Journey to Year 1,000,000,000 Ch. 13

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Journey to the Year 1,000,000,000

Chapter 13

[Note: This is a Science Fiction story with some erotic scenes. It is not a story with erotic scenes in every chapter. Some chapters have incredible sex scenes, but many others have none. As it so happens, however, THIS is the most sexually exciting chapter of the entire book!]

“Doctor Elizabeth Shaw. Ensign Suki Tanaka. Please step forward.”

Jennifer stood stone face in the center of the chamber, next to the bed under the giant spotlight. From an exterior window, the molten core of the planet gave the room a continual yellowish glow.

Elizabeth and Suki stepped forward. So did Taylor. “What do you want with them?”

“We have not called for you, Captain Taylor. You must wait for your next turn,” said Jennifer sternly. She turned to the others. “Doctor Elizabeth Shaw. Ensign Suki Tanaka. The United have selected you to further study the concept of overcoming obstacles and making progress. You are to mate with each other.”

Elizabeth couldn’t believe what she was hearing. Neither could Suki. “You want us to-“

“Mate with each other,” said Jennifer. “Now,” she added, as if the timing were in doubt. “You will mate with each other. Ensign Suki Tanaka, you will experience the full female orgasm. Doctor Elizabeth Shaw, you will also experience the full female orgasm. Failure to do so will result in an application of the isotope.”

“I can’t,” said Elizabeth. She shook her head. “Not with a woman. I never.” She shook her head violently and wrapped her arms around herself nervously.

“Oh, I feel your reluctance,” said Jennifer, putting her hands to her breasts. “It feels hot and warm! We must have more of these feelings. We must understand how you can be so motivated!”

“I’m not,” said Elizabeth. “I won’t do it.”

“Then you will serve us in another way,” said Jennifer. She reached out with her hand to touch Elizabeth.

“No!” Suki cried. She pulled Elizabeth back, just before Jennifer could reach her, and dragged her up to the bed. She started to remove Elizabeth’s clothes.

“I can’t, I can’t!” said Elizabeth, struggling against her.

Suki slapped her in the face. Elizabeth was stunned into silence.

“You have to,” Suki whispered fiercely, as she started to take off Elizabeth’s clothes. This time the older woman did not resist her. “We both have to,” she said.

“I can’t,” Elizabeth whispered again. But Suki’s girl slap had knocked the fight out of her. Elizabeth tamely let Suki remove her blouse and pants. As Suki worked on her bra and panties, Suki said, “We’re Survey Service officers. We have to do what we need to do to survive.”

Elizabeth, with tears in her eyes stood mute as Suki took off her standard issue Survey Service bra. Then she silently allowed Suki to remove her senior officer’s panties. She stood there, once again totally nude, aware that all eyes were on her breasts and pubis. But this time Taylor wasn’t with her. And they were expecting her to… no, she couldn’t.

She wouldn’t.

Elizabeth watched as Suki quickly and efficiently took off her own clothing. Suki had larger breasts than hers, more pear shaped than round. Her dark Japanese pubic hair formed a well trimmed precise triangle between her legs, almost an arrow pointing down to her vaginal lips, a marked contrast to the wild overgrown muff between Elizabeth’s thighs.

When they were both nude, Suki put her arms on her hips and stared at Elizabeth’s naked body, as if she were deciding how to begin. Elizabeth shivered and withered under her expansive gaze as she felt thoroughly intimidated.

Somehow the view of one naked woman staring at another in that way was incredibly erotic to Taylor. He hated himself as his penis started to get erect, even as Suki pulled Elizabeth down to the bed.

Elizabeth did not resist. She was limp, like a puppet whose strings had been cut. She allowed Suki to lay her on her back. Suki looked down at Elizabeth’s wild uncut pubic bush. She looked so innocent, so virginal, so vulnerable. Suki took a deep breath, her breasts heaving, and resolved to do what needed to be done. She was a Survey Service officer, and the Survey Service didn’t give up. Not ever.

Elizabeth whimpered as Suki spread her legs, and then got between them, leaning forward to make eye contact with Elizabeth. “You have to want this,” she whispered.

“I can’t,” Elizabeth replied. She looked at Suki’s heavy, pear shaped breasts, hanging over her like ripe fruit. She couldn’t… she wouldn’t!

Suki slowly pressed her body against Elizabeth’s. The feeling was electric. Suki felt their breasts pressing together. Farther down, their pubic triangles rubbed against each other, Suki’s trim bush and Elizabeth’s unwieldy pubic forest, even as their legs intertwined. Suki leaned forward and kissed Elizabeth. Elizabeth did not respond.

“You Eryaman Escort have to try. Try, for Michael!”

Elizabeth kissed her back, but without enthusiasm. Suki kissed Elizabeth feverishly, rubbing her heavy titties against Elizabeth’s smaller, rounder breasts. She grinded her vaginal lips sinuously against the older scientist. Ooooh…. That felt so good. Suki sensed… she sensed she would be able to climax with the help of her furry friend. But would Elizabeth?

“Elizabeth,” she said, between kisses. “I… I think I can do it. I can get there. Can you?”

Elizabeth shook her head. “No,” she whispered. “There’s no way.” She blinked rapidly. “Suki. If you can do it, if you can get off… do it.”

“No!” Suki cried, kissing her fiercely.

“Do it!” said Elizabeth. “At least one of us can avoid the isotope.”

“No,” said Suki, pressing her lips hard against Elizabeth. “We’re Survey Service officers. We don’t leave anyone behind!” As she worked on Elizabeth, she looked at her eyes. Every so often Elizabeth would look to her right. What was she looking at?

She was looking at Michael Taylor, staring at them with concern written all over his face, not twenty feet away.

And then Suki got an idea. A wild, desperate idea. “Close your eyes, Elizabeth.”


“Just do it!”

Elizabeth closed her eyes.

“Good, now keep them closed,” said Suki, in a commanding tone. “Now, I want you to imagine, with all your might, that I am Captain Taylor.”


“I am Taylor,” said Suki, pressing her lips against Elizabeth. “Remember your first time, with Captain Taylor?”

“Yes.” It had been in her tent, back in the virtual layer, when she had that thing on her back, pumping her full of sexual need. She had cried out for the soothing she so desperately needed. Taylor had stripped off his clothes, and the white robe she had worn, and then their warm bodies had pressed together.

Elizabeth felt Suki’s breasts rubbing against her. She tried to imagine that it was Taylor’s broad, muscular chest. She concentrated on the feeling of warmth.

Elizabeth felt Suki’s lips, pressing against her own, soft, feminine lips. But in her mind she thought of Taylor’s hard, firm lips. She remembered the arousal she had felt as he kissed her eagerly, hungrily, like a wild animal consuming its prey.

And then suddenly, it was Taylor on top of her. “Aaahh,” she gasped, as she felt an erotic jolt, all over her body.

“That’s it,” said Suki, in a low, whispery voice. “Think about Taylor. Only Taylor.” Her right hand snaked down to Elizabeth’s nether lips. First one and then two fingers snaked inside.

“No!” Elizabeth cried, reaching for her hand. But Suki pinned her down with her other hand, and continued to stroke Elizabeth.

“Keep your eyes closed!” Suki whispered fiercely. “Do you remember how it felt? The first time Taylor penetrated you?”

“Yesss,” said Elizabeth, her eyes still tightly closed.

Suki’s fingers were relentless. “Do you remember how good it felt to be used by a man?”

“Yes,” said Elizabeth, in a weepy voice. She remembered the first time he had broached her, how her lower lips had spread lovingly as he put himself into her. She had felt so impaled, so helpless, so taken.

“Imagine him thrusting inside of you now,” said Suki, working her hand furiously as her twin fingers moved in and out, in and out, like a pistoning organ.

“Yes,” Elizabeth whispered. In her mind Taylor was on top of her, grinning as he thrusted into her, more and more vigorously.

“Using you,” said the voice in Elizabeth’s ear. She felt the hot breath, and it excited her.

“Filling you.”

Elizabeth started to pant.

“Inseminating you.”

Elizabeth started to gasp. It was working! Suki worked her fingers more rapidly now, in, out, in out-

“So manly, so seductive,” Suki whispered. “He wants you, Elizabeth, you and only you. He wants you so badly-“

“Yes!” Elizabeth cried. It was like a dream come true.

“-you’re so womanly, so powerful, you have all the power as you make him come inside you-“

“Yes!” Elizabeth cried again, her face contorted in need as her eyes were tightly shut. She felt the fingers inside of her, Taylor was inside of her, twisting, thrusting, rubbing, stimulating-

“Ah!” she moaned, concentrating her mind, focusing it on one thought, and only one thought: Taylor plunging in and out, in and out….

“Faster Suki, faster,” she whispered, her eyes still closed, tight with shame. “Ahhh… just like that, just like that…. Yes! Yes! Just a little bit more, almost there, almost- Ah, ah, aaaaaaaaah!” Elizabeth cried out, her back arching tightly as her entire body stiffened, as she felt a wave of sexual pleasure explode outwards from her vagina. She had come!

After a long moment, Elizabeth opened her eyes and looked at Suki with uncertain Sincan Escort emotion. Elizabeth was not a lesbian… and yet, a woman had just made her climax! Could other women also do this for her? Was she on the road to becoming a lesbian, or at least bisexual? Amid her uncertainty, Elizabeth looked up at Suki’s sweaty face, at her heavy pear-shaped Asiatic breasts, and felt a new, uncertain connection to the young Japanese helmsman. “Thank… thank you,” she whispered.

Suki smiled.

“Did you….?”

“Not yet. Can you help me?”

Elizabeth nodded. “I’ll… I’ll try.” She found an unexpected reservoir of confidence. “What do you want me to do? Do you want me to help you think of Michael?”

“Not exactly.”


Suki Tanaka was not a lesbian.

Not exactly.

But during her time at Survey Service Academy, she had met an attractive fellow cadet named Janet Rosenberg. Janet was a year ahead of Suki, and three years older, and took Suki under her wing and guided her.

But soon their friendship changed into something else one night when the two were sitting in Suki, sharing secret confessions while sharing a bottle of World Government vodka.

“His name was Charles Wong,” said Suki, her head spinning. “And I can’t tell you any more about my first time, because I had gotten totally drunk, and kind of faded out during the best part! When I came to, Charles was grinning, his penis was bloody, and I felt sore on the inside. He looked down at me and grinned and asked how it was. I didn’t have the heart to tell him… it took several times before I really figured out what went where, and how it was all supposed to work.”

Janet laughed. She was wearing a tight white dress which accentuated her breasts, which, coincidentally, were pear shaped just like Suki’s. She had blonde hair and green eyes and a smile Suki found intoxicating.

“Now tell me about your first time,” said Suki.

Janet chuckled.

“What?” said Suki.

“I’ve never….”

“You’re a virgin?” said Suki disbelievingly.

“I didn’t say that,” said Janet. “I just said, I never been with a man before.”

She looked at Suki, and their eyes met for a long moment. And then Janet leaned forward, and they were kissing.

They had a torrid love affair for three months. It was wonderful. But then Janet graduated from the Academy, Suki met another cadet named Brian Jenkins, and she rediscovered her love for penis.

But she never forgot the good times she had with Janet….


“Faster, Elizabeth, faster,” Suki urged her partner.

Elizabeth’s hand was on Suki’s clit. She had never done this before. At least, she had never done it to another woman.

Suki had spread her nether lips with her own hands. Elizabeth could see the little pink head, like a tiny penis, peeking out of Suki’s clitoral hood. She had been hesitant to touch it, at first, but Suki, giving her a look of urgency, had put Elizabeth’s hands over it, and started to move it in a circle until Elizabeth kept going on her own.

“Focus on the tip, just the tip, just brush it with the edge of your fingers,” said Suki. Her head was back, her eyes closed, as she reveled in the sensation of Elizabeth stimulating the unprotected head of her clitoris, poking out of her clitoral hood. “Lightly, Elizabeth, lightly. It’s so sensitive.” She gave Elizabeth a dreamy smile which made her blush.

What was she doing? Elizabeth found herself sexually pleasuring another woman… while the rest of her crew watched. She couldn’t imagine what her fellow scientists were thinking. She couldn’t imagine what Taylor was thinking! Focus, she told herself, I have to focus!

Suki’s back arched, sending her nipples jutting up unexpectedly. “Ah, ah… that’s it, Elizabeth. In a circle, just like that. Now keep teasing the tip, focus on the tip, no, like this.”

Suki took one hand and used it again to guide Elizabeth’s fingers, to show her how to expertly pleasure another woman. As she did so, Elizabeth found herself looking into Suki’s dark eyes.

“Is… is this what you want?” Elizabeth asked uncertainly. She had never done this with another woman; never dreamed of doing this with another woman.

“What I want? Oh, dear Elizabeth, this is what I need!” Suki’s back arched suddenly again, and she gasped. “Ah.. ah.. ah.. that’s it, Elizabeth! Oh, you’ve got the pattern! You’ve cracked the code, dear,” said Suki. She smiled at Elizabeth, even as her face contorted in pain and need. “Ah, I’m getting close, Elizabeth! Elizabeth dear, I’m almost there!”

“Are you?” said Elizabeth uncertainly, looking at her heaving breasts. Farther down, her vaginal slit was turning into perspiration soup.

“Yes,” Suki said, giving an uninhibited smile. She gasped again, and gently rubbed Elizabeth’s arm even as Elizabeth continued to masturbate her. “You’re so pretty… you’re Etlik Escort such a pretty woman,” Suki whispered.

“I… I am?” said Elizabeth uncertainly.

“Yes,” said Suki, with pure lust in her eyes. “I can understand why Taylor likes you. Using you. Being inside you.” Something about the intensity of her eyes caused Elizabeth to shift uncomfortably.

And yet, her discomfort was paired with increasing arousal. Elizabeth, despite herself, felt increasingly excited. The look of urgency on Suki’s sweaty face, her sweaty heavy titties, and the mushy wetness between her slick red labial lips caused an undeniable tingling between Elizabeth’s legs. What was she becoming?

“Elizabeth, ah, ah, ah, I’m almost there… kiss me, Elizabeth, kiss me hard!”

Even as she rubbed Suki’s clit, Elizabeth reached down and kissed Suki on the lips. But it was not a brief peck; it was the kiss of two women strongly, fervently, in love with each other. As Elizabeth grinded her lips against the Japanese helmsman’s, she felt the young woman’s breasts pressed against hers.


Suki’s body buckled, once, twice, and then thrice, like there was an earthquake that only she was experiencing. She cried out something shrill in Japanese, and then lay absolutely still, collapsing back on the bed.

Elizabeth looked down at her female partner. For a long moment Suki was silent. Then her face slowly formed a shit eating grin and she looked up at Elizabeth with wonder and amazement. “That was so good,” she whispered.

“Yes, it was,” said a new voice.

They both sat upright as they felt Jennifer’s attention on them. Her eyes were gleaming. “I felt that from here, Suki.”

Suki blushed from head to toe.

“We all did,” said Jennifer, smiling at her discomfort. She turned her hard gaze to Elizabeth. “Elizabeth, you did a fine job, but Suki, your need, your urgent need, was stronger than almost any motivation we have ever felt before. Come closer, dear.”

Suki stood up, her nude body trembling, but she did not approach Jennifer. She looked so incredibly vulnerable and beautiful, with her breasts hanging down over her chest, and her pubis gleaming with sweat, her inner lips stretched wide.

Jennifer walked over to her instead. “You have exceeded our expectations,” she said. She looked at the trembling woman for a moment, and then she leaned forward and kissed Suki on the lips.

Suki struggled against her, but Jennifer grabbed her face and held her firmly with her hands. Suki resigned and gave into it, kissing Jennifer back with passion. For a long moment the women embraced, their lips locked in love.

And then, Jennifer pulled back. Suki wiped her lips and started to blink uncertainly.

“Suki, are you all right?” Taylor asked worriedly.

“Yes, I… I think so, Captain,” said Suki. She suddenly coughed. “My throat… I just feel a little burning.”

Taylor looked at Jennifer in horror. Jennifer gave him a knowing smile.

“Captain!” Suki cried. “Something is happening to me!” Her body started to tremble. And then it shuddered. Steam came out of it. And then Suki’s body began to change. It became silver colored, and scaly; and her legs turned into tentacles, and her face-

“Captain!” she cried, looking straight at him, as her face melted, and was replaced by a single, unblinking, giant eye.

Suki had been transformed into a United squid.

“Why did you do that?” Taylor yelled. “She did everything you asked! You promised she wouldn’t be harmed!”

“She isn’t harmed,” said Jennifer. “Suki, reassure Captain Taylor. Tell him you are fine.”

The giant squid in front of him suddenly changed back into Suki, wearing her Survey Service uniform. “Everything is fine, Captain Taylor.”

Taylor stared at her, completely horrified. However she looked, he knew this was no longer his navigator.

“They both did what you asked,” said Taylor, with pain and distress written all over his face.

“Yes. They did,” said Jennifer smugly. “They did so well, in fact, that we decided to bring Suki’s genetic diversity into the Hive. Her passion, her lust… we all need to feel it. When Suki joins with us, in our grouping, we will all get to sample her modified DNA.”

And then, in a flash, she was gone. And so was Suki.

Elizabeth flew into Taylor’s arms. She was sobbing and trembling like a leaf. The horror of what had happened to Suki terrified her. It could have just as easily have happened to her. “Hold me, Michael! Hold me tight!” she cried.

Taylor consoled the sobbing woman as best he could. Elizabeth was so terrified that she seemed to have forgotten that she was still nude.

Victor stepped forward and spoke quietly even as Taylor continued to console Elizabeth. “It seems, Michael, that we face terror at both ends; both by underperforming, and overperforming. At this rate, I imagine it won’t be long before all of us are given the isotope, for one reason or the other.”

Taylor felt Elizabeth trembling in his arms. “Victor, we have to find a way out of this. Do you have any ideas?”

“It’s harder than it was with the Ascended,” said Victor. “These beings don’t even have a vestige of humanity left in them. They are totally without emotional anchors. Like robots, almost.”

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