Jenny’s First Time

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“So, Jenny, can you still come tonight?” Suzie asked me at lunch.

“Of course! I’ve been telling my mom about it all week. She can’t stop me anyway, I’m 18 now.” I told her.

“That gets old fast.”

“Exactly, I’ll milk it now.” We laughed.

I had just turned 18 not ten days earlier. Suzie was out of town for my birthday and she didn’t make it to my party. To make it up to me, she invited me to stay the night at her place and in the morning we would go shopping all day.

For my age, I was relatively inexperienced. All of my friends had had boyfriend after boyfriend, and girls dropped out all the time cause they were pregnant. Here I was still a virgin. It wasn’t like I was saving myself or that I was sheltered and naive. I knew about sex and I made out and stuff, but I was just too focused on my grades. I was trying to get into Stanford.

After turning 18, I started feeling a desire… I hadn’t been fucked and everyone else had… I was flirting all week and nobody would go for it. Not because I was unattractive but because they thought I was a goody two-shoes. I guess now is a good time to describe myself. I am 5’4″ and about 115lbs. I’m blonde and blue, tight and true. My long hair comes to my mid back and my body’s tight, I jog every morning. My breasts are B-cups, 34. I was a treat that nobody had opened yet.

When I got there, we ate dinner. Suzie’s mother was there. Her dad was working late, which Suzie says means drinking. Her little brother Charlie was there too. We were down in the basement, which had become Suzie’s room. It would be just us down there all night. Charlie came to spy on us at one point and Suzie chased him off. She wanted me to help scare him so we both ran after him. She had him run into the bathroom at the top of the stairs. The bathroom looped around, like an L. It was two separate rooms. One room had the toilet, the next had the shower and then there was a door connecting it with the front hallway. I snuck in through the front of the bathroom and hid behind the shower curtain. Charlie was in the other part of the bathroom. Suzie was struggling with him for the door. When he realized I wasn’t with her, he thought I was coming in the other side of the bathroom, so he ran into the shower room and locked both doors. He caught his breath and I jumped out to scare him. He took off screaming. I opened the door for Suzie and we went back downstairs laughing our asses off.

We stayed downstairs, watching TV and drinking beer that Suzie grabbed from the fridge until we fell asleep. We shared a sleeping bag and both slept in our panties and a t-shirt. I slid my bra off, I hate sleeping in bras. At about three in the morning, I woke up desperately needing to pee. I stood up and headed upstairs in my panties. I didn’t turn on any lights, I just wandered up the stairs like a zombie, one eye open. I walked straight into the bathroom, shut the door and locked it. I didn’t want to turn on a light, I knew the bursa escort house well enough and I didn’t want to go blind, my eyes were adjusted to the dark. I walked over to the toilet and pulled my panties down and sat on the seat. Pissing never felt so good. Just as I finished up, I heard a noise in the other room of the bathroom. I realized I didn’t lock that door and it was just beyond reach. I was scared though, cause I didn’t know what was there. Both my eyes were open now, but I didn’t move. I just sat still on the toilet. I looked for a light under the door but there wasn’t one. I thought maybe someone was just using the sink in that room. I heard the farthest door click and lock, then I heard the handle squeak between me and the mystery on the other side of the door. It started to crack open. No light was coming in. If I couldn’t see him, it couldn’t see me.

As the figure stepped in, I realized it was Suzie’s father. He didn’t see me and he wasn’t too balanced. He stepped in front of me and stopped. I didn’t know what he was doing and the I figured it out when he pulled down his pants. He was tired or drunk and he came into the black room to piss the same way I did. It’s his house, he knew it even better than I did, he didn’t need lights. I wanted to speak but I didn’t know what to say “Mr. Jenkins, I’m sitting in front of you?” That wouldn’t work. I saw him pull out his dick and my eyes were drawn to the shadow. I was in a zone. Then I felt my T-shirt cling wetly up on my chest and I realized that he was pissing on me. It was really warm, almost burning. I gasped and was about to object when he jumped. My noise startled him and he shot a quick stream down then up and splashing my neck and face briefly. He stopped his stream and reached back to flip the lights on.

“Jenny, what are you doing in here?” He asked me in whispering tone.

“I was going to the bathroom.”

“Oh my god. I am so sorry.” If he was drunk, he had sobered fast.

“No, don’t worry. I just need to wash the pee off my night shirt.” I told him, wiping his urine from my neck with a small wad of toilet paper.

“We’re gonna clean you up, Jenny. Go start the shower, I have to finish here”.

I got up and slid my panties up. He wasn’t looking at me in a sexual sense at all. He was too embarrassed I think. I stepped away. He lifted the seat and kept pissing. I stood and watched. I liked seeing a man’s dick in front of me. He was a tall guy, about 6’2″, maybe 46 years old. I had always thought he was a handsome man. I stood and watched in my soiled clothes, neither of us said a thing. Then he finished up and flushed the toilet. He pulled his sweats up now and came towards me. He walked me into the other room.

“Are you sure its okay to turn on the shower?” I asked him. I don’t want to wake anyone up.

“Don’t worry about it,” he said “I take drunken showers all the time.”

I turned on the shower. The sound was a relief. No more bursa ucuz escort whispers. We could talk at shower level.

“Again, I’m so sorry.”

“It’s okay, really.” I reassured him.

“Here, let me have the shirt.” He reached down and helped me peel my shirt off. I saw an eyebrow raise slightly as he pulled it past the breasts and saw the absence of a bra. After it was cleared, he turned away from me so I wouldn’t feel embarrassed. He couldn’t hide though, a mirror in every direction put his gaze back on me. He started washing and scrubbing my t-shirt in the sink.

“Go ahead and clean up sweetie.” He told me, indicating that I should get into the shower so that he didn’t have to see my tempting body. I slid my panties down and I stepped into the shower. I felt the warm water soak over my body. I started washing myself, but the water kept going warm and cold because of Mr. Jenkins at the sink. I leaned my torso out of the shower so he could hear me.

“Mr. Jenkins…” He looked up and saw my wet body and his embarrassment seemed to drain.

“The water is messing up the shower.” he realized what I meant and he turned off the sink. “You should just rinse it in the shower stream.” I told him. I can’t say I didn’t know I was coming onto him, cause I know I was at least pretty horny. I couldn’t get the image of his dick out of my head. He walked over and I noticed his sweats tenting.

He pulled the curtain at the front and leaned in the shower a little bit. He withdrew himself from the shower quickly and then re-appeared topless. He took his shirt off so he could lean into the water stream without getting it wet. He looked good. He would occasionally sneak a peak back at me. I got really frisky.

I stepped up to him, behind him and told him “You know, you’re the first man to see me naked.” Pretending to ignore it, he replied “There’ll be plenty more.”

I leaned in closer and said. “It isn’t fair… I only got to see your penis in the dark.”

He looked back at me, amazed and almost offended. “jenny, don’t. You don’t know what you’re doing.”

“Yes I do.” I kissed him. He seemed to resist for a second, but gave in fast and was pushing some hard kisses back into my mouth. As he held me and kissed me, I reached down and I felt his dick over his sweats. He pulled them down for me and then I saw it. The first dick I’d ever seen, the prototype to which all other cock in my life would compare. It was big, it was thick, it was perfect. It was rock hard. I rubbed it. He now just stepped right into the shower with me. He lifted was about a foot taller than me. I kissed at his chest and then i went down. I’d heard all the girls brag about their blowjobs… I wanted to see how I could do.

I took him in slowly. I licked around his head and then up and down his shaft. I could barely fit any of it in my mouth at all. I would go up and down and he seemed to like it, but I bursa elit escort didn’t feel I was doing it right. I moved a hand down and stroked his shaft as I worked the head with my lips and tongue. He moaned, but tried to keep it quiet. My mouth got tired fast as I hadn’t had the training then that I do now. He sensed me slowing down and almost giving up. He picked me up and had me stand straight up against the wall of the shower. He got down and kissed my neck and then he sucked on my tits. Taking them into his mouth one by one, massaging the other one while he sucked. It felt sooo good. Then he went lower. The second his tongue touched my pussy, my legs went weak. He held me up as he licked me. I had masturbated a lot, but it never felt this good. He licked my clit and slid his finger into my hole, getting it ready.

“I want to you to be my first” I told him. I guess that turns a man on cause he stopped eating me and he lifted me high enough to bring me down onto his cock. I squeezed my thighs around him and held his shoulders as he worked himself inside of me. The tip went in first and then I slowly slid down. It hurt so much taking him in. When he was in, I held there a minute, getting used to the feeling of this log inside me. Then we started moving. He slowly lifted me up and down thrusting inside me. Then he sped up. He bounced me up and down. I held onto his shoulders and wrapped my wet legs around him and he bounced me. As he bounced me I got closer and closer until I felt myself cumming around his cock. Shivers running through me. He felt me tighten and he leaned in and kissed me deep. It felt like an eternity as I kissed him at my highest of high points feeling my body weak beneath him. He helped me slide up and off of him and he sat me down in the shower. I couldn’t stand. I looked in front of me and saw his dick, still hard, he started rubbing it.

I wanted to make sure he finished, so I leaned forward and took him in my mouth. I could taste my juices on him and I tasted good. I sucked him twice as hard as before, as if my life depended on it. I sucked him hard. I massaged his balls as my tongue run up and down his shaft. I did circles around his head as I stroked the shaft and then I pushed in deep. Just as I started gagging on it, he shot a load in my mouth, filling my mouth and cumming out the sides around my lips. He slowly withdrew and shot one stream into my hair. I swallowed the load in my mouth. He sat down in the shower with me, we were exhausted. We turned the water off and held each other for maybe thirty minutes. My shirt sat on the bathroom floor, drying.

We stood up and turned the shower off. He pulled the curtain aside and grabbed a towel. He dried me off. It felt amazing to be in his arms as he fathered me. After I was dry and he dried himself, we both got dressed and we kissed each other. We kissed a few times. I thanked him.

We didn’t speak of whether we’d do it again. We did of course, I even tried setting up a scene like this with other older men, but none were as good.

I went back downstairs and crawled into bed next to his daughter. She pulled my arm over her and made me spoon her. Then she leaned back her head and kissed me. That is another story though.

Goodnight lovelies.

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