Just a Normal Day


Ever have a day when all you want to do is be naughty? Just find someone and go to it? I think we all wish for this at times but few of us actually seek it out.

This story is about one time when I did.

I went online to one of those sites we all pretend we never go to but we know we do. Those sites where you type in the zip code and all of a sudden a list of guys that are online pop up. You just pick someone and then you are off to the races so to speak.

This happened to be a Saturday and my children were gone off for the weekend. I had gotten up and showered, done my hair and makeup. I had taken the time to have everything shaved and lotion all over prior to logging in. I chose a very sexy piece of lingerie to put on so if I flicked that button for the webcam you would see black satin.

I logged in and just let my fingers do their thing. Scrolled down the list and finally clicked on you.

You seemed shy but responded with correct words and seemed polite.

I was not one Tekirdağ Escort bit shy and just put it out there that I needed a man to enjoy me that day.

You acted ready, willing and able.

So my address was the next thing in the message.

You responded by telling me you would be there in 15 minutes.

I told you the door would be unlocked and come up the stairs to the left. I would be waiting for you.

I logged off and went to check myself in the mirror one more time. Then to my bed I went to wait.

I heard the door open in under 10 minutes. This caused me to chuckle.

I heard you coming up the stairs and then there you were in my room with a question on your face. I guess you wondered if this would be real. Well, it was going to be your lucky day!

I asked you to undress while I opened up my top and brought out my left breast for you to see.

I could tell your cock was getting excited.

You told me that you had never had anything like this before and Tekirdağ Escort Bayan might be nervous.

I told you to relax and allow me to do what I so enjoy.

You were undressed quickly and then walking towards me.

I opened up my arms and welcomed you in to me.

I brought your mouth down to mine and we shared our first kiss of the day.

My hand moved down to your cock where my fingers caressed your long, hard shaft.

It was a pleasure to know that he was willing.

I allowed you to run your hands over my breast and to become accustomed to their weight and size.

Then I lay back so your mouth could reach them.

You didn’t fail me with the licking and tweaking of my nipples.

I could feel my wetness in-between my legs begin to build.

I took your index finger and licked it, then moved it down to my prize.

You took the incentive to find that mound of pleasure and rub it.

I could see in your eyes you weren’t expecting it Escort Tekirdağ to give me so much pleasure.

I parted my legs and moaned, pushing your shoulders to move your body down.

You eagerly went and soon you were lapping up my juice like a kitten with milk.

I began thrashing and before I knew it, I was begging for you to just take me.

I wanted you inside my love canal and I so badly needed that hardness to fill me full.

You leaned up and with one simple thrust you filled me full.

We began to rock and back and forth.

There was kissing and sweet nothings being said.

I knew you were getting close and I asked for you to pull out.

I think you thought you had done something wrong, but not at all.

I simply wanted to taste you.

I wanted you to empty all of you in my mouth!

And how you did!

You grabbed my head and fucked my mouth like there wasn’t another time for you to do that ever again.

Once you were finished, we both collapsed and rested till it was simply time for you to leave.

I only saw you one more time and that was in McDonald’s off all places!

Once you saw me, I saw your eyes grow large!

At least I know you remember just like I do.