Jessie Ch. 17

Teen (18+)

Here they come to snuff The Rooster…

– The Rooster, Alice In Chains



Fall came in a cascade of colors, seemingly all at once, and with the warmth required to go out and enjoy them. Green faded into yellow into orange and red, and the days were just brisk enough to remind you to pack a fleece to cut the chill down from “barely uncomfortable” to “actually enjoyable.” The days got shorter and the crisp evenings all seemed to smell like a high school football game, the scent of cold and bonfires rustling down the street on currents of wind that shook the storm of colors into the gutter.

I spent the next month helping Sienna with physical therapy when I wasn’t at work, and taking over for her the tasks she couldn’t do by herself, taking back a lot of the household chores after my job at the bank ended every day. Jane tagged along as I cooked, washed dishes, washed laundry, raked leaves, took down the garden for fall. She babbled insane questions at me, and I corrected her pronunciation and grammar at each opportunity, carrying on complete conversations with the child as I worked. Her speaking skills actually seemed to improve over the course of the month.

And her mother – her mother was silent and lost in a world of fear and pain and traumatic memory. She quit her jobs and didn’t leave the house, not even to set foot on the porch.

Jessie resumed school, though she was taking more online classes now, not wanting to leave the house in a car as much. Another six months and she’d have her degree. Now though, she was a harried, hectic dervish of studying, spreading out her homework on the kitchen table or living room floor every night, wings of paper stretched on either side of her and flashcards held up urgently in front of my face for definition review.

McKenna had moved back to her apartment two weeks ago. She wanted some privacy, probably to entertain Don, with whom she’d spent considerable time watching over Ashley and Sienna. She was no longer making sexually charged comments towards me, and I liked to think she may have found a less random outlet for her carnal energy than her best friend’s significant other.

Car bombs still went off randomly – two, three a week – but it felt like the invasion of my home had been the capstone to the summer’s violence. Morgan had fled my house and thankfully my life, and while I wondered when he’d turn up again, I was happy that he was keeping a low profile in the world.


The football game was loud and raucous, and Jessie and I texted each other instead of talking. It was easier that way. We watched the home team kick the crap out of the away after a disappointing first half, the entire home side of the bleachers standing and cheering like maniacs after a Hail Mary pass that cemented the lead late in the third quarter. Standing with the rest of the crowd, I looked around at the field, the bleachers, the storage facilities.

Everything was worn. The door on the concession stand was sagging off, the uprights were rusting, the fencing was practically falling to the ground, and if I had to guess, those uniforms probably didn’t have the necessary amount of padding to keep the players’ brains safe. So that was what Jessie had seen in this place.

We went to two or three home games a season. It was a nice, cheap date night, kept us visible and known and liked within the primarily black, primarily poor neighborhood. It gave me something to chew the fat with customers about when I stopped into Ashley’s store. My gothic lover had seen the rundown nature of the high school sporting field and facilities as she drove back from school, stopped and poked around, walking through ankle-deep orange leaves to inspect the grounds and equipment. And when she told me her plan, I couldn’t help but smile and agree. It sounded like something I’d done a few times.

We filed out of the bleachers, most of the spectators heading for the parking lot, some heading for the concession stand for one last dry hot dog or watered down soda. A smaller stream of people filed past the donation stand, most keeping their heads down and studiously ignoring it. They could barely afford to drive here and pay the entry fee, maybe get some food, much less give any anything else to keep it running.

We passed the donation box and each dropped in a messy wad of ones and fives, and I hoped they didn’t thunk too loudly when they hit the bottom. The principal thanked everyone as they passed through the line, and we each shook his hand before heading to the parking lot. Once inside the truck, Jessie pulled me into a frantic kiss, then laughed like a maniac as we pulled out. “Finally! Something GOOD will be on the news!”

The bills we’d dropped in had been wrapped around stacks of American Gold Eagle ounces. When they finally got around to counting their cash tonight, they’d find that two anonymous spectators had untraceably paid for their entire athletic department renovation campaign.

I smiled. It felt good to do good.

Sienna and Jane were xslot upstairs when we got home, and Jessie cuddled up by my side on the couch when I put the news on. She was very obviously feeling frisky and affectionate, shifting constantly against my side like she couldn’t contain the energy inside her, running her hand over my body, leaning in to kiss and lick at my neck. I’d move to reciprocate and she’d demurely fold her hands in her lap and point out something on the TV screen.

It was obvious her goal was to drive me wild.

And it was working.

The next time her hand “accidentally” grazed my groin I grabbed it, pulled her to me. I looked into her amused eyes before I kissed her. “You, young lady, are getting a spanking tonight. This teasing is getting out of hand. I wanted to watch the news, but you just can’t keep your hands to yourself.”

“I’m horny, daddy…” she whined, then giggled.

I leaned in and kissed her again. “Then let’s get upstairs. Computer, goodnight.”

It was hard to walk up to the second floor with my slim, pale lover wrapped around me, her ass in my hands and her arms and legs crossed behind me, her lips doing distracting things against my neck and whispering about how she wanted to be hurt and defiled and humiliated by her daddy tonight. I made it up unsteadily though, my cock hard as an iron bar between us.

Sienna was sitting next to the second story door to our “apartment.” She was dressed for bed in a long-sleeved white nightgown, and her knees were pulled up, wrapped by her arms. When she lifted her head, I could see in the gloom that she’d been crying, her face puffy and red and wet.

Jessie slid out of my arms and crouched next to her instantly. “See, what’s wrong?”

“Hold me?”

We did.

Jessie cuddled with her in bed while I got ready, then I held her while Jessie got ready. And then we shut off the lights.

Sienna was spooned against me, one arm pillowing her head, the other wrapped around her waist, holding her tight. My lover lay facing her, an arm draped loosely over us. The blonde between us didn’t say a word, just snuggled back into me. I could tell from her breathing she was fighting panic, trying to keep from crying. I pulled her tighter to me.

I looked past See’s blonde hair, caught Jessie’s eyes, and she gave me a rueful but sad smile. Fun times would wait until tomorrow. This was more important.

It crossed my mind right before I fell asleep that this was love – sacrificing what you wanted for someone else.


Sienna rose well before us, untangling her body from ours and quietly exiting the room in the pitch black of early Saturday morning.

I curled up with Jessie and she sighed and smiled happily, moved her slight frame to my chest, her weight barely noticeable. She felt SO good in my arms.

This was love too.


“What are your plans for the day?” Sienna asked as the four of us ate breakfast.

“Homework,” Jessie spoke around a mouthful of cereal.

“Helping you with your exercises this morning.”

“Leafs?” Jane asked.

I chuckled. The little girl enjoyed floundering around in the big piles of orange and red and brown. It looked like the day was going to be warm and clear, so some yardwork was definitely in order. “Yeah, probably some leafs.”

“A trip to get groceries would be good,” See told me. “Think you could go, maybe get Jane out of the house?”

“Yeah, we’ll go this afternoon.”

“Fantastic, can I make you a list?”



Sienna and I did her stretching and basic, light weight-lifting exercises, and then Jane and I went outside while Jessie spread her books and tablets out on the table. I watched Jane toss the leaves up in the air, dive into them, over and over, laughing and squealing in the cool fall air. Wind rattled dry leaves down the streets and somewhere, a fireplace was already chugging out fragrant smoke into the beautiful blue sky.

I raised my head to catch the sun’s rays, warm on my face, closed my eyes, and took in the shrieks of happiness coming from Jane.

After all the ugliness, all we’d been through, it was good to have a day like this.

What a beautiful day to be alive.


I stepped out of the shower, scrubbed my short hair with my fingers, toweled off. I checked my reflection in the mirror – hasn’t lost much muscle from slowing down the exercise due to the broken ribs. Boxing and wrestling classes had continued but carefully, and there had been stuff I could do in the weight room to work around it.

Delts. My project for the winter would be working on my delts.

I stepped out into the bedroom to see Jessie on her hands and knees on our bed, ass pointed towards the doorway. She’d suction-cupped a realistic dick-shaped dildo to the wall and was fellating it, while one hand reached between her legs and worked another one back and forth in her cunt. She’d been doing this for a while apparently – she was turned on enough that I could xslot Giriş hear the wet, lewd noises of the rubber phallus moving inside her. My lover threw a smolderingly sexy look over her shoulder at me. “I couldn’t wait. Started without you.”

I smiled appreciatively. “You are a DIRTY girl.”

I got up on the bed behind, watching between her cheeks as her hand frantically stuffed the toy up into her snatch, pulled it back, shoved it back in. “How about the real thing, babygirl?”

Jessie pulled her mouth off the toy in front of her long enough to look back over her shoulder and smile sweetly. “Yes, sir.”

I gently took the rubber prick from her hand, withdrew it completely, marveling at the stringers of feminine lubricant that coated it and for a moment connected it to her nether lips. She parted those lips with her fingers, giving me a lewd display of her pink pussy. “Please, daddy?”

I guided the head of my cock to that hole, held her hips, and thrust home. Fuck it felt good to be inside her. I could feel her vaginal canal stretching to accommodate me, my dick pushing into tight, wet fleshiness, filling her, opening her up. I leaned over her back, kissed her neck. “I love you.”

Her mouth was too full of rubber penis to answer, but she moaned happily.

I pulled away and she began throwing her ass back at me, thrusting her pelvis instead of making me do the work. Jessie grunted with each slam of her butt against my hips before taking the toy back into her mouth, leaving me with just my purple crown buried inside her.

“You like this?” I asked, low and dark. I pulled her glutes to me and began thrusting, keeping her just off the drooping dildo in front of her. “Getting fucked by two cocks? Giving up your holes to two cocks? Pleasing two cocks at the same time? You are a dirtier girl today than I thought…”

“I thought it would please you,” Jessie whined.

“Oh, it did. I like you dirty…” I thrust particularly deep, held, ground my pelvis against her cunt, stirring my dick inside her. That whine turned into a groan of pleasure, plaintive and needy. “Do you need to cum, Jessie? Does my cute little girl need to have a big, wet, hot orgasm?”

Toy forgotten, my raven-haired lover lowered her head and shoulders to the sheets, tried to grind back on my cock, take an extra millimeter deeper to her sheathe.

I pulled away, slapped her proffered ass, hard, wrenched her over onto her back, and proned out on our bed, lowering my lips to her slit. I pushed both her legs up in the air, wide apart as my tongue darted over sensitive lips, down to tickle her asshole, up to her clit, flicking over and against the engorged nub. I sucked it into my mouth, lashing it wildly while letting one leg drop so I could stuff two fingers up inside my lover’s slippery tunnel. Jessie had been giggly, laughing at the tickling sensation of my tongue on her most sensitive flesh. Now she was crying out, shrieking at the ceiling as her hands clutched and tore at the sheets.

“Oh fuck fuck fuck OH FU-” Her back arched against the bed and speech became a scream.

Her one leg I still held aloft stiffened, and then I could feel the tremors shake it, the climax rippling through her muscles, her vulva humping wetly into my face as she tried to grind herself against the source of her overwhelming pleasure. Vaginal muscles squeezed powerfully around my fingers, and I pressed and stroked up, against her ridged anterior wall, drawing out the orgasm well past the point of her trying to push me away.

Her pussy slurped as I withdrew my wet fingers, and I rose to her body, held them before her mouth. “Suck,” I commanded.

Her eyes were unfocused, her attention lost in another galaxy of exploding pinpoints and streaks of ecstasy. I slapped her cheek, just hard enough to get her attention. “Suck.”

A cute pout crossed Jessie’s face. “No. I don’t want to.” Her voice was playfully petulant.

“Fuck what you want.” I slapped her again, and she took my fingers between her lips, sucking her taste from my skin like it was a delicious treat, like my digits were my cock and she wanted to give me the most sensual and loving oral attention I’d ever had.

“Yummy,” Jessie said with a smile when I pulled my hand back.

“You bitch,” I replied. The grin on my face robbed the words of any malice, as did the loving kiss I placed on her forehead before beginning a trail of kisses down from her lips to her flat breasts.

She writhed, ground her ass on the bed as I teased under, over, around her tits with my lips and tongue, capturing each fleshy bud in turn and sucking it stiffer still. “Your bitch, daddy. YOURS.”

I surged back up from probing her navel with my tongue. I pinned her wrists on either side of her head, and her hips lifted towards mine, her legs wrapping around my lower back, and I didn’t even have to aim, my cock slipped into her offered cunt by instinct. “MINE.”

I thrust deep and hard, filling her to the brim, pulling away, pushing on again until my xslot Güncel Giriş hilt pressed against her labia. She arched her neck, crying out at each hard slam of my body against hers. “Yours, daddy. Yours. Please! Please!”

I stopped, motionless. “Please what?”

“Please cum in me. Please. I wanna feel it! It feels so good. I want it…”

She burst out laughing as I rolled us over, then reared up, driving herself down my prick, hands clawing my pecs. I looked up at her, self-satisfied. “Your turn.”

Jessie lowered her forehead to mine, black hair swinging around my face as she arched her body forward and back wildly. She’d take me completely, pull away until was barely inside her, hump down on my shaft, grinding against me, stirring her pussy with my rod, then pulling away again. The entire motion occurred in her lower body, her face remaining pressed to mine, little breathy grunts and squeals of pleasure-driven from her as she pounded her body against me, seeking both our climaxes.

Hers arrived first, a hitch in her breath and then a screamed “AAAAAAAHHHHHAAAAAAA!” next to my ear, and I wrapped her in my arms as she jerked and twitched, her hips rolling back, trying to fill her spasming cunt with even more of my meat. I set her off a second time with a powerful slap to her bare bottom. I left my hand there, fingers grazing her crack, and Jessie whimpered when I pulled her cheek aside and probed one finger into her butthole. “You’re mean, daddy.”

“Why is that?”

“You’re not cumming. All I want is to feel that, and you’re not giving it to me.”

I pulled her lips to mine with a hand clamped roughly on the back of her neck, kissed her wildly, our tongues sliding wetly, softly, electrically together, igniting fire in blood, the urge to hurt and claim and FUCK. I held her in place like that as I put my feet on the mattress, began hammering up into her, slamming hips against ass as I held her close. “I’m close, Jessie. So close…”

My lover howled when she felt the first spurt fountain inside her, and then she was grinding down on me, holding me deep inside her while my climax painted her cervix with cum. I felt the heat, the closeness, the throbs of pleasure amplified by my woman laying on top of me, clutched to me. It felt like our sweaty skin was merged, and we were one animal, ravaged by pleasure. I grunted, strained to drive my spitting cock deeper into her, holding her tighter, kissing her with even more violent ferocity.


“That was fun.” Jessie raised her head from my shoulder, a happy grin on her face.

“It was.” I released her and she gently eased her way up and off my semi-hard length. A torrent of white fluid leaked from between her lips, dribbling over my shaft and groin, and the gothic-looking girl kissed her way down my chest to begin licking up what she’d lost. Her tongue felt soft and rough at the same time, laving over and around my sensitive skin. It felt like incredible, delicious torture.

“Fuck, that feels so good…” I groaned.

Jessie just gave me a sexy smile and continued going down on me, arching her ass in the air and reaching back to begin stroking herself.

My desire to dominate, to be in control got the better of my desire to lay back and enjoy, and I moved us to the floor, standing while Jessie knelt on a pillow, reviving my deflated pecker with adoring oral action. I reached down, cupped her chin, guided her head away for a moment. “Keep going until I finish. I want to cum on your face.”

Her breathy “Yes, daddy” was so submissive that I almost pulled her to her feet, bent her over the bed and took her again right there, but I relaxed, watched as the love of my life fellated me perfectly, exhaustively, lovingly.

Eventually, I collared and leashed her, taking a moments break from her subservient oral action to walk over to her nightstand and retrieve the wide leather strap and the thin leather lead. Jessie gave me that intelligent predator grin, reaching out to pump my bobbing penis before her as I buckled her collar around her pale neck and clipped the leash to it.

The remainder of the blowjob was far more forceful. I tugged at her leash to direct her rising and falling on my erection, pulling her away to gasp for air and then pulling her close, holding her down on my shaft until she gagged and slapped my leg. She looked up at me with pure adoration shining in her eyes while she pumped me, hands twisting gently as they moved up and down my wet rod, then she’d nibble the crown and let her mouth and tongue do the work, bobbing wildly up and down, jamming my cock into her mouth at my direction.

It took a long time to bring me to climax, but she stayed with it, slowly bringing me to boiling need and urgency. She reveled in my groans of pleasure, smiling sweetly up at me when I’d stroke her hair encouragingly, give me a plaintive look when I’d tug at her leash and force her down. She enjoyed getting me off, serving me.

When I finally got off, it was standing next to her, my dick angled down to cut the force of ejaculation, and my jizz leaked out in slow spurts. Some of it went into her open mouth. Most of it covered her cheeks and chin and lips. “Thank you, sir,” Jessie told me as she swiped white goo into her mouth with a delicate finger.