Just Another Day Pt. 02

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“Eric, I have to tell you something,” mom said.


“I… uhm… that is… I…” she stammered.

I looked down at her. “What is it mom?”

“I… kinda… told your Aunt Sabrina about us.”

“What?” I asked, “You told Aunt Sabrina? What happened to ‘We can’t tell anybody about this’?”

“I know, I know,” she said, looking up at me apologetically. “I didn’t mean to, it was an accident.”

“How do you accidentally tell your sister that you’re fucking your son?” I asked, a little confused.

“Well it all started when I stopped by her place a couple of days ago. You know we try to get together a couple times a month to catch up. But since she lives halfway across the city and with me running the bakery, it’s not always easy or convenient. Anyway, I stopped by for a visit a couple of days ago, and we got to talking about relationships.”

I knew all about Aunt Sabrina’s last relationship. She met a guy named Earl that seemed to be perfect. And that was the problem, he was too good to be true. He turned out to be a con man named Lonnie, who ripped my aunt off for nearly five grand before she finally caught on. She wasn’t his only victim, but she was his last. Her police report, along with all the others, was enough for the police to finally track him down and arrest him (Earl was one of at least seven aliases he used to scam women). That happened around the same time I lost my job. Since then she hadn’t bothered trying to even so much as dip her toe back into the dating pool.

Prior to that she had met a guy (Henry) that cheated on her. So despite her being the one that pushed mom to start dating after the divorce, she wasn’t very trusting towards anyone with a penis.

So this is basically what mom told me.

For the last three months mom simply didn’t mention our new relationship to Aunt Sabrina who was still bitter over her relationship with Earl/Lonnie and was venting to mom about it.

“My dating life sucks sis,” Aunt Sabrina said to mom. “I mean there was Henry, and then Earl or Lonnie or whatever the fuck his name was. Are there any decent men left? I just want to find a decent, caring man.”

“I have.” mom said, realizing a second after the words were out of her mouth that she fucked up.

“You have? Why am I just hearing about this now? And when did you start dating again? I thought it was just you and Eric… oh my god… Susan, you’re not…” Aunt Sabrina stammered while staring wide eyed at my mother. “How could you? He’s your son for fucks sake!”

Aunt Sabrina could read mom like a book (they were sisters after all) and she could tell by the look on mom’s face that what she suspected was true.

“It’s not like I planned it… at least not at first. I came home and caught him masturbating, and well, you know it’s been a while since… oh what was his name?” mom racked her brain for the name of the last guy she’d slept with. “Chris? Carl? Charles? I can’t remember, I know it began with a C, anyway, it’s been a while since I’ve been with a man, and you know how much I love sex.”

“That’s an understatement,” Aunt Sabrina said, “You’d fuck anything with two legs and dick, but your son?”

“Will you let me finish?” mom said, “It’s been a while since I’d seen a flesh and blood dick. Up until now I’ve had to use my toys to get myself off, but when I saw Eric’s cock, even if it was just for a second, it got me excited. He avoided me until dinner was ready and I asked him if he was still embarrassed about getting caught, and made an offhand comment about how he’d ‘grown up’. I apologized for it later, saying I thought he didn’t need me anymore, but he assured me he does. But he felt he was being a burden to me, and I assured him that he wasn’t. That night before I went to bed, the image of him stroking his cock jumped back into my head and I got excited. I pulled out that nightgown that I bought for my honeymoon with fuckface, and decided to see if it still fit. It did, so I wanted to see if I still had what it took to get a man excited. I kept it on when I said goodnight to Eric, and it was blatantly obvious that he was staring at the girls. He definitely liked what he saw.”

“Well you did inherit the big tit gene from mom,” Aunt Sabrina said, looking down at her 36B’s.

“Anyway, when I saw his reaction, I knew I still had it, and before I went to bed I masturbated to one of the most intense orgasms I’ve ever had.”

“TMI, sis.” Aunt Sabrina said, smirking.

“You asked,” mom said, “Now, I admit I felt guilty afterwards, but at the same time, there was a part of me that didn’t. That part won out, so I formulated a plan to get him to fuck me. The next night when he came home I asked him to sit with me, and eventually got him to lay his head on my lap. I remember when he was little it would always make him sleepy, so I wanted to see if it still worked. It did, and as he slept he rolled onto his back and it was obvious he was hard. So I agreed with the little devil on my shoulder, and pulled his shorts down so I could see his cock. I wanted to touch it, but I thought I shouldn’t, like you said, I’m his mother. But that’s otele gelen gaziantep escort the thing, I AM his mother and my job is to take care of his needs. All of his needs. So I started stroking his cock, and of course that woke him up. Once he realized what was going on I convinced him to just enjoy it. I let him suck on my tits, and eventually I made him cum.”

Mom had admitted to me that getting me to sit with her and lay my head on her lap was mostly planned out. She had a backup plan (she never told me what it was) if that didn’t work.

Aunt Sabrina was squirming in her seat, and so was mom. As she recounted the story of how we both masturbated each other to orgasm and then fucked on the couch, they were both getting more and more turned on. While mom was remembering the events of that night, Aunt Sabrina was trying to visualize it.

“And my boy can fuck!” Mom said, “I hadn’t been fucked that good in a long time. It’s like his cock was made for my pussy. I can’t get enough of him, we’ve been fucking every day for the past three months. I know what we’re doing is wrong, but –“

“If you say ‘how can something so wrong feel so right?’ I’ll kill you.” Aunt Sabrina said.

“I was actually going to say I don’t care.” Mom said, “I love that boy more than anything else in the world, you know that. That’s why I fought so hard for sole custody of him in the divorce, ever since he was born my world has revolved around him. I would do anything for him. Including letting him fuck me. It goes both ways, if he wants to fuck, I’ll happily take his cock, and if I want him, he gives his mommy what she needs. I’ve fucked a lot of guys, but he’s the most considerate lover I’ve ever had. We share a bond that only a mother and son can. I only wish I had realized it sooner. I don’t care what anyone says, I love fucking my son. And I’m not going to stop.”

Aunt Sabrina went from being appalled to aroused. Listening to my mother talk about our sex life was turning her on. It was getting to mom too. She was having trouble controlling herself as well. Both of them were squirming uncontrollably now.

“How… how big is he?” Aunt Sabrina asked.

“You know, we never thought of measuring.” Mom said, “But if I had to guess, maybe 8, 8 1/2 inches. And it’s thick too. All I know is he fills me up every time. I’ve sucked his cock so many times, I’ve had him in my cunt, in my ass, I even let him tit fuck me. We’ve done just about everything. We’ve tried all sorts of positions. And his stamina! I can usually get him off twice, and we can go for well over an hour if we pace ourselves.”

At this point Aunt Sabrina had slid her hand inside her pants and was rubbing her clit, and wasn’t even trying to hide it. Mom’s pussy was also wet, and she unfastened her jeans and started masturbating as well.

“Does he… can he eat pussy?” Aunt Sabrina asked, and noticed that mom had started masturbating as well. She pushed her pants and panties down and was now openly masturbating in front of my mother. “Does he tease your pussy with his tongue? Does he nibble on your clit?”

“Oh my baby boy eats pussy like a fucking pro!” Mom said pulling her pants down as well.

It was at this point I was hard again and rolled mom over and started fucking her. She moaned in pleasure but somehow managed to keep telling me what happened.

“He’s just as talented with his tongue as he is with his cock,” Mom said.

Aunt Sabrina reached for mom, “God sis, you have a beautiful pussy, let me see your body.”

Mom and Aunt Sabrina stopped masturbating and helped each other get completely undressed.

“Oh my god,” Aunt Sabrina said when she saw mom’s tits, “I always knew they were big, but I never really thought about how they looked. How did you get so fucking lucky? All I have are these.”

Aunt Sabrina cupped her tits and frowned a bit comparing them to mom’s.

“You have nothing to be ashamed of sis,” Mom said. “Your tits are perfect, they fit your body perfectly.”

“But yours are so much nicer. And bigger.” Aunt Sabrina said, reaching forward to gently caress mom’s tits. Mom enjoyed the feel of Aunt Sabrina’s hands on her. She slowly reached out and started to fondle Aunt Sabrina’s chest.

I guess I should pause here to tell you about Aunt Sabrina. She’s mom’s younger sister by three years but looking at them you wouldn’t know they were related. Mom is a tall buxom redhead, while Sabrina is a short perky, athletic blonde. Mom took after her mother in looks and her father in height, while Sabrina was the exact opposite. She got her father’s looks, with blonde hair and blue eyes, but was short like her mother. For scale, I’m exactly six feet tall, mom is 5′ 9″, and Aunt Sabrina is only 5′ 4″. She was a cheerleader in both high school and college and after college became an aerobics instructor, so she always kept in shape, and was still teaching classes. Much like mom she didn’t look her age, at 47 she had the looks and body of a woman half her age.

Anyway, back to the story.

Aunt Sabrina ran her hands over gaziantep otele gelen escort her older sister’s body, “God sis, I never realized how gorgeous your body was.”

The last time mom and Aunt Sabrina had seen each other naked, mom was four and Sabrina was one when their mother would bathe them together. It was around that time mom was able to take baths by herself, so she didn’t have bathtime with her little sister anymore.

“You’re not so bad yourself.” mom said, running her hands over Aunt Sabrina’s body. “I have a confession to make. I’ve never been with a woman before.”

“Never?” Aunt Sabrina asked, “You never experimented? All the sex you’ve had, and you’ve never had pussy?”

“No, I was too busy fucking every guy I could get my hands on until I met Ken. I thought about it, I even fantasized about it, but I never tried it.” Mom admitted.

“Do you want to?” Aunt Sabrina asked, “I’ve been with a few girls, I could show you a few things.”

“Wait, weren’t you the one chastising me for fucking my son just a few minutes ago?” Mom asked.

“Yeah, I was,” Aunt Sabrina said, “But listening to you got me excited. You think I could just sit here and listen to you talk about fucking Eric without getting turned on? You’re not the only slut in the family, your baby sister knows a few things too.”

“I’m not a slut,” mom protested, “I’m a nympho. Get it right.”

Aunt Sabrina laughed, “Okay, fine. My point is I may not have fucked as many guys as you, but I’ve had my fair share men and a few women between my legs. Plus look at us, we’re naked, we were just openly masturbating in front of each other and now we’re feeling each other up. We’re both horny, my pussy is soaking wet, I can tell yours is too. So what’s stopping you? You’ve already fucked your son, so why not your baby sister?”

Mom bit her lip and looked at Aunt Sabrina again, “Well, like I said, I’ve thought about it…”

“And who better than me to have your first lesbian experience with?” Aunt Sabrina asked. “You know since you’re keeping it in the family. Plus, this is all your fault.”

Aunt Sabrina gently pushed mom back on the couch and kissed her, this of course was far from the sisterly kisses on the cheek they usually gave each other. This was a full on lip lock, with Aunt Sabrina’s tongue finding its way into mom’s mouth.

“Wait, wait, wait,” I said, interrupting the narrative and stopping what I was doing. “You and Aunt Sabrina? Holy shit, I think I’m about to cum right now!”

“Don’t you dare!” Mom said, clenching her pussy around my cock. “Keep fucking me or I won’t tell you the rest of the story.”

I resumed hammering my cock into my mother so I could hear about her first lesbian experience with her sister.

Aunt Sabrina was now laying on top of mom and both of them were getting more and more into their first romantic kiss. They fondled each other as they lay on the couch, acting more like two teenagers instead of two middle aged women. Finally Aunt Sabrina broke the kiss. She started kissing her way down along mom’s neck until she got down to mom’s delicious boobs.

“God sis, I still can’t get over how big they are,” Aunt Sabrina asked, “How big are you?”

“40DD.” Mom said, again with a certain amount of pride.

“And I’m the first woman to ever touch them,” Aunt Sabrina said, with a lusty smile on her face.

She then slowly snaked her tongue out and mom moaned in appreciation as Aunt Sabrina’s tongue touched her hard, sensitive nipple. Aunt Sabrina skillfully teased and sucked on mom’s nipple. According to mom, it was different from my technique. Not better, just different. Aunt Sabrina spent several minutes teasing both of mom’s massive mammaries. She finally started kissing her way down mom’s body until she finally arrived at the spot where her legs met.

“So beautiful,” Aunt Sabrina purred, “You know, I sometimes wondered what your cunt looked like. Now I know, and it’s beautiful.”

“Lick me sis,” mom moaned, “I want my baby sister to eat my fucking pussy.”

“I’ll get to that,” Aunt Sabrina said, “But first, I want to play with my new toy.”

Aunt Sabrina coaxed mom’s clit out of hiding and gently flicked the sensitive nub with a finger, making mom’s body jump and suck in her breath. Aunt Sabrina did it again to the same result.

“Stop teasing me Sabrina,” mom begged, “Eat my pussy. I can’t take it anymore.”

“Only if you make me a promise,” Aunt Sabrina said.

“Anything, just eat me!” mom pleaded.

“Promise me that I’m the only woman who gets to suck on this juicy pussy of yours. I don’t care if you let Eric lick you, but no other woman gets to taste you. Only me.” Aunt Sabrina said.

“I promise,” mom said, squirming in anticipation, “My cunt is only for you and Eric! Now please, I’m begging you Sabrina, lick my fucking pussy. Make me cum in that sweet mouth of yours.”

With that Aunt Sabrina dove face first into mom’s pussy.

“Her tongue felt like it was everywhere at once,” mom said as I continued to hammer my cock into that gaziantep otele gelen escort bayan same pussy, “I can’t describe it baby, but it was fucking amazing. She teased seemingly every inch of my cunt. And she seemed more into it than anyone… besides you that is. I was so turned on having another woman lick me for the first time, I came within just a few minutes.”

“Speaking of cumming…” I grunted and slammed my cock all the way into mom and started emptying my balls into her.

“Oh god Eric, yes,” she moaned as she felt my cock throb inside her and my cum fill her up, “Cum in mommy’s cunt! Yes baby, cum inside me. Fill me up you motherfucker!”

“Holy fuck, mom,” I groaned, “The thought of you and Aunt Sabrina going at it… I couldn’t hold back.”

“It’s okay, baby,” mom said, “I understand. I was so unbelievably turned on by having my little sister get me off.”

My cock was still hard so I stayed inside her, which we did sometimes. Sometimes when we could cuddle together, I’d slide my cock into mom but not fuck her. Sometimes just being inside her was enough.

“What happened next?” I asked.

“I tasted my first pussy.” Mom said, “I just tried to do what she did to me, what you do to me, and what I thought she might like. I followed her verbal cues, I licked her clit, I sucked on it, I fingered her, I played with her pussy lips, and eventually… she fucking SQUIRTED!”

“Aunt Sabrina’s a squirter?” I asked, incredulous. “I’ve never been with a woman who could squirt. I mean you come pretty damn close with those gushers you have, but I’ve never seen a full on squirt… not in real life anyway.”

“She squirted right in my fucking mouth!” Mom said, “She screamed so loud I thought the whole city could hear her. I was so shocked I pulled back and she came all over my face and tits. But it tasted so good. Once she was done she helped me clean up by licking her juices off of me, stopping every now and then to kiss me with a mouthful of her own juices. I was so turned on I nearly came again just watching her.”

“God I wish I could have been there to see that.” I said, trying to picture it in my head.

“There is one other thing.” Mom said. “One more promise I had to make.”

After Aunt Sabrina and mom had taken a shower together to clean up, they got dressed (well mom did) when Aunt Sabrina made her make another promise.

“Now obviously I’m not going to tell anyone about this,” Aunt Sabrina said, “But I want one more thing from you.”

“What else could I possibly give you?” Mom asked, “I already promised you you’ll be the only woman I’ll ever sleep with. What else is there?”

“Eric,” Aunt Sabrina said, “I want to fuck Eric. Don’t be selfish and keep him all to yourself. After all, we’re sisters and we’ve always shared everything. I want to fuck my nephew.”

“Is that all?” Mom asked, laughing, “Of course I’m going to share him with you. Do you really think, especially now, after what we just did that I’m gonna let you go any longer without dick? Stop by the house in a couple days when I’m at work, and you can have him all to yourself.”

“I get to fuck Aunt Sabrina?” I asked, flexing my cock inside mom. “I’ve always thought she was pretty hot.”

“Oh yeah baby, you get the fabulous Winters sisters all to yourself.” mom said, clenching her pussy in response to my cock flex. “She’ll be stopping by tomorrow. She’s probably going to try and blackmail you, threaten to tell your grandparents or something. But what she doesn’t know is I have plans of my own. I’m only going to give her an hour alone with you. Text me when she gets here, an hour after that I’ll show up…”

She flashed me a devilish smile.

“My first threesome and it will be with my smoking hot mom and aunt. I can’t wait.” I said, with a huge smile on my face.

“She also doesn’t know that you know. She trusted me not to tell you. She wanted it to be a surprise, so when she makes a move on you –“

“Don’t worry mom,” I said, flashing a devious smile of my own. “Aunt Sabrina’s not the only one who can play games.”

The next day I impatiently waited for Aunt Sabrina to show up. I was sitting in the living room watching TV, wearing just a pair of shorts. Eventually I heard Aunt Sabrina’s car pull into the driveway. I grabbed my phone and fired off a quick text to mom, “She’s here”.

“You know what to do.” Mom texted back.

A few seconds later I heard her key hit the lock. Aunt Sabrina had the keys to our place and we had the keys to hers, originally in case of emergency only, but were also used for the occasional “I was in the neighborhood” visits. I had a feeling Aunt Sabrina was going to play this off as one of those.

“Yo-hoo, anyone home?” I heard her ask as she let herself in.

“Hey, Aunt Sabrina,” I said, as she came into the living room, “Mom’s not here, she’s at the bakery.”

Due to the way the living room was set up, Aunt Sabrina had to circle around the couch to see me, that’s when she realized all I was wearing was my shorts. She paused for a moment, but quickly regained her composure. It took me a second to regain mine as well. She was wearing a form fitting tank top and shorts, instead of her usual jeans and t-shirt combo. It was also blatantly obvious that she was not wearing a bra. Much like I had noticed mom once puberty hit, I also noticed how my aunt’s athletic lifestyle had kept her body fit, trim and sexy. But she never went out of her way to show off exactly how fit, trim and sexy she was. At least not around me… until now.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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