Jane Finds Herself Ch. 02

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It’s a little while since I wrote Chapter One. It was written for a ‘real life’ Jane who I’ve lost touch with. Will she read Chapter Two?

I would recommend reading Chapter One before you begin this, as it sets the scene.


Jane lay in bed, exhausted after her first meeting with Rob.

She couldn’t believe that she had gone through with it. In reality, giving herself to a stranger, or, at least, someone she’d met online.

Her whole body ached, but at the same time glowed. Rob had flicked a switch inside her, and she had found a whole new state of mind. Her submissive adventure after work had awakened a sexual time-bomb that had been ticking for so many years.

‘Ping!’ her phone sounded the arrival of a text.

“YOU ARE MINE NOW,” Rob’s message was clear.

Jane’s heart missed a beat, as she typed a reply.


Rob didn’t text again that evening, and Jane eventually fell asleep with thoughts of their meeting going round and round in her mind. When she awoke it took a few seconds to process why she felt different. But quickly, she recalled the previous evening and was somehow elated that finally she had admitted to herself where her sexual inhibitions, and her sexual aspirations lay.

However, she began to doubt everything, when after another day at work there was no contact from Rob at all. She felt really, really down.

Maybe Tuesday evening was a one off. Another online predator, who had got his gratification, and disappeared.

Jane left work, and went home, and got drunk. Red wine was her anaesthetic of choice.

At 9 o clock, and after a bottle and a half of Shiraz she went to bed.

She awoke gone midnight, wanting the loo.

As she stumbled back to bed, she fumbled with her phone, and noticed some missed calls. In the dark of the bedroom she found it hard to focus, but she saw that Rob’s name was illuminated, and he’d left a voicemail. Her heart leapt.

Jane pressed the voicemail icon, and listened, Rob’s voice was calm, but assertive.

“Good evening Jane. I expect you were waiting for my call.”

Rob sounded patient, but his tone demanded her attention.

“I have decided to take you to the next level. You have showed you have the potential to serve me in a manner that might please me.”

He continued, “I will collect you from Costas next Monday evening at 6pm. You will be out all night. I will text you at the weekend with some specific instructions. But one over riding instruction is that between now and Monday, you must stay celibate. No sex with anyone, or anything. No orgasm is allowed. I will know if you disobey.”

The phone went dead.

Jane felt numb. That voice thrilled her, and the underlying threat sent a shiver down her spine.

As she relaxed back on her bed, still slightly inebriated, she felt the warm feeling between her legs, her damp pussy, wanting her to touch. But she had Rob’s specific instruction in her head.

Jane closed her eyes trying to drift off, but the warm tones of Rob’s voice were seemingly echoing around her bedroom. She imagined him there. She imagined his head between her thighs, and his tongue lapping at her pussy.

In the semi darkness she gave in. Her fingers slipped downwards, and slid between the lips of her pussy. She was dripping wet, and slowly, she circled her clit with her fingertips.

She was at such a heightened state of arousal that almost instantly she started to cum. She cried out and her body convulsed shaking the bed. “Oh God, oh God. I didn’t mean to.”

What was she saying? This was the effect Rob was having on her. She was saying sorry for having an orgasm! But she felt guilty, and was wondering if he would know she had gone back on her promise. And if he did know, what he meant by ‘facing the consequences.’

On Monday she would find out.

The next few days went by at a snail’s pace. She was expecting a text at the weekend, and finally on Sunday afternoon it arrived.

She was shaking as she opened it. It was to the point.

‘You will be coming to my house. Wear your sexiest lingerie. Shave your pubic hair. Bring a change of clothes. Tell your work you may be late in on Tuesday. Be in Costas at 6pm’

That was Beylikdüzü escort it. The die was cast. She was his, and on Monday night she would pass all control to him.

Jane had lived, and re-lived their first meeting. She had picked apart every minute, and every emotion she had felt. She was so alive, but at the same time she was extremely nervous about seeing Rob again.

She still did not know him, but now she knew he would take her home, or at least to a house he said was his home. No one knew she was going with him. She did not even know where he lived.

That Sunday evening she bathed and shaved herself, and then moisturised her whole body. She selected some matching black, lacy knickers, suspender belt and bra, along with some sheer black stockings with black high heels.

The black silk blouse and slim black pencil skirt worked well for work, and the contrast with her blonde hair produced a stunning sexy look. She was going to make an impression.

She packed an overnight bag with a change of clothes, and make up, along with her wash kit. She was ready. Well, perhaps mentally, almost ready.

On Monday morning Jane followed her normal work routine, and left for Costas just before 6pm. At precisely 6pm they both arrived at the coffee shop door at the same time.

“Get a seat Jane, and I’ll get the coffees.” Rob’s voice was calm and friendly.

When he sat down it could have been a normal girlfriend/boyfriend meeting up. He asked how her day had been, and it seemed to settle her nerves. And then he began to explain a little bit about the evening ahead.

“We are going to a house in the country, about thirty minutes drive, it’s a friend’s house, and it’s very secluded, so we won’t be disturbed, or indeed disturb anyone else.”

Jane felt a little shiver run down her spine.

“We will leave in a moment and we won’t start to ‘play,’ until we arrive. are you ok with all that? If you want to leave now you can, but once we arrive, there will be no going back.”

This time it was the hairs on the back of her neck that stood up.

Meekly, she quietly said, “I’m ready Rob, sir.”

Rob led the way to his car, and they set off.

Jane recognised the rough direction in which they were headed, but once they left the main road, and started to drive along country lanes, she lost track of where they were going.

Eventually Rob pulled into a gravel drive in front of a large house. He turned to Jane and said, “Ok young lady, this is where it all starts.”

He opened the glove box, and pulled out a long, black cotton scarf, and proceeded to tie it around Jane’s head.

“Wait there a moment,” Rob said.

She heard him get out of the car, walk round, and open her door. Helping her out, and taking her bag, he gripped her arm, and they walked slowly to the house.

She heard someone open the door, nothing was said, but she was helped by Rob and someone else, into the house, and presumably into a room. It was very warm, and she thought she heard music playing in another room.

Rob spoke first, with a terse instruction. “Get undressed.”

Tentatively, Jane removed her clothes. She knew there was someone else present, and this was confirmed when she heard a soft, “Phew,” as her body was seen naked.

She felt Rob next to her, and he whispered quietly to her. “Not only will you remain blindfolded for this evening, you will also be deprived of any hearing. I’m going to place two small earpieces in your ears. This will block out all sound from around you, and you will be unable to hear your own voice, or anyone else’s. But there will be some sounds played to you at times.”

She felt Rob’s fingers place looped earpieces over, and into her ears. Very quiet, soft music, barely audible, was playing.

And then came the wrist bands, each strapped tightly with a leather buckle, ready to be attached wherever they were needed.

“Oh god,” she muttered, but of course she couldn’t hear her own words.

Next Rob, and whoever the other ‘man’ was, escorted her, presumably into another room. She was pressed backwards against something hard, like a door, but then her arms were lifted at forty five degres, and attached by the wrists straps. Similarly, her legs Beylikdüzü escort were parted, and her ankles attached, also so that her legs were spread. She felt as vulnerable as she had ever done. She was beginning to regret her situation.

As her brain was trying to process everything, the door, or whatever she was attached to, started to tilt backwards, until she was half lying back at an angle. She had been secured to a wooden frame made in the shape of a cross.

And then nothing happened. It was difficult to judge time because of her senses being deprived, although she still had taste, and smell.

The room smelt musky, perhaps a bit like a cellar, or dungeon. A smell of stale sex, or so she imagined.

Then suddenly a hand rested on her breast. Softly it stroked, first one breast, and then the other. It pinched her nipples gently, but firmly, and then harder. She yelled, but all she could hear was the soft music. The hand swept down across her stomach, and fingers slipped between her legs. They stroked her pussy, which she realised was moist. One finger stroked her clit, and she felt herself groan.

But then she shivered, when another hand clutched her breast, and she became aware that there was more than one person touching her.

Suddenly, there were hands everywhere, there were several people massaging, stroking all parts of her body, right from her feet to her head.

The music in her earpieces changed to sexual sounds, the sounds of moaning, groaning, frantic breathing, of people having orgasms.

She felt her nipples being pulled, and clamps being applied. She cried out, but heard nothing.

A mouth closed over hers, kissing her, a tongue thrusting into her throat. She shook her head, and her face was immediately slapped.

She felt something squirted across her breasts, and then across her face. She imagined it might be semen, but the taste was something actually quite pleasant, tasting like yoghurt. And then she felt something slippery, and warm being poured on her stomach, and then hands massaging it into her skin. It seemed to be like an oil, and had a pleasant perfume.

And then there were many hands again, rubbing the oil everywhere. The frame she was on was tilted further back, until she was lying flat. An oily hand was fingering her pussy, another was releasing the nipple clamps, and stroking her nipples.

In an odd way she had started to relax, but her brain was trying to imagine where she was, and how many people were there.

And then she went cold. Between her thighs she felt a body. Someone had positioned themselves, and was about to fuck her. Even as she let out a silent scream, the cock slid inside her, aided by all of the oil. And the fucking began. Whoever it was, began in a hurry, and within just a few minutes she felt him cumming. Screaming and swearing, she pulled against her bindings. The second man entered her just as she felt another squirt of liquid on her face and breasts. This time there was no question. It was spunk. Someone had masturbated onto her face.

The sound, in her earpieces, of a woman starting to cum made her conscious of herself once again. The second man was thrusting his cock back and forth, and then she felt a vibrator being slid down onto her clit. Within seconds she started to cum. Trying not to make any sound was difficult, when she knew she probably was.

The second guy came, and withdrew. The vibrator continued, actually feeling quite good. And then something hard was pressing against her anus. It seemed to be a second dildo, or something similar. Again the oil made its entry much easier, and then it was suddenly inside, and it was switched on.

Jane had never had anything like this before. She knew she was screaming, but when a third man slid his cock into her pussy it was almost too much. The irony was that both vibrators had the effect of making the man cum straight away.

The vibrators stopped, and the earpieces went back to playing music. The hands disappeared, and Jane’s body relaxed.

She felt the earpieces removed, and although she still couldn’t see, she heard Rob’s voice.

“You’ve done well, little one, but it’s not over yet. This is just a brief respite. You will remain blindfolded, but Escort Beylikdüzü now you will be able to hear your own screams.”

It went quiet again, until there was the sound of a door opening.

Jane heard male voices, some laughing, and she was mentally preparing herself for more sexual partners. Never had she had more than one partner at a time. Once she had had sex with separate men on the same day, and she thought herself a bit of a tramp for doing that.

Sure enough she felt the presence of the first man between her thighs. She had decided to try and relax, and as the guy pounded away, she felt her orgasm building. For the first time she heard herself moaning, but disappointingly the guy couldn’t hold on, and started to cum. Grunting, he stepped back and was replaced by another. After the brief interruption, Jane came very loudly.

Accompanied by a cheer from those present, she was to cum twice more, before all the guys were spent.

She had no idea of time, but she was exhausted.

Rob reappeared, and she felt him start to unbuckle her wrists and ankle. Still blindfolded, he helped her to her feet. She staggered, and her knees buckled, but supported by Rob she was directed out of the room.

As she took the first few steps, she was aware of drips of semen falling on the floor, and dribbling down her thighs. She was still covered in oil, and she was elated when she felt herself being helped into a shower.

The joy of warm water washing away the evidence of sex was pure luxury. She was still wearing the blindfold which made it difficult to know what was to happen next. She was to find out soon.

Rob supplied her with a fluffy bath towel with which she dried herself. He then escorted her to a room and sat her on a soft bed. And then, bliss, he removed her blindfold. She blinked, thinking there was a problem with her eyesight. It was still black, and she quickly realised that she was in a totally blacked out room.

Rob’s voice said quietly, “Have a sleep, it’s two thirty, I will wake you when you need to complete your task.”

It was obviously not over yet, but at that point Jane didn’t really care, she just wanted to sleep.

She was awakened by a cold draught as someone slipped into the room. It was still black, and as she whispered, “Who’s there?” she heard Rob’s voice from across the room say, “It’s ok,” as the door closed.

And then she felt him get into bed beside her, he was naked, but his warm body comforted her.

She felt much safer now, and her arms looped around his neck as he kissed her softly. Nothing was said.

She felt his hands, and then his lips on her breasts. Her nipples were sore from the clamps, and the constant squeezing and pulling they had been subjected to, but his lips licked softly, and soothingly.

She pushed her body against his, and felt him grow hard. This was lovemaking, not a task which had to be completed for her master.

She pushed him onto his back, and in the darkness rose above him and slid her pussy onto his shaft. He gave a soft sigh, and laid back allowing her to rise and fall on him, one minute grinding down, then slowly lifting, to enjoy the thrust as she fell again.

As she built her orgasm, she became noisier, and at the last second screaming his name loudly, as she came.

She collapsed onto him only to feel his gentle contractions as he quietly came.

A few seconds passed until he slid out of bed.

“Don’t go, please,” said Jane, but there was no immediate reply.

A few seconds later he got back into bed, and whispered, “Well done little one, now hold me.”

Jane was suddenly confused, had the night sent her mad? This was a different man. What had she just done?

She burst into tears, sobbing uncontrollably. “Who was that? Who was that?”

Jane had just given herself both physically, and mentally to another man thinking it was Rob.

Rob pulled her close, cuddled her. Even as the instigator of all that had happened, he still felt slight pangs of guilt.

The tears continued, but gradually her body calmed, she relaxed, and they both slept.

When they awoke, the night was almost over, Rob asked if she was ready to prepare to go.

She kissed him, and they both opened the door into an ante room, and through another door she saw daylight. Rob showed her to a bathroom, where she found her bag and clothes.

She looked at her face in the mirror, and her reflection made her think. Would she tread this path again?

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