Janie’s Summer Internship Ch. 02

Big Tits

This is Part II of Janie’s experience during the summer of 2000 in Wisconsin.

Summer waned and the Midwestern heat-wave gradually subsided. Mariah and I were engaged in a very passionate, albeit sporadic love affair. Because the internship was so intensive, we rarely had time to make love. In fact, after the first encounter, we had only fucked three times in one week.

Each time, Mariah would initiate contact when I was studying the hardest (Of course, I didn’t mind a little study-break), and would use her trusty black dildo on me before making me eat her sweet cunt. I couldn’t complain; Mariah was a great fuck. She was better at fucking me with a strap-on than many men from my past had with the real thing! She had only let me fuck her with the toy once, in the beginning, but I was itching for another go.

To be honest, the strap-on had seen better days. One of the straps was broken and even duct tape couldn’t hold it together during one of our wild fucking sessions. In my opinion, a new toy was in need. So I brought up the idea of a little shopping spree over lunch the following day.

“So… I feel we need to go shopping for a new ‘Man’,” I said in a low voice.

Mariah shot me a puzzled look from across the table.

“I don’t have time for a man right now! Especially since fucking you takes all my energy,” she winked at me. She flung her long honey-colored hair over her shoulder.

I continued my sales pitch, “I mean our ‘Black Man’ needs a funeral. We need to find a sex shop.”

Finally the circuit connected upstairs and Mariah giggled. “Yeah, that strap has seen better days. I feel like white trash lesbians using duct tape to help the situation.”

I nearly choked on my iced tea.

“Hey, I’m the only true white girl here, and I take offense to that,” I laughed sarcastically.

“Well, I’m half white so I can be half as trashy then.”

“So, shall we spend a few of our hard-earned bucks on novelty items tonight?”


“Good, I’ll check online after lunch for a trendy and tasteful place and let you know what I found on the drive home,” I said.

She smiled at me mischievously, “Great, then we’re in for an adventure tonight.”

After work and an evening shower, Mariah and I went about our plan of acquiring a new lover, the plastic kind. Mariah wore a red V-neck sheer top and a black bra clearly visible, yet tasteful, underneath. She completed the look with a flowing denim skirt and high-heel sandals. I wore and black/white polka-dot skirt and a lime green tank-top, with a sheer parka and large lime green earrings. We stopped for dinner at an Italian place a few blocks from the dorm. Since Mariah had the car, I got to indulge in a few glasses of wine.

“So what’s the place called again?” she asked me in a loud voice. The music and din of the crowd was drowning out our conversation.

It felt weird shouting, “Pinky’s Naughty Delights” in a roomful of people.

Mariah raised her eyebrows in either shock or approval, I couldn’t tell.

“It’s Downtown?”

I nodded, “Of course.”

“Let’s hit the record store first, I don’t want to walk into that place reeking of garlic.”

I smiled at her, “Then don’t eat any.”

“I’m not, it’s just in the air here!” she laughed.

The parking lot for Pinky’s was almost empty on a Wednesday night. The place was well lit outside, large, and to conform to its own cliché, painted a bright pink color. The windows were vast and full of display items such as lingerie-clad mannequins, feather boas, whips, chains, insanely tall platform shoes, and a collection of classy and not-so-classy wigs.

Mariah and I held hands as we climbed the manicured steps up to the front door. I noticed the landscaping included large pink rose bushes and a fountain with a cherub statue pissing a strong stream of water. We both giggled as we passed it. The front door had an impressive pink and white stained glass theme of a naked woman and two swans. The whole atmosphere was sexy but the place seemed almost overdone and gaudy.

When we entered the one room house, I was surprised by how cozy it was. There was a real fire going in the fireplace and a faux fur rug on the floor in front of it, pink zebra print, of course. The retail set-up was easy to navigate and not cluttered. Under the dim lighting, I was amazed by the plethora of items to view. Clothing, sexy shoes, make-up, lingerie, swim-wear, and wigs made up a majority of the items in the shop.

“Hi, welcome! I’m Pinky, if you have any questions,” announced the sales lady behind the counter. She was older, probably close to fifty years old. She reminded me of a modern-day Mrs. Roper from Three’s Company: too much make-up, too much jewelry, and obvious plastic surgery. The owner really fit the décor. I laughed under my breath after contemplating if Pinky was in fact a man.

I noted a few couples in the shop and they both turned to check us out when Pinky made the ruckus in welcoming us. One couple disappeared behind a beaded curtain (they Escort bayan were penis-shaped beads!) into another room.

“Oh, that’s the most popular room tonight!” Pinky winked at us. “Are you girls strippers?”

“Uh, no…” Mariah continued, “But thanks for assuming.”

“Oh, I didn’t mean it in a bad way, Hun. Most of my customers are in the erotic entertainment biz. If you wanna check out the private room, Vivian’s in there to answer any questions you might have. She is very knowledgeable about our products,” Pinky explained.

Mariah and I nodded at her in unison, hoping to shut her up. One couple left the shop as the pink clock on the wall started groaning in orgasm that it was 11-o’clock.

“The clock screams for each hour,” Pinky explained proudly. As if we couldn’t figure that one out on our own. Mariah and I stared at the clock in disbelief as the eleventh scream was climatic. Mariah chuckled quietly. I just rolled my eyes. The phone rang and Pinky answered it with a well-rehearsed line.

After perusing for a few minutes and half-listening to Pinky’s conversation, Mariah nudged me toward the beaded curtain. We walked through one at a time and were instantly greeted by a treasure trove of plastic novelty goodies. There were vibrators and dildos, fake vaginas, nipple clamps, butt plugs and blow-up dolls. There was even a blow-up sheep doll! All the products were arranged neatly and well-organized by size, and my jaw dropped when I saw the massive proportions of some of the toys. My pussy instantly juiced up when I saw the selection of strap-ons and double-ended dildos, obviously meant for lesbian lovers.

Vivian greeted us with a simple nod and smile, looking right into our eyes. She stared a little longer than necessary at us. I could tell that she caught on quickly that Mariah and I were more than just friends. There was one other couple in the small room, and they were busy looking at vibrators.

Vivian was my age, shorter than me by a few inches, even with her insane platform shoes. She had on a spiked leather collar and an ultra-mini leopard print skirt. The top she wore was a black number that tied in the front and left little to the imagination. She wore a pink nametag and a belt equipped with popular sex toys and other items. Her hair was loose and hung above her shoulders in a black bob. Mariah and I stole glances of her small frame and large chest. Although she was petite, she definitely was not skinny and had some nice curves goin’ on.

Mariah picked up a toy “The Butterfly” and studied it.

“It goes on the woman for clitoral stimulation during intercourse,” Vivian said. She produced a non-packaged one from her belt and showed it to my lover. As she turned away from me, I noticed her back was covered in tattoos, mostly colorful flash ones.

Mariah was interested. Vivian went on and on, in her sultry voice, about the product’s pros and cons.

Pinky popped her head into the room, startling me slightly as the beads swung around erratically. “Hey are you down with closing up? My man’s got a Viagra-induced boner and I don’t want to miss a single second!” My eyes widened at her words.

“Yeah, yeah, I’m fine Pink. T.M.I.!”

“Thanks a mil’ Baby doll! Don’t forget to watch the front.”

“‘K!” Vivian called.

We heard Pinky go out the front door singing, “Get up! Get on up… Stay on the scene, like a sex machine!” in her best James Brown.

The other couple left the room with their selection.

“I’ll be right back,” Vivian called to us before following the couple to the register. Both Mariah and I watched her walk away and studied her cute bubble butt.

When we were alone, Mariah turned to me and snaked her arms around my waist. “What a great place, huh?!” Mariah gushed. “I wish I was a stripper after coming here!”

There was a silence as we studied more toys.

“What about the hot sales girl?” I winked at her.

Mariah agreed, “No shit, she’s gorgeous!”

Vivian returned right after those words escaped Mariah’s lips. I could see Mariah turn red with embarrassment. Vivian pretended she didn’t notice that she had just caught us commenting on her knock-out body. She walked over to Mariah and, standing a little closer than necessary, continued her explanation of “The Butterfly.”

“So, can it be worn under a strap-on?” Mariah asked, hoping to shock Vivian.

Of course Vivian didn’t even flinch as she explained it probably wouldn’t work but that they carried a line of strap-ons with a built-in vibrating crotch.

My crotch was already vibrating on its own as I watched Mariah and Vivian flirt with each other.

“See, I don’t think ‘The Butterfly’ would be flush enough against the body for comfort,” Vivian responded. She began to hike up her little skirt. “Do you mind? We are all women here.”

Mariah and I shook our heads in approval but also a bit of confusion.

Vivian hiked her skirt all the way up around her waist. Vivian was completely naked under her skirt and Escort her sweet little pussy was shaved completely bare. She had a sexy tattoo right above the lips, in her pubic area, of a heart on fire. Her clit was pierced with a large silver ring. Both Mariah and I gawked at it. I could tell she loved the attention. Vivian remained professional, however, and placed the toy over her sex, strapped it on, adjusted it, and turned it on. The buzzing against her metal ring was loud and hypnotic. I couldn’t pull my eyes away from her tanned sexy body.

“Yeah, I think this toy is too fat, I mean, it protrudes out too far away from my body to be able to fit a strap-on over it comfortably. It feels nice though.”

“It looks nice,” I heard myself say. It did; the red jewel-like toy sizzled right above her lovely pink cunt-lips.

Vivian smiled sweetly at me. “So you two are in the market for a strap-on?”

Mariah sighed, “Yeah, Janie wore out our old one, the Slut.”

I opened my mouth in mock shock. “Well, if you didn’t fuck me so hard with it, it wouldn’t have broken!”

Vivian smiled broadly, “Well, let me show you what we have to offer.” She led us over to the lesbian section. I noticed that she kept her naked body on display and she left “The Butterfly” buzzing away on her clit.

“Here is what you need,” she commented, showing us a harness. “It’s called the Violator. The straps will not break on you or we will refund your money. Plus, the crotch has a vibrating inlay for the dominant woman to receive simultaneous pleasure.” I could see a faint line of sweat on Vivian’s brow and wondered if the toy she was wearing was making it hard to concentrate.

Vivian turned on a button to the side of the jutting penis and the crotch began to dance. Mariah cooed and I nodded in approval. “The vibrations only have two settings, but it’s the most powerful vibe on a strap-on we have in stock,” Vivian said. She looked at Mariah for approval.

“Well how much is it?” my lover asked.


“What?!” Mariah and I both snapped.

“But it’s really worth every penny! I own it so I should know! Plus, since you two are new customers, you get the first purchase at ten percent off,” Vivian persuaded.

“Geez for that amount of money we should get a test-drive,” Mariah cocked an eyebrow at Vivian. She was only half-kidding, but Vivian just smiled back.

A moment of silence passed between all three of us. My stomach was in a knot.

“To use this on you two would be an honor,” Vivian said matter-of-factly.

Mariah and I smiled at her.

“Just let me go lock up so we are not disturbed. It’s past closing anyhow.”

“Oh, we don’t have to keep you after hours,” I countered.

Vivian grinned wickedly, “Nonsense. Seems like the party’s in here tonight ladies.” Then she turned at left the room.

As soon as she left, Mariah scooped me into her arms to kiss me. I opened my mouth for her skilled tongue and sighed as she felt me up. Her hands immediately wandered to my skirt hem and moved up my bare legs. I too, was hiking her pleated denim skirt over her large succulent butt.

Mariah smelled sweet and fresh, I loved her perfume. Her long blonde hair cascaded around her broad shoulders and made her look wanton. She had to bend over significantly in order to kiss me since her heels made her already-towering frame all the more Amazonian. I am usually taller than the women I fuck, so it was nice to feel small next to her.

We kissed for a long while, and although I thoroughly enjoyed her tongue swirling around inside my mouth, I began to wonder if Vivian decided against joining us after all. Just then, Vivian returned and playfully swatted at Mariah’s bare butt.

“Okay, the coast is clear,” Viv chuckled, “Let the test-drive begin.” She still had the toy strapped to her clit, buzzing softly. In her hand she carried “the Violator.”

“First things first,” Mariah said, “I’m Mariah and you will test it out on Janie here.”

“I guessed you were the dominant one. I love your height!”

“Yeah, well, it makes it tougher to get a boyfriend. Men are so intimidated by my height,” Mariah admitted.

I had removed her skirt and was unbuttoning her shirt when I commented that women are more fun anyways. Vivian agreed.

“I’m a strict lesbian,” she admitted while removing her belt and loosening the tie over her ribcage. “Are you two a couple?”

“Just lovers for now,” I said.

Mariah asked if she could see Viv’s clit ring up close.

“Of course!”

She removed “the Butterfly,” hopped up on a display table and spread her tanned thighs apart. I noticed she was wearing body glitter all over and it looked very erotic. Her naked clit was huge. “The Butterfly” must have worked some magic, because it was as thick as my little finger and as pink as the paint on the walls. She must frequent waxing salons because I didn’t see one irritated hair follicle or one missed hair. She was completely smooth, flawless, and had no tan Bayan escort lines.

Mariah instantly fell to her knees and pressed her face into Vivian’s crotch. Vivian smiled slyly and used her fingers to spread her meaty upper lips. The shaft of her clit was swollen and protruding, making the ring stick straight out. Mariah ran her long pointed tongue along its length and then diddled the ring with it. Vivian cooed in appreciation.

“Come’ere Janie,” Viv hissed at me in arousal. I walked around to stand by her side and Vivian removed my pale yellow cotton bra. My tits spilled into her hands as she smiled up at me. “Nice ones, Honey.”

I did the same to her, freeing her massive tanned tits. Her breasts were much like Mariah’s in size but instead of small dark nipples, she had saucer-sized light brown areola. The nipples were also pierced. They rode high on her chest, and I guessed she had to be a stripper on the side if she was blessed with such gorgeous breasts.

“It’s okay to rough them up,” Viv whispered to me and pinched her nipples hard.

I complied and tweaked on her beautiful nipples while my girlfriend snacked on her cunt. I rubbed my large puckered nipples against her smooth ones. The barbell on each teat rubbed back against my flesh and felt wonderful. I was totally entranced by her breasts.

Mariah continued to feast on Vivian’s sweet slit, running her lips over her large clit and softly sucking at the apex. Vivian responded by convulsing slightly and sighing.

“Oh that vibe had me right on the edge the whole time we were talking, ladies. I’m about to cum any second!” Vivian announced.

Hearing the urgency in her voice, I tugged hard on her titty jewelry and made her grunt like a slut. “Oh, fuck! Suck me good!” Vivian howled.

Mariah responded and sucked with force right on her clit. I watched in awe and this beautiful petite vixen humped against my girlfriend’s mouth and screwed her face up into a sexy grimace. She rode out her climax which seemed to go on forever. Then Vivian righted herself and grabbed for “the Violator.”

“Oh fuck, that was wonderful! Now I’m in the mood to fuck,” she announced.

Mariah smiled at the compliment and licked her lips once before kissing me slowly on the lips. I tasted Vivian’s sweet tangy pussy all over her upper lip and smelled her musky fragrance as well. It excited me all the more; my pussy was positively oozing juice. I removed the rest of my clothes as the two women looked on with interest.

“Go slow at first; she’s tight. But she loves to fuck,” Mariah directed. She bent and helped Viv strap on “The Violator.” Even with Mariah’s upper body bent at about a 60 degree angle, she was still taller than Vivian was. I crawled on top of the low table and positioned myself at the edge.

“Mariah…” I whined, “Get me lubed up.”

Vivian opened a new bottle of EZ-Glide Lube and rubbed it all along her flesh-colored shaft. She applied some to Mariah’s fingertips and Mariah proceeded to prep me for a good fucking. Her fingers slotted up my hole and deposited the goopy gel all around my pink opening. Then she rubbed some into my asshole and spanked each cheek lovingly.

“She’s all yours Vivian. Convince us of your product,” she smirked.

I felt a mixture of apprehension and excitement. What if she was too rough with me? I breathed a deep sigh and tried to calm my nerves. I relaxed more into the table and arched my back. I felt Vivian’s small hands on my hips, positioning me correctly.

“What a pretty pussy. Is it ready to be filled up?” Viv asked.

“Mmm Hmm,” I moaned. Just then I felt the rigid head and upper shaft rub along my slot. It was thoroughly coated with lube and on the third stroke, Vivian inched it inside me. She gave me about five good inches. I found that I was surprised by the girth and instantly tightened up.

“Relax…” Mariah instructed.

I did and as I breathed out, Viv slid another two full inches into my tunnel. She ground around slowly making me gasp. I pushed back suddenly, wanting more once my pussy had grown accustomed to a full seven inches. Vivian responded and surged forward as well. She met me with an amazing force I wouldn’t have expected from such a small woman.

“Oh God,” I whimpered as I accepted another inch. My pussy was now full up but Vivian kept pressing forward.

“Only about another inch, Janie,” Mariah cooed. I groaned at hearing her say my name.

The pleasure was intense inside my pussy. I finally felt Viv’s soft hips meet my thighs. She was all the way inside me. I uncontrollably flexed and relaxed my cunt muscles until I was used to that huge cock inside me. Slowly, I began to move back and forth ever so slightly and this cued Vivian to begin pumping. She grasped my thick hips surely and humped me forcefully, at a nice pace.

Immediately my eyes rolled back into my skull as the pleasure enveloped me. Small mewling sounds escaped my lips as Mariah ran her hands all over my back, ass-cheeks, and up into my hair. Mariah gripped my black-cherry locks and tugged them gently away from my face. The mewling sounds turned into full-on moans as Vivian fucked me faster and with longer and more urgent strokes. She was definitely a strap-on pro and I was lucky to receive her attention.