Just A Walk In The Park

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My Sue, was gorgeous. Pretty face, nice-sized breasts with gorgeous nipples, and a round, firm ass, she turned men’s heads anywhere we went. I shared my fantasies with Sue, especially the one about watching her with other men, but she told me that, even though she wanted to make me happy, she didn’t know if she could. The best I could do was to get her to dress sexily when we went out to places like the pub or park. I told her it turned me on to see her turn other men on.

Once, we went for a walk to the Old Manor, or to be more precise, the woods in the grounds. This was a beautiful place, quiet and secluded. Sue, as usual when she went out, looked stunning. She wore a light, white silky top. This clung to her showing off her lovely breast to perfection. She also wore no bra underneath, and the effect was electric. Her nipples tantalised the silk. The very sexy short, but flowing red skirt, which danced in the breeze and followed the contours of her beautiful long legs. Sue, has got fantastic long shapely legs. Today, she wore sheer black stockings held with a matching black lacy knickers and suspender set. The red high heels she wore made her walk in a way that mesmerised the on looker. Her total effect was stunning. I could come just looking at her. She was out of this world.

As we entered the grounds, through the manor gates, we passed three men who were resting on the bench, chatting away among themselves. Sue, without any prompting, stopped and bent down in front of them, as if checking the heel of her shoe. The flowing skirt was blown high by the wind and the men just stared in fascinated amazement. They all had a beautiful view of her lovely long leg. The fantastic bare flesh above the stockings and the silky tight material of her knickers, that covered her beautiful shaped bottom. She was well aware of the effect she was having on them (and me), but if she didn’t, she was going to find out. As we rounded a curve in the walking path, all three men blocked our way.

The three men looked athletic, well groomed, and all had a distinctive look in their eyes. All three of them were staring at Sue, as if they were drinking in her sluttish beauty!

“Good day, folks, ” one of them said, his eyes wandering up and down Sue’s body. “Our car is in the car park and has a flat tyre. I wonder if we could ask you for the loan of your jack, and some help?” Sue, always kind and helpful, said, “Sure, our car is in the same lot. But it’s a long walk from here, and I’m already a little tired. Maybe Richard could go with you to fix your car, and then come back to meet me here?”

“Sure, but we wouldn’t want a pretty thing like you to be alone in the woods, here. It only takes one to show your husband altyazılı porno where our car is, and the other two of us will walk with you until he meets us at the private woods, OK?”

“Uh, well, ” Sue hesitated, blushing at the way all three men were undressing her with their eyes, “I guess that would be alright. Richard, OK with you?”

My mind was already racing with my hunch of what these guys were planeing. Instead of being jealous or protective, my instinct was to play along, and I had trouble concealing my stiffening cock. “Sure, but it’s a long walk, so I might be a while. “

“I’ll go with you, ” said one of the men. As he and I turned to walk away, I looked back to see that the other two men already had moved to each side of Sue to walk in the other direction. One moved his hand around her back. As she blushed and tried to flinch away, the other grabbed her arm and pushed her into the trees.

“Look, I know what you guys are up to” I said to my companion. “What you don’t know is it turns me on to think about it, so why don’t you go back and join in. I won’t make any trouble, and I’ll give you plenty of time. Just don’t hurt her, that’s all. ” Surprised by my openness, the man didn’t say a word, but as he looked at my hard-on plainly outlined, he fondled himself, smiled, and turned to walk quickly back to join the other two lecherous, horny men and my innocent Sue. I waited about five minutes, long after the guy was out of sight, and then I quietly crept through the brush toward the spot where Sue was pulled into the woods. I walked slowly, wriggling hrough the heavy brush, and suddenly found Sue’s top thrown under a bush. At the same time, I thought I heard a woman whining, as though trying to scream with her mouth closed. I came to a darkly shadowed area next to a stream, and saw movement ahead, a glimpse of black lacy panties.

As I crept from tree to bush to get closer, I could see my wife being held from behind by the big man, with one of his big hands covering her mouth. Her black lacy panties were halfway down her hips, as the other two men in front of her were fondling her full breasts and crotch.

“Oh, christ, ” I thought to myself, “they’re going to rape her!” I was torn between my instinct to protect her, and my overwhelming lust to watch my prim, little lover get fucked! “Well, ” I reasoned, “she’ll never know I was in on it, and I can be the comforting hero, later. ” This was my sex fantasy, coming true right before my eyes! I was far too turned on to interfere, and I crept as close as I could so that I could see everything. Hidden, I pulled my cock out and began stroking it, slowly.

Sue was trying to break free, but the big man behind her was too strong. The türkçe altyazılı porno other men had their cocks out, now, and were taking turns sucking on Sue’s tits and fingering her pussy hidden by her hairy bush. One said something in her ear, a threat perhaps, because suddenly Sue quit struggling. The big man behind her pulled her panties all the way down, bent her forward at the waist, and shoved his huge, heavily veined cock back and forth over her cunt slit. Another man was jacking his unusually fat cock while he fondled Sue’s dangling tits. The third man knelt in front of her to pull her face up to his and he tongue-kissed her mouth wetly.

Realising that this bent-over position was ideal for their plans, they moved Sue to a fallen tree, and pushed her down over it. Her nakedness, wet with the slimy lubricant from the big mans cock, was positioned waist-high. Her spread open legs revealed her pussy, which beyond her control, was now wet with her own slick juices. Her tits were pressed against the tree, but her nipples were showing and available. As another man knelt to tongue her mouth, Sue’s own body was beginning to betray her. Her dark nipples grew hard and she began to tremble.

No more foreplay for these guys. The big man walked up behind her using his eight inch hooded cock like a witching stick. As he felt the wetness of her pussy against his dick, he pulled the foreskin back to reveal a huge, plum shaped, purple cockhead. He grinned an evil smile as he humped forward, driving his cock suddenly into Sue’s cunt. Sue opened her mouth to suck in a rush of air at the feeling of this cock wedging into her cunt. But, instead of sucking air, she found a sticky, dick suddenly thrust into her mouth.

There was no escaping this, she knew, and to her horror, she began to feel a throbbing lust in her stomach. “This isn’t right, ” she thought, “rape is not to be enjoyed. ” But, beyond her control, her deeply hidden lust was taking over, making her helpless to resist. Sue’s pussy grew slicker with each stroke of the fat cock inside it, and she started to moan as the cock in her mouth pumped in and out, fucking her throat like a tight cunt. The third man was the first to come, probably by accident from jacking off too fast. He stiffened, moaned, and shot his hot cum onto Sue’s slender back. He grabbed one of her hands, and made her milk his cock to drain the last dangling threads of cum onto her arm. The other two men were in no hurry, however. With a wink, the big man suddenly pulled his hips back, pulling his cock from Sue’s slippery pussy. The head of his cock was so big; I thought I heard a “pop” when it stretched through her outer cunt lips.

The men traded places, the big man fucking hd altyazılı porno Sue’s mouth, and the other man pumping his dick in and out of her pussy. Sue was helpless to stop this ravaging seduction and helpless to control her rising passion. Even as the huge cock was nearly choking her and the other cock was thrusting in and out of her from behind, she began to cum. The double fucking went on and on, each man sweating and grunting, and Sue cumming again and again. Finally, as the big man pulled his cock from her mouth and shot his huge spurts of watery cum in her face, Sue slumped semi-conscious her orgasms too much for her. Unconscious or not, the third man didn’t miss a stroke as he stiffened against Sue’s upturned wet cunt. He crunched forward onto her back as his balls started to twitch and spasm. I knew he was flooding my lover’s pussy with his cum, even before I saw it start to leak out from the sides of his glistening cock. I was not prepared for what was to happen next.

Grinning, the shorter man pulled a Polaroid camera from his backpack. As the other two men stroked their cum soaked cocks into hardness, he directed them like a movie producer to take seconds with Sue’s unconscious body, still bent over the log. While one fucked her pussy, and the other her mouth, he would tell them to spread her ass cheeks or tilt her head just so, while he took picture after picture. As the men came again, he made sure that he got close-ups of their cum running down Sue’s cheeks and the
backs of her thighs. When he was out of film, he used his softening cock to rub the remaining his remaining cum over her ass and pussy.

As the men pulled on their clothes, the big man asked, “How is He ever going to find her?” Remembering my lustful admission, earlier, the short man said “I wouldn’t worry about that. I have a feeling he knows where to find her. ” Laughing, the three men strolled casually away, leaving my Sue still limp and face down. As I walked up to her and saw her dripping pussy, I was embarrassed at my reaction. I wanted to have sloppy fourths, fifths, whatever! She’d never know the difference, after all. “God, this is too fucking good to pass up, ” I thought as I slipped my hard-on into her dripping pussy. It only took me a few sloshing, foaming thrusts to cum.

Just as I finished dressing Sue, she began to awaken. As she remembered what had happened, she started to cry, especially when she remembered how her lust had changed a gang rape into a willing gangbang. “Oh, Richard, how can you ever love me after this?” she cried.

“Not too worry, darling, ” I said, comforting her and helping her walk back to the car. “After all, you couldn’t help it, and it won’t happen again. ” Remembering that the men had compromising pictures of Sue, however, I was pretty sure Sue was in for a repeat performance. What I didn’t know was when it could happen, nor that the men planeed to far surpass their first gang fuck of my beautiful sexy Sue.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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