Job Security and Fringe Benefits

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It was 8:05 Monday morning, and I had barely settled into my office chair when the phone rang. “Good morning, Brad, this is Emma, from Jeremy’s office. As you know he will be away for a while, but he left me a folder on the Actuarial Re-alignment Project and asked me to discuss it with you. I need you to block out a couple of hours to go over it with me. Can you do that for me?”

One does not mess with Jeremy, and one REALLY does not mess with Emma! “Certainly, Emma, I’ll need till about nine to make sure that everything is going ok here, then I can give you the rest of the morning. Would that be ok?”

“Wonderful Brad! I’ll see you at nine, thanks so much.”

The phone clicked, leaving me shaking my head. Was that really Emma? How could anyone be that excited about a project like that? And generally, getting a good morning out of her was considered a gift. Jeremy was the executive VP of the Actuarial Division, and Emma was his Executive Assistant. Since insurance companies live and die with actuarial data, both were very important figures in the company. Jeremy was an important cog in the wheel, even though, at 70, he was out as often as in. Emma, late 40 something and unmarried, had been with him for about 20 years, the last 10 as his assistant, after having been promoted from secretary. Everyone knew she really ran the division, having taken over all the day to day responsibilities, even though she was not an actuary.

As VP of Information Systems I always was the first to review new system requests, and this was obviously a big one. I called my boss, the exec VP, to give him a heads up that it was coming down the pike, then checked with my supervisors that nothing needed my attention.

That done, I headed for the washroom, brushed my teeth, and checked that I had no lint on my suit. One thing that worried me was the smell of Brandy. As I was about to get out of bed this morning, she leaned over and gave me a really deep long kiss. One thing led to another and I ended up fucking the daylights out of her with a delicious quickie. Any time Brandy is ready, I am. But as a result, I didn’t have time for a shower, and although I had washed up a bit I was very conscious that the luscious smells of her perfume and her cum were still on me. In fact, I was enjoying them. Oh well, there wasn’t much I could do about that now.

At 8:59 I walked into the outer office and Emma immediately got up from her desk and came forward to greet me. The first thing I noticed was her platinum blonde hair. It was down, reaching almost to her waist on her back. In the past I had never seen it as anything but a large bun on the back of her head. It could have been almost mistaken for gray, but I had known her long enough to be fairly sure the color was natural. As she came towards me she very obviously reached behind her head and pulled the shiny tresses forward, over her shoulder. Then she divided it so that half trailed down each side of her face and over her breasts. She was looking right at me the whole time, and it was unbelievably sexy!

With an uncharacteristic smile she took my hand and said, “Thanks for coming on such short notice; I know you are very busy down there.” Right then I didn’t have to worry about Brandy’s scent, Emma gave off a deliciously sweet, fruity smell.

Of course I said it was no problem, and pretended I was glad to be there and eager to get started.

“Brad, I’ll close up this office so we are not interrupted, and we can use Jeremy’s suite. It’s much more comfortable and private.”

Another surprise, I had only been in that inner sanctum once or twice before. First, she got us coffee. It’s a wonder she didn’t ask me to do it. She even suggested I take off my jacket.

We sat together on the large upholstered couch and she started pulling various sheets out of the folder, laying them out on the large low table in front of it. She quickly ticked off the various items, not spending any time on them, and finally showed me a thick project summary, which she said I could read through when I had time, and get back to her with any questions that I had. Her entire presentation took about 20 minutes.

The whole time, she sat with her leg pressed against mine, and her skirt rode up to well above her knees, revealing the dark but very sheer hosiery she wore. As she talked, she had used her hands, touching me for emphasis, first on the arm, and after a few minutes, on the top of my leg. When she finished her very quick run-through, she leaned slowly back on the couch, letting her hand slide up my pant-leg all the way from my knee my hip. I had never seen Emma remotely like this before, and when she took her glasses off and smiled at me, I realized she was really a mature but very attractive woman.

“Now tell me, Brad, how are things with you these days? I have heard great things about you from Brent. I expect that when he moves up here, you may be in line for his position.”

I gulped. Sivas Escort That was all news to me, but since Brent, my boss, is an actuary, it made sense. But this was a really odd way to hear all this. And when her hand slid across my shoulders I gulped again. She leaned towards me until her lips were almost on my ear, and said softly, “I expect that will mean you and I will be working very closely. In fact, if Brent brings his assistant here with him, it would mean I would be available to be yours. If you want.”

I got it. Emma was looking for job security, and getting a jump on the whole situation. And on me. The next second, her other arm went across my chest, and her tongue started teasing my ear. I gasped at the sudden and totally unexpected pleasurable sensation. She pulled her legs up on the couch and turned her body so she was leaning on me. As I turned my head to her, saying, “Emma! What the h …,” her lips covered mine, and she pressed me back into the soft cushions of the couch. Her breasts were pressing hard against my chest, and her lips and body started moving against me at the same time.

She forced her tongue into my mouth, and instinctively, the tip of mine found it. She moaned and pressed harder against me. I felt her hand slide slowly down my side and over the top of my leg. When it reached my knee this time, it slid back up the inside of my thigh. I shuddered as I felt the tips of her fingers touch the outline of my already hardening cock. Slowly, I moved my free arm to wrap around her back, holding her against me. This all happened so suddenly I had no time to really think what was happening, but damn! She felt good!

As she felt my touch, she gave a moan of contentment, and seemed to relax against me, her entire weight pressed against my chest. When her lips finally released mine, she pulled back about an inch and breathed, “Since there is a chance for us work together, I want you to realize what you’ll be getting. I assure you it all comes with the package.” As her hand took a firm grip on the bulge in my pants, she added, “I think you will like the fringe benefits, and I know I will!”

Without taking her arm from my shoulders, she shifted on the couch and straddled my legs with her knees, sitting back until her firm ass was resting on my thighs. Once again, she leaned forward and smothered my mouth with hers before I could say anything. But it didn’t matter, I was speechless anyway. She wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled us tight together, grinding her obviously ample breasts into my chest. Her lips ground on mine until I moaned deeply, into her mouth. Knowing she had me, for the moment, anyway, she broke off the kiss and started kissing me slowly, moving from my face, to my neck, to my ears, to my throat. I felt her tongue each time her lips touched me, and her occasional little nips, although she was very careful not to leave a mark.

I had folded both arms around her now, and was not able to resist pulling her even tighter against my chest. Then I felt her start to rock very slowly, and since her skirt had ridden almost up around her waist, I knew her panties were rubbing directly on the now rock hard bulge of my cock. It was her turn to moan, against my skin. I slid my hands slowly down her back, and over the smooth round cushions of her ass. I squeezed as she rocked, and her breathing deepened. So did mine, as she started moving faster, pressing down against me. I squeezed and kneaded her firm behind, and she changed her rocking to a circular motion.

She whispered softly, into my ear, “Do you like that Brad? As much as I do? My god, your cock feels so hard. And big!”

I didn’t speak, but instead, slid my hands up her back to her shoulders, and my fingers found the zipper to her dress. Very slowly, I slid it down, and she gasped. She had her answer. As it reached the small of her back she shrugged her shoulders until the dress started to slide down her arms. With both hands, I slipped it off her shoulders, and she sat back as I pulled the top free of her. She was wearing a gorgeous light pink satin bra, and her nipples were large and hard under the smooth material. My fingers found them, and as I squeezed, she gave a loud gasp and sigh, and pressed against my hands. “Oh god, Brad, you found my weakness. I’m begging you, play with my nipples!” There is nothing I like better, and immediately complied, squeezing and pulling through the slick fabric.

She reached behind her, and with practiced hands, undid the clasp of her bra. I felt it loosen, and watched as she moved her hands to her breasts, holding the cups and very slowly sliding it down, pausing when the tops of her nipples were just visible. She stared at me as she gradually exposed them to me, and then slid the bra off and bared herself to my eyes.

But then, she reached behind and once again and pulled her hair over her shoulders, letting it conceal her breasts. Her fingers made a ring around each Sivas Escort Bayan hank of hair, above her breasts, and swished it back and forth slightly, never quite exposing herself entirely to me. But I could see the hair rubbing against those sensitive buds was having quite an effect on her. Her eyes closed and her breathing became ragged, and once again, her hips rolled, grinding hard now, against my cock. I could resist no longer and swept the hair aside, grasping and squeezing her breasts, my thumbs on her nipples. She moaned and emitted little cries as my fingers kneaded and my thumbs made little circles.

When I leaned forward and sucked in one of her incredibly hard nipples, both of her hands went to the back of my head and her back arched as she forced her breast into my mouth. My lips nursed and my tongue ground against the hard tip, and she writhed as my arms held her. “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh my godddd, how do you know what it is I like?” she whimpered as I caught the other breast in my hands and my fingers started squeezing, twisting, and pulling on the tip. The harder I did, the more she seemed to love it, and her constant moans and screams filled the room. I knew for sure why we were in the inner sanctum.

Her breasts were gorgeous, hanging slightly, but the size of small grapefruit, round and firm in my hands. I was in no hurry at all to stop worshipping them, but she put both hands on my shoulders and pushed back from me. She sat there for a minute, panting and gasping, a sheen of sweat on her chest, a look almost of awe, on her face. “Oh my god! She said. “I didn’t expect you to be like this! Job or no job, if you treat my tits like that, you can do it any time you want! Jeremy used to glance at them, give me a squeeze and say “Nice tits, baby,” and start clawing at my panties. Anyhow, that was a long time ago.” The last was said so wistfully said I knew it was true.

She leaned forward again, and rested her breasts against my shirt, and gently kissed me as I put my arms around her once more. I felt her hands slide between us and her fingers undid my tie, then the buttons on my shirt. She pushed back just enough to pull off the tie, then helped me slip the shirt off. She grabbed my T-shirt and grunted as she pulled it loose, then over my head as I held my arms up. She pressed hard against my naked chest, and we both gasped loudly as skin touched skin. She smiled at me as she moved back and forth and her amazing breasts slid softly over me. I could feel the hard nipples leaving little trails. She closed her eyes, head back, arched against me, sighing softly as she enjoyed the feeling. I did, indeed, know her secret, her breasts were the key to her soul, and she was making sure I got the message.

I know she was reluctant to break the contact, but at last she slid off of me and knelt on the carpet. Pushing my legs apart, she moved forward and started undoing my pants, as I watched transfixed, enjoying the constant swaying of her breasts. There were two large wet spots, one from the pre-cum I had been oozing in copious amounts, and the other from where her dripping-wet panties had pressed on me. She grasped the waistband of my pants and said, “Lift!” And as I dutifully pushed up off the couch, she slid the pants off of me.

Seeing the huge bulge in my briefs she looked up at me with a big smile, just before her lips attacked. Her hands slid up and down my inner thighs as her lips kissed up and down the length of me. She kissed, licked, then sucked the large area soaked with my pre-cum. Looking up again, she licked her lips. “More!” she said, as she yanked the briefs off of me. As good as her word, she grasped me with one and hand licked and sucked on the tip, even slipping the tip of her tongue in my cock hole. When she had gotten every taste she started kissing down my shaft, then pressed it back against my stomach, licking up the bottom. She kept a hard grip on me, and all I could do was writhe with pleasure. She amazed me when she spit on her hands and started stroking me with long hard strokes. My hands were fists at my sides, trying to withstand the terrible pleasure.

At long last, she looked up and winked at me. The next moment, her lips slid over me, and down my shaft. She could not begin to take all of me, but gamely pushed down until she gagged. My hands had a use now, going to her head and pushing gently. She tried a little harder, and I felt the tip slip into her throat. She lasted a second or two, but then came up coughing and gasping, saliva dripping from her mouth and coating my shaft. But after just a moment, her head went back down again, even harder, and went much further. I held her down, and I could feel her trying to swallow me. Tears and her mascara were running down her face when she came up again, but she smiled and gasped out, “Oh my god, that’s so exciting, having that monster in my throat! My cunt is so wet I thought I was going to cum!”

CUNT? From Emma? There Escort Sivas was a lot I didn’t know about this woman, and I was aching to find out more! As her head went down again I wasted no time pushing down hard, and her head went all the way down until her lips pressed around the base of my cock. I let go at once, but she remained in that position, not lifting her head until she ran out of breath. Tears were streaming down her face, and the mascara was all over me, but she gasped out, “Oh yes, that was so fucking good! Treat me like a slut, you animal!”

I was unbelievably excited by her actions and her words, and I decided to see of she was as good as her word. I grabbed her long hair in both hands and pulled her up till she was standing. I stood in front of her and yanked the rest of the dress down over her hips with one motion, and with the next motion her sopping panties were gone. I bent my head and, sucking in one of her pebbly nipples, bit down on it hard, holding her as I pulled back against it. She growled, but pulled back against me, stretching herself even more.

When I let go, I spun her around so fast she didn’t have time to think, and in one motion I lifted her and threw her gently on the couch. She landed face down and pulled her legs up under her, but when she started to lift her head, I pushed it down against the cushion, then grabbed her hips with both hands. I pressed my cock against her and the moment I slipped inside, I rammed it in all the way. She shrieked, and bounced with the force of my thrust, but then turned her head back to me and shouted, “You bastard! Split me in half! Give it to me! HARD!”

Without hesitation, I started ramming into her, my thighs slapping against her large round cheeks. She picked up my rhythm and started pushing back against me, making sure she got all of me with every stroke. In moments both of us were breathing hard, panting, but that only made me redouble my efforts. My fingers were digging into her hips, and I could see she had one hand on a breast and was pulling hard on the nipple. When I picked up the pace even more she screamed, “OH FUCK!! Keep going, don’t stop! Oooooooooooo fuck, I’m gonna cum!!”

In another moment, she fell forward, held up only by my hands, and started writhing against me and the couch. She was bucking, making high pitched hoarse screams, and her fists were pounding against the couch. I would have loved cumming in her at that moment, but I wanted more of her first. When she stopped squirming I lowered her to the couch and grabbed her hair again, pulling her up to a sitting position. I didn’t have to say a word, as she immediately grabbed my shaft and shoved me into her mouth, licking her juices off of it. After a couple of quick strokes she rammed her mouth down over it, gurgling as she gagged when it went into her throat, but never stopping until she had all of me. She looked up at me with her mouth full, eyes shining, a look of triumph on her face.

She started stroking hard, obviously loving her work. When I looked down I realized she had two fingers in her pussy, and was fucking herself hard in time with her strokes. After a minute I grabbed her head and pulled her against me again, holding her until I could see she needed to breathe. When I pulled her head back a stream of saliva ran from her mouth and she was gasping, chest heaving. When she could speak again, she said, “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh GOD! I Love it! It’s been so long! Brad, please, fuck me again NOW! I want you to cum all over me. Oh god I love being your slut!”

I pushed her onto the couch and slid between her and the back, lying behind her, both of us on our sides. She lifted one leg over mine, and I slipped my cock into her from behind. It had been a few minutes now since I’d fucked her, and we both moaned as I slid deeper and deeper, not stopping till I had her impaled on me. She was still very wet, but a little tighter now, and she felt sooooooooo fucking good!

As I started to fuck her I reached around with one hand, grasping a breast and squeezing, eliciting a growl from her as my fingers pressed into her soft flesh. She started ramming back against me hard, telling me she wanted more and she wanted it now! I obliged, and as I started pounding into her I bit down against her shoulder, making sure it was where any mark wouldn’t show. Her head flew back and she growled, “Ahhhhhhhhh yeahhhhh! Hurt me! Make me be a good slut!” I was not used to this at all, but it was intensely exciting.

Her cunt must have been on fire, because she was running a river, trying to put it out. Her juices ran down her legs and onto Jeremy’s outrageously expensive couch. Our bodies slapping together sounded like I was hitting her with a wet towel. There was no hesitation now; this was only going one way. As I started pounding into her as fast and hard as I could, she started making little high-pitched noises with each stroke, reaching back and grabbing me, trying to make me slam her even harder. When she came, her body lifted from the couch, pressing back against me, and her strangled scream barely made it out of her mouth, she was so short of breath. I kept slamming her as she rotated her hips, feeling the waves roll back and forth inside her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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