged him and said, “Jake, we like you. You are a very honest person and do great work. Will you please make an exception?”

Ellie added, “What if we gave you one of our special educational packages as a bonus?”

Jake replied, “Well ladies, I appreciate the offer but I am not married.”

Nancy then said, “That’s not a problem Jake, either me or Ellie will work with you.”

Jake looked at both of them and said, “Let me get this straight. You will teach me about the Kama Sutra with one of you?”

Ellie quickly added, “Yes, or with both of us, depending on what you want to learn or how far you want to go.”

Jake smiled and said, “Well ladies, I guess we have a deal.”

Jake made arrangements to come back the next day to go over his ideas for the bathroom and bedroom with the women.

At 10:00 a.m., Jake was already in the house going over bathroom plans. It took him the whole morning before he decided on what was needed.

While he was working, he noticed that both women were dressed more provacatively in shorts and tank tops with no bras. He didn’t say anything but enjoyed the view.

Over lunch, he went over his ideas for the bathroom.

He told them the following:

He would expand the shower stall to accommodate four people and it would have multiple shower heads and a soft red light in the ceiling,

He would put a jetted tub alongside the shower near the window so couples could enjoy the view,

He would make the window over the jetted tub larger,

He would install a hot tub for four in the corner where there were already two windows, and he would install mirrors spaced out on the walls, and

He would paint the bathroom in an earth tone for tranquility.

He asked the women what they thought and they both said they loved the ideas and told him to move ahead with the work.

Just about every day, Jake was working on the bathroom and in a month’s time it was finished.

Ellie and Nancy fell in love with the new bathroom and were excited in how it turned out and couldn’t wait for their couples to use it.

Nancy asked Jake about the bedroom and he told them that he would go over his ideas tomorrow.

Nancy and Ellie were anxiously waiting for Jake and couldn’t wait to hear about his plans for the bedroom.

Over breakfast he laid out his plans for the bedroom and told them:

He said that the bed would be centered in front of the fireplace,

He told them that he would install fake wood beams on the ceiling, with a mirror over the bed, in between the beams,

He would place mirrors strategically around the room on the walls, and he would lay a thick, white shag rug. He also said he would paint the room in an earth tone but the wall with the fireplace would be in a darker brown.

He also said that a mini bar would be added as would a wooden table with drawers to place any sex toys, creams, towels and whatever else is used in their teachings.

When he finished, he showed them a drawing of what the room would look like and they loved it.

They both kissed him and Jake blushed. He couldn’t help but notice that their nipples were hard and trying to poke through their tops.

They told him to start work immediately.

Then Nancy said, “Jake, as we told you, we offer several packages to our clients. We would like to offer you our most exclusive package as our gift to you. You won’t be disappointed.”

Then Ellie added, “Jake, we would also like to offer you a job with us. You see, sometimes when we teach, we need help in the way of a man to help demonstrate certain positions, techniques, etc. We would like to hire you.”

Jake was stunned and replied, “Ladies, I appreciate the job offer but what makes you think I could help?”

Nancy responded, “Let’s say, Ellie and I think you have what Sinop Escort Bayan it takes. I’ll tell you what Jake, after you complete your course with us, you can decide about the job.”

Jake smiled and told them that would be fine.

Jake told them that he would start on the bedroom immediately.

Ellie asked Jake when he would like to take his package as it took a full week to complete.

He looked through his calendar and told them that he could begin after he finished the bedroom.

They told him that would be fine and to bring some clothes and his normal personal items and that he would stay in a guest bedroom. Nancy handed him a copy of the Kama Sutra and suggested he read it.

He thanked them and headed out.

When he got home, he called me and told me what happened. I just laughed and told him to have a good time, enjoy himself and learn a lot.

Over the course of the next couple of months he finished the bedroom.

Both women loved how it came out and couldn’t thank Jake enough for the fine work he did.

At dinner, Ellie asked Jake when he would like to start his package and Jake told them that he blocked out the following week.

Nancy told him that was perfect and that they would give the new bedroom its christening.

After dinner, they sat in the living room and drank some wine.

As they sat on the sofa, Ellie and Nancy sat on either side of Jake.

As Jake turned to Ellie, he felt Nancy’s hands on his thighs. He offered no resistance and just talked to Ellie.

Then he felt Nancy’s hand on his crotch and his hardening cock.

Nancy said, “Jake, it seems you would like to start your package sooner than next week. Ellie, see for yourself.”

Then Ellie slid her hands over his crotch and replied, “My, Nancy you are right. Maybe we should give Jake a preview of what to expect?”

Then Nancy said, “Splendid idea. Jake are you in a hurry to go home?”

Jake looked at both women, his hard cock bursting to get out, smiled and said he was in no rush.

The women smiled and Nancy started kissing him as Ellie hands moved to his jeans and started undoing them.

Before Jake knew it, his jeans were on the floor and his cock almost out.

In a second, Ellie released his cock from its confine.

Ellie said, “Oh, Jake, you have such a beautiful cock. Look how big and thick it is Nancy.”

Nancy stopped kissing Jake and feasted her eyes on Jake’s erect cock.

She grasped his cock as Ellie was now kissing Jake.

Nancy started massaging his cock and balls and joined Ellie in kissing him.

Jake fumbled with the women’s tops and eventually got them off and then he removed their bras and let their tits free.

As he played with their tits, the women undid their shorts and slid them off, along with their panties. Jake then removed his shirt and the three of them were naked on the sofa, kissing and feeling each other up.

This was the first time Jake saw them naked and he was very pleased at what he saw.

Nancy started sucking Jake’s cock as Ellie had her tongue deep in Jake’s mouth.

After a few minutes, Ellie switched with Nancy.

All three were eagerly enjoying each other when Nancy said it would be more comfortable in their bed.

The three stopped and went into the women’s bedroom.

They laid on the bed with Jake in the middle.

The women were all over Jake, kissing him, feeling him up and playing with his cock and balls.

Nancy was the first. As he laid on his back, Nancy straddled him and eased her wet cunt onto his big, thick, hard cock.

In seconds she started riding his cock. Her tits bouncing up and down.

Ellie was kissing Jake as she played with his balls. She then went down and started sucking his balls as her sister rode his cock.

Then, Jake watched as Ellie moved her mouth up to Nancy and kissed her sister.

He looked on as the two sisters were in a lover’s embrace with their tongues in each other’s mouth.

Jake let out a moan and said he was going to cum.

Nancy dismounted from Jake’s cock and both women started jerking him off.

Finally, Jake let out a yell and cum streamed out his cock slit all over the women’s faces and into their mouths.

They squeezed his cock and balls until they got out every drop of his cum and lapped it up.

Then they all rested as Jake’s cock went limp.

After a few minutes, Nancy said, “Well Jake, did you enjoy yourself? I know we did.”

Jake smiled and said, “Ladies, that was the best time I ever had. Thank you.”

After they rested a bit, they got up and got dressed and Jake told them that he would be back on Saturday.

They kissed him goodbye and said they would be waiting for him.

When Jake got home he called me and told me all about his experience. I told him he was the luckiest guy in the world. I told him if he needed my help, to let me know and we both laughed.

A week went by and Jake headed off to a week of what he anticipated to be an exceptional Escort Sinop week of great sex with two lovely women.

When he finally arrived, he was greeted by both women wearing very little. In fact, they only had on g-strings, much to Jake’s pleasure.

He greeted each one with a kiss and they both escorted him to his room.

After Jake unpacked, they went down to the living room where wine was ready.

Nancy told Jake that the Kama Sutra is all about pleasure and making your partner happy.

Ellie said, “Nancy and I know what makes a man happy and so we decided to greet you in a manner that would please you. Did we?”

Jake looked at both women and replied, “Yes, I was very pleased when I saw you. And, if you look closely at my crotch, you will notice how happy you have made me.”

The women laughed and smiled.

Nancy then said, “Jake, did you read the Kama Sutra?”

Jake replied, “Yes, I did. I was very surprised at the number of sex positions. Some looked pretty interesting.”

Ellie then said, “Well Jake, whichever ones you want to try, we will be more than happy to show you.”

Jake continued, “May I ask a question?”

They both said yes.

Jake asked, “How did you two lovely women get into this?”

Nancy smiled and replied, “There isn’t much to tell. Our parents got us into this when we were young. They said it was our obligation to help people and to teach them how to please others, sexually. You see Jake, our parents trained us personally in the art of the Kama Sutra.”

Jake just sat there and said, “Well, your parents did a fine job. You two ladies are a blessing to those who you teach.”

Nancy and Ellie thanked him and told him that his first lesson would be after dinner.

Then Ellie said, “Since it will be awhile before dinner, Jake, would you be interested in putting that big cock of yours to good use now?”

Jake smiled and said, “Ladies, I am here to learn, so if you want to begin with an early lesson now, I think that would be perfectly fine.”

The ladies smiled and they escorted him to their bedroom.

The women wasted no time in undressing Jake and his hard cock was ready for the women.

They quickly got on the bed and Jake wasted no time in ripping their g-strings off of them.

He quickly got into 69 with Nancy as Ellie started playing with Jake’s asshole, teasing it with licks and her tongue darting in and out of it.

As he was eating Nancy, he felt something penetrating his asshole and he jumped a bit.

He realized that Ellie was slipping a dildo into his asshole and relaxed enough to let her push it all the way in him.

Nancy then went from sucking his cock to sucking his balls. She even managed to get his balls in her mouth at the same time.

He started moaning in pleasure as the women worked on him.

Ellie started pounding his asshole with the dildo as Nancy had his cock and balls in her mouth together, sucking on them.

He screamed out he was going to cum and Ellie pulled out the dildo and pushed her tongue in his asshole as far as it would go.

Nancy, still had his cock and balls in her mouth when he started cumming.

She finally let his balls slip out but left his cock in as he shot his cum into her mouth.

The women drained him dry as he laid there spent.

Nancy then shared his cum with Ellie as the two laid alongside of him, playing with his limp cock.

After a brief rest, Jake said he would like to shower and Ellie asked him if he would like company. Jake wasted no time in saying yes.

As Nancy went to check on dinner, Jake and Ellie headed to take a shower.

As the water cascaded over their bodies, Jake’s cock started getting hard and Ellie felt it pressing up against her.

She said, “I see you are ready for some more. I would love to feel your hard cock in me now. Fuck me Jake.”

Jake positioned himself and lifted Ellie up as she wrapped her legs around his waist. With some movement, his cock was deep inside Ellie’s cunt. She started moving her hips and it didn’t take long before he was ready to cum.

One more thrust and he shot his cum into her cunt as they kissed and held each other.

Finally, she unwrapped her legs and slid off of him. His cum oozing out her cunt.

After some time, they finished their shower, dried off and were ready to go see Nancy about dinner.

Ellie put on a g-string and Jake wrapped a towel around himself.

Nancy just smiled when she saw them.

“Did you two have a good fuck?” Nancy said.

Ellie and Jake just smiled.

Over the next few nights, Jake was the beneficiary of the women’s knowledge of the Kama Sutra. They tried many, many positions and erotic foreplay, always bringing themselves to many successful satisfactions.

One night at dinner, Nancy asked Jake if he decided on their job offer.

Without blinking an eye, he told him he would accept their offer. They celebrated with some champagne.

Then Jake said, “You women have been terrific but I have a favor to ask you.”

Ellie and Nancy waited and Jake continued, “My very good friend Tony and his wife, Lisa have been married a few years but he told me that their sex life is lacking. I was wondering if you would be able to help them? I would cover the cost of their session.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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