Jessie and Julie


“Julie?” I heard a voice ask. As I turned around, I looked up into the most beautiful green eyes I have ever seen. The woman attached to those eyes was a tall brunette with blonde highlights, a curvy body and ample cleavage that was highly visible in the low-cut shirt she had on. I took a minute to look her over before answering.

“Yes. How do you know me?” I asked. I was waiting to meet someone and this could not possibly be him.

“I’m Jessie.” She replied, surprising me. Then seeing the look on my face she said, “You were expecting a guy weren’t you?” She seemed disappointed.

“Um, yes I guess I was.” I said. I had answered a personal add and was waiting for Jessie, a tall, green eyed, long-haired brunette.

“Sorry to waste your time.” She said dejectedly as she began to walk away.

“Hey wait!” I called after her. “You came down here to spend an evening having drinks and conversation and whatever with me. I don’t see why we can’t still do that.”

“What about the whatever?” She said turning and walking back to the table. “I knew whom I was meeting and what I had planned for the night, but you are the surprised one. Obviously you are not looking for a girl for the night like I was.”

“You did catch me by surprise, I guess next time I answer a personal add I will have to double check whom I am meeting” I replied. “I am still planning on staying for drinks and dinner, so please join me.”

“I guess I can do that.” Jessie answered. “No use in driving back to my hotel on an empty stomach!”

As she joined me at the table, I looked her over again. She was curvy, but in all the right places and her tight jeans and low top were very complementary to her figure. She had long, nicely manicured nails. Her hair was dark and fell to the middle of her back and her highlights caught the light when she moved her head. I found her very sexy and I’m not even into girls! I saw her looking me over as well and wondered if she liked what she saw. I could see her eyes travel from my shoulder length blonde hair, to my own green eyes and come to rest on my large boobs. I was wearing a short denim skirt and a flowing top that showed off my assets. I didn’t know any lesbians…not that I knew of at least and was not sure how to take the sizing up.

“So, do you do this often?” She asked. “I mean, meet strange women with mens names at restaurants?” She was smiling and it lit up her whole face.

“This would be the first time for me!” I laughed. “I’ve never even answered a personal add before. How about you?”

“First time too, although I got what I was looking for tonight and you didn’t.” She answered. “I guess they posted my listing in the wrong category. Must be a name thing!”

We continued talking as we ordered dinner and drinks. I discovered that, like me, she was new to the dating game. Her boyfriend had dumped her when she asked him if she could bring a woman into their bed. Apparently she had “threatened his manhood” as he said when he broke it off a few weeks later. I told her about finding my boyfriend with my coworker at an out of town party a year ago and leaving him stranded with no way to get back home. We also talked about how hard it was to find someone who was interested in more than just the bump and go. Neither one of us was looking to get married right away, but we both wanted to be exclusive. As we continued to drink, I found myself telling her things I had not told anyone in a long time. We were just so comfortable together.

“So,” she asked with a sly grin, “you have never been with a woman before? Have you thought about it? Because, to tell the truth, you really turn me on. I have been thinking about a way to get you back to my hotel all night.”

I was blown away. “I guess I have thought about it.” I admitted. “And I did like the girl/girl and threesome scenes in the adult movies that Chas and I used to watch. I had some experiences in school, but I just never thought I was that way.”

“I guess I have known for a while.” She replied. “I mean, I have always dated guys, until recently, but Ankara escort I just find girls more attractive and more fulfilling to be with. The guys I have been with have just want to go to sleep or go home when they are done with sex and that was never enough for me. I like to cuddle and talk and be close. John would pull on his tighty-whities and be snoring in two minutes. The few women that I have been with were happy to snuggle and talk and be held.”

“I never thought about it that way before.” I said. I also enjoyed basking in the sex afterglow curled up with someone and was always disappointed that Chas would push away and go to sleep or run off to do one last thing before going to bed.

Jessie smiled again. “Wanna dance?” she asked. A local band had just started up in the bar of the restaurant.

“Sure. I love to dance.” I replied. I was sort of glad she’d dropped the subject.

We paid our tab and made our way into the bar. I ordered us another round of drinks and we moved to the dance floor. The band was not bad. They were playing a lot of old rock tunes. We danced together and with the couples around us. I liked the way that Jessie would move right up to me and lightly rest her hand on my hip or shoulder as we danced. Sometimes she would brush my breasts lightly with hers as she leaned into me to try to talk over the music. And I think that at least once she licked my earlobe while shouting into my ear. I was really sure she was trying to seduce me and thought that if she continued, it might just work. We danced until the band switched to a slow song, then we headed for the tables around the dance floor. We ordered another round from the cocktail waitress and then Jessie had to use the restroom, so I followed her. The bathrooms at the bar were packed, so we made our way to the ones in the now deserted restaurant. After taking care of business I was primping at the mirror when she walked out. Her face was all flushed (from both the alcohol and the dancing), her hair was a mess and she looked beautiful. I watched her wash her hands at the sink and then pull out a brush for her hair. I was quite surprised by the feelings that I was having. Was I really considering going back to her hotel with her? Would she even ask me again? I realized that she had stopped brushing her hair and was looking at me.

“What?” She asked.

“Nothing.” I replied looking away. When I looked back, she was walking toward me. I stood still, not sure what to expect. She slid her arms around my waist and leaned into me. I put my hands on her hips, still not sure. It felt good to have her arms around me and when she leaned down and brushed her lips across mine, my whole body felt it. She leaned back and I surprised myself by lifting my hand to her head and pulling her to me. I planted my lips firmly on hers and lightly licked her closed mouth. She replied by opening her lips and meeting my tongue with hers. Our tongues danced together between us until she plunged hers deep into my mouth. I could feel the heat starting in my loins and knew exactly what I wanted. Just then, we heard voices from the other side of the door. We quickly separated and walked to the door. A group of ladies was heading into the bathroom. We went back to the bar and sat together at a table. Our drinks were brought to us and we quickly downed them before heading back onto the dance floor.

Now I found myself being the aggressor. I would touch her hair, cheek, butt, hips every chance I got. She was like a drug and I couldn’t get enough. Where she touched me, I burned, when she leaned in to talk I couldn’t resist licking her earlobe. I was becoming more and more turned on by the minute. When the next slow song came on, I began to walk off the dance floor, but she grabbed me and wrapped her arms around my waist pulling me close. I set my hands on her hips, letting my fingers caress the bare skin under her shirt. I could see the goose bumps on her arms and knew I was getting to her like she was getting to me. We swayed to the music, our bodies close together. All I could Escort ankara think about was the kiss from the bathroom and the need to repeat it.

She leaned in close and whispered in my ear, “your place or mine?” I grabbed her hand and led her out into the parking lot.

“I live close by, so why don’t we run by your hotel, check you out and spend the rest of the night at my place?” I asked.

“Are you sure you are ready for this?” She pulled me close and brushed my lips with hers.

“More than I’ve ever been before!” I replied, kissing her back.

I drove her to her hotel and waited in the parking lot while she ran in and checked out. She came back with her suitcase that we threw in the trunk of my car. On the way to my house she began running her fingers over me. She started with my hair and then down to my ear and neck to my shoulder, from my shoulder to my boobs, tracing circles around my hardened nipple and then finally down to my leg resting them on my inner thigh. I felt her fingers move up my thigh, under my skirt, to the edge of my thong. I shifted just enough to move her fingers over the lacy crotch of my dripping panties.

“Did I do this?” She asked, sliding her fingers up and down my panties. Too absorbed in what she was doing to answer, I nodded my head. She began to rub gentle circles around my stimulated bud. I could feel waves of pleasure from my toes to my head. She applied stronger pressure to my clit and I knew that it wouldn’t be long before I was cumming on her well-trained fingers. My breath quickened as she slid aside my thong and slid her finger in between my lips. As she rubbed up and down my soaked slit, her thumb worked my nub. She leaned over and began kissing my neck, her tongue darting in and around my ear. I barely made into my driveway and got the car into park before I exploded into one of the most intense orgasms I had ever felt. My whole body was on fire. She slid several fingers in me and began pumping as my muscles quivered. She pulled my face to hers and locked her lips on mine. I could feel her tongue probing and I opened my lips to meet her with mine. I moaned around her mouth as she slowed her fingers in me and let me come down.

Without a word, I opened the car door and started to the house, unzipping my short skirt and pulling off my top as I went. By the time I got to the alcove that led to my front door, I was naked, except for my heels and she had caught up to me. She had also pulled off her clothes that she now dropped in a pile with mine at the front door. I turned to her and wrapped my arms around her, kissing her. She pulled me tight and plunged her fingers into my hair as I explored the curves of her body with my hands. Her firm boobs were more than a handful and I could feel as well as see that her nipples were large and quite hard. I slid my finger into her wet slit and could feel how much she wanted this. I dropped to my knees in front of her and gently began to kiss her womanhood. I flicked my tongue out and over her clit as my fingers slid back into her pussy. I was pleasantly surprised that her musky scent was not so different from my own. She grabbed the back of my head to hold me in place as I began to suck on her clit. With one hand I pumped in and out of her pussy, with the other I reached up and tweaked her hardened nipple. I could tell by the pressure on my fingers that she was nearing orgasm. As she came on my fingers, she cried out and almost fell backwards. I continued to lick gentle circles around her bud and up and down her slit until she stopped moaning.

I got up and bent over to retrieve my keys and the pile of clothes at the door. As I did, I felt her grab my hips and slide up behind me. I stood up and unlocked the door and let us into the house. She was still behind me and began to rub my nipples until they stood at attention. She was kissing my neck and rubbing me as I led her down the hallway to my bedroom. Once there she pushed me to the bed and made me get on all fours on top of it. From behind, I could feel her tongue enter my still Ankara escort bayan dripping pussy. I cried out with pleasure as she ate my pussy. I felt her fingers go up into me and then felt her lie down beneath me. As her tongue began to flick my bud, my hips started bucking in time with her thrusts. She found my g-spot and began massaging it. I had never felt pleasure quite like this before. The tingling started in my toes and then up my legs to my groin. It felt like every nerve was alive and screaming in pleasure as the sensations washed over the rest of my body. I cried out and fell forward onto my elbows, as I suddenly did not have the strength to hold myself up. She continued lashing at my very sensitive clit and pushing her fingers in and out of me until I felt another orgasm approaching. I began to breathe heavily and grind down on her face and fingers as my third orgasm of the night washed over me.

As I came down, I rolled over and pulled her to me. I wanted to taste myself on her lips. We kissed gently at first and then with more passion as I began to trace the outline of each of her nipples. I moved my tongue to follow my fingers and gently sucked her hardened nipple into my mouth. I bit gently on it and was encouraged to hear her sharp intake of breath and moan. My fingers found their way down to her pussy and I entered her with two of them. I moved my fingers in and out slowly as I continued to suck and nip on her breasts. Her hips began to move with my fingers and I slowly moved my mouth down to her. I licked up the inside of her thigh and then I pulled my fingers out of her dripping hole and replaced them with my tongue. As I tongued her, my fingers found her love bud and I rubbed it between my thumb and forefinger. She moaned and picked up speed with her hips. I switched my tongue and fingers and felt for her g-spot. I could tell when I had found it as she became even wetter. I licked and sucked on her clit as I rubbed her g-spot with my fingers. When she would approach orgasm, I would slow down and change movements to bring her back down and then hit her quick with it again. When she finally came, she pushed up so hard off the bed that I almost lost contact with her. She cried out and pulled my head into her pussy. Her muscles clamped down on my fingers as she slid down to the bed. I continued to kiss and lick as her breathing returned to normal. She pulled me up and wrapped her arms around me and locked her lips to mine once again. Our tongues darted in and out of each others mouths, tasting each others juices.

When we separated, I looked her in the eyes and said; “I am sure glad that I answered your add. This has been one of the best nights of my life.”

She smiled. “Does this mean I can see you again?”

“Let’s discuss it over breakfast.” I said, curling up and wrapping my arms around her. As I lay there, curled up with Jessie in my arms, starting to drift off to sleep I had a thought.

“Jessie, are you still awake?” I whispered in her ear. She nodded against me. “I have a wonderful idea. Lets go away together. I own a house on the coast not too far from here that we could go to and really get to know each other. It is only a few blocks from the beach. There are winery’s and shops close by as well as caves and trails to explore. We could stroll on the beach, watch the sunset, make love on the sand. What do you think?”

She turned to me so that I could see her face. She was smiling ear to ear. “When can we leave? I am off of work for the next two weeks and would love to go!”

“I am between jobs right now, so we can leave first thing in the morning. How about we swing by your place to get your things and then head to the beach?” I asked running my fingers down her side, to rest on her hip.

“We don’t even have to go by my place. I have a few days worth of clothes with me and anything else I need, we can just go shopping for!” She replied, entwining her fingers through mine. “I can’t wait to get to know you better!” She kissed me lightly on the mouth, lingering for just a moment before turning around and cuddling close to me. I slid my leg over hers and let my hand gently cup her breast as I snuggled down for the night. She locked her fingers with mine and sighed contentedly.

As I slipped off into sleep, I was glad that this would be one of many nights I would spend with Jessie.