John , Sue Ch. 2


Sitting in the living room I thought back over our marriage. When had Sue decided to cheat on me? Why, more importantly, had she gotten so slutty? I had so many questions and absolutely no answers in my mind. I had given her all of my love. I had provided for her every need. Our sex life had always been good, at least as far as she had told me. Now I had even more questions about us. Had she always been honest with me? How long had this been going on? Why, oh why had Sue been drawn into this? What did I do now? Thousands of questions assailing my thoughts, no answers, no relief, just questions.

I heard her get up and go into the bathroom. I soon heard the shower running. I was thinking that she was trying to wash away all of her wrongdoing, her nastiness. “Good luck you cheating bitch.” I thought out loud.

The doorbell rang so I got up to answer it. My boss, Mark was standing on our stoop. “John how’s things? Boy you look like shit. Uh, can I come in? Please?”

I was startled. Why had Mark come to my house? “Not meaning to be rude here Mark, but what the hell are you doing here now?”

He shuffled uncomfortably, looking down at the steps. He then looked me right in the eyes.

“John, I know a little bit about what happened yesterday, and I feel responsible for it. You see I have known that your wife has been, ‘popular’, with certain individuals lately. I am probably also to blame for her actions at this point in time. We need to talk, and we need to talk now. Sue is alright isn’t she?”

His statements had frozen me immobile. What he had said I would have never expected. This was getting to be a very bad dream. What was next? Was he going to try to exert control over my wife and I? What was his plan? My anger surged and without even a hesitation or a thought I slammed him in the mouth with my fist. He stumbled back, not expecting violence from me I guess, and lost his balance. He caught the doorframe and held himself still. Wiping his mouth where I had struck him, he then spat blood out on to the staircase.

“I guess I deserved that John, probably a lot more than that. Can I come in now?”

I was stunned. How could he stand there and as much as tell me that my wife’s sluttish behavior and the acts I saw her doing yesterday were his fault, and then calmly want to come in and talk with me? Why would he wonder about Sue’s condition? Did he think that I had beaten or worse, killed her? I couldn’t have done such a thing. I loved my wife still, and even though I had been so shocked and hurt, I could never hit or do anything worse to any woman, let alone my wife. How the rest of my life was going to be I wasn’t sure. I really couldn’t see anything in the future. Whether or not we stayed together would have to be fought and thought out.

I finally let Mark in, against my better judgment, and grudgingly offered him a towel for his cut lip. I soon got him a cup of coffee, and one for myself as well. I found myself wanting to know more about what Sue had been doing, and realized that this was one of the only men who knew something. I sat down and we looked at each other uncomfortably for a bit. I could hear Sue in the bathroom, still messing around from taking her shower. She hadn’t evidently heard Mark come in yet.

“Mark, why don’t you start to tell me your story. I think that you have had more than a little something to do with my wife becoming a whore, how I don’t know, but you do, so talk.” I was mad, but not as mad as I had been earlier. I wanted to try to understand why my wife would have changed so much, in such a short time. I needed to know how she had started this and if I was responsible in some way for her finding pleasure elsewhere. This man would answer some of the millions of questions in my mind. The man who until right now, I would have trusted with my life. In twenty-four hours I had been betrayed by two of the people whom I had trusted in. My wife who I loved, and my boss, who I respected above all.

“Well John, I don’t know where to start. I guess with the beginning. Do you remember the party last year when I first met your wife Sue? She was wearing that tight black short sexy number and the high heels. I was taken with her beauty immediately. I knew she was your wife, and that she was faithful to you. I knew it was wrong, but I couldn’t help myself. I had to have her, sexually. She raised something in me that I couldn’t resist. I am ashamed to say it, but I started to plan how to get her in the sack that night. I even started to send you out of town whenever I could reasonably explain it. I knew that this would hurt you and your marriage to her, but I just had to do it. I am sorry for causing you this pain and wrecking your marriage.”

I was just able to hold myself from attacking him again. What the fuck was he saying? He had intentionally set us up so he could have my wife in bed? I struggled with my anger, keeping it barely at bay.

“You seduced my wife and kept me out of town as much as possible to make it easier to do? How did you do this? I know Sue, or at least I görükle escort thought I did, and there are a lot of things that need to be explained here now. I can’t believe that you were able to just romance her or anything like that, so how in the hell did you get her?” My curiosity was nagging at me; I felt I had to know everything now. Maybe in this ‘confession’ I could find some way to come to grips with what had overwhelmed me last night. Maybe, just a small maybe, I could find the way back to forgiving Sue and keeping our marriage intact. It would be a hard and probably long trip, but I did love Sue, and couldn’t stand the thought of not having her around. I did have a problem with her behavior and her cheating and all that I had seen, but maybe I could find a way to forgive, and prevent such a thing from happening in the future. Crazy, I know, but my heart was running my feelings and thoughts right now.

“After I met Sue, I discovered that she had been asking one of the girls about a place to get some boudoir photos taken. She wanted to get you a real special Christmas gift. The girl she had talked to said she didn’t know of any, but she would ask around and she if she could find out. That woman happened to ask me something about knowing of any racy photographers. When I questioned her she told me about Sue wanting some sexy pics taken for you. I thought of an old friend who had a studio. He usually did triple x type photo shoots for Internet and gloss magazines. He also did videos too. He was the type of person I had left behind a long time ago, but he had been a friend. He also owed me big time. My original plan was to get him to take Sue’s pictures, then get some of her in a compromising position then use them to manipulate her to do my bidding. I thought at the time this all started that I would want to fuck her more than once. Things got out of hand after that. I found that my ‘friend’ had other plans and had her where he wanted her. She was just too good-looking to pass by. When I found out his plans I knew that I had gone too far and decided to make it a one-time thing only. My hope was to convince Greg, my ‘friend’, to go along with me on this plan. I didn’t find out his plans until afterwards though.”

He stopped for a minute to have a drink of coffee. I digested all what he had told me so far. He started again in a minute having caught his breath. He looked sincere in his story, and I felt that he really did feel bad about this. I just couldn’t over the fact that he was the one who had started this whole nightmare to begin with.

“Well, Sue came to my friends studio and she had her shots taken. While she was there, he managed to get some concoction into her drink. Soon she was putty in his hands. Whatever was in her drink made her easily susceptible to his suggestions. I was waiting in a back room, and when he thought she was ready, he had me come out. I saw Sue lying there on a bed with video cameras and lights all around. She was naked and playing with herself. He had her masturbating with a rather large black dildo and she was far into it. He suggested she wanted more. A cock maybe. She was struggling to not go there. She said she couldn’t, she was married, and she loved her husband. Greg pushed more though, and soon convinced her to take on just one cock for one minute. That was my cue, so I got undressed and got on the bed with her. I had no sooner gotten on the bed than she was straddling me and trying to shove my cock into her pussy. She was like a woman possessed. It was all I had imagined it would be. She fucked my eyeballs out. She went down on me when I went soft, after cumming in her hot hole. She worked me up and took my next load in her mouth. She was very surprised when I shot into her mouth, but she swallowed all I gave her, then told us that she never knew it could taste so good. I couldn’t believe how she was acting. Greg’s concoction had really done the number on her. He got pictures of us together. He told me that he would get Sue home in a bit, so I left thinking everything would be all right. After all, she had come in to the studio by herself, and Greg was an old friend, so I thought that I could trust him. When I left she was still on the bed, naked, masturbating with that big black dildo again. I knew what I had arranged and done was very wrong. I felt very guilty about the whole thing and I wished that I hadn’t done it at this point. But what was done was done. What I didn’t know was that Sue stayed at the photographer’s studio that whole night and for the following day into the weekend. You had been sent on a trip for a week and a half and had no clue what had happened. She ended up spending about six days with Greg. I’m sorry John, I am really truly sorry for this whole mess.”

I now had a part of the reason Sue had cheated on me; she hadn’t been acting on her own. She had been drugged and then coerced into these despicable acts. I had a small out now. All I had to do is find out why she had been enjoying it so much yesterday. I don’t believe she had been drugged or drunk then. bursa escort bayan She had been begging for it, from all of the men there. Why had she been still doing this at this time? I asked Mark about that. His answer sent shivers down my spine. It could have been far worse than I thought!

“John, I don’t know if I should tell you any more right now. You won’t like it and the men that Greg deals with, well they have a harsh way of dealing with people who try to take away what they perceive is theirs. They think that Sue is their property now John, and there isn’t much I can do about that. You see, after I left that day, Greg had three more men waiting in another room. They came out after I was gone and He had them start on Sue. She was so out of it you couldn’t have stopped her it you had been there and tried. She was lying on the bed when they descended on her and soon she was sucking one while riding another man. That man pulled her down to his chest and the third man used some lube on her butt and then proceeded to take her anal virginity. They knew she was a virgin by the way she reacted. By the end of the night there though, she was not a virgin in any hole. She had learned to take it in any and all holes. The next day Greg started her in making sex films. She was very reluctant to do this until he showed her the video of her and I. She had looked like she was in charge and begging for it. Greg had also been keeping her slightly drugged, to make her more malleable to suggestion. You couldn’t tell she was drugged up or anything. She looked like a woman who wanted to get fucked and fucked well. My intent was to have her for myself, not for her to become a slave to Greg and his friends. The filming of us together was to be for my eyes only, and for my future viewing. Instead, Greg made several copies and showed them to his friends, who wanted a piece of her also. He had intended to do this to her from the start, when he had first met her. I believe that if I hadn’t been involved, she may have been taken away by them never to be seen again, except on film, or the Internet. Greg had told me that the drug he gave her could have long-term effects if taken for a period of time. I think that he had her taking them, unknowingly, for quite some time. That may be most of the reason she seems to want all of those men. I am so sorry John.”

I sat there, more blank of feelings than I ever had been. I had been through so much in the last hours that I could no longer function emotionally. Sue had been trapped into this by one mans longing to have her sexually, and now it looked like the whole fucking town was banging her. Then I remembered what Mark had said at the end. “The Internet? She has been posted on the Internet? Oh God! Where on the Internet has she turned up?”

“If you will come into the den I will show you John.” It was Sue, standing there near the entrance to the living room, dressed in jeans and an old sweatshirt. She had been listening for a bit but I wasn’t sure when she had shown up. Mark was surprised as I was. He stood up and started for the door, trying to leave and get away from me I think. He was probably afraid of what I was going to do next.

“Mark, I think you might as well stay and see this too. You started this and opened up the Pandora’s box now, so stay and see this through.” Sue was looking at both of us and I saw she had tears brimming in her eyes. I was resigned to the fact that Sue’s body and her sexual acts were all out in the open now. There would be no hiding that this had ever happened.

Sue led the way to the computer and went to the site where she was gracing the main page as the “Biggest mega-slut to hit the net ever” as she scrolled down, I could see action shots of my wife in various positions with black men. Usually more than three, usually looking like she was enjoying everything happening to her.

In one shot three men were standing next to her, kind of all around, but showing her spread wide, and a bottle in her pussy. It was all of the way in her, only the mouth of it showing. The next shot showed her pulling it out and in several shots it became clear that it was a long and big around wine bottle. What really got to me though was the look on her face; she was smiling and looked like she really loved that bottle being in her.

Sue was crying silently as she went into the site and showed us even more. Things that I couldn’t believe she would do, all sorts of things. This wasn’t only an interracial site; they had other types of sexual situations and deviations in there also. The last four pages of Sue’s section had her performing in large gangbangs. Men holding her legs wide open showing her once tight vagina gaping open. You were able to look deep into her holes, both of them. Cum pouring out of her in gallons. I was sickened by what I saw. I couldn’t believe that she would look so, well, satisfied. She looked like she was truly happy to be there, doing that.

There she stood, next to the desk, sobbing and crying. I looked over at Mark and found him crying bursa escort also. Bastard! Damn him! This was his entire fault, and there he is apologizing and crying about what had happened to Sue. She had been through a lot over the last year. I couldn’t get my thoughts in order, and suddenly realized that I too, was crying. Like a little baby. How do you think anyone would react? Come home to your loving wife or spouse, and discover that they are not at all what you thought. Finding out that they had a whole second life you had never known about. I could not for the life of me remember any time when I would have been suspicious of Sue at all. I went over to the small bar in the den and poured myself a large straight bourbon. I poured two more and left them sitting on the bar. If they wanted one they could walk over and get their own. They did in very short order.

Some men would have been shooting or maiming people at this point. They may have been killing spouses, or the people who had brought on this pain and suffering. They may have ran out the door and not looked back. I couldn’t. I had spent a lifetime looking for the woman to call my wife. I had found her, and as the marriage vows we took had stated, ‘for better or worse’. I felt I had to try and work this all out. I told Sue that. I then told Mark that considering the circumstances he would understand if I decided to turn in my resignation on the following Monday.

“Don’t quit John. We can work something out here. You can’t quit now; you are the best man I have. I will think of something to straighten this all out.” He was worried I was going to leave and go over to the competitor. They would be glad to have me, I knew. How much so I didn’t know at the time.

“Mark, I can’t work for a boss who has managed to fuck my wife. I don’t care what the circumstances were. You fucked Sue, and the thought of being around you working day in and day out would be too much. It would be a constant reminder of what you had done. I don’t think you can possibly fix that. I will give you until Monday, then well, we’ll see what happens then.”

I couldn’t blame the guy, after all, I was the reason our division had done so well over the last four years. I had managed to get a lot of contracts that everyone else had fumbled or lost. I was and I am very good at what I do.

Sue had looked relieved when I told her we needed to work this out. She had stopped crying and was just sniffling. She had a small timid smile and came to me. Her arms went around me as she hugged me tightly. As Mark went out of the door to go wherever he was going to, Sue let go of me and stepped back a little bit.

“Did you mean what you said John? Are we going to try and work this all out? Do you think you could ever love me again, after all I have done? I will do anything, anything at all John. You name it and if it is within my power, I will try my best to do it for you honey.”

“First of all, yes I meant what I said, Sue. I need to try to work this all out, and I believe it may be possible to do. It isn’t going to be easy by any means, but it is possible. As to loving you…I nev…I haven’t ever stopped loving you Sue. You have hurt me very deeply. What you have done to our marriage isn’t unforgivable though. You were drugged and sucked into this. The part that is going to be hard is the fact that I think you really enjoyed what you were doing with those men. I saw you begging for more. Wanting to have their baby making sperm and all of that. The things I heard you say. I don’t know what will happen now, but this is far from over by a long shot. I can’t guarantee we will still make it in marriage. This is going to be harder on you I think. You will have to live with the fact that I think you are much less of a person by far in this relationship now. You will have a hard time gaining back my trust and faith in you, and that is what made our marriage strong to begin with. Do you understand what I am saying?”

Sue leaped forward and hugged me tightly. I couldn’t bring myself to reciprocate. I stood there; hands at my sides as she hugged me, thank me for a chance to save our marriage. I knew at that point that I was going to go through hell over the next days and weeks. I was numb and couldn’t feel anything at that time. I wasn’t so sure that we would make it for the next month let alone a year or more. What with the pictures and videos out there with her performances, and the whole Internet thing, well it was going to be a harsh future for both of us.

“Sue, give me your wedding rings. We are going to get rid of them.”

She froze, looking at me. Stepping back from me she had tears welling up in her eyes again. “John, you can’t take these rings from me!”

I knew what we had to do though so I insisted. “

“Sue, I can’t stand to see you wearing them. Those pictures, well, you were licking and sucking the cum from all of those men off of those rings. If I have to look at them from now on, I will think only of that, not of my love for you or yours for me. I would only be able to remember your tongue licking the cum of other men off of them. I need for you to get rid of them. Maybe, if we can work things out, well, I will get you a new set later. For now though, you need to get rid of them. I don’t care what you do with them, just get them out of my sight.”