Janet’s Request


It felt as if I had known Janet all my life, but, only since we were in high school. We attended different schools, but our common bond was church where we attended with a shared group of friends. After years of separation from each other and separate marriages, we both found ourselves divorced.

During this time of separation though continuing to live in the same city, I had undertaken to learn ballroom dancing, a vow I had made to myself after my separation and ultimate divorce. My ex-wife had no interest in any such activity we could do together. I had thought that it might bring us closer. But, no.

My ex-wife had falsely accused me of having an affair with a video store clerk turned dance instructor so the original idea of taking dance lessons was doomed to failure when we arrived for our first lesson and noted the presence of the former video store clerk at the dance studio as an instructor.

After the divorce, I was able to successfully take dance lessons without the burden of my ex-wife complaining about it. I found that Janet was similarly involved with ballroom dancing the first time we encountered each other at a dance. Thereafter, we would meet occasionally under the same roof to enjoy this past time together.

As already stated, after the first disastrous experience taking dance lessons while still married, when I first separated from my wife, I vowed that I would do two things even if it killed me: 1) I would enjoy a Caribbean cruise because my wife never wanted to do anything like that, and 2) I would learn how to ballroom dance.

So, it was under these circumstances that I found myself sitting with Janet and talking to her week after week at a local dance studio and the weekend immediately prior to Sinop Escort my first ever cruise. Before she and I would see each other again, I would embark on a cruise to the western Caribbean and be gone for a whole week.

We always enjoyed our time together at the ballroom and vowed to get back together upon my return. The following Friday, I drove to the cruise terminal and found myself surrounded by passengers in the throes of Halloween costumes and who were otherwise unrecognizable. Being on board the ship for the first time, I had a hard time discerning what was real and what was not until the first morning after. I saw all sorts of goons and goblins as well as Dracula participating in a Karaoke session.

I had a wonderful time on board the ship visiting each port of call on the ship’s itinerary and I returned the following weekend. Since I had no one to accompany me on my cruise and had the cabin to myself, I managed to coax a few women into dancing with me along the way, but not many. My dance experiences would have gone much better if I had had a resident dancing cruise mate to accompany me. That situation was corrected on subsequent cruises.

Upon my return, I made plans to return to the dancing arena and hopefully to see Janet again. As expected, she was present and ecstatic upon my return. She was excited (really excited) to see me and gave me a big hug. She was extremely interested in hearing of my exploits during the cruise.

Apparently, she had missed me quite a bit and told me so. We talked throughout the evening during and between dances. Things were going so well at the dance that I suggested we take things up a notch and commit to an official date which we had not enjoyed up to that Sinop Escort Bayan point. Several days later we found ourselves in a local restaurant catching up on the events of my cruise.

Things were going so well, that I suggested we continue the night and our time together by watching some movies together at her home. The reason I suggested we use her home was so that she could throw me out if she got tired of me being there. I did not want to assume anything about our friendship. I would have to be the one to troupe home in the middle of the night if she chose to “evict” me. I had a romantic movie in mind, so I stopped off to retrieve the video and joined her at her house.

Upon arriving at her home, she met me at the door, she prepared some drinks, and we sat down on the couch and prepared to watch the movie. I put my arm around her, she rested her head on my shoulder and we sat and cuddled until the end of the show. We even kissed some throughout the movie.

While Janet had never seen the movie, it was one I had often enjoyed. I am not certain she really even watched the whole movie, but she was content to have me there. After the movie was over, Janet stood up and rounded the couch to lean on the door facing to what I discovered was her bedroom.

During the movie, Janet’s romantic juices had apparently begun to flow. In fact, in looking back at the events of the evening, she must have been exceedingly horny and ovulating as she really came on strong. Resting her head on the back of her hands which she had placed on the door facing, she quietly said, “Make love to me.” I said, “What?” because I was not sure what she had said, and I certainly was not expecting such an invitation.

I Escort Sinop questioned whether I had heard her correctly. She said, “Please fuck me!” Not one to ignore such an overt invitation, I followed her into the bedroom where we began to disrobe and climbed into the bed. I joined her in the bed attempting to fulfill her request.

Seeing her naked for the very first, I realized that she had small tits which is something I really like, and she had a little turf of hair between her legs. She shared the feeling of many women in that she regarded her tits as much too small to her liking. But for me, however, they were perfect in every way.

I caressed her tits and starting sucking on her nipples before moving down between her legs to smother her pussy with my mouth. I separated the lips of her labia and inhaled her feminine scent which was heavy but pleasant. I was mad with lust and she was extremely wet with desire. I have always felt that smaller breasted women have more sensitive nipples than others. I fingered her and concentrated on her clit with my mouth and tongue.

She was going on with her moans and groans of pleasure. We kissed more and after she experienced her first orgasm, I moved in to place the head of my cock at the entrance to her pussy. I have always tried to ensure that the woman has at least one orgasm before I pursue my own. I am not huge, just average, but apparently it had been so long since anyone had entered her chamber that it was rather tight, and she moaned in pleasure. She did not complain about my size.

We languished in each other’s arms and enjoyed our time together. By the time the night was over, she had experienced four massive orgasms while I had erupted twice. My ex-wife was usually only good for one if I was lucky.

Although it was not a long-lasting relationship, we did continue to see each other for quite a while thereafter and an assortment of dates before calling it quits and moving on. At last report, she had found someone and gotten re-married as did I.