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It was a hot July afternoon and Randal couldn’t really believe he was headed out to the Valley. For all of the company’s talk about flexibility and enabling the creative mind to solve problems they didn’t like people to not be at work. Eight hours were expected out of programmers. He had been there two years. He had earned enough flexibility to escape on Tuesday afternoons by being there on Thursdays and Fridays until everyone else had left. It was rumored that he went to AA. He was fine with it as long as it allowed him Tuesday afternoons.

Jenny floated in the pool. She had allowed herself only one bowl from the oversized bong on the back porch. She wanted more. She supposed she had reached new levels of tolerance, as even the pharmaceutical grade shit seemed to take more and more all the time but fuck it. She had been an Administrative assistant; she had been an Executive Administrator. They were sucky ass jobs that bored her. She served breakfast and lunch at the Four Seasons now. They didn’t drug test and she had Tuesdays off.

Evan had hit the right balance. The pot had soothed his nerved but he was still able to get it up. Jenny’s sister had gotten herself to that point where all she wanted to do was suck cock and get her pussy licked. He didn’t like Jenny’s sister better than Jenny but he thought Jenny’s sister probably liked him more than Jenny liked him and that worked out just fine. Randal scared the shit out of him when he knocked but he was kind enough to just come in and not make him get up to get the door.

Ashley liked that her sister shared. Jenny shared her pot, her boy friend, and her guest bedroom. Jenny was good to her. When Randall came in, she wished Jenny would share him too. She’d asked a couple of times already and Randall always said no. As he passed through the living room she asked again. Randall said she looked busy, maybe later. She went back to Evans cock.

“Evan says I’m a slut.” Jenny still had her bikini bottoms on but she had let loose her top. Randall admired her full breasts. He liked the way they would sway back and forth. She packed the bong a second time and passed it over to him. Randall took a hit. It felt like a wave rushing over him. He passed it back to her and she finished the bowl. He did worry about her smoking too much.

“Isn’t he inside fucking your sister?”

“No. They don’t fuck.”

“Oh, that’s good.”

“He says we shouldn’t either.”

“I don’t like that idea.”

“Do you want a dance?” she grinned at him.

“Fuck yeah.”

“Take your jeans off.” She told him.

He stripped off his jeans and shirt. It felt better being down to his boxers. He was sure the heat made it take that much longer for the high to hit. She played with the iPod until she had found Van Morrison. Moondance was his favorite. She started bent over his chair, her breasts swaying in his face. She moved her hips to the music and kept her eyes down. She hadn’t danced professionally in years. She was almost forty now, she had a belly and was fighting cellulite on her ass. He didn’t care at all. On cue, she turned and was now moving her ass between his legs. He didn’t need a lot of encouragement when he was stoned and his erection responded immediately. She dry humped him, pressing his cock against her sex. They would do this later without her suit or his boxers but that wasn’t really a lap dance. As the song drew to an end, she pressed her breasts against him, and then straddled the chair. She was tall and he liked how her breasts felt against his cheeks and chin. He followed the rules until the song stopped. When the music changed to America he raised his arms to her hips and pulled her nipple into his mouth. She moaned gently.

“Lets swim.” He suggested.

“Just one.” She said. She had pressed her hand into her bikini and he felt her fingers moving rhythmically against his cock. He knew exactly how she did Sivas Escort it. She had one finger inside of her, the other moving in circles on her clit. He eased her back a little so he could grasp her nipples between his fingers. “Mmm. Just one.” She mumbled at him. He gripped her erect nipples firmly. He rolled them between his thumbs and fingers. “A little harder, you know.” He did know. He pulled them. He lifted her large breasts pulling at her nipples. He tugged and pinched and felt her fingers moving quickly, it would have been enough to get him off if he wasn’t stoned, instead it just brought him close and he focused on the words to A Horse With No Name. She wasn’t a small woman and that made the small squeak she made when she came all that much stranger. Her body tensed and then relaxed. He released her tits, taking them in his mouth, first one and then the other. He kissed them gently and then let her go. She sprang up, slipping her bottoms off. “Come on.” He dropped his shorts and jumped naked into the pool after her.

The water was cool and instantly revived him. It wasn’t yet four in the afternoon and it would still get hotter for two more hours. He paddled around after her. She made her way back onto her pool float and he gripped on at her feet. He hung in the water, his chest at her toes. He had a lovely view up her thighs and her lips and clit beckoned him. Her breasts were gentle slopes just above her slight belly, her grin, brown eyes, and blonde hair just beyond them. The pot worked its magic as they floated. They didn’t normally talk much but today she was bothered.

“Do you think I’m a slut?”

“Maybe,” he seriously pondered it. “Maybe just a little.”

“Is it bad?”

“I don’t think so but you aren’t my girlfriend.”

“Evan says I’m not really his girlfriend.”

“It seems like if he had a problem with it, he would be out here instead of inside with Jenny.”

“You don’t like Jenny much, do you?”

“I like her just fine.”

“She doesn’t know why you won’t sleep with her.”

“I’m not a slut.”

“You’re an asshole.” She kicked him off the end of the raft. He responded by rolling her off and into the water. They wrestled for a bit before ending up kissing. They kissed in that long, slow, deliberate way that you kiss when you are stoned. He pressed himself into her and although it’s hard to do in the water she was turned on enough that he could get inside. He stood like that, in the shallow end of the pool, her legs wrapped around him, fucking but not fucking for a long time, kissing during all of it.

He didn’t necessarily come but he sorta came and it was enough for him to slip out of her. She wanted another hit and they moved up to the patio. She refilled the bowl a couple more times and they just at there talking but not talking. She didn’t want to think of herself as a slut.

“We’ve known each other what, ten years.”

“Something like that. It was ’99”

“That whole time you have pretty much had steady boyfriends. You never were really single running around screwing random guys.”

“No, I’ve never done that.”

“So really, you aren’t slutty.”



“Most of that time, you and me, you know, we’ve been fucking most of that time.”

“Not while you were married.” He reminded her. She hadn’t been married for long. He was an asshole.

“Well no. Not then.”

“Yeah so, that’s not very slutty.”

“Wanna go inside?” she offered.


Sliding open the patio door they found her sister laid across the coffee table. Evan was now eating her out and she took a break from moaning to bed Randall to let her suck him off.

“Jesus, Randall. Just go ahead. Get her off my case.”

It was possibly the most awkward sexual experience of his life. She couldn’t really get her head up off the table and erect, his cock of course Sivas Escort Bayan went in the entirely wrong direction. Just to make it weirder, Jenny held his cock down for him so Ashley could get her mouth on it and they picked up a piece of pizza. Randall stood there in a half squat catchers stance while his girlfriend ate pizza and held his cock down so his girlfriend’s sister could suck him off while his girlfriend’s boyfriend ate her out. He held out at long as he could and then told her what an awesome job she had done, took Jenny by the hand and led her back to her bedroom.

With the door closed, Jenny laughed her ass off, choking on the cold pepperoni pizza. He sat back on the bed pouting. “You owe me for that you know.”

Coming down, she washed down the pizza with a beer and crawled up on the bed beside him. “I know I do.” She admitted before laying him back and taking his cock in her mouth. She ran her tongue over him a couple of times, her lips sliding up and down his shaft before stopping and spinning around, placing his cock inside of her. She looked down at him, a thoughtful serious look.

“If I wasn’t a slut, I wouldn’t be able to fuck you.”

His mind rolled like a small boat in rough seas and the words rolled back and forth as he tried to find the meaning in them.

“So, I don’t want to break up with you. Can you just stay a slut for me?”

“I could break up with Evan.” He needed her to not move. It already felt good enough being inside of her; if she rocked he wasn’t going to be able to concentrate.

“I work too much and you smoke too much. We would never work.” To emphasize his point, her pressed himself inside of her. Her eyes closed gently and for a moment or two they rocked back and forth.

“I could not smoke so much.” She said, her eyes still closed, she was leaning forward now and he was moving his mouth from one tit to the other.

“I could not work so much, but you know I wont not work so much and you know you wont not smoke so much and then we would be mad at each other all the time instead of like this and I need this. I guess I need you to be a slut.”

It was her turn to let the words roll around in her head looking for firm ground to organize on. He didn’t let her; instead he moved his hips so that his cock probed just in and out of her. She held her body like a rock, letting him dance just inside of her pussy. She let herself get close and then rocked back against him, taking him deeply inside. They set a rhythm between them and then picked up the pace. She as making that squeaking sound and he growled a little as the orgasm formed a whitecap that grew slowly until forming a large rolling tube that washed over them both. As was their way, they stopped moving, keeping his pulsing cock inside of her as her orgasm contacted and released repeatedly around him.

They lay there quietly for a time. It was still light outside so it wasn’t that long but it was long enough that his cock was coming around again. She reached down and grasped it as hard as she could. He groaned a little but didn’t move because it hurt kinda, but didn’t hurt that much.

“So you want me to be a slut.”

“No. Ow.” She pulled a little harder. “Yes.”

“Tell me. Call me a slut.” She let go, but it was just to refresh her grip.

“You are a slut.”


“Ow. You are a dirty fucking slut.”

“Pull my hair and call me your dirty fucking slut forever.” She pulled hard enough that her hand slipped free of his cock.

“Roll the fuck over, slut.”

“Yeah, Like that. Let him know it.”

“Take my fucking cock, slut!” he nearly yelled. “Take it hard.”

“Make me your slut, bitch!” she snarled back. He took her long hair in one large bundle and pulled until her head arched back and her ass arched up. “Fuck your slut hard.”

He fucked her as hard as he could, Escort Sivas as fast as he could. The high was coming down and it helped. She yelped and swore as he did. It was enough to startle the other two and the door opened. Evan stood at the bedroom door in only a T-shirt. Ashley wore only her Keds. Jenny called out to him. “See what a slut I am. Oh yeah, see how he fucks his slut. Oh god, his dick is gonna rip me open. Fuck yeah, Fuck yeah.” She had started the squeaking sounds and he pulled at her hair harder, she groaned, that was new and he came. He slapped a final few times. He was done and collapsed back on the bed.

Randall escaped the shit show that had developed at Evan and Jenny’s and drove back toward the ocean as the sun was setting. Traffic sucked but it was quiet in the car with only the sound of the Air-conditioning blowing in his face. He was afraid of what had just happened.

He worked the rest of his eighty hours. He had to work through Saturday night to get them in. He spent Sunday in the water, Surfing for himself in the morning, then teaching surf classes to kids all afternoon. Tired he crashed Sunday night. He was mostly asleep when the phone rang.

“You never called me.” She told him. She had her sad voice on. He knew exactly how she looked. She was sitting in the papasan chair; she had been smoking all day and was now drinking canned espresso.

“I’m sorry, did you, did you leave a message.”

“No, it was just, after the other day.”

“That was pretty fucking intense I guess. I guess I shoulda called.”

“I mean, do you worry about me?”

“Sure, yeah. I mean, you know I worry about you.” He did worry about her sometimes but he hadn’t this week.

“But you aren’t worried now.”

“I mean, I didn’t worry all week, I mean, up until now. I am a little worried now.”

“Why didn’t you worry all week?”

He knew the answer he didn’t want to say it.

“You didn’t worry because you, you wanted me to do some things, like, you know, clean up my act and stuff. Like, get rid of Evan. Something like that. Something like the last time, you know, with Michael, when you told me I was on my own after all that stuff.”



“Jen, I love you.”

“But you can’t be with me.”

“I will try. Come on out. You know the code to the gate. “

“Randall, I can’t”

“You can if you want.”

“I mean I want to but you know me. I would never make it there. We would just be together waiting for it to fall apart and then you wouldn’t love me.”

“Maybe, but maybe not.”

“I know I kinda went crazy and everything, but I spent all week thinking about it. This kinda works.”

“What kinda works.”

“I don’t mean Evan and Ashley and all that. Jesus, Evan is gone.”


“Yeah, He’s gone. He just couldn’t deal. I mean, he said it pretty straight out. It was okay if I was his slut, but he couldn’t deal with me being your slut.”

“But you don’t want to come down?”

“No, Randall. I’m not coming down there. I couldn’t be the girlfriend you want.”

“You sure.”

“I’m pretty sure. But I’m also pretty sure you aren’t the boyfriend I want.”


“Randall, how guys in your phone can you score a dime off of, or a half?”

“I, um. None.”


They were both quiet for probably way too long. She was the one that finally spoke.

“Tuesday though?”


“Yeah. This Tuesday. Evan and Ashley are both, well, they are both gone now. Maybe you could, like, bring a toothbrush or something.”

“Did I just get the blow off and then get asked out.” Sometimes he had to make sure knowing that she was probably smoking right now and he, well he hadn’t even had a beer that day, at least not yet.

“Randall, I love you, I am your slut. Does that work for you?”

“It kind of always has.”

“Good, Tuesday.”

“Tuesday.” He held the phone to his ear until it beeped when she disconnected. He was kind of sad but he was the one that had said it. They wouldn’t ever work together but they were damn good apart. It was still early enough that he headed for the beach.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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