Jess and the Life Changing Weekend: Part Four.


Chapter Six.I pulled up into the parking lot and parked in the shade of a big gum tree while I waited. I was daydreaming about the events of the day as I watched the boys begin packing up the gear. I was shaken out of my daydream by the phone ringing.“Hello?”“Hi, hon. How are you doing?”I instantly felt a bit panicky. Did he know? Had Kat sent the videos afterall? Why was he ringing me at this time? He should be on his way home soon. Had he come home early and saw us?“Hello? Are you there Jess?”“Oh shit, sorry Peter, I was a million miles away when you rang. What’s up?”“Sounds like it. I’m alright. Just ringing to tell you I’m going to be late home. Don’t bother cooking any dinner for me. My boss is taking some of us out for dinner.”“Oh, okay. What’s the occasion?”“I think I might have some good news for us when I get home. I’ll tell you about it tonight though.”“Oh, alright then. I’ll see you when you get home.”“Okay. Gotta run now though. See you tonight.”“Bye.”I know I’m reading too much into it but that was the first time I can remember ending a phone conversation with Peter without either of us saying “I love you”. I felt the first real pangs of guilt and began to question my sanity in allowing things to get so out of hand today.I watched as David made his way over to the car, dragging his feet and looking as exhausted as I felt. He dumped his cricket gear in the backseat then got in the passenger side.“Hey buddy, how are you going?”“Hey, Mum. I’m tired, it was so hot today.”“It sure was. Too hot to go cooking anything, how would you like takeaway tonight?”He smiled at the thought of the treat that he rarely gets and it seemed to perk him up.“That sounds great Mum, what are we having?”“Your choice tonight mate. Your wish is my command.”I said in my best Genie voice, which, ironically, sounded more like Jafar than the Genie but David didn’t seem to mind.“Woohoo! Can we have KFC?”“We sure can.”“Yay! You’re the best Mum.”“I know.”I tried to keep a straight face but we both ended up laughing. He could always make me smile.“Come and give your Mum a hug.”He scrambled across the seat and threw his arms around me, squeezing me in a big hug. I made the most of it, knowing that his hugging days would come to an end sooner rather than later. He even kissed me on the cheek, which was a real rarity.“Alright buddy, sit down and put your seatbelt on and we will go get dinner.”He sat back but he was looking at me a little differently.“What’s up?”“You smell different today, Mum.”Fuck! Talk about cut to the heart of it without even realising. Just keep cool Jess, he’s just a kid and doesn’t know what the smell is.The angel gave a disapproving “Yet”.The devil gave a smirking “Yet”.Shut up you two, no one asked for your opinion.I could feel myself blushing at the thought that my son had just kissed my cheek which possibly still had Kat’s cum on it. I had to do something about that as soon as I got home. If he noticed, Peter definitely will.Everyone in the district seemed to have the same idea as us and the queue at the nearest KFC went right out of the car park. We sat and talked about his day at school and cricket practice while we waited for our food. It was nice to have just a normal conversation and nothing too heavy to talk or think about for a while.We were finally on our way home with dinner when my phone rang again. Geez, twice in one afternoon, aren’t I the popular girl? My car is nothing fancy or new and I didn’t have Bluetooth to answer it so I looked at David.“Can you answer that for me please?”Always keen to do anything adult-related he snatched up the phone and answered it. He spoke for a few moments but there were no clues forthcoming about who it was.“Uhuh. Yeah! sounds good. I’ll ask her.”“Mum?”“Yes, Buddy.”“Mrs Rogerson said she is taking Billy to the lake house for the weekend and she said that I can come with them if it’s alright with you. Please, Mum, can I go? Please, please, please?”He was very keen and his eagerness and excitement was so cute.“Tell Mrs Rogerson that that is a very generous offer and as long as she is okay with it then that is fine.”I felt sorry for Mrs Rogerson, who happens to be my best friend, Belinda, on the other end as she got a very excited and loud response.“She said yes!”“David, please, quietly ask Mrs Rogerson if there is anything she needs me to supply.”Parent code for do you have enough money/alcohol/Xanax to cope with this?He passed on the message then went back to his non-informative comments.“Uhuh. Mmm. Okay, see you then.”He hung up the phone and just sat there with that look kids get when they think they’re having the best day ever.“Well? Are you going to tell me what she said or do I have to read your mind?”“Oh. She said she will drop by our house at about seven o’clock to pick me up.”Grrr. Kids never give or get the actual information that is needed. How can they be so frustrating and so endearing at the same time? I sighed as I looked at him.“Is Escort elvankent that tonight or tomorrow morning?”“Oh, tonight.”Shit. That does not give me a lot of time to get everything ready.“Well, as soon as we get home you need to sit down and eat your dinner then get your things packed ready to go.”“Okay, mum.”“And no mucking around because it’s six-thirty now.”There was no way known he was going to be ready on time and if I knew Belinda as well as I thought I did she will be on the doorstep at seven o’clock on the dot. She was a lovely woman and as good a friend as any I had but she was almost irritatingly organised.I pulled into our driveway and handed David the food.“Take this straight in and get started Buddy, you don’t have much time.”He went to grab his cricket gear as well but I told him to leave it. I could deal with that after everyone had left. I opened the door and was greeted by a waft of hot air from our poorly insulated home. On the air was quite a strong scent that I recognised immediately as the smell of both Kat’s and my cum. I blushed immediately and thought how embarrassing it would be if someone else had smelled that. Then to my dawning horror, I realised that there was about to be.I made sure David was sat at the table and eating then ran around the house opening every window and door except the bedroom door which I closed. I quickly gave my face another scrub and then for good measure dunked my whole head under the tap for a moment. I towelled the majority of the water off then went back to running around like a headless chicken. I turned on every fan in the house and even sprayed some air freshener in a few strategic locations to try and disguise the smell. No matter what I did though, all I could smell was pussy. It didn’t help that the smell itself was bringing me exciting memories and turning me on at the same time.I ran into David’s room and started throwing clothes into a backpack for him and grabbed his pillow off the bed. I turned to walk out of his room and squealed in fright. There standing right in front of me was Belinda. I hadn’t heard her arrive and the shock of seeing her standing right behind me scared me but that soon turned to embarrassment. She was smelling something in the air and gave me a quizzical look. On top of that, I knew I looked like a madwoman, blushing, sweating and no doubt my hair sticking up all over the place.“Oh, crap! You scared the hell out of me Belinda.”She laughed at my obvious shock.“Well, sorry for that, but it was funny to make you squeal like that.”D “She’s not the only one to make you squeal today.”I felt myself blushing even more.“Don’t be embarrassed, Jess, I should have called out. Have I made you rush around?”“Oh, it’s alright. There was just a huge queue at KFC and David had cricket training tonight. I think I’ve got everything for him that he needs though.”“Sorry about that, I would have given you more time if I’d realised.”“It’s okay. Thanks so much for taking him this weekend. He’s so excited.”“Billy was pretty pleased with the idea too. They’re out there now already planning whatever mischief they intend to get up to this weekend.”“I’ll bet they are.”Belinda started sneezing then. Again and again, she went until she was doubled over. I couldn’t help it but it looked so funny that I started to laugh out loud.“Oh, god, don’t laugh, I nearly peed myself. What have you been spraying in here?”Thinking on my feet I came up with something much quicker than I thought I would under the circumstances.“Oh, I forgot about a load of towels in the washing machine and in this heat they went funky pretty quick so I just sprayed some air freshener.”“Oh, that sucks when that happens.”Yeah, right, like you have ever forgotten a load of washing in your life.“Oh well, at least I can get it rewashed and dry in no time at the moment.”“That has got to be about the only good thing about this weather.”“At least you will all be able to go for a swim in the lake.”“I’m looking forward to it and I imagine the boys are too. Speaking of which though, I would like to get up there before it gets too dark.”“Yeah, of course. Sorry to keep you waiting.”I called out to David and when he came into the room I handed him his backpack. He gave me a quick hug that said here’s your hug but people are watching, Mum.They piled into Belinda’s minivan and I waved as they headed down the road. I turned to go back inside but I could feel someone watching me. I turned back and looked around for a moment before I spotted movement in the window of the neighbour’s house. There was Kat, standing in the open window of her parent’s bedroom with her t-shirt lifted, exposing her breasts. I laughed but I looked around nervously, wondering if anyone could see. On the spur of the moment, I took a step back into the doorway so that no one else could see and returned the gesture while grinning like a lunatic.It wasn’t the first emek escort time that day that I questioned my sanity. It was undeniable that I was doing things that I never had even considered before. Things that had I considered or heard of a friend doing I would be shocked but as I said earlier, I can’t deny the appeal. It turned me on something fierce to be behaving so recklessly and so wantonly.I sat down at the table and took what felt like the first breath of the whole mad day. My stomach grumbled at me reminding me that I hadn’t eaten yet and I felt incredibly thirsty. As I thought about why I was so thirsty I was struck by the absurdity of it all and came over with a fit of the giggles. I couldn’t believe how many times I had orgasmed today, it had to be a personal best or at least close to it and it was no surprise that I was a bit dehydrated.I ate my dinner and tried to focus my mind elsewhere but it kept drifting back to highlights of the day. The excitement of realising I had flashed Jeromie with the wet shirt, then intentionally flashing him. The crazy moment of handing him my panties. The fear when I realised I had been caught that was so rapidly replaced by the trepidation of doing something I had never done before, followed by the exultation of discovery and overwhelming joy of multiple orgasms. The discovery of not only enjoying making Kat cum but the discovery that I had a natural talent for it and a lot of enthusiasm for it too.I cleaned up the rubbish left from dinner then went into my bedroom. I realised that no amount of air freshener and open windows was going to stop the bedroom from smelling like a brothel so I stripped all the linen from the bed again. I bundled it up in my arms and carried it to the laundry, almost getting high on the delicious smell coming off them.“God damn it, Kat. What have you done to me? I’m getting wet again.”I spoke to the world at large but there was no one there to respond. Even the Angel and the Devil had gone quiet again for now. I put the load of washing on then went out to the clothesline to check if what I had hung out earlier had dried. Even though the sun was now setting it was still stinking hot and there was still next to no breeze. It was going to be a horrible night for sleeping that’s for sure.I took the dry sheets in and made the bed for the third time that day. It was during this that Peter came home. He walked in the door looking very proud of himself. I felt a little flip in my stomach as I looked at him and I was reminded of how I used to feel when I hadn’t seen him all day. It made me realise that that feeling had been missing for quite some time and a big part of it was that he rarely smiled when he saw me these days. It was a sad thing to realise what had become of our marriage.“Hi, Honey. So what’s the big news?”“I got the promotion I’ve been after.”Another shock of realisation as I thought back over the conversations we had had recently and I was sure he hadn’t mentioned a promotion to me.“Pardon? What promotion? I didn’t know you were in line for a promotion?”“I’m sure I told you about it.”“When? I’m sorry but I honestly can’t remember you telling me about it.”I could see the smile starting to slip into a frown as he thought back himself and realised he may not have told me after all. It hurt my heart to see it, but I didn’t want to ruin the upbeat mood he was in.“Doesn’t matter, tell me about this promotion.”His face lit up again and I couldn’t help but smile at his happiness.“Well, there’s been a possibility for a long haul job because one of the guys doing it was talking about retiring. I told the boss that if it happened I would like to be in line for it. Well, he announced his retirement this week and the boss came straight to me. He said if you want it, it’s yours.”I could feel my heart sinking as he went on. A long haul job? He had never discussed this with me. Long haul meant interstate trips, which meant even more time away from home. More time away from David and more time away from me. Sure things were tighter since my job folded but we were far from being in financial trouble. This was a decision he was making, no, one that he had already made, without my input and without any consideration for what I would want.My face must have been showing what my heart was feeling because I could see the smile sliding off his face and going to confusion and then anger.“What? What’s the problem now?”“What’s the problem now? What do you mean by that? Since when have I complained to you about anything?”“You’re pissed off that I took this job? Are you serious? I’m doing this for us.”“Which part, Peter? The part where we see even less of each other? The part where you spend less time with your son than you already do?”“If you hadn’t lost your job I wouldn’t need to do this.”That stung and I was becoming pissed off. I don’t rant and scream when I’m angry though. I looked him in the eye eryaman escort bayan and told him straight, in a calm, albeit sad voice.“You know damn well that wasn’t my fault. We don’t need the money that desperately, Peter, but you do what you feel you have to do.”I could see he wanted to rant and rave at me but I could also see that there was a touch of guilt there too. He wanted this and he knew I wouldn’t so he had thought he could guilt me into agreeing and it hadn’t gone to the plan he had in his mind.“Well… well, I don’t have time to discuss this tonight, I have to get going now.”“You’ve just done a twelve-hour shift, you shouldn’t be driving anywhere.”“I’ll be fine. I’ll just sleep in the cab.”He turned and walked back out the door and all I could do is stare at it after him. No goodbye, no hug, no kiss, nothing. He didn’t even ask where David was. I heard the car start up and drive off down the road and I felt something inside of me break a little. Chapter Seven. I’m not even going to pretend that I was alright that night. I was a sobbing mess and it took a long time before exhaustion took over and sleep finally came to me. I would normally be up early but the lack of sleep kept me in bed until it got too hot and uncomfortable to stay there. I am normally one for not going to bed on an argument either but in this case, I think it gave us both a little time to cool down. I looked at my phone and two messages were waiting for me. One from Belinda saying they had got to the cabin and set up for the night and the boys were already having a great time. The other was from Peter.“I’m sorry we fought last night. Yeah, you may be right that this is something that I want to do but I also want to do it for us. It’s not entirely selfish. Are we okay? Call me when you get up.”My initial response was another flare-up of anger but I was too tired to maintain it. I also knew that if I spoke to him straight away I would likely say something mean. I went and made myself some breakfast and a coffee and sat at the table, staring out the window at nothing in particular until the caffeine started doing its thing. Then I started to write out a response.“Peter, I’m sending you a message because at the moment if we talk it will probably end in another fight. As for the job, like I said last night, you do what you feel you need to do. My biggest concerns with it are that you already see so little of David that you are going to lose him. He is of an age where he needs his Dad. I know you will be home between runs but how long for and how long are the runs? Will you be tired and cranky and not want to spend time with him? I don’t want to see either of you hurt by that. It certainly gives us a lot less time together too. That doesn’t bother me as much as it used to because even when you are here lately our love life hasn’t really been a priority to you. I don’t know, maybe I’m just not as attractive as I once was or it’s just not as important to you anymore but I have missed it. Ultimately, I want you to know that I will still be here, the question is will you still want me to be?”That last question is something that has been circling my brain a bit lately and I was scared of the answer but it had to be asked now. I thought of something else and sent it as a new message then put my phone down.“I know you will want to answer and reassure me straight away but I don’t want you to do that. I want you to think about it, I mean REALLY think about it and we can talk later. Please be safe on the road and know that you are loved.”Even I thought it was weird the way I finished that last bit. “Know that you are loved.” What the hell was with that? I could have just said “I love you” but I don’t want him to feel pressured into replying the same way. Was I telling him that he was loved but not necessarily by me? Did I love the memory of who he used to be? Was it just an affection because he is the father of our son? I was getting morose thinking about it and decided to do something else to take my mind off it.I walked into the bedroom and picked a pair of shorts and a t-shirt for the day, then went rummaging in the drawer for underwear. As I searched through it I found my bathers. They were a one-piece that I bought when David was learning how to swim and I doubt they had been worn since. I was never really one for bathers. Mainly because I just didn’t do much swimming these days. When I was a little kid it was usually in a creek near home and I would just wear my underwear. When I became a teenager I basically just added a t-shirt to the ensemble. It was very rare that there were boys around when we went swimming so it didn’t even really occur to us to buy bathers. Certainly nothing as exciting as a bikini.These were Navy blue and I wasn’t even sure they would fit me anymore. They were mum bathers, purely functional. The only thing about them that could be considered even mildly racy was the higher cut hips on them. I remembered the first time I put them on and realising that I would have to have a shave and a trim before I could be seen anywhere public with them. At the time I was annoyed by the inconvenience but I laughed as I realised that after yesterday’s efforts that wouldn’t be necessary at all.