JFT Tales – First Visit


Giddy with anticipation, Jenny clings to her lover’s arm as they enter the store. For Jenny, it was her first visit, but she had heard much about it before. From outside, not much of the nature of the place could be discerned and, along with the discrete signage, it would have been easy to pass by without notice. But inside was another matter.

Jenny gasped at the large, open room; brightly lit with row after row of merchandise on display and arranged by category or lifestyle. On the immediate right was the checkout counter, the counter itself a glass case filled with smaller items and various colorful novelties, and to the left a large collection of dvd’s for both rental and sale. This collection did not contain the latest Hollywood blockbusters; oh no, it catered to the cardinal desires proudly proclaimed with large lettering over each section: Lesbian, Bisexual, Straight, Fetish, Gay, Bondage, Amateur.

Before her attention could focus in on them, Jenny’s hand is squeezed as she is lead deeper into the store, and the wonderful things she had heard so much about, and thought so much about in the days prior. She still remembered the phone call from Wednesday …

“Hey baby, it’s me. What are your plans for Friday night?”

“Hi! I was to meet Sarah after work, but I can cancel it.”

“And what about Saturday?”

“Oh, no plans really. There’s always some housework and perhaps shopping if nothing else.”

“Good, then you’re free both days. So am I. And I have some shopping planned for you; a surprise of sorts, since you’ve never been there, but you have heard me talk about it.”

“Really! Both days! And there!!”

“Mmmmm, yes baby. Do you like the idea? And all it entails?”

Jenny’s heart was pounding and her head spinning at this point. The tone of Judy’s voice, while her words even and measured, left no doubt in her mind this would be no mere shopping trip; and including Saturday meant the night would be long, with no rush to end it as most of their times together required.

Her throat suddenly dry, her response almost sounded pained, “You know I do. I’ll do whatever you ask.”

A chuckle on the other end, “Yes, baby, you will.”

The two days from that call were filled with both excitement and worry. Excitement of having one, possibly two nights, with her love, of visiting a place she had heard so much about, and of what Judy might have planned, or where it might lead; for Judy never failed to amaze and satisfy her both physically and emotionally. And for this reason, Jenny’s mind churned with worries over what to wear, and would she have time to adequately manage her appearance after work before they would meet.

An email the next day, relieved Jenny a little. The message was short and to the point, “I don’t care what you wear. But underneath, you will be nude. I will take care of the rest. Oh, but do wear heels, I like you in heels.”

In the short two hours at home after work, Jenny managed a shower; carefully cleansing, and shaving, herself for the second time that day. Once dry, she spent most of the remaining time on her makeup; her hand shaking at times making it more difficult. It was a flood of relief to finish by spraying a mist of Obsession that she walked into as the final touch.

Slipping into a solid,deep red shift dress, short so that most of her legs are displayed, Jenny is torn between a pair of kitten heels, which would be easier on her feet, and ankle straps. The ankle straps winning out, with their benefit of adding definition to her calves and adding another inch to her height. The dress itself, while essentially plain in and of itself, left Jenny feeling wicked and sexy with her breasts loose and free and the hem of the dress just a few short inches away from disclosing her sex.

“Available. That’s how I feel,” Jenny whispers to herself, knowing that being so will please Judy as well. With a look in her mirror, Jenny pulls her hair back, holding its length off her shoulders and behind her head. “I wonder if I should cut it short, if that look would be pleasing to her,” then with a toss of her hair, “No, I think I’ll keep it long for her. Easier for her to grasp.” The ringing of the doorbell causes her to end her musing and rush towards the start of her night.

Judy is driving tonight, another sign of what the night portends, allowing Jenny to gaze and admire her lover. Judy’s hair barely reaches her shoulders but tonight she’s pulled it back tight against her scalp with a dark ribbon that disappears amid her hair. Her hair has been jelled and slicked back as well, adding a shine and smoothness that enhances Judy’s eyes and facial features. Like Jenny, its apparent Judy spent extra time on her makeup; her natural olive skin tone made darker about the eyes, cheekbones slightly more prominent than normal and her lips, oh her lips, a deep blood red. The overall effect a look of control and dominance, oozing sexual heat.

Finally taking her eyes from Judy’s face, Jenny notes the elegant, Casibom silky, cream colored blouse offset by the black leather skirt below it. Her feet in red patent leather, slingback, stiletto heels that match the belt around her waist, her lipstick and the nail polish on her fingers, and no doubt toes, Jenny smiles and thinks herself lucky beyond belief to be in her company.

Feeling Jenny’s eyes, Judy turns her body to return her lover’s smile, and Jenny can’t help but notice Judy, like her, is braless tonight. The heavy weight of her breasts moving lazily under the light material of her top.

On the drive into the city proper, Judy shared some of her plans.

“First, some ‘shopping,’ I want you to pick out something and I’ll do the same. Be sure to choose well and do not concern yourself over the price, this is my treat and I want you to have something special tonight.”

“I also expect you to become familiar with all this store offers before making your selection. It will also give the other customers an opportunity to see you; and, assuming the clientèle is worthwhile, I may allow them to sample your charms. In fact, I fully expect that.”

Jenny looked to Judy and whispered, “Do you want me to…”

But her question was cut short, “You WILL fuck whoever I choose, and put on a show for anyone else who happens to pass by. I will direct you and you will NOT fail me.”

“Yes mistress,” the words barely above a whisper but internally Jenny is screaming, “Yes, yes, yes; all who you wish.”

“The last time I was here, there were plenty of candidates with whom I would enjoy watching you. Are you up for sucking some cock tonight baby?”

“If it pleases you, mistress…”

“It does, and you will do it gladly won’t you my insatiable slut?”

“Yes mistress.”

Judy gives her a twisted grin, then her expression changes a second to reveal another side. “You’ll do this for me, won’t you?”

“I do everything for you,” a blush growing over Jenny’s face, “it makes me happy, if it pleases you.”

Judy reaches across, her hand covering Jenny’s, “It maddens me and makes me want you more. Can you understand that? I don’t myself really, only I know it does, and afterwards…,” Judy’s voice trails off, a thought left incomplete, unspoken.

“I do my love, I do.”

An hour later, far from having exhausted their exploration of the store’s treasures, the two women find themselves back at the front, facing the sales counter. Behind it, a small woman looks up at them, her face at first expressionless until she realizes the gender. “Oh hi, did you find everything you wanted?”

She offers a smile, almost of relief, as she awaits an answer. Stepping forward, either to respond or to get a better look, Judy returns her smile, but confidently, and replies, “Well, yes, but I’d like to get this customized. Is there somewhere nearby that can do that?”

Judy holds out a collar, the leather stiff and thick, about 1 ½ inches wide with a large buckle that allows for a leash to be attached. The clerk looks at it, “What did you want changed?”

“Oh nothing changed, I just want some lettering added. ‘Judy’s bitch,’ to be specific.”

Jenny smiles proudly as the clerk’s eyes move from the collar, to Judy, then to her.

“I can do that here if you care to wait. It won’t take long.”

Judy hands over the collar, “That will be fine, we’ll just finish our shopping then.”

“Ok, give me about fifteen minutes and it should be ready.”

During the exchange, Jenny moved up to the counter to better see the clerk. She’s young, possibly twenty-one or just older as the sign to the store required that age for admittance, but not by much. She has the firm, tight body of one that young, and the fact that she is thin and tiny in size, only adds to the impression she barely beyonds here. It’s with a slight surprise, considering she is almost flat-chested, that Jenny’s sees her nipples almost pushing through her tee, with a piercing in the left nipple.

With a start, Jenny’s attention to brought back to the clerk’s face as she repeats, “This must be for you.”

The clerk smiles even though Jenny has still not replied. Her angelic face is surrounded by thick, long black hair that reaches to her mid back, and her twinkling dark blue eyes are almost hidden by the heavy, dark frames of her eyeglasses, which give her a slight air of stuffiness or perhaps studiousness. Her clothing all black makes her ivory skin seem that much brighter, a gothish look that actually suits her quite well.

Judy’s hand slips into Jenny’s as tugs her along, Judy’s words ringing out, “Yes, she’s my bitch but she does seem a bit preoccupied at the moment, no?”

Jenny’s ears burn as both women share a small laugh and the clerk nods and waves, “No prob, just come back in a few.”

Jenny catches herself at that moment and blurts out, “Hi, I’m Jenny…Judy’s bitch;” a blush covering her face as she does so.

The clerk laughs again, “Yes, Casibom Giriş I figured that out.” Her grin wide, “I’m Sue.”

“Its nice to meet you Sue. I like your name.”

“Thank you, its my grandmother’s. And I’m pleased to meet you and Ms. Judy.”

Jenny’s hand squeezes Judy’s, “Isn’t she gorgeous?” with neither woman sure to whom she is referring. At the look of confusion on Sue’s face, Jenny giggles nervously and slides closer to Judy, “I mean, my Judy, although you are very pretty too!” Jenny’s face burning again at her awkwardness, which she can’t understand having just met Sue and being with her mistress, and she looks down to try to figure a way out of it.

Judy laughs loudly and places her arm around Jenny’s waist. “Forgive her Sue, its clear Jenny is attracted to you but she still knows her place is with me. Perhaps she’s just being hopeful.”

Now its Sue’s turn to blush, “Thank you Ma’am.”

Judy continues, “Sue, I haven’t seen you here before, did you just start?”

Before Sue can respond, Jenny again blurts out, “I haven’t been here before,” then falls into another anguished silence as Sue looks uncertainly from Jenny to Judy.

“Yes, I did just start. I haven’t even seen everything here yet, although I’m supposed to start restocking the merchandise I sell.” Sue bites her lower lip then adds, “I don’t know where you found this,” holding up the collar, “perhaps you can show me afterwards.”

“We’ll be glad to Sue, now why don’t you see about the lettering and we’ll be back in a jiffy.”

The two women are barely out of Sue’s hearing when Jenny starts stammering out an apology, ending with, “Don’t you think she’s a hottie though? And did you see her nipples!”

Judy’s pauses and turns to Jenny, gently touching her face and looking into her eyes, “She’s has a nice butt too.”

“Oh? I didn’t notice, but I guess I was so embarrassed I couldn’t look once I made a fool out of myself.”

“Don’t worry, you’ll get a chance to make up for it.”

A hallway, the doorway to it partially obscured by long stings of beads, beckons from the far corner of the store, and they make their way towards it, curious as to where it leads. Pushing through, muffled sounds reach them; overlaid conversations and the noises of sex, all competing at the same time, coming from two corridors lined with booths. Judy smiles at Jenny and asks, “Would you like to watch a video for a bit?”

Peering at the doors to each booth, they find an open one about two-thirds of the way in. Judy holds the door and the two women enter, finding the room small and dark with a low bench affixed on the back wall. Its not until the door is closed that the video screen mounted in the middle of it becomes visible, the two women squeezed tight together side-by-side on the hard, wooden seat facing the blank screen.

“Now what?”

Both try to suppress giggles as Judy replies, “I’m not sure, I never was in one of these before.”

“Wait … there … what do those buttons do?”

Judy presses one, then another but still without any success. “Fuck …”

Another fit of laughter, “I guess someone will have to go ask. Wait here.”

Judy exits, pauses outside the door, then retraces their steps back into the store proper.

All around her, Jenny can hear the other video’s playing; most of the sounds of women moaning, some faked with overly dramatic phrases meant to appeal to the male audience dominating the customer base. Jenny looks up as the door opens, only to see a surprised look as a man discovers the room isn’t empty. Before she can speak, he disappears with only a low, “Sorry.”

Her eyes adjusting to the dim light, Jenny is better able to make out the tiny room. Painted all black, besides the bench, the only items in it are the video screen and the strange box on the left hand wall where Judy had pushed the buttons. Looking closer at it, she makes out a slot with a dollar sign next to it, and fishing in her purse, Jenny finds a dollar and pushes it at the opening.

The bill is sucked in and the screen flickers to life. Suddenly the room is shockingly bright and the sound booming with the voices of a man and a woman fucking doggy-style on the floor of an apartment. Each bump and moan echo’s in the room and Jenny stands, almost frightened by how loud it is.

Now she punches the buttons, hoping one is the volume, but the first one changes the channel and an even louder blast of sound assaults her as the scene changes to a group of men is having their way with a single woman. Jenny punches another button and the sound lowers a decibel, so she hits it again and again, until its at a reasonable level.

As she sits down, a voice from an adjacent room, “Thank you.”

Jenny covers her mouth as she stifles a giggle and to hide her smile from unseeing eyes. Her eyes on the screen, watching as the woman, kneeling between two men, is fed one cock then another. She sucks one while stroking the other, then turns her head to stuff the other in her mouth and begins to jerk the other just out of her mouth.

Just as the scene is getting hot, with one man jerking his cock and apparently close to cumming on the woman’s face, the screen goes dark again. Jenny seeks her purse, fumbling as the darkness returns, and finds it as the door opens and Judy squeezes back in.

“I got it to work, you have to put in dollars here,” Jenny points to the slot.

“Or you use one of these,” Judy holds what looks to be a credit card and slides it into the machine. As before, the screen flickers to life and Jenny sees they’ve missed it as the woman is smiling into the camera with cum dripping from her cheeks and chin. “Oh, is this what you were watching, my little slut!” Judy touches Jenny’s face, letting her know her selection was approved. “Lets see what else is playing.”

They sit quietly, knees, thighs, butts, sides and arms touching as they take turns changing the channel. Watching sometimes for a moment, sometimes longer, as they sample the variety offered in the privacy of the booth. Stealing glances at each other as a new scene appears, they linger on a lesbian group movie; two women, obviously dommes with strap-on cocks, gang up on a smaller, submissive female. Jenny thinks during the climax that this one was not faked, the woman taking true pleasure in being stuffed in her pussy and ass.

It being Jenny’s turn to change video’s, she reaches up as the woman climax subsides and the domme’s remove the latex cocks from her, but Judy catches her hand, “Wait a moment. Let’s make sure this is done.”

The submissive woman rolls onto her back and smiles up at her friends, one of whom immediately straddles her then squats. Anticipating what is to come, Jenny is still taken by surprise, when a moment later, a hard stream of piss hits the prone woman square in the face. She opens her mouth, and ends up gagging a little during her attempt to swallow, but the other is more intent in covering her face in her wetness, and she moves to spray her from chin to forehead.

As soon as her flow stops, the second woman takes her place, and another equally hot, yellow jet of piss bounces off, and further drenches, the young woman’s face and hair. The film ends by fading out as the woman licks her lips and rubs the wetness dripping off her features.

Jenny’s hand is shaking as she presses the button; its only then she realizes the grip Judy has on her knee, and she presses the button again and again, hoping to find something equally as exciting to both of them. But now the screen goes blank, a line or two of white passing over it as the room becomes silent and dark.

“That was a quick half hour.”

“Oh my god, it flew by. Did we really watch for that long? It seemed like just a couple of minutes!”

Judy sighs and touches Jenny’s cheek, “Yes, my horny little bitch, you drooled the entire 30 minutes.”

“Oh and you didn’t!”

The women laughing and facing each other. Jenny leans in, hoping for a kiss, but Judy places a finger on her lips, ending any hope of that.

“I don’t want your make-up, or mine, mussed just yet. Remember, I still have plans for you.”

Jenny hugs her lover and whispers her thanks. Seated so close together in the booth, Jenny finds another surprise as they stand and the heat trapped between her legs is released. She reaches down, clamping her hand over her sex and the wetness leaking there.

“Oh no … I think I may have puddled. My dress will be wet in the back!”

Judy reaches down, covering Jenny’s hand with her own and making her rub herself, slowly but deliberately. “So?”

Jenny’s knees go weak as she gives into this pleasure, the circumstances having her on edge; it won’t take her long to cum, and she closes her eyes and begins to give herself up to it when Judy stops and pulls both their hands out and away.

“Not yet baby, not yet.”

Judy wraps an arm around Jenny’s waist and helps her from the booth. The room a popular destination, a small group of men are drifting about, looking for open rooms. Their search forgotten as they spy the two women coming from a booth; each of them wondering what they might have watched, or done, or still might do later, together. Jenny hardly notes their presence but Judy looks to each as they pass, appraising them; her eyes on the face, before falling to the crotch, opening looking to gauge their size and state.

Back in the light of the main room, Jenny’s leg returns but she still leans against Judy. Happy and horny, she’s exactly where she wants to be and a small smile of satisfaction adorns her face. While not taking stock of the men they passed in the low light of the booths, Jenny does see that the store is more crowded, much more crowded, than when they entered it.

“Remember, you were to choose something here tonight too. Have you decided?”

Jenny nods and turns them towards a rack of toys in the middle of the store. Leading Judy there, her eyes dart about, trying to recall exactly where it was and hoping that it would please and excite her lover.

“Look at all these lovely toys. My baby does have a weakness for them, doesn’t she?”