Jeremy, Jack and Liz

Jeremy pushed the button on the remote and the room went black. For a brief second he could still see the outline of Liz’s naked body before he had to rely on touch, not sight. He still could not believe how lucky he was to have someone as young and sexy as his wife of two years. He traced the curves of her body with experienced hands and yet each touch felt like the first. Liz moved closer with each caress and soon they were like the proverbial spoons in a drawer. Jeremy could feel the heat from her bottom and he pressed himself harder into that area so that he could feel an even greater warmth.

“Well?” Jeremy asked as his left hand cupped Liz’s right breast. His right hand still felt Liz’s ample bottom and his fingers traced the crack there. “Did you like what you just saw?”

“Ummmmm,” Liz moaned. “You know I always enjoy watching porno with you, baby. And you know what those lesbian scenes do for me. God! That trashy blonde was gorgeous. I’d love to get my hands on her for a night……and you too, of course.”

Jeremy laughed and squeezed her breast a little. It was well known by both that one of Liz’s big fantasies was to be ravaged by a trashy, beautiful blonde as she struggled helpless while her hands were tied and her eyes blindfolded. He had promised that he would try to fulfill her fantasy on their mutual birthday, sort of a present to the both of them. He pressed himself even closer to her and felt the first stirrings of an erection.

Jeremy and Liz had been together for 6 years and had made love more times than either could or dared to count. They had experienced things with each other that they had never done with their other lovers. Together it seemed that nothing was out of bound as far as lovemaking went. They shared past experiences of their times with other lovers as well as fantasies and desires for each other that some might have found a bit exotic. They both counted themselves lucky to have a life partner that didn’t put boundaries on their sex lives…..even if just in fantasy. So when Jeremy noticed the deepening of Liz’s breathing he knew that tonight would not be one of the nights when they would delve into those areas that others would find strange. She had a strenuous job that kept her busy far beyond the normal work day and she needed her rest.

“Goodnight, baby,” Jeremy said with a slight hint of disappointment as his semi-erection began to disappear.

“Oh honey I don’t mean to disappoint you but we were up late last night playing on the internet and making love afterwards. And tonight I had that meeting with Barrett that kept me from you. You know I miss you but work has been a bitch lately. I promise I’ll make it up to you soon.” Liz’s voice was sincere but Jeremy could hear the weariness in it also. He rolled over and put his naked bottom against hers feeling again the heat he desired to touch with every part of his body.

“Sweetie we have our whole lives ahead of us to catch up on our playing,” Jeremy said. “So don’t worry about it. Goodnight. I love you.”

“And I love you too, baby. And I really did enjoy the movie…and that blonde…mmmmm…” And Liz was asleep.

Jeremy placed his right hand on Liz and didn’t move it, fearing he might disturb her sleep. He thought of all the things he wanted to do with her, and fantasized about their birthday present. He soon drifted off to sleep.

Jeremy woke to the sound of Liz getting ready for work. He watched as she walked around the bedroom wearing only a pair of pantyhose. She knew that Jeremy loved to see her in nothing but pantyhose or stockings and she delayed her dressing so that he could see her in her hose as long as he could.

“Good morning, pretty,” Jeremy said sleepily. “I didn’t hear the alarm go off. I’ve missed half of the greatest show there is.”

“You’re sweet,” Liz said. She began to put on the rest of her clothes for her busy day at work. She finished off her dressing by putting on a pair of 4 inch high heels that brought her height to almost six feet four inches. She was a commanding presence anywhere she went. Men and women alike sought her attention but she only had eyes for Jeremy. They would often laugh at the guys who would come up to the tall, beautiful woman at bars or restaurants and ask her if she was married. When she always answered in the affirmative they would invariably ask “Happily?”

Liz kissed Jeremy as he lay in the bed, the covers barely concealing his naked lower half. She ran her hands down his stomach and over his morning erection. She lowered the covers and kissed the head of his penis before putting the covers gorukle escort back on.

“Sorry I was so tired last night, but a promise is a promise and I’ll make it up to you soon. Maybe even sooner than you think. Bye, sweetie. I’ll try not to work too late tonight. I love you and I am so lucky to have you.”

“Bye, baby. Drive safe and call me later,” Jeremy said and watched his wife walk out of the bedroom. His right hand traveled under the covers and felt the wetness Liz’s lips had left on the head of his penis. He stroked himself but knew he wouldn’t be satisfied with masturbating. It just wasn’t the same unless Liz was there to watch. They both enjoyed watching each other bring themselves to climax. Sometimes it was all they did to help them sleep or to bring pleasure to the other. He climbed out of bed and laughed at his reflection in the mirror. Morning wood. He went off to shower and start his day.

Jeremy worked from home as Liz’s “personal assistant”. They had a private business aside from Liz’s main job, a job that allowed Jeremy to stay home and do renovations around the house. Jeremy rarely dressed, enjoying the feeling of being naked all day. He kept a pair of sweat pants handy in case a delivery man or neighbor would show up. A few times he had to scramble to get dressed as the UPS man would catch him at the computer with an unexpected knock on the door. When the knock came at about 2:30 in the afternoon Jeremy put on his trusty sweat pants and went to the door expecting a delivery for the business. He opened the door and suddenly sixteen years came rushing back.

“Hey, man. How about dressing up the next time an old band mate drops by to see you,” Jacquomo Manera said with a huge grin. “You are a hard son of a bitch to track down.”

Jeremy reached out and hugged his long lost friend. He and Jacquomo had played in a rock band together when they were both 30. They had been close. Really close. Jeremy pulled back and looked hard at his friend. The years had been good to Jack, as they called him. He was a lean, muscular six feet tall with shoulder length black hair that showed only a touch of grey. His face was sharp and tanned and his eyes were the clearest blue that Jeremy had ever seen. He had often told Jack that his eyes belonged on the most beautiful woman in the world. Jack continued to grin, showing a perfect set of dazzling white teeth.

“Well do I get to come in or are you going to leave me outside with those two pussies I saw in your yard. I’m guessing those are your wife’s cats, mate. You are married, aren’t you?”

“Hey, sorry.” Jeremy said and ushered his friend into the house. “Of course I’m married and yes those are Liz’s cats and WHERE THE HELL DID YOU COME FROM?”

“Just made it back into the states from my world tour,” Jack teased his old band mate. “I wanted to see what you had done with your life. If that picture on your computer there is your wife I’d say you were doing all right.”

Jeremy had forgotten that he had been editing a picture of Liz to put on one of the porn bulletin boards that they both enjoyed. The pictured showed Liz lying on her back, her head hanging over the edge of the bed, looking directly into the camera. Her naked breasts were visible and looking as lovely as always. Her beautiful feet could be seen just past her long, lovely legs.

“I am impressed,” Jack said. “Her eyes are almost as beautiful as mine.”

Same old Jack, Jeremy thought. Same old wonderful, funny, beautiful Jack. Just damn.

The friends spent the next hour catching up on the past 16 years. Jack really had gone back to England to live and play in several bands, none of which amounted to much. So it was no surprise to Jeremy that his friend hadn’t changed all that much. Even the old bad habits were still there.

“You don’t mind if I blaze one up, do you?” Jack asked Jeremy as they sat on the sofa together. “You still indulge, right?”

“Not in a while,” Jeremy answered and caught the first whiff of the joint as his friend lit the end. They passed the joint back and forth until both were laughing at nothing at all, a sure sign that this “shit” was real good “shit”. They finished off the joint as if the past sixteen years had been a mere 16 days.

“Damn I missed you, mate,” Jack said through the fog the marijuana had created in the room. “We really tore it up back then. I always thought that there would always be a ‘me and you’. It took me a while to find you. I finally found Robbie’s number and he told me about what had happened to your dad. Sorry, mate. He was a great guy. altıparmak eskort bayan I just had to fly back here to tell you in person.”

“Let’s not dwell on the sad shit,” Jeremy said, fighting back some tears at the thought of his recently deceased father. “I bet it’s been a while since you’ve seen real television, not that BBC shit you have to watch over there. I’ll find us something to watch on the satellite.”

Jeremy walked over to the entertainment center to turn on the TV and noticed a note attached to the VCR. He quickly caught his wife’s handwriting and opened the folded piece of paper.


Sorry about last night. You know how much I love you and miss you when I’m at work. Sometime today just hit the play button on the VCR and play what’s inside. Don’t peek. Trust me. I bought this knowing it would turn you on. While you’re watching it, play with yourself and think of me. Call me when you cum and let me know how you liked it.

We’ll watch it together again tonight and play. I love you forever.


“Letter from the lovely Liz?” Jack asked. His voice startled Jeremy and the paper fell out of his hand and drifted over toward Jack. His friend picked it up and quickly read the letter.

“Hit the goddamn play button, Jeremy boy and let’s see what Liz has left for her man.”

Maybe it was the weed or maybe it was the excitement of knowing Liz had left him a surprise that made Jeremy hit the play button without thinking. For all he knew it could have been a tape of Liz playing with herself using any of the many toys she had at hand. Oh well, Jeremy thought, Jack is almost like family anyway. And they had shared such things so long ago.

The TV screen filled with the naked bodies of a beautiful man and woman. They were passionately kissing and fondling each other. “Quite a woman you got there, Jeremy boy,” Jack said. “Not many other blokes’ wives I know would leave them such as this with explicit instructions to wank themselves. You are a lucky bastard.”

Jeremy joined his friend on the sofa and sat back to watch the couple go at it. He had no intention of masturbating with Jack in the room. He’d just have to fulfill that part later. The couple on the screen was joined by another equally beautiful man. The two men lavished their attention on the voluptuous blonde, kissing and licking every part of her body. The first man climbed on top of the woman and entered her with his manhood. Friend in the room or not, Jeremy was getting turned on and the fact that he was only wearing sweat pants wasn’t helping to hide his erection.

“Looks like you’re enjoying the show about as much as I am,” Jeremy heard Jack say. He turned and saw Jack with his hand thrust down the front of his jeans, obviously playing with a very impressive erection. “Uh oh! What do we have here?” Jack asked, staring at the screen.

Jeremy turned his attention away from his friend’s crotch back to the action on the TV. What he saw there nearly caused him to erupt without even touching himself. The second man had gotten behind the first and was licking the first man’s balls. His tongue went from the man’s scrotum up between his butt cheeks and entered the first man’s ass.

“Wow!” was all Jack could say. Jeremy could say nothing. Jack and Jeremy watched as the three people on the screen went through every imaginable combination of bi- sexual love. The men, it seemed to Jeremy, were more attracted to each other than to the girl. And why not, he thought. They are beautiful guys. Damn this weed is strong.

Jeremy looked over at his friend sitting down from him on the sofa. Jack had unzipped his jeans and was stroking his cock slowly, savoring the feeling as his eyes poured over the action on the set. Jeremy watched as the first few drops of pre-cum began to flow from Jack’s dick. He was jealous as he had never had pre-cum like his other buddies. Jeremy wondered what it would taste like. He had often tasted his own cum, even shooting it straight into his own mouth as Liz watched. He had always wondered what it would be like to touch another man’s cock and make him erupt. Jeremy wondered if he could ever do that. Jack broke the silence.

“You read the letter, mate. Get to whacking!”

Jeremy couldn’t believe what he was about to do. He lowered his sweats and kicked them off. He never liked masturbating with anything on. Jack looked over at Jeremy and smiled, continuing to milk the pre-cum from his dick. The action on the set was forgotten for a moment. Jeremy began to stroke nilüfer eskort bayan his erection, ever mindful of his friend’s gaze. His ball’s tightened and he knew that if he wanted to he could cum in seconds. But something made him slow his pace. Maybe the weed. Maybe Liz’s letter. Maybe Jack. Definitely Jack.

“Looks great, mate,” Jack said in a husky, sexual voice. “You’re going to freak when I ask you this but would you mind terribly if I lick your balls and ass like the blokes on the telly?”

“I would love it but I can’t cheat on Liz,” Jeremy heard himself saying.

“It’s not cheating if I’m in the room with you, sweetie,” Liz’s voice came from the kitchen, startling both the men. “Don’t stop. You guys are making me crazy. I want to see it.”

“You heard the lady, Jeremy boy. It isn’t cheating’ if she’s here with us. And by the way, the names Jacquomo but you can call me Jack. It’s nice to finally meet you.”

“You too,” Liz purred. “Now get over there and lick Jeremy’s ass and balls.”

Jack crawled between Jeremy’s spread legs and began to lick the hard shaft. Jeremy shivered at the excitement of having another man sucking his dick and having Liz watch. He didn’t know if he could last very long. Jack suckled Jeremy’s balls and moved down, pushing Jeremy’s legs up and spreading his ass cheeks. Jeremy felt his friend’s tongue lick the soft tissues of his asshole and then begin to enter the tight hole. Jeremy could feel the sperm about to make its way to the end of his dick.

“Wait,” Jeremy said breathlessly. “I’m about to shoot. But before I do I want to taste your ass and dick. Is it OK, Liz? Jack?”

“Please do honey, “Liz said. She had slipped off her top and skirt and was standing there in nothing but pantyhose. Her left hand was thrust in the hose and working feverishly in her wet pussy. Her right hand was busy kneading both of her breasts. “If it’s OK with Jack.”

Jack had already stopped sucking and licking Jeremy’s ass and had taken up the position next to him on the sofa. Jeremy turned his friend over, exposing a nearly hairless ass and spread his friend’s ass cheeks. “This first,” Jeremy said and began to tongue his friend’s asshole.

The next few minutes mimicked what was happening on the TV. Jeremy and Jack found themselves in a male 69, each sucking the others dick and balls and licking the others ass. Liz pulled her pantyhose off and sat on the loveseat and fingered her soaked pussy, even ramming a finger up her own ass and tasting it.

Jeremy felt his friend’s dick begin to swell in his mouth and he knew Jack was about to cum.

“It’s happening, mate,” Jack cried. “I can’t hold it any more!”

Jeremy never released the hold his mouth had on Jack’s spurting dick. His mouth filled with the seed of his friend and he swallowed as much as he could. The taste was different than his own cum. Sweeter and very thick. Cum ran from the corners of Jeremy’s mouth down Jack’s shaft, covering his balls and trickling into his asshole. Only after he was sure Jack was through cumming did Jeremy quit sucking. He licked Jack’s dick and balls clean, savoring the salty-sweet taste and even pulling drops from Jack’s drenched asshole.

“My turn,” Jeremy groaned and emptied his balls into Jack’s eager mouth. Jack nearly choked on the copious amount that had built up over the last two days. Jeremy turned around and kissed Jack on the mouth, mixing their two sperms and asses. He could already feel his dick hardening again.

“GOD! AAAAAAAHHHHHHH.” Liz came, ejaculating juices as she often did when she was extremely horny.

Both men looked up. They had almost forgotten that Liz was in the room. Jeremy got up from his friend and walked over and held his trembling wife. He kissed her passionately, letting her share in the taste of both his and Jack’s cum and assholes. Liz licked the drying sperm from her husband’s face.

“I guess you got the letter,” Liz said nearly laughing at her own remark.

“You weren’t kidding when you said you’d make it up to me, baby. Are you OK with what just happened here?” Jeremy looked deep into Liz’s beautiful green eyes.

“Of course, baby,” Liz said. “I love you. You both have made me very happy. I came at least five times watching you two. Thanks Jack for helping out. I didn’t plan on you but you sure made my surprise for Jeremy the best.”

“No problem, Liz,” Jack laughed. “My pleasure. Always wanted to taste your husband’s tool. We kissed once long ago. I never forgot that feeling. Well I’ve got to get back. My wife’s waiting for me at the hotel. She’s going to cum buckets when I tell her what happened.”

“Why don’t the two of you come over around say, April 5th for Liz’s birthday present,” Jeremy chimed in. “We may have hit on the best present for us all.” Jeremy kissed Liz, tasting the mixed juices of all three. He knew that he would love this woman forever.