Journal Extracts Ch. 21



“A friend of mine is organizing a private party in here, a sort of reunion for his old school pals, many of who he hasn’t seen for years. You’ll be concealed in the Priest’s Hole throughout,” Max told me while showing me the clearing up that needed doing in Function Room One, a regular job nowadays.

I was wondering what the point of shutting me in the Priest’s Hole for the duration of the party was, when Max enlightened me.

“After the meal Marie will be providing the cabaret by doing one of her famous striptease dances and you’ll be in here watching the effect it has on the guys.”

So that’s what it was all about.

Indicating the small stage at the far end of the room, Max went on, “They’ll be in excess of twenty guys here that night and they’ll be given a free hand to do anything they want with Marie. Her services are included in the price of the room. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if three or four of them joined her on stage to provide a bit of a show.”

“No!” I exclaimed.

“It’s quite possible you’ll see twenty or more guys fucking your wife and I hardly need tell you she’s very keen. Whatever happens, Marie’s well used cunt will see a lot of action that night and I wouldn’t be surprised if a few of the guys give it to her up the arse as well.”


It’s the day of the reunion party that Max has been taunting me about for weeks, the party during which, according to him, I can expect to see my wife used and abused by in excess of twenty guys. Perhaps just an empty threat but I think I know Max well enough by now to fear it’s the truth.


Indeed it was the truth! Tonight I’ve witnessed scenes the like of which I would never have expected to see outside a porn film, particularly not featuring Marie as the main performer and looking highly pleased with herself to be so.

The party started off, for me at least, as a long boring and nervous wait. Knowing I would be confined in the Priests Hole for a long period of time I deliberately refrained from drinking anything in the hours leading up to it, not wanting to have to stand there desperate for a pee.

When Max took me to the function room well ahead of time and ordered me to strip I hesitated but briefly. I didn’t need reminding about our contract. Reduced to my underwear, the usual stockings and suspender belt, pale yellow panties and matching bra, I allowed myself to be shut inside the Priests Hole. Having no idea of the whereabouts of the release mechanism I nervously knew I was dependant on my Master, as Max likes to be called these days, letting me out.

After what seemed an age the dinner party got under way and I noted Max amongst the guests who were seated either side of a long table, or more accurately several tables pushed together. With nothing else to do I managed to count them while they were eating. Including Max they numbered nineteen, not quite the amount he’d said.

It was only after the plates etc had been cleared away that Marie, to an excited cheer, put in an appearance accompanied I was surprised to see by the rather severe Miss Walker, the senior receptionist whose haughty manner towards myself I’ve always found rather intimidating.

I was shocked to see my wife was dressed as a schoolgirl in maroon blazer and matching tie, white blouse and short grey skirt with white ankle socks. It turned out to be the uniform of their old school and the sight of Marie wearing it set off a clamour of excited voices.

Well, she started off her act by dancing, or perhaps parading would be a better description, on the table having been assisted on to it by the receptionist; the guests remaining seated on either side. While Marie pranced back and forth along the length of the table the men grew more and more excited by the views up her skirt.

“Good, she’s wearing navy blue knickers just like the girls at school,” someone yelled.

“Not for long.”

I recognized Max’s voice above the hubbub.

I have to admit to being fully erect as I watched my wife dancing on the table and saw the excited reaction of the guys, but was puzzled by the prim and proper receptionist’s role in all this. Of course Marie was in her element to be the centre of attention for all these lusting guys and when Colin jumped to his feet and seized her by the hips she was laughing almost hysterically. Others were on their feet then, numerous hands thrusting up under her skirt.

“That’s it lads, don’t stand on ceremony. Get the tarts knickers down,” I was surprised to hear Miss Walker’s voice urge.

Marie had vanished from sight, presumably lying on the end of the table which was surrounded by guys. A cheer went up and climbing on a chair to see Miss W shouted excitedly, “That’s it lads, get her knickers right off and give the tart a good seeing to.”

She laughed when the navy blue knickers were thrown in her direction and jumping from the chair picked them up disdainfully to deposit the xslot knickers in a bin bag containing remains of the meal.

“Take her over to the stage so we can all see what’s going on,” Max instructed.

Some of the guys moving clear I saw my wife, naked but for socks, stretched out on the end of the table. Marie was being held down, not that there would have been any need, and two guys were fingering her vagina while others groped her breasts, a sight which clearly delighted the senior receptionist.

Picking her up Colin carried Marie to the small stage on which had been placed an old bed, minus headboard, from the storeroom. On Max’s instructions I’d carried and assembled it there myself, naively wondering why he wanted it. Many of the men were stripping off and when Max produced a pack of cards and suggested dealing them out to determine the running order, thus avoiding impatience and argument, the idea met with approval.

“Don’t worry boys, there’s plenty for all,” he told them.

“That’s right, the sluts not going to leave this room ’till you’ve all done whatever you want with her,” Miss W said gleefully. “Fuck the bitch back and front, over and over again. I want to see the tart carried out of here because she’s unable to walk!”

The senior receptionist’s attitude was a shock, coming from one I’ve found so severe and straight-laced. She seemed to be taking a surprisingly vindictive pleasure in seeing Marie stretched out on the bed, being manhandled quite roughly by some of the guys while the pack of cards were being dealt by Max, who I noticed, didn’t take one himself but was the only person not to do so. I couldn’t avoid the unpalatable fact that it looked as if eighteen guys intended fucking my wife!


It was practically a shriek from Miss Walker and prompted by the sight of Colin mounting my wife. Her shriek was repeated, drowning any cry from Marie, as he began fucking her.

“That’s it, hold the bitch down and really give it to her,” Miss Walker urged gleefully.

Two of the guys were indeed holding Marie down but there was certainly no need.

The rest of them under Max’s direction formed a queue; many with cocks in hand as they waited their turn. It was an alarming but incredibly arousing sight to see all these guys waiting patiently to fuck my wife.

There was to be no respite at all as the guys succeeded one another, penis after penis driving into the very receptive Marie. It was clearly a scene which delighted the senior receptionist who yelled, “This is your come-uppance bitch, eighteen cocks filling your sluttish cunt with spunk.” A shout which puzzled me in its malevolence and bitterness.

Well she was right about the quantity anyway. One after the other all eighteen men fucked my wife, watched by the smiling Max and urged on by the vindictive Miss Walker.

“Come on don’t stop yet. Turn the slag over and do her up the bum,” Miss W shouted hysterically.

Many hands obliged, rolling Marie over before pushing a number of cushions beneath her tummy.

“Tie her down lads,” Miss W urged, eyeing Marie’s rump forced high in the air by the cushions, with a crafty but grim smile on her face.

“There’s really no need,” Max said, plainly trying to calm Miss W down a bit. “Marie loves it.”

“Well give me a belt someone. Let’s see how she likes this.”

One of the men handed Miss W a broad leather belt and she promptly lashed my wife’s buttocks with it. Marie howled, more in surprise than anything else I think, and Miss W laughed.

“Hold her down some of you while I teach the slag a lesson.”

Laughing evilly Miss W lashed Marie’s buttocks unmercifully; my wife’s screams and yells only prompting laughter and further blows. However, despite her pain I could tell Marie was highly excited by what was happening to her.

“Enough,” Max shouted and with reluctance Miss W threw the belt down to squeeze Marie’s crimson and tortured looking bottom.

Miss Walker hadn’t finished yet though. Grabbing an unlit candle she said, “Hold her cheeks apart, I’ll open up the slag’s bum hole ready for your cocks.”

Looking as mystified as I felt a couple of the men spread Marie’s buttocks and with a triumphant cry Miss W drove the candle deep inside her anus. The yell from my wife was lost in cheers from many of the men. Laughing hysterically Miss W continued ramming the candle in and out of Marie’s anus, calling her a slag, a tart and a whore while doing so. Again it was Max who called a halt.

However, no sooner had the candle been removed from Marie’s anus than Colin drove his penis in instead, much to Miss Walker’s very obvious delight. Gripping her hips Colin bum fucked my wife with slow and steady thrusts.

Miss Walker’s eyes lit up as they travelled round the guys, many of whom sported erections as they watched.

“Your slag’s really in for a rough ride now, with all these guys waiting to pound her bum hole!” Miss Walker shouted exultantly to Max who merely xslot Giriş smiled.

She moved away to stand beside him and I was surprised to see Max squeezing Miss Walker’s bottom. She smiled at him before turning her attention back to the action taking place on the small stage. By this time a second guy was bum fucking Marie and with considerably quicker thrusts than Colin had done.

“Your tart will know she’s been through it by the time they finish with her,” Miss W said in a malicious tone.

“Yea, but Marie loves this sort of thing,” Max told her.

They were standing close to the Priests Hole and I was intrigued by the conversation, my attention swinging back and forth between their talk and the succession of guys bum fucking my wife. From the familiar way Max continued to squeeze and stroke Miss Walker’s bottom it became clear to me that there was history between them, a relationship perhaps judging from the talk.

“I can’t understand what you saw in the slag in the first place. Marie’s no more than a whore, a slut who’ll drop her knickers for all and sundry,” Miss W expostulated vehemently.

“I never said she wasn’t,” Max told her. “My aim is to take the slut down to the depths of depravity and totally degrade her in front of her husband, an arsehole I’ve detested for years. He’s a stuck up pretentious bastard and now I’ve got him in my power I’m really going to enjoy rubbing his nose in the shit.”

Seeing her puzzled expression, Max explained, “I’ve got the wimp shut in the Priest’s Hole watching everything the guys do to his wife. Isn’t that right Perkins?”

He rapped the wooden panel but I didn’t respond my eyes still glued on the succession of men having anal intercourse with Marie.

“What, she’s married to the odd job man?”

“He’s not really an odd job man. I’ll explain who he is later, for now lets enjoy the spectacle of his wife being used by the boy’s.”

Colin drifted across to join them, already having dressed, but fortunately didn’t block my view.

“You were right about Marie,” he said to Max. “She’s one horny lady, seven of the boys have given it to her up the arse and she still wants more. Don’t be fooled by the screams, no one holding her down and she’s free to call a halt anytime.”

“Hardly a lady, more a cheap slut who’s anybody’s for the asking,” Miss Walker remarked contemptuously.

It’s certainly true that my wife’s yells and screams were ringing out continuously as penis after penis drilled her anus, but equally true that she showed no signs of wanting it to stop. Nine guys had now bum fucked her with three more sporting erections as they waited their turn.

Despite my concerns, both for the well-being of Marie, and the fact that several people including Max had been taking photos, I remained erect and stimulating my penis throughout. Unfortunately when Max unexpectedly opened the secret panel I still held my erection.

Seeing it Max laughed as he pulled me out into the room.

“Here he is boys, the cuckold husband who gets off on watching his wife in action with real men.”

From their reactions most of the men had been unaware of my existence inside the Priests Hole and appeared surprised to see me dressed in female underwear. I blushed crimson, cringing inside, as Max dragged me around the room eager no doubt to humiliate me in front of the guys. The room exploded with the noise of their laughter and when hands pulled my panties down and I was fully exposed, their jeers grew even louder. With the panties ripped from my loins and stuffed into my mouth Max paraded me around the room, enjoying the sneers and jeers at my expense.

He brought me to a stop at the front of the stage where Marie lay where they’d left her, face down on the bed, her bruised and used body soaked with sweat, her own and the guys.

“Take a good look at the slut now the boys have finished with her. Your wife’s taken eighteen cocks up her cunt and twelve up her arsehole,” he hissed in my ear. “See how both holes are gaping open from the pounding they’ve been given.”

Seizing Marie by the hips he lifted her up for my inspection, Miss Walker gleefully joining in by spreading my wife’s buttocks.

I gasped to see Marie’s anus, gaping and oozing semen, her upper thighs bathed in the stuff. The sight delighted Miss Walker even more and she delivered a vicious slap to Marie’s buttocks, chortling, “The slag’s no more than a spunk bank, the lads have filled her up to overflowing.”

“I’m desperate to pee,” Marie gasped.

“No problem, use this.”

Max proffered an ice bucket and squatting she peed into it, oblivious of the many watching eyes or that photos were being taken. Miss Walker seemed incredibly excited to see my wife urinating into the ice bucket in front of them all, a cheer going up when Marie inadvertently farted.

“Surely you’ll want nothing more to do with the slag now she’s abased and degraded herself like this,” Miss Walker said to Max as the xslot Güncel Giriş golden stream flowing from my wife’s body slowed to a trickle.

“Maybe not but I’ll continue using her as the whore she is, and I’ll make sure hubby here knows all about the hundreds of guys fucking his wife.”

Picking her up Max carried Marie towards the door, saying, “You know what to do Colin, I’ll be back when I’ve dumped the slut in an empty room to rest.”

I quickly found out what he meant by that when some of the guys seized me and under Colin’s instructions forced me face down on the sweat and semen soaked mattress. Willing hands held me down and I couldn’t even see whose hand it was spanking my bare and defenceless buttocks. I felt very vulnerable amongst the group of jeering, laughing men, Miss Walker’s excited shouts clearly heard above the hubbub, and when a hand delved between my thighs to squeeze my balls I knew it was hers and came immediately.

The beating continued, belts replacing hands from time to time, the wetness of my own semen spreading across my genitals as I twisted and turned desperately against the blows raining down on my buttocks. It seemed as if the guys were almost fighting amongst themselves in the eagerness to punish my bottom, egged on continuously by Miss Walker and Max, who had re-entered the room at some point.

Eventually Max called a halt saying, “That’s enough boys, I need the wimp in a fit condition to clean the room after the party.”

Talking and laughing the guys dispersed leaving me flaked out on the bed gasping and groaning, my tortured buttocks feeling on fire, oblivious of Max taking pictures.

“The boys have really flayed your arse,” he gloated. “You’ll continue to do everything I say or I’ll arrange another beating which will make this one seem as nothing.”

Max tipped me off the edge of the bed and I yelled when my buttocks hit the wooden floor. They laughed and Max went on, “While you’re my unpaid servant doing anything I tell you, your wife will spend much of the time on her back with her legs open for a succession of cocks, big or small, white, black or brown. From what we’ve seen tonight Marie will be more than happy with her role, if you’re not with yours. Now get on and start cleaning this room.”

It was late by this time and there’s no way I could have completed the cleaning tonight so after quickly collecting the glasses Max allowed me to leave but with orders to report to reception at ten tomorrow morning.

The drive home was torture; my buttocks have never received such a thrashing.


Arriving at the hotel this morning I found Miss Walker behind the desk. She told me to take a seat, smiling at my grimace of pain on doing so. One of the receptionist eventually appeared and Miss Walker said, “This chap’s here to clean up after last night’s party in Function Room One. I’ll take him up and show him what needs doing.”

“Rather him than me the rooms a right tip, and apparently it looks as if several people threw up in the toilets,” the receptionist commented.

“Good job we’ve got a cleaner in then. Perkins, follow me.”

I dutifully followed Miss Walker up the stairs to room one where I surveyed the mess with a sinking heart.

“Right you’d better get cracking; I want this room and the toilets clean and tidy by mid-day. According to Max you’re used to cleaning the public toilets, despite thinking it beneath your dignity. He says it’s the only thing you’re fit for.”

Well I laboured through the morning to get the function room ready before turning my attention to the toilets. There were several areas of congealed vomit and I was gagging and almost throwing up myself while cleaning them. However I was shockingly aware that something about my ignominious role, my total helplessness to do anything but submit to the odious Max’s will, also had a strangely exhilarating affect on me. I found myself revelling in my subservient role.

I was mopping the floor to finish off when I heard Miss Walker’s laugh. She stood in the doorway watching me and from her conversation I discovered the reason for her vindictiveness towards Marie last night.

“It didn’t take your slag of a wife long to recover from last night’s pounding. An old guy in room three is giving it to the dirty bitch as we speak,” she sneered. “Max is taking me out for a meal tonight on the proceeds.”

When I asked why she seemed to hate my wife so much I learnt that the prim and proper Miss Walker had been Max’s mistress for a number of years before being displaced in his affections by Marie.

“Before that tart came on the scene he had eyes only for me,” Miss Walker explained. “Still, I had my revenge last night when those eighteen lads did as they wanted with her and showed your wife up for the slag she is. The dirty bitch had no hesitation in peeing in front of them all either, disgusting!”

So, that was the reason for her unexpected vindictiveness towards Marie. Jealousy.

“He’s back in my bed now though and I’m going to enjoy helping him to thoroughly degrade the slut. We’re going to treat your wife as the whore she is, recruiting loads of men to do as they want with her,” Miss Walker spat out venomously.