Jazmin – Fourth Meeting

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We decided that for this fourth meeting Jazmin would sleep over at my house. She came over around five that evening with a small over night bag. We immediately ordered pizza for dinner. After it arrived we ate pizza and drank some beer.

After we were done we sat on the Futon and watched a TInto Brass movie called Monamour. It was thirty minutes into the movie when we both had to take a pee. So Jazmin held my hand and walked me into the bathroom. She pulled down her white Capri pants and sat on the toilet. It was so see her pee. After she was done she watched me piss into the toilet. We headed back to the den and sat back down on the Futon. She curled up next to me with my arm around her shoulder.

Ten minutes pasted and Jazmin lied down on her back on the Futon and placed her bare feet on my crotch while she watched the movie. I massaged her feet for a few minutes. I massaged each of her toes for a few minutes. I kissed all over her feet for a few minutes. I sucked on her toes of both feet for a few minutes.

She moved and lied on her back with the back of her head on my crotch and her feet resting on the wooden arms of the Futon.

After a few minutes of me massaging her forehead, Jazmin stuck out her tongue. I leaned down and I started sucking on her tongue. After that I stuck out my tongue and she sucked on it. Then we both stuck out both or our tongues and let the tips touch and dance around each other.

Five minutes had passed. I slowly ran my left hand down her blouse and to the waistband of her Capri pants. I slowly slipped my hand down her pants and inched my way to her panties. Jazmin pulled down her Capri pants leaving her panties on. I moved my hand under her panties the ran my fingers through her black public hairs. I moved them down to her pussy.

“That’s what I need,” moaned Jazmin. “That’s exactly what I need!”

I pressed all four fingers hard on her clit. “Yes, yes, fucking yes” moaned Jazmin.

I started to vibrate my fingers on her clit. Jazmin reached down to her crotch and pressed my fingers even harder into her clit. She was breathing was heavy. “That’s it! That’s it!” she moaned.

After a few seconds of vibrating her clit with my fingers Jazmin arched her back. “Yes, yes, yes!” And then after a few more seconds. “I’M CCUUMMIINNGGG!” she yelled out and arched her back higher and her body shook bayan escort gaziantep having an intense orgasm. After her orgasm subsided Jazmin relaxed her body. “That felt so fucking good!”

We stayed in that position with me rubbing her forehead and running my hands through her hair giving her a head massage.

The Monamour movie was over. Jazmin and I turned the Futon into a bed with a sheet. We looked at each other. We gave each other a horny grin and stripped naked.

I got on my back on the Futon and Jazmin got on top of me in a 69 position. I lightly ran my tongue up and down the slit of her pussy while she lightly ran the tip of her tongue up and down the shaft of my cock and all over my balls.

She started sucking on my cock while I shoved my tongue deep into her wet pussy with my hands grabbing a hold of her sweet ass cheeks. She sucked my cock while I tongue fucked her pussy.

“Tongue fuck my pussy! Tongue fuck my pussy! cried out Jazmin.

While I tongue fucked her pussy I saw her delicious asshole staring at me. It was inviting me. So I couldn’t resist. I removed my tongue from Jazmin’s pussy and ran my tongue all over her asshole.

“Mmm, yes, yes, lick my asshole. Lick it clean!” cried out Jazmin with a mouth full of cock.

I decided to try something I’ve always wanted to do. I ran the tip of my tongue to the opening of her asshole. I shoved my tongue into her asshole tasting the insides.

“Mmmm! Tongue fuck my ass! Tongue fuck my ass. YES! TONGUE FUCK MY ASS!” yelled out Jazmin after she took my cock out of her mouth and was stroking it.

I tongue fucked her asshole for a minute then returned to her pussy. I started sucking on her clit while she returned to sucking on my cock.

I sucked and sucked on her clit while she gobbled up my cock. Then…”AHHHHHH!” yelled out Jazmin and her body shook and she pressed her pussy hard into my face when she had an orgasm.

After her orgasm subsided I couldn’t hold back. “I’m CCUUMMIINNGG!” I yelled out and just let the globs of my hot cum spurt into her warm mouth. Jazmin was a good cocksucker and she tighten the grip with her mouth on my cock and didn’t let a drop drip out.

Jazmin kept her mouth shut while she got off me. She got off the Futon and walked over to her overnight bag with cim cif gaziantep escort bayan her mouth closed shut. She reached into her bag and removed a stick of Juicy Fruit gum. She shoved that stick of Juicy Fruit into her mouth careful not to drip out any cum. She started chewing on it getting it coated with my cum. She motioned for me to come over to her.

I knew what she wanted while I got off the Futon and walked over to Jazmin. We kissed and she pushed that piece of cum soaked gum into my mouth. I started chewing it while Jazmin swallowed the rest of my cum.

I chewed that piece of cum soaked gum for thirty minutes then tossed it in the garbage can. It was delicious!

Jazmin got under the sheet on the Futon and laid on her side. I got under the sheet on the Futon. We pretended to be asleep.

Jazmin rolled over on her back. I noticed the sheet had a pump tent by her crotch, as she put on that strap-on. I knew what to do next.

I reached under the sheet and moved my right hand to her crotch. I stroked her cock. “I see my baby has a hard-on. I moved the sheet off her, moved over and started sucking on her cock.

“That’s my good cocksucker! Suck my cock!” she said while she placed a hand on the back of my head.

My head bobbed up and down on Jazmin’s cock for a few seconds. “What else does my baby want?” I said when I stopped sucking on her cock and stroked it.

“I want to fuck your man cunt!’ she said while she glanced over at me.

“You want to fuck me?” I said while I flipped the sheet off us and rolled over on my back. I opened my legs.

“Yes, I’m horny for your man cunt!”

Jazmin got off the Futon. She went to her overnight bag.

I rolled over on my back and could see her lubing up her cock.

She walked over to the bed and lubed up my asshole. “Your cunt is nice and wet. You’re ready,” she said then turned on the vibrator part of the strap-on. It was vibrating her clit while she climbed on top of me.

She placed the tip of her cock against my asshole. She slowly pushed the tip and it slipped in my ass.

“Yes baby, I miss your cock,” I moaned.

Jazmin pushed her cock deeper into my ass. She stopped when it was all the way inside. “How does it fee?”

“Good. Fucking good.”

Jazmin started cinsel bilgiler pumping my pussy with the sound of the vibrator hitting her clit.

“Yes! Yes! Fuck me, Jazmin. I’m your whore! Fuck me!” I yelled out.

“Ahh, feels to fucking good to fuck my whore!” cried out Jazmin as the vibrator was getting her hot. “Yes, yes, yes,” she cried out picking up the pace.

I wrapped my legs around Jazmin’s waist and I felt like a woman being fucked. I was her bitch!

“Ah yes, ah yes, ah yes,” yelled out Jazmin as that vibrator was really hitting the spot.

After a minute of her fucking me…”FFFFUUUCCKKK MMMEEE!” yelled out Jazmin at the top of her lungs while she stopped pumping me, arched her back and had a body shaking intense orgasm. When the orgasm subsided she collapsed on top of me. She was sweaty. She left her cock inside my asshole. We kissed. A passionate kiss with her cock still in my asshole.

After a few minutes, she pulled her cock out of me. She removed the strap-on and we cuddled and fell asleep.

Morning arrived.

“Well, I better go home,” said Jazmin after we finished drinking coffee

“Not yet,” I said and held her hand and walked her into my dining room and over to the table. I pulled down her Capri pants and removed them from her feet. I pulled down her panties and removed them from her feet. I pushed her down on my dining room table for a bent over position.

I removed my shorts and my cock was hard. I stood behind her and ran the tip of my cock up and down the slit of her pussy. Then I rammed my cock into her pussy. She was still soaking wet.

“Fuck me. Fuck me,” cried out Jazmin.

I pumped furiously and the dining room table shook while I fucked her.

“I’m your whore! I’m your whore!” yelled out Jazmin.

I was so horny from last night’s adventure that I knew I wouldn’t be able to last long. I was right. “I’m going to cum! I cried out.

“Cum in my pussy. Knock me up! Get me pregnant!” yelled out Jazmin.

I knew she couldn’t get pregnant anymore and this was hot dirty talk that turned me on. “I’m cumming. I’m going to get you pregnant,” I said. “AHHHHHH!” I yelled out while I stopped pumping her pussy and let my globs of hot cum spurt out into her warm sweet pussy.

We got dressed after my cock was done spurting cum into her pussy.

She reached into her overnight bag, removed another stick of Juicy Fruit gum. She put it on her mouth, chewed it for a few seconds then removed it and placed it in my mouth.

We hugged and kissed.

She went home with my cum dripping out of her pussy into the crotch of her panties.

I chewed on that piece of gum for thirty minutes thinking about last night.

To be continued…

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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