June Ch. 04

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Reading the previous chapters of JUNE first will get you up to date and help understand the following. Strong sexual content.


Lindsey, or Lin as she liked to be called, got into work at 7 am, her usual time. She worked for Dr. Jack in his ophthalmology clinic. She got the sheet with all the patient’s names that were going to be here today to have their eyes measured for new lens after their cataracts were removed. She pulled all of their records and took them to her work area. It was her own room with a desk, computer and machine that the patient and Lin looked into that was hooked to the computer. A type of laser light was directed into the eye and measured several areas of the pupil of the eye and the strength of the lens needed for the light to reach the retina for the patient to see properly.

She got the records sorted in the order that the patients would be in to see her. Right at 8 o’clock the receptionist brought a patient in. Lin went over the file to be sure everything was in it and double checked the medications the patient was on. She then adjusted the viewer to the proper angle and had the patient put their chin in the cup and their forehead on the top of the viewer. The pressure of their forehead activated the system and said that everything was lined up right. If the patient moved the wrong way the system stopped and Lin had to get them back into position. The first patient was very cooperative and went fast. Twenty minutes was allotted for each one and only about fifteen minutes were used. They said good bye to each other and Lin got the next file ready.

Lin put her hands on the wheel rim of her new wheelchair and lifted her rear to change positions. After letting herself back down she reached forward with her hands and felt for the ends of her new leg stumps. Today was the first day she had worn a skirt and it came just above her right stump. The right side was taken right through the knee joint with the knee cap and lower leg removed. She could feel the two boney prominences at the end of her femur through the skin. They were the part that had mated up with her knee joint on the other end. She had told Dr. Edna that she was never going to use prosthetic legs so no muscle tissue or anything else was used to pad the end of the bones.

Her left leg ended half way to where her ankle had been. Over half of the calf and thigh muscles had been removed to reduce the size of what was left. It looked a lot like the old “Long Jeanne Silver” porn star, thin and boney. She also did not have full muscle control over that leg and stump and had to use her hands to move it around. Her stumps were only about 4 months old but the scar on both of the ends barely showed. On both stumps the flap of skin had been folded from front to back so that just smooth skin showed at the end. Excess skin had been carefully trimmed so that they were round and flat. The area along the scar produced a tingly feeling when she touched it as the nerves in the skin had been cut either leaving no or faint feeling. Her door was open and that was the signal to the receptionist that she was ready for the next patient.

At 10 am she took a break and had lunch at noon when the office was closed. She ate lunch with Wendy who was her mentor, boss good friend and lover. Wendy asked her how it felt to be back to work and Lin said great especially with her new body. They grinned at each other. Wendy asked if she liked the results and were they what she thought they would be. Lin said the results were better than she thought they would be. Dr. Edna was fantastic. She had removed Wendy’s right leg about 5 years ago along with most of the other amputee people that worked for Dr. Jack including both of his at the hips. Almost all of them were some kind of amputee or even double amputees like Lin.

Wendy asked Lin if she wanted to get together this weekend and Lin said that would be great. They had not been together since just before Lin’s surgery. Everyone got back to work and was ready for their 1 pm patients. Lin worked through hers and about 2 the receptionist brought her last patient. Lin was surprised as he seemed to be about her age and in a wheelchair. For some reason he had developed severe cataracts and was going to have them removed. His exam went fast and they had time to talk after they were done. He explained he had a spinal tumor when he was 5 and the surgery had left him a paraplegic. Even though his legs were totally paralyzed from his waist down he still had some feeling down to his mid thigh.

Lin pushed her wheelchair back to her desk about that time and Keith saw for the first time she was also in a wheelchair. He was surprised and asked what her problem was and she just answered that she had problems with her legs. He could not see the “problem” though. The back on her chair was very low and did not have push handles on them so almost all of her patients had no idea she was in a wheelchair. Lin used the phone to call the front desk to be sure she did not have any more patients then moved back to the table Keith was at. They chatted some more bursa escort bayan then Keith asked if he could call her at home. Lin hesitated for a few seconds then gave him her number.

After Keith left she went through her computer files getting all the stuff in order then sent the file to the lens manufacturer who would make the lens. She was done at 5:30 and said good night to everyone and left for the day. The employees had their own underground parking area and most of them were handicap spots. Lin liked driving a car as she enjoyed having to transfer to the driver’s seat then take her wheelchair apart and put it on the passenger seat. She used hand controls to drive with. She got to her apartment and headed to her bedroom. Like most wheelchair users she found it easier to transfer to the bed to dress and undress. She undressed and got back in her wheelchair and into the bathroom.

Lin was a 22 year old small woman, before her surgery she only weighed 98 pounds and was barely 5 feet tall. She was dark completed and had short brown hair. Her breasts were a 34 D but on her small frame looked like they were much larger. They were very firm and rode high on her chest. Here nipples were very large and distended. She always wore a bra at work but got rid of it as soon as she got home. She had not found someplace to live that was fully accessible yet but since she was so small her wheelchair was not that large so she had no trouble getting through normal doors. She had room by the bathtub to pull her chair alongside and move over to a bench in the tub.

Lin Transferred to the bench and pulled the curtain shut, adjusted the water temp and wet herself down. She washed good and then dried off getting back on a towel on the seat of her wheelchair. She finished drying and slipped a tank top on. She fixed something to eat then turned her computer on to check her mail. As she was sitting there her hand was rubbing her stumps. She could not believe she was now an amputee, something she had dreamed about for a long time. She was also a devotee attracted to any type of disability and considered herself bi-sexual even though her only real sexual experiences had been with other females.

She was saving her first true intercourse for some type of disabled man now that she was an amputee. She had been using sex toys and tampons for a while so did not have an intact hymen anymore. With her legs all healed she was anxious to find that special male. She wondered about Keith and could he function sexually. Being a paraplegic made her doubtful. She looked at one of the disabled dating sites but did not see anything interesting that was in her local area. She would talk to Wendy and see if she had any ideas when they got together. Lin had just transferred into bed when the phone rang and it was Keith. They talked about themselves some more but Lin still did not tell him she was an amputee.

Keith asked her out Wednesday night for dinner and Lin accepted. They decided for the first time they would just meet after work and see what happened. They talked a few more minutes then said good night. It was getting late and Lin had to get up early in the morning so she turned the light off and went to sleep.

Tuesday and Wednesday went fast and Lin had brought a change of clothing so she could get out of her white uniform. She changed in the bathroom and had worn a more flimsy bra this morning. All of the straps were thin and the cups were on the small side. The blouse she put on was slightly translucent so the outline could be seen. The skirt was on the short side and a good bit of her right AK stump could be seen. She had a white thong on.

The restaurant was closer to her work so she got there first and did not see Keith. She went ahead and got a table for them and told the hostess that the person she was meeting was in a wheelchair also and she took the chair away. She saw Keith come in a few minutes later and he saw her so he headed to her table. Lin pulled out from under the table so that Keith could see her head on as he got close. His jaw dropped then he got a big smile as he saw her amputated leg stumps. He pulled alongside of her and kissed her cheek. They got their chairs in position at the table and before anything could be said a server was there to welcome them and take the drink order.

Keith was finally able to talk and said what a sexy sight! Lin said thank you, I am glad you liked it. He said like it, I loved it! Lin responded you must be a devotee also and he answered you bet. He added you must be one also and then paused like the light just came on saying you had that done didn’t you. Lin just grinned at him. Keith said I hope you will let me have a closer look sometime and Lin said he sure could. The server was back and they ordered. After she left Keith said there is one thing I always tell the person I am out with up front…I can feel contact with my genitals but I cannot get hard. Nothing has worked.

Lin looked at him for a few seconds, smiled and thanked him for being honest and upfront about it. She said it did not matter bursa bayan escort and as I am sure you know there are other ways to enjoy sex. Keith said thank you for understanding. Their salads came and they changed the subject. Later in the conversation it came out that Keith was very nervous about the upcoming eye surgery. First he was worried about his sight and second about the surgery in general. Lin tried to put him at ease by telling him just what to expect. He asked if it was any problem that he was a paraplegic and Lin said none at all. She did not tell him but she was going to put a big note in his chart letting everyone know and to be sure he had help getting on to the table and that someone was keeping his legs from falling off.

She asked if he had a catheter in and he said no but he did use one every so often to be sure his bladder emptied good. She asked which eye was the worst and he said the right. Did the doctor know this and he said yes, it was going to be done the first time. She said you understand there is a two week period between surgeries and he said yes, the doctor had said that. Lin asked if he had any more questions and he said yes a very important one…when can I see you again. Lin laughed and said why don’t you come over Saturday for dinner. Keith said that sounded great what should he bring. She said nothing just come hungry. They decided since people were waiting to be seated they should get going and headed out to their cars.

It turned out they were parked right next to each other and Keith drove a van and the ramp opened right out to Lin’s front door. They pulled alongside each other again and this time it was Lin that leaned over to kiss Keith and she did so right on the lips. She said thanks for a great dinner. He said she was welcome and hesitated finally saying can I do one thing, I know it is probably bad manners but can I touch your left stump. Lin laughed and said it is not bad manners, we are both consenting, adult, devotees, go right ahead. He was on her left side anyway so he backed his chair up a little and reached down taking hold of the end of the stump. He lifted it up then moved his hand up to the knee and put his middle finger and thumb around the calf; the ends of the fingers met with room to spare and he tightened the ring slightly then slid up and down the leg stump to the tip a few times as if he were masturbating.

After several strokes, Linn shuddered in an orgasm. They were both surprised but did not say anything. Keith then cupped the end of the stump in his hand and looked at her seriously and said not even something as sexy as that made me hard. Lin said she was sorry but he should know it sure made her wet and kissed him again this time adding her tongue. He reached his hand up to her chest wall and the heel of his hand was sure on the side of her breast. He put the stump down and watched her closely as she transferred from her chair to the car seat then got on his ramp and up into his van. He waved good bye as the door closed and Lin backed out and headed home.

When she got home to her bedroom her thong was soaked and even the back of her skirt. She laughed to herself wondering if she was going to need to wear a pad around him. She got over on the bed and pulled her limp BK stump back to her breast. She spread the other one open and used her fingers to masturbate herself to a big orgasm. She decided she wanted some kind of a sexual relationship with Keith. Lin would study the internet and find out all she could about paraplegics and sex. She got back up into her wheelchair and into the bathroom. She rinsed her sopping pussy, peed and went back to bed.

Thursday was surgery day so Lin had a quiet morning. June came in to look at a chart as she had a patient of Dr. Jack’s to babysit this weekend as he was doing some of his special surgery. She had not seen Lin since her surgery and they wheeled together into Lin’s room and June looked her stumps over good. She said she loved how they looked! June commented that they should get together sometime as she really loved stumps. Lin said she would enjoy that very much. June said she would have to come over for dinner some time, her husband would love to see them also. Lin remembered he was a physical therapist and big amputee devotee. June said she would check and get a date set up where the three of them could have dinner then her husband be gone so they had some alone time.

After lunch the rush really started as all of the morning’s surgery patients came in for a check up to be sure everything was ok post op. She helped keep the paperwork straight since there might be as many as 35 patients in one afternoon. Everyone got through it and they all breathed a sigh of relief that another weeks work was over with. Now things started all over for the next week. Lin got done at a little after 5 and headed home. She stopped and picked up a pizza since she was tired from a busy week. She got home and ate it while it was hot. She then hit the shower and got into bed.

She called Keith to see bursa merkez escort how his day had gone. He said he was glad to hear from her and looking forward to being with her on Saturday. Lin thought to tell him that her place was not fully accessible and would that be any problem. She explained the bathroom and he said he should be ok but always had a cath kit with him just in case. She told him to dress as casual as he wanted and told him where to park and the outer door code so he did not have to fool around. Lin told him he was the first date she had been on since her amputations. Keith said it seems you really like being an amputee. Lin said it was the best thing that ever happened to her. She was not sure why she wanted to be one, just that she was glad she was now.

Lin asked him how he felt about being a paraplegic. Keith said it was all he had really known so it was not that bad. As a teen he started noticing other disabled people and that was when he became a devotee. His only main regret was not being able to function sexually. Lin asked him if he had really been with any women and tried and he said no, what was the use, I can’t even get hard to masturbate. Lin let the subject drop for now. She also told him how good his hands felt on her stump Wednesday and that he was the first man to play with it like that. He said he would like to do it some more and Lin said so did she. They talked a while longer then said good night.

Saturday came and Lin got up and did some house work. When she was done she got in the shower and washed herself good and shaved her leg stumps all the way up. She had very light colored pussy hair and it was sparse. She had never shaved it but thought about it. She put a short, cut off jeans skirt on and even pulled it up some more showing a lot of her leg stumps. A tight t-shirt with no bra or panties was added. She put some rubbers in the bag on the back of her chair just in case. Since part of the muscle and fat had been removed from her left stump, in both the thigh and calf area, there was a gap between her legs when she sat in her wheelchair. She looked down and wondered if her pussy showed. She grinned hopping it did.

The door bell rang and Lin wheeled to it. She looked through the peep hole just to be sure and saw Keith. She opened the door and backed up so he could get in and by her. They laughed at each other as he had short, cut off jeans and a t-shirt on. Lin could see the outline of his balls in the crotch so she knew he did not have any underwear on. They got along side each other and kissed. Lin showed him around and they went into the living room where she had some music going. Keith said she looked sexy as hell and he could not decide what turned him on the most. Lin lifted her right leg stump that ended at her knee joint and he said now I do and reached out for it. They were sitting side by side facing each other and he ran his hand around the smooth tip feeling where the upper knee joint ended through the skin. Lin had her hand on his very thin, atrophied thigh.

She asked if he could feel that and he said just barley, move your hand up a little and I can feel it fine. She did and that put her hand just next to his balls. They were both looking down where her hand was then lifted their eyes up to each other. She then stuck just her index finger out and pushed out into his balls. Just a few seconds later, Keith’s finger touched Lin’s labia. They got smiles of approval from each other and nodded their heads in enjoyment. A few minutes later Keith quietly asked Lin how far she wanted to go today. She said as far as we can; shall we go back to the bedroom now and Keith said good idea. They wheeled back and got alongside the bed. Lin undid the Velcro strap around his thighs and wheel supports and lifted his unfeeling, paralyzed lower legs and removed the moccasins he had on. The strap kept his feet and legs from bouncing off the foot rest.

She told him to lift his butt and she pulled his shorts down. Keith pulled his t-shirt off and was sitting in his wheelchair naked. Lin lifted her butt and he pulled her skirt off and then he lifted her t-shirt off. Lin told him that other than the doctors and nurses he was the first person to see her new body. She asked if he needed any help getting on to the bed and he said no and proceeded to transfer. He moved his butt first then used his hands to pull his paralyzed legs up on to the bed and with some difficulty moved to the middle. Lin got on the bed and moved along side of him. He turned onto his side and took hold of one of her breasts that stood up from her chest. It had a funnel shape with the large nipple sticking up at the top. As he felt it he put his mouth over the nipple and sucked.

His hand could feel the saline inserts under the breast tissue. Lin was thrilled that she could feel his mouth and lips on the nipple. She had gone from barley an A cup to the 34 D she now was with the doctor adding saline to the bags each week. She was done with that and loved her new looks. Keith came up for air and she asked him how he liked them and he said they were fantastic! Lin liked how they stayed firmly in place and did not fall off to the side. She could just barely see the thin scar around the outside of her areola where the surgeon had made the incision. He had warned her that doing it there might affect the feeling in the nipple but it was ok she had found.

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