Jamie – The Journey Begins Ch. 25 – Is It All Just Hot Air?

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My heart was beating so hard I thought it was going to clean burst outta my chest as I waited for him to arrive. I was rising up and down on my tippy toes, looking over the crowd before me – jeez LAX was busy today!

“Jamie,” That familiar southern twang caught my ear, almost like a lightning bolt. There was movement in the sea of people before me, then, in an instant, my vision was filled with his smiling face. In what seemed to be only a matter of seconds, Ben threw his arms around me. “Wow… that flight couldn’t have gone any slower! Missed you.” Our lips touched for the first time in what seemed months, but weren’t really.

As we pulled apart a little, I noticed that Ben was biting his lower lip. He had a sexy-ass look on his face. I could see and almost feel his eyes searching my face. I couldn’t do much other than just stand there looking back at him almost breathless. “I’m so happy you’re back…we’re back together.”

We were in our own world, shielded by an invisible bubble that kept the rest of the world locked out as life continued around. We were completely oblivious to the movement, sounds and people scrambling around the baggage collection. “I swear, Ben, you keep that sexy-ass look on your face and I’ma gonna throw you down right here and get us both arrested.”

“Oh…hmm,” he replied, laughing. “Time in handcuffs would be okay with me.” Luckily his bag finally appeared, saving us both from getting charged with sex in a public place or some morality thing. Reaching out I pulled his bags off the carousel. “Come on you, let’s get going.” With a smile, we headed out the doors and to the parking garage.

“Where are we going first? Straight to Tom’s place, or do we get to do some water skiing first?” Ben’s voice sounded like an excited kid, asking if he can go play at a friend’s house.

“Well, no water skiing tonight.” I quickly countered the disappointment that washed across Ben’s face with that one. “Thought we could stay here in LA for the night, you know. Go for a walk along the beach, maybe get some dinner. Have a spa… you know…” wiggling my eyebrows at him as we’d finally arrived at the truck I’d borrowed. Again, thanks Josh, you are a godsend. “Hope that’s okay?”

“Sure, just as long as you’re there, I’m happy, but damn, I’m starved Jamie!”

“You? Hungry…Ben?” I half laughed. He could eat as much as me at times. I’m pretty good at stowing the food away. “Wanna grab a quick burger or something?”

His face was all smiles. I think I could have told him we were having a vegan feast and he would have been happy with. In a split second my mind drifted back to what had happened between us. My mind was full of ‘why did I let the whole mess drag on so long?’ Pushing those thoughts away as his hand came to rest on mine, he snapped me back to the here and now.

“Hey how about ‘In n Out?'”

My mouth was almost watering at the thought. “Oh yeah – am loving that place at the moment. Or do you want Carl’s?”

“Oh yeah… In n Out, double double.” Ben’s face lit up, “with-”

“I remember,” laughing, “animal fries, and a root beer.” Smiling at my guy, I fired up the truck and we pulled out of the parking garage, almost on cue, our stomachs were growling in sync…

“Sounds like I’m not the only hungry one,” Ben replied flashing a huge smile across at me. “Missed you, Skip,” he said lovingly, giving my hand a little squeeze.

“Missed you too, Buckaroo.” I laughed a little. Somehow we had given each other weird nicknames – mine was ‘Skip’ after ‘Skippy the Bush Kangaroo’ cult TV show back home in the ’70s – I was telling Ben how my sister and older brother watched it after school. I tried for years to make a whistle out of a gum tree leaf, like Sonny, the lead character, did. Finally did, but nothing like they did on the TV show. So it stuck. We hunted up a few episodes on YouTube – he loved it. Mine for Ben was simpler: we were watching “Hunt for Red October.” I turned and looked at him – he was wearing his old Rice Stadium Tee, and began ‘Buckaroo.’


With our delicious takeaway in our greedy hands, I let the tailgate of the truck down. We sat out in the beautiful mid-afternoon sun. It was a little cooler today, in the mid-eighties with a light breeze. Honestly, we could have been anywhere – we were caught up in our own little world, chatting while filling our faces – okay, me doing my thing – saying ‘hi’ to people as they walked past us.

With that sexy Texan smirk happening on his face, I couldn’t help myself. I was like a love-struck kid. I leaned in, kissing his cheek. Whilst I was pulling away, I paused. His burger was halfway toward his mouth. Clearly, I’d interrupted his next bite, but the proximity of his food and my ever-present need to stir things up got the better of me. Catching his eye for a second, I grinned and quickly grabbed his hand and stole a bite of his burger.

With howls of mock outrage “Hey, get your own,” and some faux indignation. He was trying his best to pull bursa escort on a look that, I’m betting was well practiced by Ben after his brothers did something similar I’d bet as a kid for sure.

Wasn’t a bad face either, something like what I may have seen on occasion from either Mason or Kate’s faces when we were kids – no photos so no proof, okay? Haha. Mind you it wasn’t that often that I’d managed to get one up on them as kids, but damn it was so-so sweet when I did. The big difference this time, Ben was laughing, not calling for mom or dad like Mason or Katie would.

After filling up on food and drink, I cleaned up our trash, jogging over to the bin while Ben made a pit stop to the bathroom – I swear that guy has the bladder the same size as my nephew.


Pulling into the hotel we were greeted by the guys out front who took our bags and parked the truck while we walked to reception and checked in.

“Good afternoon! Welcome to ‘Loews!'” We were greeted at the desk by a smiling attendant.

“Thank you. I have a reservation under Spence.” Sliding my credit card and license over the counter.

Rachel looked at me and smiled. “I love your accent, Mr. Spence. What part of Australia are you from?”

“The southern states, east coast.” I smiled, quietly checking out Ben’s sweet butt from the corner of my eye. Damn my accent really stood out today – it seemed so much louder – kinda stronger when Ben started to speak to her against his sweet Texan twang.

“Are you both from Australia?”

Ben smiled sweetly, “No Ma’am, I’m from Austin. My boyfriend is over from Australia for a year on a Firefighter program.” He looked as if he was practically beaming at the moment, “So I’m taking every opportunity to spend time with him.” It was so cute – I couldn’t help but smile a shy smile at him, looking to the ground for a moment. “Plus, my family loves him, so if I want him to myself I have to come to Cali.”

Rachel smiled, letting out a little chuckle. “Wow – Texas and Australia! How did you guys meet?”

“By accident really,” I joked. Ben smiled at my line.

“I’m an EMT Paramedic back home and was called to an MVA that this one was in,” Ben replied, shooting me an eat-shit grin.

“Really! So it was by accident then?”

“Yes Ma’am. This one here and his cousin were slammed into by a driver that had a medical event and lost control of his truck, so they needed some help.”

I couldn’t believe how chatty was Ben today – not that he’s quiet or anything, not by a long shot. Just he normally doesn’t offer anything up without being asked. It was sweet and kinda endearing. He had such a beautiful smile on his face, his trademark light-up-the-room smiles. Ben is one of the few people I’ve met that can honestly light up a room and change the mood of the place by simply smiling. He chatted away with Rachel, quite comfortable in his surroundings.

“Hmm, a little help… is that what we’re calling it these days Ben, huh?” I asked, doing my best Cameron from Ferris Bueller’s day off impersonation. “Ben… you’re my hero.”

“Aww, that’s so sweet, Mr. Rush,” Rachel smiled, but looking a little confused with our exchange. “Just one second please… let me check something.” She quickly disappeared around the corner to the little office behind the counter.

Turning to Ben, I gently leaned in, my mouth almost touching his ear. “Got any plans for this evening, Mr. Rush? Maybe a walk along the beach, then head over to the pier?” I could see the movement on his face. He was smiling.

In a hushed voice came, “I’d like to go to our room for an hour first.” Turning slightly towards me, I could see the left-hand side of his face. He’d started to blush, and his eyes weren’t hiding what was on his mind, mine either really.

Rachel reappeared. “Sorry for the delay. I’ve been able to upgrade your room to one of our beachfront suites. Here are your room keys and wrist bands for the pool and spa area. I hope you enjoy your stay with us.”

We both answered in unison, “Thank you, Rachel! That’s so kind, really – thank you!”

Stepping back from the counter, we were just standing there looking at each other, not sure what else to say or do, thanking her again. We then headed to the lifts and up to our room.

It was only a short lift ride and walk down the corridor to our room. For once I was able to make those stupid electronic keys work first time round. Swinging the door open I was amazed at the beautiful view that unfolded before us. My eyes were drawn through the room to the huge open walkthrough glass doors that framed the Pacific perfectly. It was behaving itself today. “Oh wow, Jamie! The ocean looks like a giant mirror running all that way out to the beautiful blue sky on the horizon.”

“I know, right, and the with the Santa Monica pier off to our right, it’s gonna look fantastic in the night too, hey”.


I was standing there looking outside when Ben came up behind me and slipped his bursa escort bayan arms around my waist. His body pressed against gently, resting his chin on my left shoulder. “I don’t mind if we don’t go out again today,” he purred in my ear.

Taking his hands in mine, I slowly loosened his grip on me. Turning around, looking at his beautiful face. “I can think of some indoor activities for us to do if you like.” Before he could answer I closed in on his beautiful mouth. Our lips touching for a moment, I gently teased his mouth and nipped on his bottom lip.

“Oh Jamie,” Ben moaned, his hands sliding up my back under my shirt, their warmth mixed strength and softness was causing me to momentarily lose focus. Ben was a master of touch, finding the groove of my spine with his fingertips, slowly working their way up. “I think we should take this to the bedroom or close the drapes, Ben.”

No response came, just a deep sensual moan from him, I could feel his body vibrate to it. Without another word, I crouched down slipping my hands under his sexy firm butt, with one swift movement I grabbed hold of him, lifting him off the ground, his feet dangling just above the floor. Ben let out a little squeal and tightened his grip on me, “Oh god Jamie, put me down. I’m too heavy for you to carry,” he said, half laughing and wriggling at the same time.

I ignored all of that and headed to the bedroom, kissing and biting at him as I slowly lowered him down to the bed. My hands slowly made their way up his firm sexy body till my fingers found the seam of his shirt, grabbing hold of it. Suddenly, slowly, in one swift movement I pulled his shirt off him, exposing his abs and chest to me. As I threw his tee off into the distance, I zeroed in on his small brown nipple, swiping it with my tongue and blowing on it gently. “Oh god… yes, Jamie. Hmmm… oh god, how I’ve missed this, missed you.” His hands came up and were holding my head to his chest, his fingers wrapped in my hair, I turned slightly sideways making my way to the opposing nipple – it needed my attention too. I looked up at Bens’ face for a few seconds, he was biting his bottom lip, his face was lost in the moment.

“Oh god, Ben, you look so beautiful, you taste so good, yes,” as I renewed my attack on him.

By now Ben had recovered mechanical control, his limbs, hands, and brain were back online. Those hands were now exploring my upper body. “Oh god, Ben!” His hands returned to my head holding me in place, gently pulling at my hair. I started working my way back up his chest, being gently guided by his hands. Our mouths came together, lips crashing like the ocean onto rocks. I was completely unaware of what he was doing until I felt my tee bunch up under my armpits. I lifted my arms up as we broke contact for a second as my shirt went flying across the room somewhere.

Quickly, he plunged his hands down the back of my jeans, gripping my ass in his hands. “Hmm… yes! God, I’ve missed your touch,” I growled out, throwing my head back a little leaving my neck exposed. What felt like only seconds later I felt his warm breath on my neck, just beside my Adam’s apple, as he nipped, licked and bit me over and over, it was mind-blowing.

Our hands were now working on getting each other’s pants undone. Almost in-sync we stopped. I pulled him off the bed so we were standing chest to chest, our jeans falling to the floor. Pulling his naked body against mine we renewed our kiss, not breaking contact as I lowered us both to the bed, where we stayed until dusk.

During our love making it finally came to me, I have to have this guy in my life forever.


After a leisurely shower together, we headed out to grab a bite to eat for dinner. It was only a few moments’ walk to the restaurant, so not bad. I’d made reservations for the lobster on Ocean Ave for 8pm, and bonus, we were almost on time to get there. Well okay, we were gonna be a few minutes late, but hey when I’m at work it’s on time all the time, so outside of work I use a +/- 10 minutes clock – it drives Ben nuts.

We enjoyed some of the best Lobster I’d had in a long time, and damn we’ve got some amazing seafood back home in Australia, epically in Queensland. But this was frigging awesome, great food, a few drinks and the amazing view of the Pier and lights into the distance, framed with the sun setting on the Pacific. With the lights of the Ferris wheel and amusement area glowing in the greying skies, it was time to head over and have some fun.

After a few hours of Rollercoaster rides, the Ferris wheel and losing what seemed to be hours in the Amusement area, I heard, “Oh my god. Yes!!” Ben let out a squeal. “It’s that dance game from the Kissing booth movie there!” We had a go on it. Shit those kids on the movie were either well practiced or doubled. We’re hopeless, Jamie.”

“Yeah, true. Come on. Let’s get one last ride on the roller coaster before we head back, hey?”


As we headed back through the sea of people that escort bursa were out tonight, it had been an amazing night of fun, food and, okay, adult fun a little earlier too.

We decided to stay an extra night at Loews. It was just fantastic and I’d not been spending much since being stateside so, what the hell, I could afford it. But the real battle was with Ben – he wanted to pay half.

I said no because he flew out here, you know airfare and all, the discussion lasted about fifteen minutes when, in the end, he saw I wasn’t going to give ground.

“Okay Jamie, then I’m paying for our meals for the next few days, my treat.”

I just smiled, “okay,” and dragged him back to bed, “let’s get a little cardio exercise in before breakfast, hey.”

In the end, we didn’t make it back to Tom’s house before Ben had to fly out to Texas. It was like we’d taken a mini-break. Lots of walks along the beach and even a few workouts on the gym equipment near the pier. It was a really relaxing few days. I have to say Santa Monica is my favorite place in Cali so far – reminds me of the beaches at home in a way, plus the laid-back vibe was nice too.


Ben was safely back in the great state, and I was part way through the next tour when I suddenly work up like someone had zapped me or something. “Okay, so I need some help from the parents, in particular dad. I needed to speak to him without Mom getting involved, hmm…” Mind you, there was no one here – I was talking to myself… a first sign of madness, ha!

Checking my watch, it was only 0400 back home in Oz. ‘Shit, can’t call the old man now. He’ll think something bad has happened… hmmm… damn it! Oh wait – it’s Thursday back home. He goes golfing with his buddies on Thursdays. Better get him before he hits the nineteenth hole though.’

Laying in bed I waited a few hours, drifting in and out of sleep, finally, it was late enough to message him.

Me: Hey dad you got a second? Need to chat just you n me.

Dad: just @ 16th give me ten yeah k?

Me: NP you winning

Dad: down by 1

Me: come on dig deep, lol

True to Dad’s word he called me about ten minutes later. “Hey Jamie, how’s it going son? Everything okay.”

“Yeah, all good dad, great in fact.”

“Okay…” I could hear the apprehension in his voice. “How can I help?”

“Dad do you still know that wholesale jeweler?”

His voice was somewhat reserved but more curious. “Yeah Max. Playing golf with him and Raine on Tuesday. Why – what’s going on son?”

Taking a deep breath, “I want to send over a design of a two-part wedding band-engagement ring combination. They fit together, almost clip in like a hose coupling and stuff.”

“Is this for… Lucas or umm, someone else?”

I wanted to tell dad that I was planning on asking Ben to marry me, but I still wasn’t sure if I should or if Ben would say yes. “No, it’s not for Lucas, but I don’t really want to say much more than that, if it’s okay dad. Sorry.” I could hear the smile in his voice – he knew.

“No, that’s ok Jamie. I understand. I’ll send Max’s contact details over.”


“Yeah, son.”

“Thanks, I really appreciate it. And can I ask…”

“I won’t say anything to your mother about it, okay, if that’s what you’re gonna ask.” At that, he chuckled a little.

“Thanks, Dad. Love ya.”

A few days later I sent Max an email with some pictures and the hand drawing I’d made. The ring was in two parts. The wedding band on one side was made of tungsten with inlaid of Australian black opal in a band. The opal had a mix of red for fire and deep blue colors in it. The engagement part clipped into the band, in the white gold was more Australian Opal in the shape of an eternity symbol in the center, wrapping around about three-quarters of the circumference of the band. Inside it, I had ‘today, tomorrow, always – Jamie,’ inscribed.


A few days later I was pondering the fact that the end of another tour was upon us, I was sitting at Tom’s counter in his kitchen when my cell beeped. I had an email from Max, the jeweler that dad knew. Like a kid on Christmas day I opened the message and read it. My eyes were drawn to the pictures enclosed.

‘Hi Jamie. Please find enclosed some impressions that I have made of your rings, I hope they match your expectations. Also I have had some luck with the Gemstone you wanted. A long-time supplier of mine in Lightening Ridge sent the enclosed pictures of an opal he just mined the other week. It’s exactly the coloring that you wanted. If you want me to obtain this for you, please let me know and forward the deposit at your convenience.

By the way, I love the design, Jamie. Benjamin is going to be a lucky guy. I hope he understands that. Let me know your thoughts, Max.

My fingers couldn’t hit the send button fast enough to send the deposit to him.

I looked up stunned. Max had nailed it – it was perfect. I couldn’t help it I had to show someone so I called Lucas. His phone was going to voice mail. Damn him and his work! So I left him a voicemail to call me when he could – not urgent, but kinda, so don’t be keeping me waiting for ages, Lucas.

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