John’s First Time


This is based on part true experience this was back in 1990 my first story too so be kind.

It was Johns dads 40th birthday John was dressed smart in a dark grey suit. It was a surprise party in a hired bar plenty of drink music was playing lots of family and friends. John was 19 at the time and a shy virgin.

There was a family friend in attendance Denise was her name she was 27 at the time she was not a large woman but slightly overweight but had nice size tits she was wearing a shortish blue dress that showed plenty of cleavage.

The drink was flowing John had liked Denise for ages was a bit shy. John had a few drinks plucked up went over to the table where Denise was sitting asked Denise how she was and the usual small talk asked if she would like a drink she said a vodka and orange so John went to get her a drink came back with a drink for both a beer for John a vodka and orange for Denise.

John was chatting to Denise about stuff in general then some slow music came on John asked Denise to dance she said ok why not so John led Denise to the dance floor.

John was a normal horny teenager at 19 as they were dancing he started getting an erection but thought I hope Denise does not notice Kartal Escort as they were gyrating to a slow dance. John was copping a feel of Denise as they were dancing the night was getting late and people were leaving so john being the gentleman he was asked Denise if she wanted walking home as she lived about a 10 minute walk away.

She said fine so they left as they were walking John held Denise hand they had to walk through a park John said to Denise I have enjoyed tonight pulled Denise to him and kissed her on the lips she responded by kissing back their tongues dancing together John started getting erect again like when they danced as they kissed he cupped her ass. They were near a park bench so they both sat on the bench. they were sitting kissing Denise started rubbing Johns cock through his trousers. John started rubbing Denises leg up the inside of her dress as he was kissing and licking her neck he reached up to where her panties were they felt wet never felt this before. He was so horny he started to rub her she was getting more wet as he pulled her panties aside to start fingering her his fingers went in so easy as he entered 2 fingers he looked down there was enough light to see she Yakacık Escort was hairy and wet as he got down and between her legs he kissed and licked licking her vagina as her panties were pulled aside he was under her dress licking sucking her clit until she came on his face juices running out of her pussy.

Then John came up for air as they were kissing again Denise could taste her juices off Johns tongue as she undone Johns trousers unzipping and undoing these pulling Johns cock out of his boxers she saw his 8 inch thick cock for the first time she said mmm wanted to see this from the first time I felt it on that dance floor. She pulled the foreskin back to reveal a glistening head with pre cum leaking and glistening in the moonlight then she bent down to take the head into her mouth licking the pre cum off the head then sucking the cock into her mouth she was sucking it harder and faster john said hold up I’m going to cum she sucked all the harder and faster than johns toes curled up.

As he shot rope of cum deep into her throat she swallowed it all then she said do you want to come see me home now and come in for a coffee and you can stay the night if you like john said ok if its ok with Kadıköy Escort you.

They continued their walk to Denises home holding hands like a couple.

They got to the door and Denise pulled him in the door and said shall we skip the coffee and led him upstairs John following. They both undressed John taking his jacket and shirt off ten taking his shoes socks and trousers with his boxer shorts off. Denise taking her dress off shoes asking John to help her with her bra then pulling her panties down she lay back down on the bed the first time john had seen a woman naked in the flesh and the first time john had been naked in front of a woman in the flesh. Denise lay down on her bed with her legs open john lay down between her legs started kissing Denise as they were kissing tongues dancing Johns cock was coming to life once again then he pushed forward and entered Denise in the missionary position pushing forward more he was balls deep inside her he wanted this to last forever pumping slowly then Denise said lift my legs up onto your shoulders I want you deep John done as she said then she shouted harder faster who was John so he obliged he was pumping her harder and faster all of a sudden John felt his cock swell as he sent rope after rope of cum deep inside her he stayed inside until his erection subsided John said that’s my first time Denise said I know and there will be plenty more then they kissed and cuddled and fell asleep in each others arms.