Jeannette’s a Mommy Now

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Her face glowed as she sat at the small, brass-topped café table. She had always wanted them to meet somewhere intimate.

It had been years since he had even heard her voice, much less seen her precious face. He had not known what to expect. On the drive over flashes of older conversations revolved around explosions of photos of this woman sent across digital lines. Jeanette. Just saying her name aloud sent a rush of heat up his back. How many times had he heard her darkly sweet voice on the other end of a phone? Long, late night calls with the lights out. Lying in beds separated by snowy divides and long borders. Her voice was a low rush of emotion across the receiver, a haunting invitation into the down low worlds they walked together. And how many of those times had her lustful approach and their deeply passionate exchanges ended in more than a hot face, but a sweated neck, drips of sweet and furious fuck sweat rolling down his face?

Only she knew of his purest and wickedest secrets. He had given her whispers of imaginations brighter than fantasy and a tour through all the devious sexual alleys he has traveled. They often wondered if ‘perversion’ defined them. She had made him feel so natural, free. And all of this for years, a tight downward spiral into their physicality that reached up to the soul with a firm grip.

She let him call her Jeannette, only him though. She sent him panties in the mail in exchange for perfume. Photos of her shaven pussy came through e-mails. This was Jeannette, the princess whore of every man’s inner lust, the woman who wears heels in bed without you asking but who asks for everything back from you. “Baby, will you lick mommy under the table? Yes you can feel what’s missing now can’t you,” she had purred before. “Turn over boy,” she teased, wanting to taste across her tongue something no other girl would dare. She wanted him bareback, she wanted inside him as deep as he could get inside of her. She wanted it in the bathroom, the girl who would let your friends watch if she did not bring her girlfriend along that night. Jeannette was black leather chokers and latex, white silk scarves and g-strings, funky purple lipstick with thigh-high stockings, screams and begging, violence and passion, the schoolgirl naughtiness and diva kink, and still all pink cotton candy throughout.

Her face was glowing brightly when he found her in the corner of the café, her pale pink painted nails holding her cup.

“Hello,” she said shyly. Her eyes were big and sensitive, shining in soft pink glitter.

“You look…,” he began.


“You look…; well I don’t even have the words”

“That’s a first isn’t it? Sit down Reid, please.”

“Is this your regular café?”

“Yes, the waiters all know me here. They whisper a lot when they see Monica with me.”

Reid slowly moved his hand across the table. He could not wait longer to touch her, to feel her in the flesh.

“What will you drink?”

He just stared at her. In shyness, she turned her head across to the menu above the bar.

“Honey, do you want anything?”


“All of the coffees are wonderful,” she said.

“So many things were rolling in my head on the way here. It was like a flood being released.”

She smiled. Her heeled foot brushed across his boot.

“Do you want a beer or whiskey?”

“Will you drink with me then?”
“Oh, no honey I can’t.”
“Have one with me, wine even.”

“I want to watch you drink one. Waiter,” she called out in French.

He loved hearing her mother language. Often he had made her use it on the phone though he didn’t understand a word. It was another part of her being Jeanette.

He drank down the first glass of bourbon while she asked about the flight and then the drive. She wanted to know all about his emotions for Quebec and her. And the city they would share for a time. She told him about Michael, her lover and his trip to Paris that had given her this time with him. She talked too of Monica, her best friend and a previous third in some of their fantasies.

“Don’t worry nobody hear knows Michael. This is my café,” Jeannette whispered.

“I’m not even thinking of it. You konyaaltı kendi evi olan escort are mine now.”

“And I am,” she smiled. “And so are you, you are mine. We are ours,” she giggled sweetly.

“Have one drink with me,” he insisted.

“No, I’m thirsty for something else,” she smiled wildly, her heel scraping into his inner thigh. “Drink that last bit down,” she hissed. “I need to get home.”

“I need the bathroom first,” he told her.

“Go, go ahead. I want to get home first anyway. Take your time,” she smiled again.


Reid opened the door with the key she had slid across the table. Inside was dark and warm, a sudden break from the bright coldness outdoors. A fire blazed in the next room. Reid walked to the back room and poured out a straight whiskey from the bottle. He sat deep into the couch and laid his head back. Do not rush it, he told himself. Just let it all come out.

After some time Jeannette’s hands wrapped around the back of Reid’s neck. She stood behind the couch massaging his head, working her hands across his strong shoulders and up his neck. Her long pink nails scratched into his scalp, setting free stress. He was relaxed. And his heart heaved wildly in his chest. He let go now of all the work he had done to restrain the furious, almost violent passion in his head that had been building for the past months as they reconnected. She watched him becoming aroused and her pussy moistened as his chest heaved. Her nails scratched deeper into his head, massaging his ears in deep strokes.

Now he could smell her. Both her citrus perfume and her womanhood were rising to his aroused senses. He breathed all of her down, then the room, the scents, the candles and fire, the hotness of whiskey remaining on his tongue.

Slowly Reid’s hands moved to his crotch. His jeans were tight with lust. He rubbed himself, hands moving across denim, warm lust beginning to ignite as his manhood stiffened into exactly what Jeannette’s mouth had gotten wet for so many times before. Now she would finally see it for herself. Soon, she thought, she would taste it, devouring his cock in her sweet, hot mouth.

Reid unbuttoned his jeans, sliding his belt buckle to the side as his pace quickened. Jeannette’s hands fastened tightly on his shoulders. Her pussy was streaming warm wetness, a leak down her thighs. She pushed her cunt into the couch back, grinding with his rhythms.

“Show it to me,” she whispered, leaning over to flick her tongue across his hot ears. Her candy breath lit him. He opened his jeans to reveal his thick cock enveloped in his snug black boxers.

“Show it to me baby. You know how long I’ve waited,” she moaned into his ears. “Show Jeannette your sweet, hot cock.”

He slowly lowered the black boxer briefs, exposing the red tip of his enflamed cockhead. Slowly and deliberately, he stroked the top of his cock, working it into a rigid pole. The cotton felt good against his heavy balls, scraping them as he manipulated his jeans across his crotch.

Lowering his jeans, he sat with his legs wide pulling on his cock through his black briefs. Jeanette’s hands slid inside his black dress shirt, feeling his hot, hard chest down to his nipples. She gave each of them a hard pinch before unbuttoning his shirt, her lips meeting his with eyes closed as they locked into an upside down kiss. Warm, slippery tongues. Colliding passion. Released lust like floodgates opening. This was it, finally…

“What do you want the most?” she asked, leaning down across the couch. She watched him stroke his cock, now very free. The veins were thick and pulsing. She loved watching him pleasure himself.

“What do you want tonight, my baby?”

“I want what you want,” he moaned. He had never opened his eyes since she began the massage.

“How do you know what I want?” she purred.

“I know.”

“I want to see you eat your cum tonight Reid. Do you know that? I do. I want to feel your warm piss pouring down across my breasts. I want to know you are thinking of me and only me when you are pushing that rod into my asshole. You will be fucking me in the ass, won’t you konyaaltı otele gelen escort dear?”

“I want exactly what you want.”

“Do you want me to be your bitch or your princess dearest?”

“You are always both,” he moaned as his cock stiffened even harder with her words.

She licked his ear then, sticking her deft tongue into his ear canal, loving him hard. Both of Reid’s hands worked his cock, playing with his balls and loving her being behind, just her hands and tongue on him, her lips setting him off.

“I have so many special things for you baby,” she purred again.

“Yes, I have so many things to give you.”

“I have so many things to teach you,” he told her. “You will listen to me and you will do them. I know you will be my good little girl.”

“Tonight I will be even more,” she said, pausing between words to work her tongue across her cheek. “I will be the most you ever imagined me to be dear.”

“I have one very special thing. One wonderful surprise for you. It is only for you,” she told him. “Keep your eyes closed baby.”

Jeannette slinked around the couch, her high heels clicking on the wood floor. Reid had stopped stroking himself, resting his hands as they cupped his hot, thick sack.

Jeannette slipped across his legs, straddling standing up. She stood over him before letting him open his eyes.

“Look dear, look at me now.”

Reid’s opened eyes fixated on her sweet, glowing face. He traced down to her shining chest, sparkling. She wore a white lace top that tied together only with a single string across her lovely, full chest. Her breasts shined in the low light, her brown erect nipples viewable through the thin material. The tight string ran underneath her sumptuous, womanly breasts and looked ready to snap.

His eyes traced the opening as her sexy blouse parted and he saw her tanned flesh. He could not believe it though. His hands snapped up immediately to feel her.

“Do you love it?” she smiled down at him, taking his hands in hers.

Reid’s hands traced her belly, big and grown now with child.

He only smiled.

“I’ve been so good to keep this as your surprise, haven’t I? Haven’t I been the good girl? Your pretty pregnant girl.”

“Yes, it is wonderful baby. You look amazing. I can’t believe I didn’t notice at the café.”
“Of course dear, that is the way I had it set up. Including leaving when you were in the bathroom. Aren’t I your sweet naughty girl? Do not think about it as his child tonight. It can be ours. You will make mommy happy won’t you baby?”

“I want exactly what you want. You are so good to give this too me. And yes, you look wonderful. I was mad to fuck you before, now I will tear you apart.”

“You promise?”

At that, Jeannette leaned into him, untying the tight string to let her fat, swollen tits fall into his face.

“Suck on mommy’s tits baby. Please suck them for mommy. They haven’t been sucked right in such a long time.”

Reid did not need instruction. He was already sucking her left tit, milking it with his tongue and lips while his hands pushed and pulled on her heavy breasts.

“Oh, yes. That’s what I want,” she screamed, pulling his head deeper into her chest, her fingers pushing through his short brown hair.

Reid felt her hands slide down his chest and into his lap. She stood still, straddling across his thighs. Her tight, long legs ended in tall white heels strapped across her ankles. Her steaming pussy was wrapped in a tight white leather thong. She stroked his strong cock as he sucked down her full tits.

It was not much longer before Jeannette was over his face, her heels digging into the couch as she pulled her leather thong to the side. She had kept her pussy the way Reid loved it, shaven clean like a teenage girl. Her pussy reeked of sex. It called to Reid and his tongue moved quickly to please his naughty girl. Her hands pushed on his shoulders to hold herself up. She opened her eyes to watch Reid rubbing his cock for her, stroking in hard thrashes.

“Fuck yourself for me baby. Fuck…” she stammered. “Fuck, you lick my pussy so well. Deeper. konyaaltı rus escort Harder. Mmmmm.” she moaned.

Reid could not wait any longer. With her pussy gleaming from his spit and her sweet orgasms of cum dripping down her thighs, he turned Jeannette into the couch. The fire and their lust were making them both sweat now, their bodies mixing fluids with a shiny film. Reid pushed her deep into the couch, her swollen belly rubbing on the leather. Her tight ass swirled in the air invitingly. Her blonde hair clung to her sweaty wet neck and back.

“Come fuck me baby. Fuck your mommy and your girl. We both want to be fucked by you tonight. Come fuck us,” she hissed, slapping her ass.

“I want you so bad baby,” he moaned. “You look so beautiful right now. This is how I’ve wanted it for so many years.”

“Come fuck me baby. Reid I want you inside me. Come; come now I want to feel you deep inside me.”

He teased her with his cockhead, rubbing it across her slick shaven lips. In one quick stab, he pushed his whole manhood into her wet, open pussy walls. She grinded her ass into his crotch as he pushed as deep and slowly as he could into her cunt.

He slapped her ass hard. He slapped until it was red. Seeing the crimson marks excited him. As did her screams. His pace quickened into deep, hard and fast thrusts of power and sex. He slapped her harder and pulled her hair, biting her ear as she screamed into the hot room.

“Fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck me.”

He pushed and thrashed inside her, rubbing his hands across her thick belly. Just touching her swollen stomach made him ache in lust. He licked up her back and spit down on his hand. Lubing her asshole, Reid moved a finger inside as he rubbed slowly. He buried his cock deep into her pussy as his fingers explored her moist hole. She moaned in deep pleasure as he pushed deeper and deeper into her. She cupped her tits and began sucking her motherly breasts. She was cumming now, repeatedly with his thrusts.

“Don’t cum yet baby,” she ordered. “I want it on my face when you do.”

He pushed deep inside her pussy with a few more hard thrusts. Pulling out, he pushed her head down onto the couch, arching her ass and back into the thick, hot darkness.

“Give me your ass,” he demanded. He pulled her thong down her thighs, leaving it over one heel as he spread her legs wide. He rubbed spit onto her waiting hole, watching it drip down to her pussy. He mixed her pussy juice up into her asshole as she screamed and writhed in dark delight of what was coming next.

“Harder,” she shouted as his stone hard, hairless cock moved deep inside her ass. Her heels slammed onto the floor after each body-raising thrust.

“Yes, yes, yes,” she screamed. “Slap my ass. Spank your girl.”

It was all Reid could take for this round. He quickly pulled out and stroked his cock, making it last a little longer. Jeannette fell to the floor in front of him, worshipping his lovely cock gleaming with her juices. She rubbed and licked his sack as he watched. She parted his legs to reach back underneath, feeling his hot hole. Her wet hands probed him, one finger moving deep inside to open him as he had done to her. He rubbed his cock furiously at that, her tongue then moving inside his hole from underneath.

“Yes, stick it all the way up girl. Yes, do it,” he moaned. “Such a sweet bitch. Suck me,” he shouted.

His hands cupped his balls and solid manhood as she worked up his hole. He always knew the first round would be animalistic. The lovely sex, the sweet pink sex would have to wait. There were still so many nasty things he wanted to do to her. And so many more things Jeannette would have to perform.

He pulled her hair hard and moved her head back, tilting her chin up. His full, tight balls slapped against her mouth as she ran her nails up and down his strong, wide thighs.

“Yes, yes, give it to me Reid. Give it to me. I want all of it. Spray it all over me. Jeannette wants your seed in her mouth and all across her lovely belly,” she went on.

Reid tightened, shaking wildly with lust and the high watermark of his passion. His cock could not hold back the fountain of long-nights-waiting cum any longer. One hand reached behind Jeannette’s neck and the other worked his cock for the final strokes as he aimed his cum down to her face, an explosion across her sweet pink eyes and lips, a flood down to her full, heavy breasts. Jeannette arched back, licking the cream into her mouth as Reid sprayed the rest of his cum across her full, pregnant stomach, now covered in sweat and their love…

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