Jill’s Initiation

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Aubrey, Meg, Jade, and Emma swarmed busily around the house preparing for our most ambitious initiation ceremony to date. These are the female members of our small, elite group–an exclusive club I built painstakingly over the past three years to secretly explore depraved kinks. Even the house itself was built entirely for the purpose of catering to our sexual needs. Normally a man of modest tendencies, the house was a huge splurge for me as I wanted it to have every possible comfort and room for every possible fantasy. Our group was how I chose to use my small accumulation of wealth from a decade of successful investing.

The group started when I began dating Aubrey three years ago and learned of her dark fantasies. I subsequently set out on a quest to find men worthy of the privilege of fulfilling these fantasies. She is a stunning, petite 24 year old of South Asian ancestry, lending her a beautiful mocha complexion and jet black hair. One could mistake her quietness for shyness, and indeed she possesses a strong air of innocence. In actuality, she is intensely submissive with a deep craving to be humiliated.

After six months of searching online dating profiles, I identified three very attractive men with dominant leanings but also with discretion and ultimately deep respect for women. David is a 33 year old professor who recently completed a dissertation in human sexuality. Sam is a 38 year old architect who travels the world designing eco-friendly structures. Joseph is a 42 year old dance instructor with some Latin influences in his darker skin.

The first event for our group ended up being Aubrey’s initiation, though we didn’t call it that at the time. This is a tradition that has remained for all new members of the group. On this particular night, I took Aubrey to a hotel room, tied her and blindfolded her, then invited my three new friends, whom she had never met, to use her however they saw fit. Over the following eight hours, I witnessed how sexually creative these men could be as I filmed my girlfriend being transformed into a slut.

The event was such a success that we subsequently decided to find other women with fantasies we might fulfill. We decided to challenge ourselves to finding “good girls” with secret fantasies. And thus, Seventh Circle was born.

Meg was introduced to the group by David, who found her by means of his human sexuality class. She was a 22 year old fashion student, a red-head with pale, freckled skin and shapely curves. Also an innocent-seeming girl, David detected her dark side in her essays and boldly propositioned her. She too had endured a degrading initiation in which we made her the evening’s entertainment at a local swinger’s party, making her serve the guests fully nude followed by several hours of public masturbation as the well-attended party went on around her.

Emma came with a partner, Thomas, who is a young lawyer. When they joined last year, she was 25; he was 28. They were students of Joseph whom he had gotten to know well enough to learn of their sexual explorations. Emma endured her initiation in conjunction with Jade, a 23 year old who Sam found via her online dating profile at about the same time Emma and Thomas came to us.

Both Emma and Jade were blonde Southern belles whom we took great pride in corrupting. As both were new to the idea of being with other women their initiation involved the filming of a lesbian porn scene which we edited to make their identities unknown and then posted to the internet.

We typically gather once a month, with each meeting involving a carefully crafted scenario to degrade our beautiful harem. Jill’s initiation tonight promised to be a new experience for us all.

Jill was my find. I found her on an Internet forum devoted to kinky stories. She confided in me a fantasy which I was determined to make reality. A 29 year old nurse with an endearing smile, she seemed like the perfect fit for our group.

As is the custom, we gave Jill a general idea of what our group was about, though the details would not be revealed until her initiation. An invitation was sent and accepted and an initiation date was set. We hired a limo to pick her up and expected her to be prompt.

As we waited for Jill to arrive, the gentlemen enjoyed some scotch on the deck overlooking a private pool, while the women made preparations for the ceremony. It has become the custom for the women to cater these events with meticulous attention to detail.

For initiation nights, the men wore tuxedos and the women were dressed in one of the many matching outfits we had custom ordered for them. Each girl wore a tiny black swimsuit which consisted of a g-string that ran up their back, splitting over the shoulders into two small straps that covered their nipples in the front before coming together again to cradle their lovely pussies. They also wore black pumps. I took great pride in this group of women, each a successful, intelligent, confident woman in the Escort Bayan real world, but who acted like whores for our pleasure in this house.

As the hour approached, I gathered the women in the foyer while the other men went to the basement to see to final preparations. Jill rang the bell promptly as requested.

“Welcome,” I said softly. Jill gazed around the foyer with a dreamy look on her face. Fittingly, she had worn a little black dress and black heels, though we had other plans for her.

“Jill, before we begin tonight, you must sign a consent form that says you may terminate tonight’s activities at any time, but if you do so, you will not be able to join the group. Agreed?”

She nodded and stepped forward and nervously signed the form sitting on a small table in front of her.

“The ladies will get you prepared now.” I turned to leave, making my way to the basement as Jill was escorted upstairs by the harem.

“This is going to be bad for you.” Jade and Emma were already teasing her about the initiation and how cruel it would be. Jill looked quite nervous at the suggestion.

“What’s in store?” she asked timidly.

The girls just giggled as Meg and Aubrey pulled off her dress, leaving her standing shyly in front of them in her black bra and panties. The girls circled her, commenting on her body and the shape of her breasts, noting how much the men would like her. Jade, who seemed to be the more dominant member of the harem, deftly unfastened her bra, letting it fall away, as Aubrey simultaneously pulled her panties down to the floor.

They then had her step into a warm tub where the girls lathered her in creamy soap while fondling her breasts and continuing to joke about how difficult this evening would be for her.

Following her bath, the girls laid Jill on a massage table and began waxing her body. Although Jill already had a shaved pussy, the girls wanted only the best and prepared her body accordingly. To top it off, they gave her a massage, manicure, and pedicure and fixed her hair.

The ladies finished by dressing Jill in a carefully chosen outfit–a white mesh one piece bodysuit. It was somewhat more modest than the tiny swimsuits the rest of the harem wore as it fit like a regular one-piece swimsuit, though it became transparent when stretched over her body.

Pleased with their work, the women led Jill to the basement, where I met her outside. The women then placed a blindfold on her eyes.

The basement was lavishly furnished though it retained a concrete floor gently sloping to a drain in the center of a large open space, around which were arranged various leather chairs and sofas. I led Jill to the center of this area where then other men tied her hands to two rings hanging from the high ceiling and placed a ball gag in her mouth.

I explained carefully that in order to stop, she would need to stomp her foot three times. I then instructed her to step onto a sturdy round pedestal, about the size of a large pizza tray and about the height of a small chair. It was positioned directly in front of where she had been tied. As she stepped up, her bare foot sank into a gooey cherry cheesecake sitting on the pedestal. She recoiled at the squishy feeling between her freshly primped toes.

“I said to step up on the pedestal Jill.”

She did as I instructed this time, planting both feet squarely in the cold goo as she gasped. As she stood on the pedestal, we pulled the ceiling rings forward so that her arms were slightly raised. We then attached to her ankles shackles, the other end of which was bolted to the pedestal. This left her standing immobile in the cheesecake with her legs slightly spread and her arms half raised.

It was now easy to observe Jill’s body. Her nipples strained against the white mesh fabric while I detected a slight bit of moisture in her crotch.

“You’re already wet, you dirty little bitch.” The room laughed as she shivered subtly.

Jade and Emma began unveiling trays of food while Aubrey and Meg assumed responsibility for photography and video. Little was said as we began to execute our careful plan.

Like a skilled surgeon, David pointed to sticks of butter, which Jade dutifully handed to him. He unwrapped one stick and began rubbing it on Jill’s body as if he was basting a turkey. Her body tensed and her toes wiggled, creating a squelching sound in the cheesecake as he slowly ran the butter over her skin and body suit, liberally coating her in a layer of grease. He ultimately used four sticks, placing the last bit of each stick inside different parts of her costume: each breast as well as the front and back above her waist where is slowly slid toward her most sensitive areas.. David’s hands were covered in butter as well, which he then ran through Jill’s beautiful red hair to clean them off. Sam meanwhile turned a warm spotlight on her body, which slowly began to melt the butter, leaving her body and hair glistening Bayan Escort and causing oily grease to ooze through the fabric and drip onto the pedestal. She moaned into the gag as Meg got up-close photos of the palettes of butter melting in between the cheeks of her ass.

As David finished the butter basting, Emma began cracking eggs into various containers. Joe took a cup of eggs and poured it into her outfit between her breasts, letting them slide down her body inside and outside the costume, ultimately pooling between her legs. Several of the yolks escaped with the whites to run down her inner thigh, splashing into the cheesecake on the pedestal. Finally, Joe took a large jug of about 16 eggs, which Emma had been scrambling, stepped onto a stool beside the pedestal, and poured the jug slowly over Jill’s head, allowing the cold, stringy slime to coat her hair and run down her body. She shivered, despite the warm lamp spotlighting her helpless, messy body.

At this point I walked to the drain in the floor a few meters behind the pedestal and placed a cover on it so that the eggy, buttery mess beginning to run off the concrete would pool in the center of the floor.

Continuing the breakfast theme, we next each took a large jar of jelly, some raspberry, some blackberry, some blueberry, along with large spoons. We formed a circle around Jill and began flinging spoonfuls of jelly onto her exposed body. She flinched and made muffled noises as it hit her body with a slap. Some hit her face, coating her cheeks and blindfold. Some landed in her hair, still slimy and greasy. I aimed for her cleavage, landing large glops between her breasts, letting it slowly run down her cute tummy. Joe, who was the mastermind of the white mesh, again placed large spoonfuls of colorful jelly into her clothing, allowing the stickiness to coat her most sensitive areas.

The girls then brought us each a large jar of creamy peanut butter that had been warmed to be extra runny. We scooped out large handfuls with our bare hands and aggressively rubbed it all over Jill’s body, particularly her most sensitive areas, including placing our fingers insider her. She breathed heavily but did not protest as our sticky hands violated her body.

Meg brought two pies which I forcefully pushed into her face as she cried into the gag. Sam spanked her ass, now wet and sticky, very forcefully, calling her a dirty whore at the same time. She lurched forward, slipping slightly on the pedestal as the cuffs around her wrists held her up.

Jade said sadistically, “she’s not sticky enough,” as she brought a large jug of maple syrup to Joe, who proceeded to drizzle it over her hair, massaging it in and ruining what remained of her nice hairdo.

Meg suggested that she needed texture and brought to us multiple tins of spaghettios, which I poured into both the front and back of her suit as David held it open. As intended, the goo oozed down her body inside the mesh, the noodles creating a textured look. Wanting to push the limits of the fabric, we then did the same with baked beans, allowing her suit to bulge around her waist as mess slowly leaked out and down her legs. Aubrey’s camera caught all of her humiliation

Sam now massaged the slimy bulge in her suit, causing the food to seep through the fabric and to ooze around her pussy. Jill had been reduced to low, constant moaning as her legs began to weaken.

At this point David took a pair of scissors and snipped the sides of her outfit near her legs, allowing it to lose some of its tightness. The accumulated mess then burst out of the fabric, down her legs, and onto the floor where it continued to pool around the drain.

Her outfit was now completely ruined. It was both cut and stretched so that it hung very loosely onto her body.

“You look like a used little bitch,” Joe said as he totaled the costume by cutting it up her back from the crotch to the lower back. Her ass and backside was now completely exposed with the costume clinging limply to her front.

Despite the numerous streaks of food running down her back and between her ass, Sam was clearly wanting more. He grabbed a jug of chocolate syrup in one hand and pulled her hair aggressively with the other tilting her head back. He then poured the syrup over her hair and face, letting it flow over the back of her shoulders and between her ass cheeks. I was impressed by the beauty of the multicolored food as it slid across her skin.

Jill was weak now, her knees beginning to buckle. I released her ankle cuffs while Sam relaxed the chains holding her wrists. I helped her step off the pedestal onto the sticky and slimy floor. Emma brought forth a large chocolate sheet cake and placed it on the pedestal on top of a layer of accumulated mess that Jill had been standing in.

I ripped the remaining fabric around her neck and pulled the suit completely off, exposing her nude, glistening, and very sticky body. I then reattached Escort her ankle cuffs with her feet on the floor, her pretty pedicure ruined by an accumulating pile of food.

The shackles around her wrists were slackened, allowing me to help her sit down into the squishy chocolate cake. Not aware that the cake was on the pedestal, she squealed as the chocolate ooze caressed her ass and pussy. Having let her initially sit gently, I now pushed her shoulders forcefully, causing her to sink as deeply as possible into the creamy sludge.

“I think she liked that,” Jade said with a snark. I nodded to her as I jerked Jill back to a standing position by her hair. Jade quickly placed a thick white cheesecake with cherries on top on the pedestal. This time, however, a large dildo protruded from the cake. Once again I sat Beckly in the goop, now allowing Jade to guide the dildo into her cunt. She was squealing in high-pitched yelps as I pushed her down forcefully, splattering the cheesecake.

“Fuck the cake, Jill,” I demanded.

She began to grind her pussy into the wet, spongy slop amassed on the pedestal. As she continued to writhe in the mess with her ample breasts swaying as she moved, Sam and Joe grabbed cans of various food, slinging them onto her front, splattering her face, breasts, and stomach. The food got progressively grosser as I could see the men becoming turned on by Jill’s complete humiliation. First it was chocolate pudding, then creamed corn, followed by mushed peas the consistency of baby food, and topped off by tomato sauce. As the food splattered her filthy body, Jill’s first instinct was to pause her insistent grinding, but Sam grabbed her chin, now covered in drool due to the effect of the ball gag, and growled at her to keep fucking her cake. With her instructions clear, she dutifully kept humping the dildo as we tipped a bucket full of brown gravy over her head, which splashed all over her body. I then slung handfuls of mashed potatoes against her breasts. “Looks like a nice Thanksgiving dinner.” Joe joked.

We stood back and admired our handiwork as a blindfolded, gagged, and truly disgusting Jill desperately tried to get herself off in a pile of mess. We made sure the video captured the squelching sounds of the food against her body as well as her moans.

As she approached orgasm, we suddenly grabbed her arms and pulled her up. Now her body continued to writhe as she clearly wanted her orgasm. Emma brought over a padded bench, allowing us to now bend her over without having to unchain her. The dildo was still inserted in her pussy though she had no way of gaining friction with it except to contract her vaginal muscles, which we observed with great amusement.

Sam approached and pulled out the dildo in one swoop. He then took a plate of peeled bananas from Jade and inserted a less ripe one in her pussy. It only went half way in before it just smushed in his hand, which he proceeded to rub into her ass and pussy. He grabbed other bananas as well, this time more ripe and much mushier, continuing to work them into her holes, though they mostly just became a creamy mess.

I took the opportunity to pour applesauce on her ass, letting it slide down between her legs where it mixed with Sam’s banana concoction.

“Why are you giving her the sweet stuff?” Meg asked, clearly getting into the spirit of the humiliation.

Without missing a beat, David stood back and begin slinging handfuls of mayonnaise at her ass and backside. I grabbed a squirt bottle of ketchup and aimed at her face and hair, trying to avoid getting hit by the splattering mayonnaise.

Jill was now grunting into the gag as the food made contact with her body, including direct hits on her ass and pussy as she was bent over with lets spread. I motioned for David to pause and dumped and large tub of honey on her back, enjoy watching it slowly ooze down her body to cover her ass an legs with yet another thick coat of goo.

As the honey coated her body, Joe carried a bucket full of oatmeal to her front. As he held the bucket, I forced her head into it and then pulled it back out, repeating the process several times. Finally, we dumped the remaining contents over her head.

The floor where Jill was standing was slightly sloped toward the middle of the room, which allowed the accumulated gunk to slide toward the drain. Because I had plugged the drain, however, we now had a decent sized puddle of disgusting slop.

Some of the chunkier foods still remained on the floor around Jill’s feet, so I motioned for Jade and Emma to sweep it into the puddle in the middle of the room. As they did so, we focused the light on the puddle of filth and removed Jill’s blindfold. She squinted and blinked. I held her head up by her ruined hair so that she could see the pile of sludge being prepared for her.

Joe and Sam released the shackles on her wrists and legs, allowing her to collapse into my arms. My tux was ruined, but it was a small price to pay to see Jill so utterly degraded. I layed her on the floor on her side and looked into her eyes, which had a far-away look in them. I then also removed her ball gag, as she sputtered away some of the food that had gotten into her mouth.

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