Jelly Belly

Arya Fae

Jane was a studious, high-performing young lady at a prestigious university, indecisive about what to major in despite her excellent performance in all of her classes. Instead of creating a fully fleshed-out college plan, however, Jane had a secret: she was into… blueberry inflation? Yes, as peculiar as that may sound, nothing could seem to make her soil herself in only minutes than fantasizing about becoming big and round like a giant beach ball dyed blue. Nobody in her college would ever suspect she would’ve even be capable of human emotion, however, as she put on a stern, cold persona and was always serious about her studies, rarely smiling in class. But even the most solemn of bookworms had to handle their raging hormones in some way, and Jane’s way of doing it was to forever remain a mystery to all in town.

Online one night as she had consumed content about this rather eccentric kink, she came across a forum that was titled “Searching for Inflation Volunteers.” The post’s thread stated that the poster owned a large facility in which he recruited volunteers— preferrably big body inflation enthusiasts— to visit his factory. Called the Filling Corp, the factory’s owner was a genius chemist who created treats, sweets and fruity goods to feed volunteers to inflate them quite tremendously. He’d extract the juices, jelly and cream (when applicable) from them to sell as fillings for mass-production candy & pastry factories to use as part of their ingredients. Dozens of frenzied users replied “Please message me! … Sending a DM right now, holy shit!… Please email me here…” with silly emoticons that indicated arousal.

Relieved that there were other people that had wet dreams about inflation, the student read on and soon grew morbidly curious about the recruitment process. She sent a formal email to the poster, nicknamed “Mr. Bluebottom” and was surprised to see the professionalism in his responses, where he answered questions and confirmed many details about it to Jane. She was surprised to find the address was actually close to her current residence, only roughly an hour away from her temporary home near campus, and she offered to visit the factory every Saturday to become inflated and produce blueberry-flavored juices and jelly. Ecstatic, she was accepted straightaway, now finding herself in front of the factory’s gates about 45 minutes away from school.

Within the email, she couldn’t help but describe how she wanted to swell up, caving in and telling Mr. Bluebottom about her ultimate dream: consuming blueberry jelly beans that would make her grow up to 20 feet tall, but before that… she wanted to grow her stomach by sucking off Mr. Bluebottom while he himself was flooded with juice, his cock a “milking” source for the stuff. He obliged, preparing a quick solution to drink where he made his belly bulge and hips & thighs so big he struggled to stumble to the factory’s main entrance. As Jane walked into the factory, her heart racing with excitement, she gasped. She saw the scientist’s blue, large figure, seeing his cock also inflate to be a foot long as his veins throbbed and blueberry juice dropped out of his tip, indeed having a “blue bottom.” He smiled lewdly, actually rather attractive (despite his body’s current state), Jane introducing herself with an aroused gloss forming in her eyes.

“Welcome to the Filling Corp team, Miss Jane,” Mr. Bluebottom chuckled, waddling over to Jane, his stomach making sloshing sounds.

“H-Hello… oh… you’re big and blue…” the girl said as her slit already began to drip from arousal.

“Yes, exactly as you requested~! Are you pleased? If you couldn’t tell, I have a huge~ fetish for inflation too… I started my factory not for the money, no no— it was all so I could help me and wonderful people like you get off on our wildest dreams of blowing up. Mmm~… I’d never been given a request like yours for an inflation procedure, so I’m definitely goinh to cherish it,” he growled in a raunchy tone, his enormous, juicy cock twitching as his bloated body further turned on Jane.

Jane nodded, “Y-Yeah~… u-umm… Escort Bayan well, since you’ve prepared… can we start right away…? I-It’s just that, oh… while I’m studying in university, I can’t help but indulge in fantasizing about being inflated with blueberry juice… and your cock… it’s so big and juicy~! I want to devour it and feel you pump me up with juice… and more, of course.”

“No problem at all, ma’am. We’re here to please all of our volunteers, no matter how ‘dirty’ or ‘taboo’ your ideal inflation scenario may be. Seeing as you’re ready to begin, seeing you drooling at such a sight like this, hmmhmm~… Let’s formally begin the procedure. In order to prevent your clothes from being shredded apart by accident during your inflation process, please place your clothes over there. My staff will assign you a locker number to reclaim your items as we proceed; your locker number is 17-38.”

Jane drooled as she quickly stripped, not believing that an off-handed “fantasy” she masturbated about was actually going to come true. Oh, to think she’d get big and blue from a large cock’s juice…! She smiled to herself, excited and ready to drink up. The chemist smiled, preparing himself for a very sexy blowjob. Moments later, Jane was on her knees. Mr. Bluebottom moaned as he felt the university student begin to slowly yet sensually extract blueberry juice from him. Jane lapped up the tip here and there and then went back to sucking it up like a popsicle stick. The juice felt warm and tasted amazing, the flavor prancing on her tastebuds as she felt her belly grow. She moaned erotically, feeling her once slim thighs expand as her belly button popped out, her belly stretching out as her skinned began turning blue. Gulp, gulp, gulp… The juice just kept going down, never seeming to stop, growing thicker as the chemist’s semen merged with the juices. He hadn’t felt this good from anything in years, considering to let Jane move into the factory just so that he could keep working with such a wonderful volunteer. Oh yes… he’d love to fuck blueberry juice into her mouth forever!

“Yes, yes… keep sucking… yes…! Keep sucking…! Get all of the juice out…” he bucked his shrinking hips in pleasure, unable to control his cock from not cumming on Jane’s chest after feeling such a warm, lovely mouth milk him.

“Oh~… for being the first of my volunteers to have such an erotic fantasy about our services, you’re incredibly skilled. I’m incredibly pleased to have read you’ll be a frequent visitor… I’m already hard thinking about how much fun we’ll have together.”

Mr. Bluebottom couldn’t help but pet Jane’s head, feeling himself grow horny and losing his professional exterior, his cock still erect albeit now reduced to 6 inches in its standard length. Seeing Jane with an inflated body as beautiful as the ones before was a real turn-on for the eccentric scientist. He moaned as Jane kept sucking him off, drooling at the sight of Jane’s petite body now overstuffed and blue.

When she finished “milking” out all of the blueberry juice from the scientist’s cock, their body frames seemed to have been swapped. Jane was now imcredibly large and looked as if she’d deliver sextuplets, admiring her bloated belly in the mirror next to her. Her bottom half was large and all of her skin was an intense blue-violet, rubbing her belly as she struggled to stand up. The chemist guided her to her chamber, Jane staggering slowly as she looked at the occupied rooms. Leaking juice from her slit as she walked, her swollen belly bounced as it made sloshing sounds. An ultra-horny Mr. Bluebottom rubbed his velvet-gloved hand on it, Jane shivering at the feeling.

She saw men grow after each bite of a scrumptious-looking donut and seeing vanilla cream and grape jam being extracted from swollen volunteers. They all loved getting inflated and their moans, deep to high-pitched and from pleasured to utterly orgasmic, were music to both the ears of Jane and Mr. Bluebottom. Jane could definitely get used to doing this a lot… especially to the nice sound of Bayan Escort hearing the juice bounce around in her tummy. She even considered majoring in chemistry to help The Filling Corp company expand further (no pun intended)! Mmm… to think she’d get a real “jelly belly” soon was quite a thrill. And the impulsive career path idea sounded exciting to Jane too.

“Fret not, Miss Jane… your time to join our colossal-bellied team is coming… and I’m going to cum too,” Mr. Bluebottom smirked with a lustful gaze, the student growing a naughty grin to accompany his as they entered the tall-ceiling chamber.

“Here, you will be fed approximately 100 jelly beans, each designed to create 50 gallons of blueberry jelly within a subject. Together they will make your body grow until you’re 20 feet tall as you requested in your email prior to your visit. Once your inflation is complete, we will extract all of the jelly out of you through your vaginal entrance via a special tube paired with the feeding machine. You will be extracted fully and your skin color will become normal like nothing ever happened. Once you’re ready, please stand in the center of the room.”

Following Mr. Bluebottom’s instructions carefully, Jane made her way to the middle, hearing and feeling the tube slowly enter her slit, the clitoris left untouched; it would swell up like the rest of her body. The university student licked her lips in anticipation, seeing the machine move, presenting to her mouth a miniature line of jelly beans which looked overfilled themselves. She took one and tasted it, feeling the goody explode in one bite, the taste absolutely divine. It was so good… the way it gushed around and felt creamy and thick as she gulped it down was pleasant. Jane helped herself to indulging in the beans rapidly, hooked on the taste and craving more. She had handful after handful of the jelly beans, feeling juice from when she sucked Mr. Bluebottom’s dick leak out of her.

The chemist smiled to himself, in-hand as he heard other volunteers orgasming as they exploded, licking his own lips with arousal as he saw bellies the size of elephants facing the chamber doors, getting even hornier at the sight and imagining how much they were still growing. He turned to face Jane, starting to jack off as he heard Jane’s bulging stomach gurgle. The inflation would be nice and slow so that he can take his time masturbating; Jane’s fantasy was incredibly sexy and he couldn’t wait to see her become helpless and morph into the ultimate jelly belly. He considered drinking jelly out of her next time so that they could both be big and blue together, possibly even at the size she requested. Thinking about swelling himself up was already making precum leak out from his tip.

The college student groaned, “Ah~… I feel so full…!” as she held her oversized stomach.

She felt it start to expand slowly, soon unable to fold her arms together around it. Fuck, it was so good… She felt the gallons of jelly begin to expand within as she saw looked down, her belly covering her enlarging thighs and hips. Her breasts began to grow as well, her body becoming round… but slowly. She moaned at her slow-paced blueberry inflation, Mr. Bluebottom stroking his cock as he saw the once petite-sized girl become a giant ball with a sexy jelly belly. He wanted to cum all over her belly, growing heavy breathing as his volunteer fattened up nice and big.

Jane felt her calves and bosom widen, the girl soon feeling her arms gradually swell up with juice too. Feeling as if the ocean were growing inside of her, the student couldn’t help but savor the moment gleefully. My god… she really was blowing up! Her waist vanished as she began to become shaped like a ball, moaning in euphoria as she felt her back and neck disappear too. Moments later, she grew too big to stand up on her colossal-wide legs, her belly overtaking her other inflated body parts and the student helplessly growing. Too busy enjoying her swelling to notice the chemist pumping himself aggressively to her growth, Jane was in bliss as she felt Escort her body start to feel dense and heavy as she heard gallons upon gallons of blueberry jelly inside her ginormous stomach only grow louder and louder with each inch of expansion. She felt her body lazily lay on her growing belly, now a raging royal blue. Helpless to shift around, she loved it.

“I’m so big and blue… Oh, being so full to where it hurts feels so good~!” she thought to herself, unable to speak because her cheeks and mouth began flooding with juice too, the student swallowing down jelly to keep in her moon-sized stomach. She was much bigger than any of the volunteers Mr. Bluebottom ever had during the time he operated The Filling Corp, but not even halfway through with her transformation. Juice kept growing and growing at an exponential rate and she felt her belly stretch tremendously, her Z-cup (or even bigger) breasts now leaking a bit of jelly alongside her opening. Her clitoris swelled too, her nerves going insane at the sensation, making Jane incredibly pleasured throughout the inflation. She never wanted this to stop, even if she grew to outgrow Jupiter itself. Her belly growled and gurgled as the jelly inside splashed around and made her swell up, the inflation continuing for another 10 minutes as Mr. Bluebottom’s moans grew into whimpers as he neared his orgasm.

Finally, Jane had grown over 25 feet tall, much bigger than the calculations conducted with the production of the jelly beans estimated her final size would be. Mr. Bluebottom gasped at such a sight, cumming loudly as Jane felt jelly gently swirl around inside her. He raised his head to the ceiling with closed eyes, moaning aloud how he loved seeing people blow up, his hands fucking himself silly as he overstimulated his cock. With the jelly beans’ work finally finished, the university student smiled to herself as she felt Mr. Bluebottom’s cum-drenched gloves rub a possible thousandth of her belly.

“Oh~~~, fuck… I’ve never seen anyone grow this big… how do you feel?” he spoke in moans and in euphoria.

Jane couldn’t answer, jelly flooding out of her mouth, as she felt his warm hands turn her so that he could massage her enlarged clitoris, Jane’s sudden moans muffled with thick blueberry jelly. Mr. Bluebottom lovingly caressed her g-spot (now as big as a luxurious dining room table) and saw some jelly fly into the extraction tube, assuming from how Jane tried to rock herself back and forth that she came as well. He kept her like this for 2 consecutive hours, cumming over and over again all over her jelly belly as she felt his fingers make her convulse in ecstasy.

“Alright, Miss Jane… as much fun as this is, we must unforunately end today’s procedure. I think it’s about time we extract the jelly from you. Stay still as it’s being drained out once you can stand again, alright?”

With the push of a button, the tube slowly extracted liquid tons of jelly from Jane, the university student feeling her body shrink quickly as she heard the juice slosh its way out of her. She closed her eyes, seeing her body now as it did in her room while getting ready for college that morning. Mr. Bluebottom applauded the girl, congratulating her on producing excellent quantities of blueberry jelly.

“Well done! You’ve produced approximately 4,000 gallons of blueberry jam, filling up 2 containers reserved for said filling. I had a feeling you’d be my best volunteer yet,” the chemist laughed, Jane blushing as she saw his cooled-down cum drip down her legs.

“That was so good… forget every weekend; can I come everyday? I want to get even bigger,” the university student begged, the chemist nodding his head naughtily as he pulled out another jelly bean.

“Well… given it’s only Saturday, you can keep getting jelly bellies from savoring my blueberry cock or eating all the blueberry treats you desire all day long until our closing time of 8pm.”

“Oh, and Mr. Bluebottom, can I confess something? I… I think I want to study chemistry now. I want to help you inflate people via the Filling Corp’s services too by making treats that could make them even bigger than before.”

“Really now? How sexy… and that is an excellent choice of study and field work, Miss Jane. You have my full support and I’m excited for when you can join our scientists’ team!”