Julie’s Pantyhose Sex Ch. 10


I watched the gateaux slide off the plate. Then I felt it, cold and squishy.

“Oh god!” I gasped in shock.

I looked him in the eye as I panted feeling the cold, sticky mess roll down my pussy. I swallowed hard as he smiled. He put the plate down still holding my clothes away from my body. Then he grinned and just let go. The elastic waist band of my panties, tights, and very tight skirt snapped back into place. I panted sharply which made the white wedding veil billow away from my mouth. I could feel the soggy, cold mess hanging in the gusset of my pink panties. With my hands tied to the bar above my head I was powerless to do anything.

“How does that feel?” he asked.

“Fucking well horny that’s how it feels,” I answered panting.

Mike picked up the other plate. Oh my god my tits were going to get the same treatment now. Fuck I should have worn a bra. The thought of my bra cups full of cream, chocolate sponge, and cherries had me squirming. Just imagine all that cold gateaux trapped there, squashed against my breasts and nipples!

“What are doing?” I gasped helplessly.

I twisted round as far as my bound hands would allow me to, and then I felt him pull my skirt, tights, and panties away from my backside. The cold now spread quickly over my ass cheeks. Then the twang of my clothes snapping back into place squashed the gateaux firmly into my backside.

“Oh shit!” I groaned.

“Julie I do believe you’ve made a mess in your knickers. I think you should apologise, don’t you?”

I was panting from the cold, the sticky feeling, and the over all horny feeling around my cunt, and ass. My panties felt heavy and already the gateaux oozed down the inside of my tights at the top of my thighs.

“Well if you can’t say sorry then maybe this will help.”

He stood at my side and then I felt one hand on my ass the other on my fanny. He pressed both hands mashing the contents of my panties hard against my cunt and ass.

“Holy shit!” I gasped.

My metal stiletto heels scraped across the concrete floor as I shuddered. The mess in my panties oozed into every available corner and hollow. Mike locked hands under my crotch then lifted. His face had a straight and serious look on it. He forced my tights, and panties hard into my crotch, and I actually heard the squelch that the cold gateaux made. I was finding this feeling so strange but so fucking horny. I panted hard as he now stood in front of me. He showed me the palms of his hands. They were coated in gateaux that had been strained through my tights. I watched as he rubbed them into each breast.

“Look at your tits,” he hissed.

I could already feel the mess on them, but when I saw the mixture spread over each breast my cunt juiced up even more!

He dipped his hand into the front of my panties and pulled out a dollop of gooey mess. I watched him kneel at my feet. He spread the gateaux sakarya escort equally in both hands.

“Such pretty feet Julie,” he said suggestively.

“Oh do it, do it you bastard!” I screeched.

“All over your sexy white tights?” he asked.

I nodded.

“Just fucking well do it will you!”

My legs shook and I grunted. I watched through the mesh of the veil that now stuck to my breasts with gateaux.

“OH!” I whimpered.

The feel and sight of his hands rubbing into my white nylon covered feet had me coming hard. I watched my feet turn brown and red as he worked the sweet over them. He stood up and then pushed a finger into my mouth. It took the veil in with it, and as I shuddered continuing my climax I sucked his finger. He kept working his digit in and out, it forced my veil to my face and away again, time after time, until I had sucked his finger until it was clean.

“I’d better finish your car,” he whispered.

I was left there for the next 20 minutes. The gateaux had trailed down to mid thigh trapped in my pantyhose. I saw the stain on my veil even that looked so sexy. The feeling between my ass cheeks right into the crack, and my sticky pussy was amazing. How the fuck I was going to start to clean up was beyond me at that time. Now and then he would look at me. He would walk passed to get something; every time he did I felt a greasy hand on my ass, tits, or fanny.

At one point he went into the kitchen. When he came back he clamped two close pegs to each of my nipples!

“Fuck that hurts!” I panted.

“Yeah but it looks so sexy,” he said with a chuckle.

God he was tormenting me. The pegs had trapped my veil to my nipples, and I soon learned to keep my head still, as every movement tugged the veil which pulled on my nipples!

I was astonished that he hadn’t jumped me. I mean I must have been the sexiest woman he was ever likely to have. There I stood strung up, covered all over in oil, grease, and gateaux, this was his fantasy, and all he could do was piss about with my bloody car! Time was getting on too. I needed to be in control when zero hour was here.

“Fuck me,” I pleaded.

He didn’t answer, he didn’t even look up. My arms were aching now and the mess between my legs was starting to get annoying. I shuffled my legs trying to get comfortable. All this achieved was slopping the gateaux around my ass and pussy.

Finally he looked at me. He came over and just pulled the pegs off my aching nipples, and then he cut me down. I rubbed my wrist taking the chance to look at my watch. Shit Lin was due 5 minutes ago.

“Are you going to fuck me then?” I asked.

I pulled his overalls apart hearing the metal poppers spring open. I reached in pulling his cock out. I smiled.

“You’re hard for me then? Fuck me on the bonnet of my car,” I hissed through gritted samsun escort teeth.

I plunged my mouth on his forcing my tongue and my veil into his mouth. He grabbed my ass pulling me to him. The gateaux spread, forced over the cheeks of my ass. He mauled at my wet, sticky backside.

“Oh that feels so good,” I moaned.

We stumbled round the garage to the front of my car. He lifted my ass and plonked it on the bonnet.

“Oh Jesus!” I spat as the gateaux squelched everywhere.

I flicked my veil over my head. I stared into his eyes.

“Go on then do me. Do me hard,” I spat with passion.

He shoved my skirt up.

“You want it bitch!” he snapped.

“Yeah, if you’re man enough,” I taunted.

He gritted his teeth and ripped my tights and panties open in one swift movement. He used so much force I nearly ended up on the floor. I spread my legs like a whore.

“Look at the mess you made,” I spat.

I dragged my hand up through my fanny, and pushed it into my face. He watched in amazement as I smeared my dirty hand down over my left tit. I licked the dripping gateaux that hung from my lips.

“Well fuck me then,” I sneered.

He lunged forward grabbing my ankles and forcing them up over his shoulders.

“You fucking tart!” he snarled.

He ripped open my tights still further, and then he fumbled at my pussy with his dick, until he found his target through the mess.

There she was paying the taxi driver right on cue. I could see her poor smiling face through the small garage door window. In a few minutes that smile would drop.

“Harder baby, do me harder!”

Mike was ramming into me, and I knew he was so into fucking me, that I could keep him from noticing his wife for a while, unless of course she cried out. Lin wasn’t that sort, she would burst into tears at the sight of her husband buried between my legs.

I waited. I couldn’t see her now. I tried to predict when she would pass the window.

“Oh Mike harder!” I screamed.

There she was her poor, pathetic face at the window. I just stared straight into her eyes through the dirty window.

“Am I a better fuck than Lin?” I spat loud enough for her to hear.

“Yeah!” he groaned.

I watched her hand go to her mouth.

“You’d rather fuck me than her wouldn’t you Mike!” I hissed looking straight at her.

“Fuck yes, yes, yes, yes,” He gasped near to coming.

I smiled at Lin as she turned away.

Serve you right you fucking bitch, I said in my head.

He jabbed harder and harder and I soon felt my legs tremble. I had a very intense orgasm, as I kept picturing Lin’s sad little shocked face. I mean it was quite odd. I couldn’t get her out of my head. Mike panted and gasped as he unloaded into me. With the short jabbing some men seem to deliver now and then. I could never work this şanlıurfa escort one out. It was like they wanted to hurt you, or prove they could get further up you than anyone else had before. Still, the end result was the same, panting hard, and stumbling around like he had just run some marathon for me. I mean, am I supposed to swoon and tell him how wonderful he was? OK it was quite good and a little different, but now just look at the fucking state I was in! I slipped off the bonnet and didn’t really have a clue where to start cleaning up.

“God you still look sexy,” he grinned.

“Fuck off I’m a right mess!” I snapped.

I began to strip everything off, and there he was peeling off his overalls. I just stood with my mouth open as he stripped down to his pants.

“Holy shit what the hell are you doing?” I shrieked.

I rushed to the back of my car and crouched down. He had pushed the garage door open about two feet. I watched him stick his head out and look left and right.

“I can’t see anyone,”

“Shut the door now for fuck sake!” I squeaked.

I watched him disappear outside.

“What are you doing now?” I hissed.

He slipped back in sliding the door shut.

“See I knew I had clean overalls in the boot of my car,” he said pulling them on.

“Oh bully for you. Now what the hell do we do about me and my car?”

“Well your cars done. Oh I see what you mean.”

I watched in disbelief as he picked up a rag from the box, and then began to wipe the gateaux off the bonnet.

“All clean now,” he said with a smile at my car.

“No me!” I growled.

He looked me up and down taking his time over it.

“I reckon you need a bath sexy,” he said with a smile.

My eyes looked to the heavens.

“See you soon,” he said with a wink.

So there I stood covered in everything. Now a word of warning to those of you planning to do something similar to this, make sure you know how you are going to clean up. Me I just stripped off everything and wiped my shoes then got to the shower. Needless to say my clothes went straight into the bin, well apart from the shoes; they were too sexy to throw out. So that was Lin taken care of. She obviously blabbed to Jenny and that bitch was soon on the phone. She called me all sorts of names but I wouldn’t be drawn into a verbal fight. She would get hers alright but when I was ready. I was sure it was Jenny who told mum about Lin finding me with her husband. Still I knew a few sacrifices would have to be made, but I didn’t count on losing my inheritance. I tried to rope Clive into helping me get back in mum’s good books, and to be fair he tried. It was a few weeks later he suggested I should go and stay with my uncle. Oh Christmas in London, nice!

So back to Barry, he had the money, and the extra he told me. We arranged the night a week before Christmas when trout face was on her works do. Now I didn’t mind doing this for Barry. I mean let’s face it; trout face would hardily give him the sex he likes, not even if she lived to be 100! I was the sexiest woman Barry was ever likely to be with, and I was going to make his night so wonderful, he would regret divorcing me for the rest of his fucking life!