Joshua Meets Susan

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I want this girl. We’ve been texting for several weeks now, and I feel it’s time to either move forward or stop all together. I just don’t see the point of us lying in separate beds, masturbating ourselves while we text dirty messages to each other. So I decide to do something about it.

It’s one o’clock in the morning. I’m lying naked in my bed, with my mobile in one hand and my cock in the other. I’ve just described how hard I am, and what I’m doing with it (currently I’m teasing her pussy with it, but really I’m in my own bed just wishing I was). Man, this is so frustrating! I know she only lives round the corner, but I don’t know her address, or if she’d want me round. Why wouldn’t she? This is stupid! My phone buzzes. I laugh a little in my head, thinking she could make good use of that if she shoved it up her fanny, but it would cost me a lot of money in text messages to make her cum!

“I push u onto ur back, and slowly, oh so slowly, lower myself onto u. Ur dick spreads my lips, and I wrap my pussy rnd ur shaft. I begin a slow back and forth motion, and u gasp at how good it feels.” I grip my dick tighter, and give a few strokes up and down, while I read this latest message. My turn to reply. Fuck this!

“What’s ur address?” I ask. Plain and simple. If she wants me over, she’ll give it, otherwise we can carry on. Then it hits me that if she doesn’t want me round, I may have just killed the evening. But then, it’s not really a proper evening, is it? Sure it’s fun, but it could be so much more fun if we’re together. I stroke myself a little more, reflecting on the messages I got earlier, imagining her lying in her bed, on her back, with her right hand in the air, her head tilted to one side to read her phone, and her left hand between her spread legs, the sheets at the bottom of the bed. Her fingers are circling her clit, while her middle and index fingers occasionally dart into her pussy, to moisten her lips.

“18 Whiterock Avenue. I’ll be waiting for you.” This is all the encouragement I need. I jump out of bed, grab some clothes and race out to the car. It’s cold outside, and I’ve still got a stiffy, but the cool air soon sorts that out.

Within five minutes I’m at her house. I pull into the drive and stop the engine. The living room light is on. I know she lives alone, so I’m not worried about waking anyone up. I get out of the car and walk to the door, my mind racing with thoughts, my heart pounding through my chest with excitement. We’re really going to do this! Aren’t We? What if I took too long to get round? She might be bored, or she’s changed her mind! Or what if when she opens the door we both feel too awkward to carry on?

I get to the door, and she opens it. She is wearing a duvet, wrapped around her shoulders. Her red hair is a little shaggy from bed, but she’s clearly had a go at brushing it just before I arrived. She has Sivas Escort beautiful big, blue eyes, with long lashes that only make her eyes look bigger, and thick pouty lips, currently in the shape of a kind, yet not overbearing, smile. I look down and I can see her cute little toes pointing out of the bottom of the duvet. She’s trying to look tired, drooping her eyelids ever so slightly, but I know she’s as nervous as I am! Her hips are swaying to some unheard music, and her feet are shuffling back and forth. Part of me feels bad at making her nervous, and I want to hold and say, “don’t worry, there’s nothing to be nervous about”, and part of me thinks good, at least I’m not the only one who’s nervous!

“Hello, Susan,” I say, trying to sound casual. I didn’t just lick your pussy by text message half an hour ago.

“Hi, Joshua,” Susan replies, and then giggles, causing me to giggle too. I’m still standing outside. “Did you find the place alright?”

“Yeah, it only took me a few minutes to get round.”

“I noticed. You came in record time. Let’s hope you won’t again tonight!”

I blush at this innuendo. What a tease. She takes a step back, and I walk in. I close the door behind me, because her hands are full with the duvet. In my head I’ve already undressed her and discovered every curve, mark, dimple, crease, freckle, mole and scar she has, I’ve felt the softness of her skin and tasted her lips. I could turn around and go home now, because in my head I’ve already done it all. There’s nothing left, my work here is done. Oh, except for the fact that I haven’t even touched her yet.

My palms are sweating, and my heart is still pounding. We’re really going to do this. Susan takes another step back, and I follow her. All the time we’re looking into each others’ eyes. She stops, and I am so close to her now. I can feel the breath from her mouth on my lips, but I can’t take my eyes off hers. We look at each other for what seems like a thousand years, neither of us sure how to proceed. This is very different to texting. After tonight I might throw my mobile under a steam roller, just as punishment for even trying to pretend to be as good as the real thing!

I start to think logically. Okay, she can’t do anything because she’s holding the duvet, and we’ve got to follow some kind of protocol, right? She can’t just drop the duvet without any kind of physical contact first, that would be like passing your driving test and getting an Aston Martin. Yeah, some people might do that, but I’m not one of them. So it’s up to me. I have to take charge. I have to initiate contact.

Susan stands on her tip toes and kisses me lightly on the lips. I’m stunned. Not because it was insanely wonderful, it was virtually a peck, but because I was supposed to do it to her! She wasn’t following the rules. My confusion must register wit her, because again Sivas Escort Bayan she smiles at me, this time a reassuring smile. I decide to myself that there is a time and a place for inner monologues, and standing by the front door in the living room of a beautiful woman who is wrapped only (I assume) in a duvet is not it.

I lean into her and kiss her. Properly, this time. Her lips are soft, they make my own tingle with pleasure. I close my eyes and allow myself to be absorbed. Our mouths open, and our tongues touch. Her moisture slides into my mouth, and as our lips part, my tongue slides across her lower lip, and she closes her mouth on it, sucking it back in gently. Again we kiss.

I wrap my arms around her, and she walks into my body. I inch back, a little worried about what she might think of my hard on, but she pushes her pelvis into it. I close my hands on her back, squeeze her tight. I can feel her hands on my chest, she’s trying to touch me, but the duvet is preventing her.

I walk her to the sofa, and we sit side by side. Barely once do our lips part, I think I could live for the rest of my life attached to those lips! As we sit, one hand comes out from the duvet, and she caresses my chest. I pull her close, and her hand wraps around my side. She lets the duvet rest on her shoulders, and brings out the other hand, to slide it under my t shirt. I break from our kiss, and she helps me take it off.

Her hands are now on my bare chest, softly stroking my skin. I slide my hand under the duvet and feel her side. Her skin is incredibly soft. I slide my hand up and around her back. Gradually I brush my fingertips across her breast, and she arches her back slightly. Her nipple is hard, and it responds to my touch.

I move my other hand under the duvet, and it falls away. Her body is wonderful. She has milky white skin, with round hips and small breasts. Her nipples are both hard and the muscles in her stomach tense as I pass may hands over them.

She reaches down and feels my crotch. She rubs me through my jeans, and my dick jumps as she brushes past my head. Her other hand comes round and she begins to undo my jeans. I stop for a moment to take off my socks and shoes, and she helps me out of my trousers and boxers. We’re both naked now.

I push her back onto the sofa, and begin kissing her neck. She moans softly, and wraps her arms around my back. I move down, kissing her shoulders, her chest, then her breasts. I lick her nipples, and she arches her back. Then I grab one in my teeth and squeeze, and she gasps and scrapes her nails on my back. This sends shivers along my back, right to my groin. I rub my groin against her pelvis, and she responds by wrapping her legs round me and applying pressure. We make involuntary thrusting movements at each other.

I continue my journey down her body, allowing Escort Sivas my tongue to drag on her stomach, into her bellybutton, and down further, I can smell how horny she is, and I can feel the temperature from her pussy. I allow my fingertips to brush her lips, and she jumps, sucking air into her mouth. I move down and kiss her thighs, and she wraps her legs round my head, trying to draw my mouth to her vagina. Her hands are in my hair, and she’s tugging at me lightly, trying to hint at what she wants.

I put my fingers into her lips, and I can feel how wet she is. There is a line of moisture running from her pussy all the way down the crack of her ass, and on her thighs as well. I’m so turned on at the sight of this that I think I might explode as soon as I penetrate her! Her whole body tenses as I insert my fingers into her pussy. I part her lips and expose her clit. It sits out, so inviting. I lick it quickly, and again she jumps. I enjoy this control. I start licking her clitoris in circular motions, and she settles into a tense rhythmic spasm, while my fingers slide in and out of her soaking pussy.

Every now and again I dart my tongue into her, just to enjoy the taste. She’s starting to grab my hair, tugging at me. She’s barely in control, all her muscles are as tense as they can be, and I think she’s about to cum. I decide that if I am going to cum soon, I should do it now. There will be more later.

I try to time it so that she’s about to peak, and when she grabs my hair so hard I think it might come out, I decide now is the time! I slide up her body, spread her lips wide with my fingers, and thrust myself into her in one quick stroke.

She explodes. She grabs my head and pulls my face into her neck, where I bite and kiss her. She cries out as her orgasm hits, and I can feel her vagina muscles trying to crush my dick inside her. Amazingly I don’t cum immediately (go me!) and I continue to pump in and out of her. She calms down a little, but only a little, and begins to kiss me passionately. Our lips mash against each others’ teeth, our tongues fly around, only half of the time in someone’s mouth. I can’t stop myself from thrusting, my body has taken over, and my mind has checked out.

Her nails are violently scraping my back, and the feeling only adds to my pleasure. My hands are crushing her breasts and I’m absently rolling her nipples in my fingers. Then my hands are on her waist and I take position to really pound her.

With every thrust we gasp in unison, into each others’ mouths, using each others’ air. Then I cum, and my dick squirts uncontrollably, and I collapse on top of her. Both of us are still gasping and panting. We lay there for a while, my dick still in her pussy, slowly getting soft.

After a while I get off her and lean back against the sofa. This is the first time I get a proper look at Susan’s body, and I spend a long time simply admiring her, feeling very lucky that I got to be so close to her. She then leans over to me and rests her head on my chest, and we lie there for a very long time, feeling serene, the feeling you can only achieve after an incredibly satisfying orgasm.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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