Jean Teaches Love Lessons Ch. 02

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This story is purely fiction. The people and events described here do not really exist. Any similarity to persons or places living or dead is purely accidental and not the intention of the author. There are no persons in my story that are under the age of 18.


Jean woke early the next morning and watched her 18 year old lover still sleeping. She woke him with a kiss, and got up from the bed and grabbed the nightgown and robe that she had left in the middle of the floor.

She slipped on the robe and dropped the nightgown into the laundry hamper.

She reached into her husband’s closet, and pulling out one of his bathrobes, handed it to Billy. “This is probably way too big for you,” she said, “But put it on anyway. Now that I have you undressed I intend to keep you that way, until I’m finished with you.”

Billy tried on the robe. She was right: it didn’t fit. Her husband must be really short and fat. The robe came down to just below his waist. It was high enough that the tip of his cock was clearly visible under the hem. It was also big enough to hold two bodies his size.

He followed her downstairs to the kitchen. It was a very modern well-engineered kitchen with a chopping block in the middle. Of course, all the major appliances were built in. She motioned for him to sit at the kitchen table and went to the refrigerator to find something for lunch. She popped her head around the door and asked. “How about some cold cuts and potato salad?”

He nodded and said, “Great.”

She pulled out a large variety of cold cuts and a bowl of home-made potato salad. She took a loaf of French bread out of the bread box and cut several slices for Billy and two for herself. She put it all on a large plate and served it on the table. Now mayonnaise, mustard and pickles came out of the refrigerator and onto the table; she grabbed two dinner plates out of the cupboard and put one in front of Billy and the other in her place. On Billy’s plate she dished out a big scoop of potato salad and several slices of meat. Just a small scoop for herself and two slices of diet turkey loaf.

Satisfied, she sat down next to Billy.

Like most young boys, he had a ravenous appetite. His table manners were impeccable, but he ate all of his potato salad and cold cuts with the bread and even had seconds on the potato salad.

Jean was pleased that he had such a healthy appetite. She was smiling while she much more daintily ate her meal. After they finished she asked him,”How about some ice-cream for dessert?”

“That would be great,” he said.

She got up from the table and got him a big bowl of ice-cream from the freezer. She placed it in front of him and took her seat, watching him eat.

“Aren’t you going to have any dessert,” he asked?

Jean smiled at him wickedly and slowly licked her lips. She said, “Oh, I’ll have my dessert later. Something warm and creamy.” Again she licked her lips to emphasize.

Billy looked down at his lap and his face turned beet red.

Jean had to smile at her sweet bashful lover.

Billy helped her clean up the table. There wasn’t a lot of work to it but Jean was pleasantly impressed that Billy was willing and even eager to help. He was such a sweet boy.

After they loaded the dish washer Jean told Billy to come into the living-room, she wanted to talk to him.

They both sat on the couch and Jean told Billy that she was going to teach him how to have sexual intercourse with a woman.

Billy sat quietly and paid strict attention to what Jean had to say.

“Billy, there is more to having intercourse with a woman than just laying on top of her and bouncing your penis inside of her pussy.” Jean told him.

“Oh yes, much, much more. First off a woman needs more time than a man for her body to be ready for the act.”

“Do you remember this morning when I told you, a woman had to be wet down there before she is ready to be entered by a man’s organ?”

“Oh yes, I remember.” Billy responded.

“Well a woman needs a man’s help to get ready to accept him.”

“To start with, Billy, women look at intercourse differently than a man. For a man it is a physical thing to fuck a woman. This is true for a woman as well. But there is more to it than that. For her it is also an emotional bonding. It is her ultimate expression of her trust and caring for her man.”

“I think I understand,” Billy said.

“You have to convince a woman that you care about her feelings,” she said. “You do this by telling her how desirable she is to you. You caress her body tenderly. Cuddle her in your arms, so that she feels warm and protected. Pay close attention to the way she reacts to your touch. If she is relaxed and cooing, pressing into your body, you know you are on the right track. Always take your time; women do not like to be rushed in love making.”

Jean was almost whispering to Billy. Her voice seemed choked up with emotion.

“We like to be held firmly but with tenderness. Never too rough. Beylikdüzü escort Remember this is love making, not a rape.”

“When you think it is time, you can reach down and with your finger tips tickle the lips to her pussy. Don’t force your finger inside, just rub your finger tenderly over the lips down there and eventually they will open up to your finger on their own.”

“Now you can do one of two things. Sometimes it is best to ask the woman which she prefers. Ask her if she wants you to stimulate her clit with your fingers or would she rather you go down on her and give her oral pleasures.”

“What ever she prefers you already know what I taught you this morning.”

“Do you understand what I’ve been telling you so far, Billy?” She asked.

“Yes I think so,” he said. “Will you coach me later in bed?” He asked.

“Yes, of course I will” She smiled. “After all, no course is complete without a final examination”

Jean continued with the lesson. “Now when she is ready for intercourse, she will tell you she is ready. Or she may wish you to continue stimulating her until she climaxes. Don’t worry, though, most women are multi-orgasmic. After she recovers from her first climax she will be ready for intercourse.”

“Now there are several positions that a man and woman can take for intercourse. You can talk about what she prefers before you start. Or you can change positions during the act. I will teach you some of these later but for now I think we will use what is called the missionary position. That means the woman lays on her back and the man is on top of her.”

“Once you are inside of a woman you can either move fast or slow. There is no right or wrong way. It is something that both can decide during the act.”

“There is one final thing, Billy. You are very well endowed down there.” Jean said pointing to his hardening cock. “You may be too big for some women. Especially if she is young and a virgin or never had a man with a large penis like yours. So you have to be careful when you enter her. Just push in gently and remember that you could hurt her if you do it too deep or too rough. It may even be necessary to let her push down on it until she finds her own comfort level. After a while she will grow accustomed to your size and will be able to take more and more. But it may take several times having intercourse with you to make that adjustment.”

“Did you understand all of the things I just told you, Billy?” She asked.” Are you ready for that final examination on fucking?”

Billy was dumb-struck. He nodded his head in the affirmative. “Yes, I think I understand everything you told me.” Billy said, but he didn’t sound too confident. “Will you tell me if I’m not doing it right?” He asked.

“Why of course I will, Billy.”

Jean was delighted with her new student. She couldn’t believe her luck.

Just a few hours ago she was depressed and angry with the world. Now she was on top of that world. She would teach him alright. Teach him to want more. He would come back to her again and again so she could enjoy the endless delights of him. She never thought of it as taking advantage of the boy. In return for her pleasure she would be teaching him secrets that very few men ever knew. Then when she was finished with him he would be a joy to every woman that took him as a lover. There was one question that she would have to deal with later. Once she had made him into the perfect lover, how could she ever let him go?

“Are you ready to begin your exam now, Billy?”

“Yes, I think so.”

Jean stood up and looked down at him. “You can begin by taking me into your arms and kissing me tenderly.”

Billy stood up, and took Jean into his arms. He held her firmly but at the same time tenderly. His palms were flat against her back and he pressed their bodies together. Jean tilted her head up and Billy tilted his head down and their lips were drawn to each other. They held the kiss for several seconds. Jean came away breathless.

“Very good Billy. You score 100% in the kissing part of the exam.”

Billy seemed to have a lot of instinctive talents of his own, and seemed to be gaining a little bit of self-confidence.

This was delightfully good. Most women like their men to have self-confidence so long as it didn’t go so far as to become arrogance. Some women may like it but Jean hated that macho crap. That shit may be fine among his male friends. But that “Me Tarzan, you Jane” is horse-shit, as far as she was concerned .

“I’ll want a lot more of those tender kisses, but lets go back upstairs to my bedroom where we can be more comfortable.”

Jean reached down and took hold of Billy’s cock. She held it tenderly in her soft cool hand as she turned and led Billy upstairs.

Once in the bedroom, she turned towards him and again began stroking his magnificent cock. She pressed into his body and tilted her head up and standing on tip toes, she offered her lips up to be kissed. He tilted his head down to her lips and delighted her by repeating Beylikdüzü escort the same action as he did down in the living room.

Jean delighted in his tender embrace and continued with her manipulations of the cock that was growing longer and harder under her teasing palm.

This time, though, Billy opened his lips slightly and used his tongue to lick and probe her lips.

Jean opened her lips to let his tongue in to play.

Her pussy lips were already soaking wet.

He dropped his hand down between them while he continued with their unbroken kiss. Finding her pussy already well lubricated with her love juice, he gently rubbed his finger up and down her slit, ever so gently.

Jeans pussy was so ready and eager for him that she felt like any second it would snap at his finger like an alligator grabbing its prey.

Jean started bucking her hips against his finger in a frenzy. She broke the kiss and bit his neck with sharp teeth. Not a vicious bite, but the bite of passion. Now she was stroking his cock so fast and hard she was almost pulling it off his body.

“Oh Billy, my sweet Billy, I need you baby, I need you inside of me right now. Oh please my love take me right now!!! Don’t tease me any more. I can’t stand it!! Take me now my sweet Billy, take me right here and now!!!”

Billy swooped her up in his arms and carried her to the bed. He dropped her right in the middle of the mattress. He tore off the bath-robe and climbed up onto her between Jean’s legs.

“Oh yes baby, bring that wonderful cock up here and into my pussy.”

Billy eased onto the bed between her legs until Jean could grab his cock with all ten fingers. She maneuvered the tip to the entrance of her vagina, then pulled him into her with a moan.

At last he was inside of her; Jean was no virgin. She wanted all of it. “Oh move deeper, baby! Push all the way to the bottom! Yes oh yes, yes, YES!!!!!”

She wrapped her legs around his ass cheeks. Her arms locked around his back. If he wasn’t so big and strong she would have crushed him in her frenzied passion. Her hips were almost moving in a blur so intense was her need.

Billy, too, was caught up in the grips of passion. His hips matched hers stroke for stroke. His balls slapped against her ass cheeks; they moved like a swing set. He was starry eyed and amazed how wonderful her pussy felt. It was so soft and warm in there. He had never imagined when he masturbated that the real thing would feel as exquisite as this.

He could feel the cum boiling in his ball sack. Instinctively he knew that he must hold back. Her pussy muscles were moving up and down his cock like ocean waves. Wave after wave, coaxing the cum up from his balls. He must concentrate and hold back, waiting for her to climax. He clenched his teeth together and tried to think of something else. But how could he think of anything but the wonderful things that were happening to his body.

Jean knew he was almost there. It wasn’t going exactly as she planned but right now she didn’t care. She had not climaxed in months except by using her vibrator. She sure wouldn’t need a vibrator now. He was a perfect lover. So caring and sweet, what a find he was. He was doing everything she taught him and a lot more on his natural instinct. So there really were some men who cared about a woman’s needs, too. Very rare, but Billy was just that sort of man.

“Oh Billy I’m almost there baby. Keep it up my love. Keep that beautiful cock moving inside my pussy. Here it comes, honey, here it comes. I can feel it cumming again. Oh my sweet baby, you don’t know how much I need you!”

Once again the dam broke wide open. Jean showered his cock and balls with her juices.

“Oh so good, so very, very, Good!!!!!!!”

Jean collapsed into his powerful arms. She felt so safe, so pampered being held by him.

When Billy felt Jean release, he let go himself. He couldn’t have held back much longer himself anyway. His cock went off like a gun. Blasting gob after gob of his thick hot cum into Jean’s body. He could feel his cum mixed with hers filling up her womb. It over-flowed back out the entrance to her pussy, adding even more of a mess to the already soiled bed-spread.

They lay there in each others arms just enjoying the moment.

Jean put her lips up under Billy’s chin and licked his throat lovingly. She was purring like a well satisfied kitten, Safe within the shelter of his loving arms. Never in her life had she ever felt so contented, so wanted and loved.

Even on her honeymoon she never felt like this. Her husband was only concerned about dollars and cents, too worried about the bottom line to concern himself with her simple need to be loved. To him ,she was like a China Doll. Something he could show off to his friends like a Rolex watch or a new luxury car. She knew in her heart of hearts that sooner or later she would be discarded for a newer model. A younger woman with nice legs and tits.

As she thought these thoughts, tears began to roll down her Escort Beylikdüzü cheeks.

When Billy looked down at Jean’s face he could see these tears and he was shocked and concerned. “What’s wrong,” he asked with a worried look on his face. “Did I hurt you, Jean?”

She looked up at him with a forced smile. “There is nothing wrong baby; these are tears of joy,” she lied.

Billy was not convinced. He bent his head farther down and tenderly kissed away her tears.

“You are such a sweet lover, Billy. I wish this moment could last for ever and ever.” She reached up and again found his lips. This was not a passionate kiss of lust. No this was the gentle kiss of two lovers wanting to show tenderness to each other. She went to sleep being held safely in his strong arms.

Jean awoke some time later. She wasn’t sure how long she had slept but the light coming in through the windows told her that it must be early evening. The twilight hour, as she called it. Not daylight, nor quite dark yet.

She looked over and there was Billy fast asleep himself. Despite his 18 years he had the innocent look of a small child on his face. Not a care in the world, she thought. How wonderful it must be to sleep so at ease as that. No troubles, no cares, just totally relaxed.

He must have taken the bed-spread off the bed because it was piled over on the chair and they were laying on these pink satin sheets.

She looked down and she saw his half erect cock standing up like a sloppy guardsman.

She watched, fascinated, how it moved back and forth with each deep slow breath Billy took in his sleep.

Jean grinned a playful grin and looked once more at his face to be sure he still slept. Then she slowly slipped down the bed to his crotch level, being careful not to wake him. She looked once more at his face and gently took hold of his cock with her thumb and fourth finger. Holding it strait up she leaned over him and stuck her tongue out, trying to enter his pee hole with the tip of her tongue.

She heard him moan with pleasure in his sleep and she froze right then. She turned her head and watched him until he returned to the slow deep breathing of sleep. When she returned to her task she took the head into her mouth and sloshed her wet tongue all around the arrowhead crown. More moans, but this time she ignored them. She kept sloshing her tongue around and around, then back and forth. It wasn’t long before his cock started to get stiff enough to stand on its own in her mouth. She no longer needed her fingers to hold him up so she moved her fingers down his shaft to the scrotum. She started tickling it with her finger tips. Now Jean started moving her mouth up and down his cock. She could taste his dry cum along with her own.

Then she felt Billy’s hand touch the side of her face.

“Oh, Jean, what are you doing to me,” he gasped.

She looked up at him with her eyes sparkling. “I told you I wanted something warm and creamy for my dessert. You don’t mind, do you?” She purred in her sultry voice, then taking a few long strokes up and down his shaft with her broad and wet tongue.

No longer concerned about his being awake, her mouth plunged down over his now very erect cock. Each plunge a little deeper then the one before. Finally she pushed all the way to the base of his cock and was deep throating him. She was proud of herself that she didn’t gag on him. She found if she just relaxed her throat muscles it was not hard at all.

“Oh Jean, your mouth feels wonderful! I’m tingling all over, Jean, and I’m going to cum soon. Would that be alright?”

Jean didn’t stop to answer, she just nodded her head to tell him it was OK this time to cum.

Jean pushed one finger up his ass crack to his anus. She pressed gently into it but she did not want to force it. Another time when she taught him about anal sex she would use K.Y. Jelly. But he had learned enough for one day. She didn’t want to push him too fast. Give him time to absorb all that he had been taught so far.

“OH here it comes, Jean. I just can’t hold!!”

Jean backed off just a little on his cock. Now she sucked hard on the tip, building up enough suction almost like sucking a stiff milkshake through a straw.

Then for the second time that afternoon, he came. Straight up through the middle of his cock and right into Jeans hungry mouth.

Jean was sucking him like a crazy woman. A female vampire. She wasn’t after blood, though, just cum. She would have to have more of him. Time after time, more and ever more. Wonderful boy cock!!!!

After they settled down a bit, Jean came up into Billy’s embrace. She snuggled into into his arms and toyed with the few lonely hairs on his chest.

“Billy, you were wonderful” she breathed. “You are such a caring gentle young man. I would love to keep teaching you about girls and love making, Billy. Would you like that, Billy?”

Jean held her breath waiting for him to answer. Oh God please say yes, she prayed.

Oh, Gee, would you do that for me, Ma’am. I mean, Jean, would, you please? I would try my best to be a good student. You see, no one has ever cared enough to teach me anything like that. I would be ever so grateful, Jean. I’ll do anything that you tell me to do. Anything, you just name it.

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