Just Say ‘Thank You’ Ch. 3

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The following story is for the entertainment of ADULTS ONLY, and contains descriptions of explicit sex. If you are not an adult, or reading sex stories upset you, or you are offended by subjects of a sexual nature – do not read any further!

This story is for entertainment only. It contains adult oriented material. This is a work of fiction. The acts and characters contained within are figments of my imagination and have no basis in fact. I do not practice, advocate, condone or encourage acts portrayed here. The characters in the story are entirely fictional. You need to believe that all of the characters are over the age of eighteen.

This story may not be reproduced in any form for profit without the written permission of the author. This story may be freely distributed with this notice attached.

* * * * * *

The caller ID said it was Noni’s house calling. We had tentatively scheduled a rendezvous for that evening. With my daughter back at school and my wife out for a couple of hours, we’d have some time for another “lesson.” I wonder what excuse Noni gave her folks. I picked up the portable extension. I hoped it wasn’t Noni calling to cancel.


“Hi, Harvey, it’s Mort.”

It was Noni’s father.

“You know, Harvey, what you’re doing is illegal.”


How did he find out? Noni didn’t tell him, did she? How could he accuse me of having sex with his daughter and yet be so calm?

“You’re not setting a very good example for Noni.”


My pulse was racing. I looked outside for flashing lights, sure the police were on their way. Headlights came up the driveway. I wondered what prison food tasted like.

“Hey, I’m just teasing you. You know, I’d do it myself, if I had the equipment.”

“Excuse me?”

Mort would be fucking Noni but he has no penis? This was way too much information. I looked out the front door. Noni was coming up the walk. I let her in.

“Hang on, Mort, something is boiling over.”

I held the receiver to my chest. Mort must have heard my accelerated heartbeat. I opened the door.

“It’s your dad. Did you tell him what we’re doing?”

“Are you crazy? He’d kill both of us. I told him I was coming over to burn some CDs. Why?”

Illegal. Bad example. The equipment. Now it made sense.

“Uh, Mort, sorry for the interruption. Yeah, very funny. I’d cite you as an accessory before the fact. After all, some of the CDs I’m copying are yours.”

“I got you, didn’t I?”

“Yes, you sure did.”

More than you know.

“Well, Noni is here and I’ve got to get my equipment ready.”

I adjusted my penis in my pants. Noni gave me a funny look.

“I’ll talk to you later.”

“Yeah, maybe we can get together for dinner,” Mort offered.

“Yeah, sure, sometime. Well, bye.”

I hung up with a sigh of relief.

“What did my dad say?”

“That what we were doing was illegal and that I was setting a bad example.”

“Oh, wow. And you freaked?”

“Not until he said he’d do it himself if he had the equipment.”

“Oh gross! Fucking my own father! Too weird!”

“Oh, I don’t know. I’ve read that many dads have the fantasy of having sex with their daughters. I’ve often wondered how your dad walks around your house without a perpetual erection.”

“Thank you.”

Right response. Noni remembered her first lesson about compliments.

“Actually, I’ve never looked. Maybe I should Beylikdüzü escort pay more attention,” Noni continued.

I felt a pang of jealousy. It wasn’t like I had an exclusive with Noni. For all I knew, she went out and fucked the whole football team after our first lesson. There was at least her double date with Tracy.

“Do you? Have that fantasy?” Noni asked.

“About Lolly? No. I mean, I’ve never thought about it.”

That was a lie, but Noni didn’t need to know that.

“Well, we could try an experiment.”

“Oh, now who’s the instructor here?”

“Well, do you have something planned for this evening?”

Sure I did. I wanted to make love again to Noni. No pretense about it. But I couldn’t just say that.

“It’s just that, I mean, Lolly left some of her clothes here, right?” Noni continued.

“Yeah. So?”

“Well, I could dress up like Lolly. We’ve done that before, pretending we were sisters. I can fix my hair like hers, and you could pretend I’m her. What do you think?”

“It’s too kinky. I don’t think I should go there.”

I was half erect at the thought.

“I think it would be fun. Come on, it won’t hurt.”

The idea intrigued me, but I didn’t want Noni to know that.

“Oh, all right. You cooperated with my lesson, the least I can do is be flexible.”

“Oh no, I want you to be firm. Very firm.”

Noni handled my penis through my pants. She had become quite aggressive. I was determined not to lose control.

“Make yourself comfortable and I’ll be out soon.”

I started ripping the first CD. There was no chance that I’d finish all three that she had brought, unless that’s all I did while she visited. And that was unlikely.

“Hello, Daddy.”

Noni had picked an outfit that showed a lot. Skirt, tank sweater, white socks. The skirt looked too short, like it had been rolled up at the waist. And, since Noni was bigger than Lolly in several dimensions, the other pieces of the outfit were tighter and showed more. Noni’s hair was put back in a ponytail instead of hanging down loose. There was some passing resemblance to Lolly, but not a lot. I was somewhat relieved.

“Are we going to have a lesson, Daddy?”

“Yes, uh, Lolly. Sit down. We’re going to talk about boys.”

Noni sat down on the couch, skirt well above her knees, legs slightly spread.

“What about boys, Daddy?”

“They want to get between those beautiful legs of yours. Boys are shy about approaching girls. You shouldn’t make it harder for them.”

Bad choice of words. Noni jumped on it. Verbally, that is.

“I thought I was supposed to make it harder, Daddy. Real hard.”

Like I was.

“I mean, when a boy pays you a compliment, you shouldn’t turn it into an argument.”

“Like how, Daddy?”

“Well, if a boy says you have nice legs -“

“Do I have nice legs, Daddy?”

“Yes, Lolly, you have very nice legs.”

“Can you see my legs, Daddy? Here, let me show you all of my legs.”

With that, Noni pulled the skirt up, bunching it around her waist. It covered her crotch. I was very curious how dressed Noni was under the skirt.

“Lolly, you have very nice legs.”

“Sexy legs?”

“Yes, shapely sexy legs. Anyway, where was I? Oh yes, if a boy complements your legs, just say ÔThank you’.”

“Thank you, Daddy”

“That’s right. Perfect.”

“What if they complement other parts of my body Daddy? Like my tits? Do I still say Ôthank Beylikdüzü escort you’?”

“Yes, Lolly, whatever they complement.”

“Let’s practice. Tell me I have nice tits, Daddy.”

“You have nice tits, Lolly.”

“Here, let me take off my sweater. You can barely see my tits, Daddy.”

Noni leaned forward to pull her arms from the sleeves of Lolly’s sweater. Her large breasts pushed against the thin material of a tank top. Noni had removed her bra, excited nipples making points. And Noni was making points with me.

“There, now you can see them better.”

“Yes, they look quite lovely.”

“But they’re still covered up,” said Noni.

With a quick motion, Noni pulled the tank top over her head. She pushed her chest forward, nipples like headlights burning into my eyes.

“There, now you can compliment me.”

“Those are fabulous tits, Noni.”

“I’m Lolly. Daddy, are you having wicked thoughts about my friend Noni?”

“I apologize, Lolly, that was an unfortunate slip of the tongue.”

“Daddy, I know where I’d like you to slip your tongue.”

Noni slowly spread her legs. Her thin white panties were damp. She moved forward, sitting on the edge of the couch.

“Will the boys want to kiss me, Daddy?”

“Yes, Lolly, they will. Let’s try one, just for practice.”

I took Noni’s face in my hands and gently kissed her soft lips. When I went back for another, her lips parted and our tongues met, sending electricity through my entire body.

“You kiss very well, Lolly.”

“Will boys want to kiss me other places, Daddy?”

“Yes, Lolly.”

“Show me, Daddy. I want to learn.”

I dropped my face and kissed and suckled Noni’s nipples. Noni pressed my head tight against her breasts. If I was going to die from suffocation, I wanted it to be at Noni’s bosom.

“Taste me some more, Daddy.”

I dropped to my knees and scooted over to the couch. I rubbed and kissed her inner thighs before moving my face toward her pussy. Noni leaned back and raised up her pelvis, allowing me to pull her panties down to her ankles and off her feet. Now I had better access. I leaned in for my first good look at Noni’s pussy. It was red and inflamed, as if it had been irritated. I was concerned but stayed in role.

“Lolly, have you been playing with yourself?”

“Yes, Daddy. I’m so embarrassed. It feels good to play with myself. Did I do something wrong?”

I thought about Noni and Tracy’s hot dates. I wondered if some hot to trot kid had been here, putting his penis where mine belonged. I had to know what the cause of this irritation was.

“Noni, did you do something on your double date?”

“I’m Lolly, Daddy, not Noni.”

“Noni, I’m serious. I need to know the truth.”

“Gee, Mr. Marcus, don’t be mad at me.”

“I’m not mad, Noni. I’m concerned for your well-being. Tell me what happened on your date.”

“Oh, all right. Our dates parked, you know, out by the beach. I saw Tracy using your lesson real good with Billy. She made sure Billy ate her to orgasm before she gave him a blow job.”

I waited for Noni’s part of the story.

“Jack, my date, he was getting really frisky. He had his hands in my blouse and up my skirt before I knew it. His hand was doing all kinds of things in my panties. I think he even stuck his finger in me, and I wasn’t ready or anything. I don’t think he even kissed me. It was awful. I gave him a hand job, just so he wouldn’t be embarrassed Escort Beylikdüzü in front of his buddy.”

“Didn’t you want to do something more with Jack?”

“No, Mr. Marcus. You see, I knew that even if Jack was, like, really good, it wouldn’t have been as good as it was with you.”

Maybe it was lust and youthful expectations, but I’d never heard sweeter words.

“Oh, Noni, I was so jealous of you, going out with someone and doing sexual things. I want you all for myself.”

We kissed passionately, rubbing our hands up and down our partners’ bodies.

“Can you do something, you know, for my irritation?”

I dove in between her spread legs with my tongue as Noni wiggled and shook in response to my attention.

“Oh, Daddy, that tickles, but good.”

I didn’t mind that Noni was more comfortable in returning to the role-play. In some ways, it made things easier for both of us. I thrilled her with my tongue. Her clit got special attention. She muttered something unintelligible, bucking her crotch up at me. Her thigh muscles were tight.

“Oh, oh, oh oooh. Wow, that was intense!”

One orgasm delivered successfully.

“Oh, thank you Daddy. That was soo good. How are you doing, Daddy? Are you excited too?”

Eager hands flew to my belt and zipper. Released, my erection slapped the side of Noni’s face. Immediately it was in her talented mouth. I fucked her face as she took it deeper in her throat than the previous attempt. Noni lay back down and spread her legs.

She raised her head and simply said, “I’m ready for you, Daddy.”

I moved up between her legs and positioned myself at her opening. The combination of our oral sex activities provided the moisture and lubrication. I slid in slowly. This was making love, not just sex. She was still very tight. I went deeper slowly. I wanted to enjoy it all the way in.

At each inch of penetration, Noni said, “Thank you.”

When I was deep enough, I began to rock back and forth, slowly at first. Noni adopted the rhythm and tilted her hips at my thrusts. Soon we were fucking away like crazy. I held onto her breasts, pulling at her nipples. She instinctively moved her legs up mine, caressing the backs of my legs with her heels. When her heels reached my butt, she pulled hard, forcing my hips even closer. Finally she wrapped her legs around me. Every time I pulled back, she pulled me all the way in on each thrust.

ÔI love you, Lolly.”

“I love you too, Daddy.”

That would have to do, for now.

I don’t know how close she was to another orgasm but I couldn’t hold back any more. I pulled out. It was a struggle, breaking her leg lock. Noni reached up and grabbed my dick, stroking it for all she was worth. I shot sperm all up and down her chest, on her stomach and tits, the last drops leaking onto her pubic hair.

“Thank you,” I said, sitting down exhausted from our strenuous activity.

“You’re welcome, Daddy. You taste good,” she replied, taking samples of sperm on her fingers and sucking it off.

“You don’t taste too bad yourself.”

“You know, I think you did Tracy a lot of good. Maybe I should find you other students,” said Noni, dropping out of Lolly character.


“You know, for your lessons. I’m sure some of my other friends could use your help.”

“I’d just as soon save myself for only you,” I said, trying to make it sound romantic.

“Oh, Mr. Marcus, you’re so silly. If you can help somebody, then you should.”

How could I explain to Noni that I was doing this out of love? It wouldn’t be the same with anyone else. But I couldn’t and so I didn’t. With a flourish and no copied CDs, Noni dressed in her own clothes and left for home.

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