Jeff and his Coworker Liz

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When I first saw Liz, we both worked in a bank in dead end positions. She worked in another unit. My first impression of her was that she was a bitch. She had an attitude about her and did not seem overly friendly toward me or anyone really.

My second impression was that she also kind of hot. Fairly tall for a girl, standing about 5’8” with long dirty blonde hair and piercing blue/green eyes. While I was a boob man for sure, Liz was not overly busty but I learned very quickly that her main ASSet was her tush and her long shapely legs. Her tits were more like baseballs than softballs and appeared to be aided with some bra padding but there didn’t seem to be a pair of pants that didn’t cling to her butt and draw the attention of all the males (and likely some females) in the office.

I found out through the grapevine that Liz was 37 and had three young children which surprised me on both accounts as she didn’t look older than 32, and she was a full 10 years older than me! I was dating someone at the time for about a year, whereas Liz had been married for 6 years. We clearly had little in common and nothing to talk about which is why I sensed her curtness anytime we were forced to interact in the office.

All of that changed, however, when I went for an evening run one summer night after work, something I did frequently on one of the three or four trails near the office. I would work a bit later those nights and change in the bathroom for my run so as few people as possible would see me dressed so casually. I would then drive to the trails, do my run, and head home to shower and relax.

On this particular night, I was about a mile into my run, getting lost in the music of my headphones while checking out the occasional bouncing set of tits or hot ass in yoga pants running near me when I saw that I was gaining ground quickly on what looked to be the best ass I’d ever seen. She was wearing light blue tight pants and a white shirt with her blond hair in a ponytail, swaying as she moved. I admired that sexy ass for about 20 seconds as I approached and passed her by, turning slightly to my right to get a view of her front. It was then I realized it was Liz from my office. I am not sure if she recognized me or even looked as I passed her but as I finished up my next few miles, I had the image of her light blue clad ass sashaying back and forth etched into my brain. I would not have taken her for a runner although now that I thought about it, her shapely long legs and round bottom definitely hinted of running or spinning.

I had mapped out my run to end when I looped back around to my car and as I got back to stretch and catch my breath before heading home, I saw a minivan parked in the next spot over. Remembering that I heard she had kids I wondered if this was Liz’ minivan and my ponderings were soon confirmed as I saw a blonde ponytail emerge from the end of the trail and approach the lot. As Liz got closer she had a look of nervousness, seeing a man near her car at dusk when it was difficult to see and pretty empty by now. But as she reached her car and saw my face, she immediately eased her tense look and smiled at me, my mental records indicating it was the first of its kind.

I smiled back and told her I had no idea she ran, that I run here often and have never seen her here. She told me how she just starting running here because she needed a place to get her workout in before going home to deal with her husband and kids. This was her few minutes to be alone before all of that, which made sense to me.

While she spoke to me I admit I did let my eyes drop to catch a glimpse of her chest, which, in her white tank top and blue bra sticking out underneath, did look really sexy and actually a bit bigger than I’d thought. Her ample cleavage was glistened in sweat and for the first time up close, I saw just how attractive Liz really was. When she turned to put her right leg up on the bumper of her car to begin her stretches, I got treated to a front row seat for watching her gorgeous ass stretching the material of her tight, sweat soaked pants.

I tried my best not to stare because I could feel my cock starting to inflate under my running shorts so I quickly looked away and focused on my own stretching while we exchanged a little more small talk before she unlocked her car, told me she’d see me tomorrow, and headed off.

I went home and immediately hopped in the shower, where I stroked my hard cock thinking about Liz in a new light. My mind went right to her hot ass and thinking about her long legs which I imagined were sexy and smooth. I had just started to ponder whether her pussy would be shaved or hairy when the sensation of everything hit me and I shot rope after rope of hot cum onto the shower floor. I finished up and got dressed, heading into the kitchen for something to eat, my cock still semi hard.

I forgot to mention I still lived with my parents at the time. I know, 27 years old and still at home, but I was saving up money Sinop Escort for my own place plus my office was close by so as much as it had its downsides, there were also pluses. The obvious downside was my inability to bring women home with me, not that I would be bringing one home every night if I lived alone, but still it made things tougher on me if I went out to the bars with my friends and met someone. That night, as I laid in bed I couldn’t fall asleep because I couldn’t get my brain to shut off the images of Liz’s body so I went with it. I pulled my hardening dick out of my boxers and I rubbed it for no more than 5 minutes before I came again for the second time in a few hours while thinking of Liz. I was finally able to fall asleep.

At work the next day, I almost felt a little bad when I saw Liz, knowing that I had used her body to get off multiple times without her even knowing about it but when she came by my desk to chat, I stopped feeling bad. She wore a red sweater over a white shirt but she also wore a checkered skirt that went down to her knees. For the first time, I had a glimpse of her sexy legs and could easily imagine what the non-visible portion looked like. I gave her the once over as she spoke, and she giggled when I had to ask her to repeat herself.

“I said how was the rest of your night after you got home from your run?”

“Oh, sorry. It was ok. I went home and showered and ate and relaxed.”

“Same here,” Liz replied. “I got home and the kids were bouncing off the walls and my husband was in another room rather than caring for them so I had to scarf down some food and put them to bed.”

“Sounds like your workout didn’t end with the run! How old are your kids?”

“They are 4, 6, and 8, a boy and two girls. They are fairly well behaved but my husband barely helps me with them when he’s home, which is rare because he always goes away on business.”

“Oh man,” I replied. “Sounds pretty tough.” I wasn’t really sure what else to say, I was still a bit surprised that Liz was suddenly stopping by my desk to chat and talk to me about her life.

“Yeah. Oh well. Anyway, are you married? Any kids?”

“Not yet on either account for me, I’m only 27 and I’m a bit embarrassed to say I still live with my folks.”

“Oh wow, I figured you were a few years older than that! And don’t be embarrassed, I love my kids but if I could go back and be single and live at home for a few more years I would in a heartbeat.”

There was something about the way Liz said the word “single.” Or maybe it was the look on her face. It hadn’t gone unnoticed by me that in this short time she had eluded to issues with her husband more than once.

Our office frowns on chatter and socialization so I turned to get back to work as she headed back toward her unit. As she walked away, she turned and causally said that maybe she’ll see me around at the trail again. And yes, I watched her legs and ass until she disappeared. The skirt wasn’t doing much to show off that booty but it still had an effect on me.

Liz and I had no further interaction that week but the following Monday I left work and made my way to the trail and as I pulled up in the parking lot, I saw Liz’ minivan also pulling up. We must have just missed each other in the work parking lot. As she got out, I saw that she had already changed into her running clothes which consisted of a black tank top and tight black pants that had a see through stripe along the legs. They didn’t really reveal much but she did look hot, especially with her blonde hair up in a ponytail, as opposed to how she wears it down at work.

“Oh hey Jeff. Was wondering if you’d be down here tonight. I haven’t been back since I saw you last time. My kids were all sick and I even had to stay home from work one day to be with them. My husband told me he couldn’t miss his next business trip to watch them. I am in desperate need of this workout since I’ve been cooped up at home.”

“Damn that sucks”, I said. “Well if you’re looking for a challenge, I know I run at a bit of a faster pace than you but we can try running together and if you need to slow down, that’s fine.”

“Yeah you definitely run faster than me, but sure! Let’s see how long I can last. Just let me stretch a bit and I’ll be ready.”

We both stretched out our legs and she was totally focused on her stretching which gave me plenty of time to be totally focused on her. I imagined what it would be like to just throw her down on the backseat of her minivan and rip those clothes off of her sexy body. I immediately started to feel the blood making its way to my dick and I forced myself to look away and think about anything else I could.

Our run started off fine, we both listened to our own music as we headed into the wooded part of the trail but I could soon hear her labored breathing over my music so I lowered my volume and asked if she was ok.

“I need to slow down, I’m dying trying to keep Sinop Escort Bayan pace with you.”

“No problem, let’s slow to whatever pace you want and we’ll get this run completed.”

“You don’t have to slow down, Jeff. I feel bad. You came out here to get a good workout in too and I’m holding you back.”

The next words out of my mouth haunted me for the rest of the night and week.

“Well if you’re sure then ok. I will probably catch you on my way back toward the cars.”

And I ran ahead on my own, leaving Liz behind to run at her slower pace alone just so that I could get in a better workout and admittedly try to show off a bit with my athleticism. When I returned to my car, she was already gone.

What I obviously should have done was just run with her at whatever pace she wanted but I didn’t and so I spent the rest of the night replaying my words and actions and hating myself for it. Not that anything was going to happen between us, she was married with kids and I was way younger and lived at home. But still, what a dumb thing to have done and I couldn’t imagine what she must have thought.

At work the next day, I did see Liz but we pretty much didn’t interact. It wasn’t until after work as we both got to our cars in the lot that I told her I was sorry for not just running together. She told me she had gotten a cramp and walked back to her car which is why she was gone when I got back there. I asked her how she was feeling now and she said slightly better but she was going to skip running the rest of the week. I told her that sounds smart, no need to get more injured and as she got into her car she said maybe we can grab lunch tomorrow. It was half question and half statement. I usually ate lunch with one or two guys from my department but I told her I was definitely down for that.

The next morning I made sure I was dressed in my nicer work clothes, and fine, I even sprayed a tiny bit of my good cologne before I headed into work. When I got in, I saw Liz walking by heading toward the coffee area. She wore a pair of light gray, pinstriped pants that hugged her hips and accentuated her butt, a blue blouse that exposed just a bit of her small but ample cleavage, and dark heels. She always looked pretty nice but I felt like today she went out of her way to look just a little nicer.

Twenty minutes later I walked over to her desk and asked if she still wanted to get lunch.

“Sure. Do you? I was thinking the pizza place right up the block?”

“I’m definitely down for that. We can meet there at 12:30?”

“It’s foolish to take two cars there, I will drive us.” I replied that her plan sounded perfect.

When I went back to my desk, I thought about how the gossip tends to fly in this small office setting and that surely my riding with Liz and going to lunch was going to catch the attention of several people. But what did it really matter, we were just getting lunch.

I stared at the clock until it was time to go and Liz and I headed over to eat, exchanging small talk along the way. I noticed how immaculate she kept her minivan, pretty impressive considering three young kids. When we got there I made sure to walk just a step behind her so I could check out what those pants were doing to her ass.

Lunch went by fast. We spoke about work mostly but then Liz made some comments about her personal life, again hinting at issues with her husband without actually saying that to me. I didn’t really know how to respond so I told her she should sign up for this race that was coming up next month. I was already signed up and I figured she would enjoy it.

“Sounds like so much fun! Can you send me the info and I’ll see if the date works?”

“Sure, I’ll email it to you when we get back to work.”

“Oh stop it, give me your phone!” And she entered her number into my phone and dialed it so that she would now have mine.

Later that night, I was doing what I normally did at night on a weekday, jerking off to some porn when my phone buzzed. I was pumped when I saw that it was from Liz.

“The date works. Just signed up. Now u gotta train with me.” A smiley face concluded her text.

I smiled as my cock got even harder, happy that we’d spend more time together. I wrote her back about the race and told her when I was free to train. Our back and forth via text went on for about 30 minutes, mostly about running but a bit about just random things like television shows. But we were becoming closer and I was intrigued and crazy about her body. The more I got to know her, the more I realized while she still may be a bit bitchy and she still may have an edge to her, it wasn’t directed toward me and I found her even hotter.

We texted goodnight to each other after making plans for a longer run on the weekend. When Saturday came, we met up at a different trail that was longer and hillier. This time Liz wore shorts, those black boy shorts more and more girls are wearing Escort Sinop these days. They showed off almost all of her gorgeous long legs leading up to her ass which was showing its usual great shape. She also wore a white tank again and we started off at her pace this time. The slower pace allowed us to talk while we ran since we weren’t out of breath.

“So do you have a girlfriend?”

“Where did that come from??”

“Ha I am just making conversation so we can get through this run. I’ve told you my status!”

“I know. No I don’t have a girlfriend at the moment but I did recently break up with someone I’d dated for a year.”

“What happened?”

“I don’t know. At first we were so into each other but then I just kind of lost interest, I can’t even explain it.”

“You don’t have to, I totally get it.”

Again there was something in Liz’ inflection that hinted at her unhappiness with her husband or maybe even her life.

The next several minutes of running were done in silence, with me stealing quick glances at the bounce of her ample chest and her sweat soaked boy shorts. Her legs looked perfect and I was imagining what it would be like to touch her and maybe even get between her smooth thighs. The truth was, I was 27 years old and horny and I had an attractive woman paying some attention to me. I honestly didn’t care much that she was married. My thought was, if anything were to actually happen between us which I highly doubted, the fact that she was married was her problem. That may not have been the right attitude to have but I didn’t care. The more time we spent together, the more I was into her and she dropped subtle hints and little flirty things that made me think she might possibly be into me too.

At home that night, I was surfing the web on my laptop and realized I had never tried looking Liz up on Facebook so I searched for her, hoping to hit a jackpot of photos that I could use to fuel my jerking off, as I had done with countless other girls I’d met. Unfortunately a search for her name brought up zero results. As I continued to browse Facebook, however, I saw that someone had commented on a coworker’s post and the little photo looked like it could have been Liz. I clicked on it and sure enough, it was Liz’ Facebook page, she was under Lizzy Michelle, which I assumed was her middle name. It seemed evident that she didn’t want to be found easily, and it was also not lost on me that she was not under her married name!

Luckily for me, her photos were public and I was settling in for some good stroking material. Yes I could have friend requested her, and I planned to, but I got the impression that she liked to keep work separate from her personal life so while I had unrestricted access to her photos, I figured may as well check them out.

Holy shit! Jackpot! I found a photo album of Liz and some girl friends at a beach on some tropical vacation. First I saw pics of Liz in tank tops and skirts but then I came across several of her in a bikini. The ones in her pink bikini showed off long sexy legs leading up to what I already knew was a gorgeous and shapely ass. The bikini top may have been helping a bit, but her tits looked to be spilling out of the sides a bit. She had a sexy smile in all of these shots and I wondered what trouble she may have gotten herself into on this vacation. Lord knows if I saw her running around the beach or pool in that bathing suit I would have creamed my pants on the spot. There was one photo of all the girls, maybe 6 of them, with their back to the camera bent over, purposely trying to show off their butts in a sexy way. I knew I was going to be up late going through all of these.

Another album showed family photos of Liz and her kids. None of these photos had her husband in them. In some of these photos, Liz looked stunning in cute skirts and tight tops but the fact that her kids were in these shots made me quickly skip ahead until I found her Vegas album!

What looked to be a bachelorette party, this album had photos of Liz and other hotties in their sexiest evening wear. We’re talking about short skirts, tight tube tops showing off cleavage, shots where the girls were smooching each other or posing in sexual ways. Needless to say I didn’t make it to the next album.

As the race got closer, Liz and I ran together 2 or 3 more times. Each time, her outfits made me crazy and she was certainly getting flirty with me. It was not my imagination. For example, she mentioned how she tries to hit the gym 3 times a week because she wants to be a cougar. As if, she needed to stay fit because she plans to be vying for younger male attention at some point! I tried to play coy and pretend either I didn’t hear her comments or I didn’t push her for explanations.

The race was now a week away and Liz and I were now Facebook friends and had become fairly close actual friends, texting daily and getting lunch together once a week. It was Friday night and I was home with no plans. My folks were away for the weekend and I bought a 6 pack of beer and planned to lay in bed playing online poker while I drank them. Not a bad sounding night by any means in my opinion. I figured it would be capped off with a few rounds of rubbing my cock to some porn and likely a few Liz photos.

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