Jedrek in Barcelona


Author’s Note

This story is a work of fiction. Certain elements are drawn from real life experiences. But the characters are neither real persons, nor meant to represent real persons. This story contains explicit, bdsm, and rough sex scenes, which though involving consensual interactions between adult characters include moments pushing the edges of that consent and causing the characters to question their decisions. In some instances, the circumstances described mean the character would be unable to stop the action should he or she want. This is part of a fantasy that should remain fantasy. In some instances, engaging in the activities described could lead to injury. Some of the actions described may not actually be possible. Again, some fantasy should remain fantasy and only inform the real world.

This story includes drug and alcohol use and very rough sexual elements. If such things do not interest you, then don’t read it.


Chapter One: Lita Watching

“Hi, I’m Nyx,” she says.

“Jedrek, here you go,” he replies handing her the cigarette she was about to ask for. He smiles. “I figured it out when I saw you had a lighter in your hand.” He pushes his hand forward and she is forced to put the cigarette into her mouth quickly, so she has her hand free again to shake his. He gripes her hand tightly enough for her to feel his strength but doesn’t really squeeze it.

Jedrek had noticed a good deal more than the lighter as she had approached him walking lazily across the small, closed courtyard to which the smoking students had hustled for the day’s first break. Nyx, who was wearing a dark blue tube top that showed just a thin, olive band of her stomach above a loose-fitting pair of long, matching blue shorts that ended just below her knees. She was just over five feet tall. She had thick, long, slightly curly brown hair falling midway down her back around a soft face accented by large brown eyes resting beneath eyebrows that some might consider a bit too thick for a woman. Her nose was small and perhaps just a bit turned up at the end but not so that one would really notice without looking very closely. When her mouth opened, she flashed perfect little rows of small white teeth and a silver stud in her tongue. Her ears were unpierced. Her smile turned up sharply at the ends of her lips into deep dimples and high cheek bones. She had a small puzzle piece shaped scar—the sort of dent in the skin, not the discolored kind—on her forehead just above her left eyebrow. The scar was lighter in color than the rest of her skin, which had the dark hew of her Greek ancestry.

Nyx wore a hemp necklace with wooden beads, not a choker exactly, but one which hung just loosely enough to be off her neck without covering up her collar bone, which shone in the mid-morning sun just visible beneath her skin. Her breasts were not large. They looked both soft and firm sitting high on her chest. Her nipples poking small bumps in the fabric of her shirt made it clear she did not wear a bra. Along the sides, her torso sloped smoothly in on each side to a thin waist and her hips sloped back out from there as wide or a touch wider than her shoulders above. If she had lifted her tube top just a bit, Jedrek would have been able to see her flat stomach soft enough that, even if she stretched, her abs were not visible, around a flat, shallow, perfectly round belly-button, a feature of which she was immensely proud.

“Where are you from?” He asks the standard question. A summer language school for college students is full of people from all over.

“Greece, you?” She replies.

“The United States. Your English is good.”

“I’ll bet your Greek is terrible,” she answers. Jedrek isn’t a very American name.”

“It’s Polish. But it’s all Greek to me.”


“It’s an American expression. It means you can’t understand something. My Greek isn’t terrible though. I don’t know a single word. So, it isn’t anything at all. I know that my name is Polish. But I don’t speak any Polish either.”

They laugh together at his name and his apparently perfect placement in an American stereotype that holds all Americans speak only English and know nothing of their heritage. She goes to light her cigarette, but a bit of a breeze makes it difficult. Jedrek lifts his hand to offer a bit of a shield, but Nyx is already turning away from the wind. Jedrek takes the opportunity to continue checking her out.

With her back turned and her head and torso bent slightly forward as she cupps a hand around her lighter, Jedrek can see the vertebrae below a thin line of delicate dark hairs that runs about halfway down the back of her neck before disappearing. As she stands and takes a first puff, still not turning around again to face him, he sees that her back curves slightly in at the waist and that her shorts hang loosely over a round, plump butt that sticks out.

Nyx turns back towards Jedrek and looks up quickly, directly into his eyes. xslot She clearly catches him starring at her ass. But Jedrek does not look away from her. He looks right back into her eyes and, without moving, continues the conversation they had only just begun with an invitation.

“I’m going to lunch after the next class at the bakery across street. Wanna come with me?”

As Jedrek takes his eyes off hers to take a pull from his cigarette, she takes the opportunity to look him over. There were other people closer to her when she came out into the courtyard. She had come over to him looking for a cigarette because she thought he might be cute. But she really had not been sure.

Jedrek was nine inches taller than her making him of medium height. His hair, which despite his youth was starting to recede a bit, was dark brown and cut evenly and very short, akin to a military fashion. He kept a very short, but not quite neat, beard which did not hide his broad, square jaw or the dimple in the middle of his chin. He wore a dark red button up short-sleeve shirt made from thick, high-quality cloth, brand new darker colored blue jeans, and casual brown leather shoes that looked brand new. When he smiled, the edge of his face was all angles. His eyes were bright blue. Jedrek was muscular. His shoulders were broad, and his chest was shaped like a V. It pushed out the front of his shirt so that it seemed a bit tight around the chest though it was a reasonably loose fit otherwise. If he had raised his shirt, she would have seen deep lines defining eight separate muscles in two heavy set columns of four apparently floating around his belly button over the deep lines below them that proceeded on each side from the tops of his hips in a slightly downward slope towards the middle disappearing below his belt. His abs looked like marble thanks in part to their shape and sturdiness but also to the paleness of his skin. When he moved his arms and hands, she could see the muscles and tendons move in his forearms as the muscles in his upper arms swelled and filled his sleeves. His hands were large for his size. He was a bit self-conscious about them. It was the only thing he was self-conscious of even though others told him that was no problem at all. Even though most women found his oversized hands attractive. Because of this self-consciousness, he kept his fingernails perfectly manicured, his only even slightly effeminate feature.

Jedrek stood with his feet slightly apart, shoulders back, and head high. He would move his head quickly to engage anyone who talked to him and to look at anything that caught his attention, but he rarely seemed to move his feet or lower body as he stood. When he spoke, his voice was deep and loud. Nyx thought he looked solid and something in the way he looked at her gave her the thought that he just he might just decide to pin her down and fuck her at any moment. She sort of wanted to try it right here in the courtyard.

“Ok, I’ll come to lunch.” She says. “Can I bring my roommate? She seems kind of shy and we were going to stick together.”

“Of course. Tell her to come ahead. What’s her name and where’s she from?”

“Lita. She’s from Russia. Do you have a roommate?”

“Nope. I’ve got my own room.”

With the knowledge that he had a room to himself, her mind jumps again to sex. She tries to put the thought out of her mind. After all, they just met. But she really likes him.

“Have you done this language school thing before?” She says, wondering almost aloud if summer language school hook ups were his thing.

“Yep. Second summer in Europe. I went to Germany last year, where I didn’t learn much German, and now, I’ve come to Spain, to Barcelona, to learn Spanish in a city I’ve recently learned doesn’t speak Spanish. It’s a good thing none of you Europeans expect me to learn another language. The teachers think I’m hopeless.

“This is the first time for me.” Nyx says, dropping her cigarette and stomping on it a bit too hard for her little sandal adorned foot. “Will you tell me what to do?” She says with a wry smile that suggested she is not thinking about what sites to see or where to go for food.

“You don’t have to go to class much. That’s the good thing. They don’t tell on anyone. I expect they know we’re all here to have fun and don’t want to lose the business to the school across the way by ratting people out.”

“That’s good to know. What about rats?”

“No, not real rats. To rat someone out is to tell someone else the person did or is doing something they should.”

“Oh, thanks for the lesson!” She says with a bit too much pep.

A tone rings indicating the end of the break in the way the elevator at an expensive hotel indicates passing each floor.

“Meet ,e out front after the next class.” Jedrek says.

“Yes, sir!” Nyx replied like she was taking an order. And again with a bit too much pep to be appropriate. She sees a flash in Jedrek’s eye as she says xslot Giriş it as if he understood it as flirtatious, and she thinks to herself again, yes, sir!

“Hey, what does Nyx mean?” Jedrek calls as she turns to walk back to class.

“Goddess of the night.” She says almost whispering and then biting her bottom lip. “Jedrek?”

“No idea.” He quips.

“Of course.” She replies. “See you after class.”

Nyx walks back into the school careful not to look back but hoping and imagining that Jedrek’s attention follows her, and it does. She wonders if they are living in the same building, but she has forgotten to ask.

Jedrek and Nyx spent the next hour and half in class ignoring Spanish and thinking about each other. Jedrek, who was trying to think of other things to do with Nyx aside from lunch, had observed that Nyx, with her complete lack of make-up or nail polish, her baggy shorts, and her hemp necklace, must be some sort of hippy. He resolved to ask her to cut class after lunch the next day to tour the city looking at the works of Antonio Gaudi in the park Guell.

Nyx, who was a bit of a hippy, thought Jedrek looked confident enough to buy hashish from the dealers down by the beach she had seen but been too timid to approach. She also thought it would be a good excuse to be alone in his solo room together. She wanted to give him opportunity.

Nyx sits down next to Lita just before class starts and whispers in Lita’s ear, “we’re going to lunch with an American named Jedrek.”

Lita’s hair is almost white blond and cut short. Her skin is pale, smooth, and unblemished. Her nose is a bit rounded and a touch red at the tip. When she was little, children called her Rudolph. But those days are gone, and her nose is not nearly as red as it used to be. Her eyes are light blue. Her lips pink and glossy. She is slender. But her breasts are a bit large for her frame, plump, round, and high on her chest the way only a young woman’s ever are. Her nipples give her breasts a slightly upturned point. She wears no bra, indeed nothing under the jumpsuit, and so her nipples are quite visible to anyone who cares to look. are quite visible to anyone who cares to look. Her stomach is flat, abs just visible when she turns, stretches, or flexes. Her waist is tiny; her hips, just wide enough. From behind, her toned butt push out just slightly outward. Her legs are long, thing, and perfectly smooth. Her feet are a bit big. She keeps her finger and toenails trimmed short and carefully manicured. She wears no make up or polish, but sometimes puts a touch of pink glitter in her hair.

At 19, Lita is still very young and her social and sexual experience had been limited not only by her shyness but also because she is not truly sure whether she likes men or women, or both, and neither Russian society, nor her rather traditional family encouraged much experimentation. The aggressive overtures of men and boys obsessing over her appearance turn her off. Lita longs for a calmer approach. It is not their aggression or desire she dislikes but the crass manner in which so many men present it. She likes Nyx immediately and not just because Nyx relieves some of Lita’s anxieties by sticking with her.

“What’s his name?” She whispers in Nyx’s ear trying to be interested in what interests Nyx. Nyx smells of coffee, cigarettes, and aloe.

“Jedrek,” Nyx whispers back repeating herself. “It will be fun. You will see.”

Lita shivers a bit as Nyx’s lips touched her ear. She tries to stop this, embarrassed that Nyx might notice but fails as the shiver runs through her body from head to toe.

“And we go out? Not to the school cafeteria?” Lita asks not so accidently brushing cheek against Nyx’s cheek as she turns for Nyx’s ear and noting how very soft and smooth Nyx’s skin is. Lita suddenly wished she had the courage to steal a kiss in class in front of everyone. Maybe, she thinks, if she kissed Nyx’s cheek, Nyx would kiss her back.

“Yes. He said there is a baker down the street,” said Nyx. This time Nyx tilts her head towards Lita touching Lita’s forehead and causing Lita’s lips to touch her ear. Lita imagines she is doing it on purpose but is not quite sure.

When Jedrek, Lita, and Nyx get back to the dormitory that night, Lita wears a jumpsuit she dared to wear to the club Jedrek invited them to at lunch, La Paloma. It was an old theater with the seats cleared out of the middle, a large stage, DJs, oldies, then pop, then house after midnight. The old box seats along the edges served as booth for resting and drinking. Jedrek and Nyx had danced with abandon and drank mojito after mojito. Lita had two and was a bit shy about dancing, but she had had fun. Jedrek had proven quite capable of drinking, dancing, talking, and warding away the creepy guys in the club. He made fun of some of them for walking around with two drinks and no girl. One had gotten into his face. But Jedrek had simply stood his ground and pushed the man xslot Güncel Giriş away with a sharp stare. In that moment, Lita had been afraid not for herself or Jedrek, but for the creeper. Jedrek was solid and the way he carried himself, the intensity with which he had stared the man down, gave the impression he was capable of considerable violence. It surprised her. But as the man walked away and Jedrek playfully scooped Nyx up into his arms and carried her to the bar, where Nyx had ordered and drank from her perch against his chest, Lita felt warm and safe. She liked Nyx. She liked Jedrek. She hurried to stick with them and felt a bit of relief to see Jedrek looking back for her and pausing as he moved through the crowd to make sure she was keeping up.

When Jedrek had danced, he seemed easily able to keep up with two girls. He danced with each of them individually. He danced between them, behind them around them. Sometimes he danced by himself. He had seemed to Lita to have no shyness or embarrassment, just fun.

When they left the club, he had flagged down a cab. Held the door for Nyx, then took Lita’s hand, lead her around the other side, and held the door for her. He had gotten in the front to direct the driver. Lita had stolen glimpses of him in the rear-view mirror. Sometimes he had caught her and held her eyes with her own so she couldn’t look away. Nyx had hung her head out the window in the breeze and shared a cigarette with Lita practically sitting in Lita’s lap as she did playing with her mouth. Lita had ceased hiding her enjoyment of Nyx’s attention and touched her hands, her arms, and even her face. Jedrek held the doors again and took one girl on each arm to walk to

Lita’s jump suit is red and black stripped with thinner white strips at odd intervals. A zipper runs from below her belly button up to her collarbone. Around her thin neck, she had loosely fitted a red and gold tie. She wears no bra, indeed nothing under the jumpsuit, and so her nipples are quite visible to anyone who cares to look. From behind, the jump suit is sheer enough that one can see her skin in the right light. Nyx hasn’t changed. Jedrek has purchased some Hashish from the African guys by the beach, who he tells Nyx and Lita are really very nice.

As they ride up the elevator, towards Jedrek’s room, he rolls a joint while Nyx and Lita dance together. Lita has never been around someone like Nyx. She drinks. She smokes. She smokes hash. She dances. She kissed two strange girls at the club. Right now, she has her back to Lita, holds Lita’s tie over her shoulder, and grinds her hips back into Lita, who is watching intently her over Nyx’s shoulder as Nyx’s body swivels and sways. When they reach the ninth floor, Nyx pulls Lita out of the elevator by the tie and prances down the hall. Jedrek follows them just finishing the joint.

“Which room is it Jeddy?!” Calls Nyx. Lita notes the nickname and wishes she could become so familiar so quickly.

“Last one on the right!” He calls ahead.

When they reach the end of the hall, Jedrek hands Nyx the joint and unlocks the door as she lights. They enter the room and Lita stands back against the wall watching them. They seem like they’ve been friends for a while. Nyx dances her way over to the window and looks out over the city smoking the joint. Jedrek goes to a mini-fridge in the corner and returns with three Hoegaarden’s. He snaps of the caps and hands one to Lita, then trades Nyx hers for the joint. He breaths deeply, holds, and expels a cloud of strange smelling smoke. Lita has never smoked hash, though she does smoke cigarettes.

Nyx takes the joint from Jedrek, who sits on his bed, puts his feet up on a chair and drinks deeply. Nyx walks over to Lita.

“Try this. Pull.” Nyx turns the joint around holding it in her lips. Lita puts her lips around the other end of the joint to take a drag. Nyx blows out as Lita blows in and Lita’s lungs are filled with earthy smoke. Nyx pulls back, removes the joint from her mouth and smiles at Lita as Lita coughs. Lita head feels a bit light and her body tingles all over. Nyx dances away again to look for food in the fridge. Lita watches her go longing to be that close, face to face, again, and wondering what the hashish will do to her. Jedrek stands, crosses the room, and leans back next to Lita watching Nyx with her.

“You want her?” He whispers in Lita’s ear.

“Yes,” she barely breaths.

“But you’re a too shy to make the first move?”

“Can you help or something?” Rita cannot believe the question she’s asked.

“Of course, I can.” Jedrek answers. “Nyx! Come over here,” Jedrek calls.

Nyx returns with a wedge of Camembert between her teeth and a bunch of grapes in her hand. She stops in front of Jedrek and looks up at him without eating the cheese. She just holds it there between her teeth as she looks at him.

“Do you want to do something to her?” Jedrek asks Lita. Nyx can hear. She takes the cheese out of her mouth and eats a few grapes.

Rita doesn’t answer Jedrek.

“You want her to do something to you?”

No Answer.

Nyx chomps down the rest of the grapes smiling.

“You want me to tell her what to do to you?” Jedrek asks Lita.