Jerry, Houseboy Ch. 02

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You know the drill, don’t read unless your of age. If you like this pure fictional story or have comments / ideas let me know through the email link in my profile. ENJOY

We had settled into a routine of sorts. I was now resigned to being his man-servant and kind of enjoying it. The sex was relentless; he was always hot and horny and could easily cum 4 or 5 times a day. I had discovered that I reviled in the sex and especially the humiliation of it all. Yet, for all that there was no question but that I wanted to become the perfect servant. The taste of cum was always in my mouth.

Mike was relaxed in his favorite chair as he worked on his manuscript; I was again on my knees gently nursing on his cock. He had told me that he worked better when his cock was kept half hard, warm and wet. I now found it quite natural to have that big cockhead in my mouth for long periods. Every once in a while he would grab my ears and feed me a little more than I would be allowed when just nursing on his cock.

“You’re becoming quite the good little cocksucker but you need to go beyond that. I’m sure you’ve been told to be the best at whatever you do. That certainly applies to serving a superior man. You should begin thinking of yourself as a slave now, by the way start licking my balls now. You know a slave has no choices but to obey and please his Master, that’s the proper attitude for you too.

When your choices are gone you’ll find yourself freed to just serve and please. When I want my ass licked you’ll find it pleasant because it’s what I want and you want me to be pleased. Think about it.” “You know boy that’s very pleasant but I have to piss. Come to think about it maybe it’s time to continue your education, remember what I just said.”

He got up and motioned me to follow as he headed for the master bathroom. When we were both in he motioned me to my knees again as he shut the door. “I know the two of us are alone here but I’ve found that it’s always easier for a novice to learn when there is perfect privacy the first time. You haven’t been in this room yet, look around, and get familiar. A bathroom is a very erotic place for a manservant you know.”

The bathroom was huge with a toilet, sink and a very strange looking lounge chair. In the corner there was what looked like a small rolling wall with a urinal on it! Mike went to the toilet and waved me over. Soon he had me kneeling on the tile floor in front of the toilet. Mike took his cock and dribbled a little piss into the bowl; the sight mesmerized me. “Ok boy, get your head in there and lick up those big drops of piss on my prick head.” Without even a thought I just did it and found it not at all unpleasant. Then he let a bit go right across my lips and I opened up. “Ok boy how did you like that eh? You know that I want you to serve as my piss bowl, don’t you?”

“It tasted ok sir and I do want to please you.” “I thought you did; well let’s get on with it.”

He rolled the little urinal wall out in front of me and motioned me on it. I was now kneeling on a nice soft cushion with my head thru a rubber membrane that fit tight around my neck. I realized that my head was now in the urinal, I couldn’t help blushing but I was really flushed from the joy of this new humiliation. “I know this is your first time boy, don’t worry, I’ll help you along. Just open up and stick your tongue out, yeah, that’s right. I’m going to just lay my cock on your tongue. Now just look at me boy, I want to see your eyes. If you’re ready tell me.”

I managed to croak out a “ready Sir” and he let out a spurt of piss right into my mouth. I just swallowed it down. “No boy, you need to get used to the taste of your owners piss, this time fill your mouth and swirl it around.”

He began pissing again and did fill my mouth; I kept looking at his face as I kind of gargled with it. The pleased smirk on his face comforted me somehow.

“Now we’ll see how good you are. Let your lips seal around my cock and just keep swallowing, I know you can keep up.” He pissed a slow stream for a few minutes and I just kept swallowing.

“That’s good boy, just keep your mind on your man’s piss flowing into your mouth and you’ll do fine. I think you were born to serve a man.” He was done now but kept his cock on my tongue just relaxing and talking. “You moved past just being a houseboy today, that kind of toilet training will make you a body slave, a valuable asset. You’ve got a lot to learn but your nice and eager.”

Wow, a valuable asset, I felt good.

That afternoon Mike had a visitor; another member of the local “Masters & slaves” club named John. His young slave girl was with him. I was tasked with getting a couple of beers. When I came back the girl was on the floor licking her Master’s feet, sucking on his toes and tonguing the sole as the two men talked. “Where did you get her John?” “Oh hell she just kind of fell in my lap so to speak. Her Mother was one of my first slaves and introduced me to this little slut. Years ago she used to watch her mom suck me off. Once she grew up the only bursa escort thing she wanted was to serve me. She’s actually never happier than when my cock is in her mouth. A born cocksucker is always the best. Want to fuck her?”

“Yeah, that’s a good idea. A nice hot cunt would hit the spot right now.” John had her get up and strip; she had a nice, smooth shaven pussy with fat, puffy lips. “Show him what you’ve got slut.” She bent over, spread her ass cheeks and just stood there showing her asshole. Slowly she turned, squatted and spread her cunt open. Mike stood up and told her to get on her knees, ass up. It only took a slight motion to me by Mike and I began sucking his cock, getting him ready. It didn’t take long. “Don’t worry Mike, she’s always wet, just ram her anyway you want, she loves it. Mike pushed that huge cockhead into her without ceremony; she winced as that huge cock filled her. Mike began a slow, steady fucking; pulling out on the upstroke until only the cockhead was at her cunt lips. She moaned as he rode her until finally he tensed up and with a great Ahhh, began to cum. He finally pulled out with a little “plop” as her cunt suction grabbed at him.

“Clean her up Jerry, we don’t want John’s car stinking of cunt juice on the way home, do we?” I reached for a towel, “No Jerry, lick that cunt clean, get to it. It’s really a wet hot mess, isn’t it? It was even messy outside because Mike had wiped his dripping cock all over it. Come over here and suck up this messy cum boy, you know you like cum.” She lay back on her back and spreads her long, beautiful legs. “Take a close look boy; can you smell how her pussy has been fucked?” I look at her well-fucked pussy and there is a pool of hot thick cum puddled up in her opening. I dive my tongue into her cunt and lick upwards till I feel her hard clit sticking up like a small cock. Cum is now all over my face and I continue to lick and suck up all of Mike’s spent sperm. Every time my tongue touches the sensitive clit her pussy muscles tighten and she squirts a little more sperm out of her cunt. After about 20 minutes her pussy is clean as ever. My tongue is sore from the cunt licking.

She turned over and stuck her ass up in the air again. John was talking, “Ok boy climb under her and lick me while I fuck her, fucking lick that cunt now!” I did as instructed, who was I to refuse? I got underneath her and they both spread their legs a little more to allow me easy access. From that angle I had a great view of his cock going in and out of her cunt, it was slick now with pussy juice and the cunt was actually working up a milky white lather. I reached out with my tongue and started to lick her clit. John’s cock was pistoning in and out of her cunt and my tongue was licking part of his cock on every up stroke. Mike said he wanted me to lick John’s balls when his cock is fully in her cunt, when he pulls out I want you to lick his shaft. Do it good, remember, you’re my boy and he’s my guest.” His balls were slapping me in the face. It wasn’t long until John moaned and let loose with his load of spunk. There was so much it was leaking out onto my face. I felt John pulling out. “Go ahead Jerry I want you to reach out with your tongue and lick the tip of his cock; you know you love that slimy cum.” Then he said “If you clean His cock up well enough, I might let you cum later”. “Now, I want you to kiss that cock, make out with it and lick off all that pussy juice. Make sure you get his balls nice and clean too.” I made myself comfortable between John’s legs, and started to kiss and lick the cum from his cock. I took his hard shaft in my mouth and strongly sucked, tasting the after effects of their fucking. I licked his balls, and as the whole cock became clean, it also started to grow and swell harder. “That enough of that now, lick the sluts cunt now.” I slurped the second load of cum from her sloppy, wet cunt. “You know John, he’s really not to bad as a cunt lapper but he’s really wild about cock.” “Are you going to have Pat throat train him Mike?” “Yeah, I think so, what’ll he do with that horse cock, I wonder.”


“Do you see it clearly now boy,” Master said to me as I licked his feet. “Submissive boys like you were put on this earth to serve powerful men like me. It’s nature’s way. We’re superior and we actually do boys like you a favor by letting them serve us.” It was incredibly degrading but he was right. I was happy to be performing for him. It was the greatest honor ever bestowed upon me. Well why not, I’m on my knees again, where I belong, and Mike’s half soft cock is beginning to harden now in my mouth. He smiles at me, watching me intently; he knows I’m a cockslut who loves worshipping him. My eyes keep watching his reactions too and I moan. The cock sucking noises cause Master’s dick to enlarge. “Look at you boy, slurping on my cock and loving it.” I heard Mike say. “You do love it, don’t you?” All I could do was moan and shake my head yes. The monster in my mouth was getting too big for me to keep solidly in my throat, so slowly bursa escort bayan but surely, I eased off of it, keeping the head completely surrounded in my wet mouth. I was happy and in my place.

The next day found me again on my knees in the bathroom. Master was shaving while I lightly tongued his cock and balls. He abruptly pulled away and went over to the “special” lounge and lay down. “I’m in the mood to have my ass licked now. I haven’t shown you how yet but you’ll figure it out I’m sure. This chair opens me up nicely for a tonguing.

“Yes, Master.”I moved in toward his smooth bubble butt. It smelled warm and good with heavy musty, male body odors. I started licking the hole and cleaned it good all around the outside. I concentrated on the rosebud and swabbed it up and down until I had cleaned it good. It tasted like Master Mike’s big body smelled, clean and strong. I had never experienced so many new experiences so quickly before. My mind was spinning. I felt sad that I finished so quickly. “Get back down there, boy, you’re not through yet.” Mike growled. “Get that tongue in that hole and clean it out good, slave-boy. I spread his butt cheeks with my hands and could clearly see his asshole now. “Get that tongue up there now as far as you can.” I did as he ordered. I spread his ass cheeks and sunk my tongue in his ass as deep as I could get it. Mike began to moan and move his butt to fuck my tongue with his ass. I cleaned every bit of his hole and loved it.

What was happening to me? Just days before I wouldn’t have considered doing anything like that to anyone and here I was cleaning out this man’s asshole. Eating like the first pig to the trough. I sucked the big man’s hole with pleasure. I guess it was time to stop asking myself stupid questions and let loose whoever was locked up inside me. Something broke inside me, another epiphany perhaps; I am the person that is licking an asshole. I’m a slave, giving and being used by this Master like it was the most natural thing on earth. I wanted to pleasure him.

“That’s good, slave, you did a good job. My hole hasn’t felt that clean in a long time. Mike had shoved a dildo in me to prepare my ass but despite the stretching and preparation, I don’t think anything can adequately prepare a guy’s ass for its first cock. Mike had me on my knees, ass up just waiting. I felt the cockhead at my little hole.

“Well boy, I’m afraid your ass-fucking is inevitable now. Fighting it is only going to make it hurt and feel worse. Just relax,” he told me in a soft voice, as he gently stroked my back, Kind of like you would a pony. “Now try to enjoy it for what it is. I’ll take it nice and easy if you try not to fight it. I’ve found it important to break a boy’s cherry gently and slowly; then they always want their ass full.”

When he thought I was ready, he punched his cockhead thru the mouth of my asshole and just let it sit there as I gasped from the pain. He was stroking me and saying, “there, there, boy, take a breath, just relax.” It felt like there was a broomstick up my ass. My hole was doing steady spasms as that monster cockhead stretched it out and held it open, God it hurt.

I felt him slowly withdraw his cock until only the head remained lodged inside my asshole. He was waiting until I relaxed my ass a little before he started pushing back in. Each time I seized up, he would stop and wait for me to relax; all the while he continued his work with stroking my back and whispering encouragement in my ear. “There, there, boy, take a breath, just relax” Was his mantra to sooth me. He rubbed my back and said, “Take it easy now boy, it’s not long now. Keep your body straight that will make it easier.” I then understood that he was not intending to hurt me, not at all: It was just the pain that was necessary to get where we were going. And then the head of his dick popped through the glorious tightness, and I felt a surge of pleasure and relief as the length of his cock finally entered me to its full length.

Once I’d relaxed enough, he established a rhythm, sliding his cock slowly but firmly in and out of my nether hole. Here I was a star college student, on my hands and knees in front of this man with his cock shoved up my ass. I could tell that for Mike this must be heaven, as he pushed his cock all the way back inside my tight ass. Using both hands now to pry my ass cheeks open, he pulled his cock free with a loud plop as my used hole closed. He shoved his tool back into her and started banging my ass with a vengeance.

My world had now narrowed to my asshole embracing his cock, as he sawed in and out; He pushed me forward on my elbows with each stroke. The place was filled with the squishing, squelching sounds of cock alternately filling and retreating from my ass. He was slamming into me for all I was worth.

“I’m going to come inside you now boy, then your mine; your ass is going to feel empty without my cock from now on. I’m going to shoot it deep inside your ass now, get ready.”

After a few more deep thrusts I could feel the warmth of his thick cum invading escort bursa my asshole. To my surprise, yet another dazzling wave of pleasure pulsated through my rear and up through my back and belly.

I had no idea of the time; I was just lying on the floor when he slid his sweet cock from my asshole. I felt myself remain open, stretched too far to return to normal quickly. It felt cool and open after his monster cock had been in me for so long. I couldn’t move right away and just panted on the floor, catching my breath. I heard him moan and roll onto his back and sigh.

“Good job boy, now finish the job; clean my cock up.”

I started to go for a towel. “No boy, use your tongue, always lick a man clean.” His cock had never looked like this. It was so wet and covered with all our fluids. I lowered my head down to the head of his cock and began to work my tongue into his cum hole. He was a little startled; he was drained from so much cum leaving him. I didn’t mind what I tasted on him. There was just a little blood. It’s strange what you taste after a good assfucking. It’s different. I knew that my ass had produced its own lubrication for him just like my mouth hole. From my ass it’s a bit thicker and tastes more bitter. But it mixed with his strong semen well. I was eager and willing to lick his cock totally clean to show my thanks and the musky taste tweaked my need for humiliation. My ass was his now, he truly was my Master.

The next day I found out Mike was serious. I got dressed for the first time since I became his houseboy. He drove me into town telling me to obey my trainer. It seems that their sex club used one member as a trainer to improve skills. As instructed I went alone to the door of an attorney’s office. His name was Pat and he lived on top of the office. It was very pleasant as he sat me down and got coffee. We discussed the weather and life in a small town for a while until casually he said, “you know Mike wants you better trained. It’s important that a manservant be able to suck his guy off anyway he wants. You’re not the first cocksucker I’ve had to train. You’ll be here a few days, it’ll be intense but Mike thinks you have the temperament to be a first class cocksucker, do you, will you try?”

“Oh yes, I really want to please Mike sir. I was surprised when I found myself seeking out the humiliation. I’m happiest when he’s pleased, it’s a little embarrassing but I now realize I have a need to submit to better men.”

“Good, good, but there’s more to it than that. Why don’t you tell me what you think about being Mike’s boy?” “What do you mean sir; I’m not sure I understand.” “Don’t be coy with me boy, you know what I mean. Do you want men to use your mouth like a cunt? Right now you suck cock like a little girl, you know you can do better; all it takes is eagerness and training. Do you want to learn boy, do you want your mouth to be the warm, deep cunt that Mike wants?”

“Yes Sir, teach me please. I want to be the best man-servant there is. I’ve learned this is my place in life. I know that other men want to be serviced and I now know that I like to serve.”

“Ok let’s start. You know that cocksuckers are usually always naked except for chains and collars.” I stripped quickly, eager to please. He stood up and motioned me to undress him. When I got to his shorts I was shocked, his cock could only be described as huge. In its semi-soft state it was at least nine inches long and as thick around as a baby’s wrist. The cock-head looked like a ball peen hammer. He chuckled a bit at my awe, “most cocksuckers react like that. They want it but their afraid of it, you want to learn to take it don’t you?” I nodded yes and he slapped me hard, “when you’re asked a question boy, you answer, understand?” “Yes Sir, I want to learn to take it, to service better men as they want.” “Good, lick and suck it a while.”

The next 10 minutes I licked and slobbered over that huge tool until my mouth finally became accustomed to its girth. “That’s good boy, get used to it. Now I want to work on your gag reflex. You will be trained to take any size cock down your throat without gagging. Most real men appreciate having their boy gag and choke around their cocks as long as it’s not too messy. It’s a fact that a trained mouth feels better on a cock than a cunt; after all a cunt has no tongue and there is nothing tighter than a throat. When you suck I want you to concentrate on relaxing those muscles deep in your throat. Inhale deeply and swallow as you slowly go down on my dick; if you stick your tongue out as my cock enters your mouth it’ll slip right in. That will help to open your throat and enable you to take it without gagging. Nothing beats practice; let’s see what you can do.”

My trainer had an impossibly long, thick cock. It was only half hard but an inch and a half in diameter, nine inches long half soft! I could only guess at what it was when fully erect. I tried to follow his instructions and swallow him. But the thought of taking all of him deep down my throat distracted me and as the head of his cock hit my soft palate, I gagged and pulled back. “Easy boy. Now concentrate. Do as I tell you. Deep breath and swallow as you take it,” he instructed very patiently as he gently stroked my hair. “Say ‘ah” as you go down, just like you do for the doctor.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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