Just Some Innocent Fun

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The business trip had gone well for Peter and in the evening he decided to watch the the boxing on the big screen in the bar. He changed in his room, called his wife and then he went to the sports bar of his up-market hotel. He was lucky to get the last free table and spent a few minutes updating his records on his Blackberry before picking up the wine list.

“Hi, would you mind if I sat here? All the other tables are full.”

He looked up.

“Hell’s teeth, she’s something,” he thought. Her glossy black hair hung down in expensively coiffured ringlets to her shoulders, her smile was radiant, she was wearing a black dress with thin shoulder straps showing toned arms. It was figure hugging and modestly low cut. There was the hint of roundness of the top of her breasts on display, B – C sized he guessed, and her waist was tiny and her firm ass was tightly wrapped. Although her dress came down almost to her knees, it clung to her thighs and Peter could see they were lightly muscled and slim.

“Sure, but could you sit this side please,” he indicated the chair on his right.

Peter watched her walk around the table; she was tall, maybe 5’8 and from her elegant walk he thought she might be a model.

She sat down. “Why do you want me to sit here? Are you expecting someone?”

“No, I want to watch the fight.” He pointed the screen to his left. “You’d be a distraction.” He wondered why he was flirting.

It only took her only half a second to work out the compliment and she laughed and gave him a quick appraising glance. This gave Peter the chance to look at her face some more. She was truly beautiful: big dark brown eyes with long eyelashes, a slim nose with flared nostrils, elegantly strong cheekbones and a wide mouth with full red lips. Her complexion was immaculate and had a healthy glow.

Initially he had thought she was in her mid 20s because her appearance was so sophisticated. But there seemed to a youthful enthusiasm in her face and he guessed around 21. There seemed to be a mixture of refinement and an almost teenage innocence. She scrambled around in her handbag, pulled out her mobile phone and talked in hushed tones with an occasional giggle.

Peter ordered his half bottle of red wine which arrived before she had finished talking. When she did finish she picked up the wine list, gazed at it without much interest, shrugged, then looked at his glass.

“Is that one any good?”

“Why don’t you try it?” He passed her his glass.

“Mmmm, that’s not bad.”

Peter wondered whether he should offer her a glass from his bottle but she took away the decision by waving to a drinks waiter. “A glass of that one please.”

She took another small sip from his glass then passed it back to him and Peter was careful to make sure their fingers didn’t touch. He noticed her lipstick on the rim and also noticed a large gold bracelet on her wrist and an expensive diamond ring on a finger of her right hand. And a small diamond studded crucifix on a fine gold necklace.

A middle aged couple asked if the two other chairs were free. Peter nodded and they immediately turned turned their seats around with their backs to Peter to watch the big screen.

He felt a pat on his hand. “I don’t think he’ll be a distraction for you,” she whispered, looking at the overweight man on Peter’s left.

He turned and grinned at her and she grinned back. It seemed like she was here to stay for a while and wasn’t expecting friends.

“Hi, I’m Peter.”

“Hello Peter, I’m Sophia.”

“That’s an Italian name isn’t it?”

“Yes. Mum’s from Italy.”

“That figures,” he thought. There was definitely some Latin blood in her exotic beauty.

She picked up his Blackberry and looked at it. “This is cool. Just a rich man’s toy or do you know how to use it?”

Peter thought that was quite rude until he saw her twinkling challenge.

“Never managed to get past page 1 in the manual. I just leave it out to impress beautiful women but it doesn’t seem to work for that either.”

She giggled, “I bet you really know everything about it.” She passed it to him and there was a brief moment when their fingertips touched.

“What do you use it for? What do you do for an honest dollar, Peter?”

“I sell pension plans.”

“That sounds really boring.” That challenging smile again.

“Ah well, it does have some interesting days. . . . And boring years.”

She laughed again, showing her perfect white teeth. “I’m a student.”

“Studying what?”


This gave Peter the excuse to look at her more closely. She really was one of the most beautiful young women he had met. She was smiling at him in a questioning sort of way. This didn’t help him work out her subject but it certainly gave him some eye candy.

“I’ve no idea. Medicine maybe?”

“Not bad, quite close. Biology.”

“That sounds about as boring selling pension plans.”

Another of her engaging laughs. “Oh no, it has lots of fun times.”

The main event Büyükesat Escort had started and Peter watched the screen for a minute. He glanced around at Sophia and she was reading messages on her mobile.

“Not many girls like boxing,”

“Boxing’s disgusting.”

Peter refilled his glass and topped up Sophia’s and she gave him a smile of thanks. He thought as he sipped. “Expensive clothes and jewelry for a student. Must have rich parents or a rich boyfriend. Strange, a girl like her wanting to talk to someone my age. Still she’s fun and the fight isn’t great.”

“Are you staying in the hotel Peter?”

He found her easy to talk to and ignored the fight. She seemed interested in what he had to say, they enjoyed the same movies, she laughed at his jokes. And she was stunning. Sophia poured the last of the wine into his glass and looked at him inquiringly. He waved to the wine waiter for another half bottle and the conversation was even easier.

“Excuse me, I’ve got to go to the rest room.”

Peter’s eyes followed her, watching her ass wriggle in that tight dress. She really was exquisite, could easily be a model. He worried for a moment. Should he be sitting with a beautiful young woman, enjoying himself and flirting with her. He thought of Mary and his children at home and felt guilty.

Then he dismissed that thought. It was just some innocent fun. Nothing was going to happen; he had never strayed and although there had been opportunities, he never been attracted to the idea. And a girl like her wouldn’t be interested in someone like him, at least 15 years older.

Suddenly it dawned on him. The expensive clothes and jewelry. Why a beautiful young woman would choose to sit next to him. Why she would come to a bar by herself when boxing was on and she hated boxing.

Sophia was a call girl.

His first impulse was to get up and leave. He’d never paid for it in his life. He was happily married, blissfully happy and his sex life was fine. Didn’t want anything more. He was about to get up and go when Sophia returned. Her smile was friendly and she was gorgeous.

“Ah well, no harm in watching the fight to the end, then going,” he justified to himself.

Sophia sat down and moved her chair closer. “I can tell from your face that you’ve worked it out. Took a long time for a bright guy like you.”

“Sophia, I’m happily married.”

“I’m sure you are.”

“I have a great sex life.”

“I’m sure you do.”

“I’ve never paid for it in my life.”

“I’m sure you haven’t.” She put her hand on his. “Let’s stay and finish the wine. It’s fun talking to you. If you decide that I’m not for you, that’s fine.” She topped up his wine and didn’t seem to mind as he gazed at her for a minute without talking.

Someone who looked so refined and sometimes seemed so young. Someone who was so vivacious and such good fun. A whore?

“You’re not my idea of a call girl.”

“What did you think? Someone with a huge bust just about all hanging out, a really short skirt and pantyhose with holes and seams up the back?”

“Something like that.” he laughed. “How long have you been doing it for?”

“About a year and a half. The university fees are really high and my debt was growing. One of my friends was in the business and so I tried it. $800 for a night! And I quite enjoyed it.”

Peter thought that over. He still couldn’t imagine her doing it.

“I can’t get my head around you taking on a queue of men every night.”

“I don’t.” The hand on his squeezed. “Peter, look at me. I’m top of the range. I do fine, just two or three times a week and only one man each night.”

He laughed. “Hell, I have sex more often than that.”

“I bet you do. Men don’t choose me. I choose them. I’ve got four regulars who see me once a week or two and a couple of out of towners once a month or so. They all say they’re happily married and have great sex lives and they’re very nice. Most of my new clients come by referrals and I turn down at least two men for every one who gets lucky. I’ve got to like them and fancy them as well.”

“So if you get all these referrals what are you doing in a bar alone like this, coming and sitting next to me?”

“I was bored. Sometimes I like a challenge. You looked nice and looked like a challenge.”

“An impossible challenge, I’m sorry.”

“Hey, that’s OK. It’s you’re choice.”

Sophia topped up his wine with her free hand. Peter thought about her other hand on his. “I’ll be going in a few minutes, what the hell.” He couldn’t admit to himself that he liked it and that it was giving him an illicit thrill.

“How much do you charge? Don’t take that the wrong way, I’m just interested to know.”

“Just for your interest, $800 an hour, minimum three hours. I told you, I’m top of the range. I give discounts to men who aren’t boring and who are good in bed. You’re certainly not boring and I’ve got the feeling that you’d qualify for the good in Elvankent Escort bed discount as well.”

Peter felt his cock stirring.”Two and a half grand. That’s a lot of money.”

“Sure is. But I’m pretty special. And that goes way beyond my body which you’ve been staring at so nicely all night.”

“I told you, you’re very beautiful and great fun, but I’m not in your market.”

“Peter, it’s all up to you. I’m not going to put you in a wrestling hold and drag you away.”

They laughed and he looked into her eyes. She was gorgeous. She was young. She was intriguing. She was exciting. She was exquisite. And she right beside him and available. He glanced at her breasts and felt his cock hardening.

“What’s this something special you provide? Just for interest’s sake.”

Sophia put her other hand around his.

“Just for interest’s sake that’s a personal question. Sometimes we just talk and just fool around a bit. Sometimes a whole lot more. Depends on their mood and it depends on mine. I don’t just lie on my back and think that’s another couple of grand.”

Peter was intrigued. Just fooling around? He fantasized about seeing her naked and maybe just kissing her, maybe stroking that body. That wouldn’t be infidelity if he didn’t fuck her. Surely not?

“Imagine kissing those breasts and pleasuring her legs. All the way up. Fuck, I’ve never been close to a woman like this.” His cock was rock hard.

“The wine’s all gone Peter. It’s been fun talking to you, but I’m going now. I’m in the apartment block over the road. You’ve got 10 minutes to make up your mind. 20th floor, number 7. I take credit cards and it’ll show as Acme Financial Services.”

Sophia leaned over and kissed his cheek and whispered in his ear, “I think you’ll be very nice for me.”

Peter watched as she walked across the barroom floor. That little kiss and her lips just touching his ear. Fuck, that was something. His cock was straining in his trousers.

He imagined her naked body and her kissing him. Her naked body with his hands exploring it. That and nothing more. That wouldn’t be cheating. Not real cheating.

He was mildly intoxicated by the wine and completely intoxicated by her. Two and a half grand was a hell of a lot of money, but he’d made five on the deal he’d done that afternoon.

“Just fooling around. That’s not infidelity. There’s no way in this world I’m going to fuck her. That would be cheating.”

He had a moment of doubt as he as about to knock on her door but his hand was under it’s own control. As he heard Sophia coming he wondered what she would be wearing. A nightie? Maybe nothing at all.

“Hi Peter, I’m glad you decided to come.” Sophia was still wearing that alluring dress. She kissed his cheek and took his hand, drawing him inside. He looked around her apartment. It was huge and luxurious and all the furniture was new and expensive.

She held out her hand. “It’s best to get the business side out of the way first. Credit card please.”

She processed it on her computer and he saw that it was for $2,200 not $2,400. “Discount for being nice and not being boring. I hope I’ll be able to give you a ‘good in bed’ credit as well.”

Sophia put her arms around Peter’s shoulders and hugged him. He could feel her breasts against him and she brushed his lips with hers then pulled back, staying in his arms.

“Peter, I want you to use your imagination. I told you I don’t want to lie on my back and think of the money. Imagine I’m your new girlfriend. You really like me and you think I’m hot.”

“That doesn’t take too much imagination,” he said and Sophia giggled.

“You really want to fuck this new girlfriend. You think she wants it as well, but you’re not sure, so your going to have to seduce her. You’ve got to work out what turns her on.” Sophia looked a bit more serious. “And you don’t have to imagine that either. I told you I’ve got to be in the mood and I’ve got to like what you do. We’ve got three hours so there’s no rush.”

“Sophia, we’re not going to fuck.”

“Will I have to put you in a wrestling hold?” They both laughed then she pecked his lips. “We’re going to have a lovely time together and you set whatever boundaries you like.”

She pulled out of his arms and took his hand. “I’ll show you the view from my balcony.”

They leaned on the balcony rail side by side looking at the view and Sophia pointed out the sights. Peter put his arm around her shoulders and she snuggled in closer. A few minutes later he nuzzled her hair and she turned to look at him, her eyes smiling, but turned away before he could kiss her, but she did rest her head on his shoulder.

His arm drifted down Sophia’s back and he was able to reach around and cup one of the breasts he had been fantasizing about. He felt Sophia cover his hand with hers then she turned to him frowning slightly.

“It’s all there for you, all of me. You’ve just got to earn it.” She kissed his cheek, Beşevler Escort squeezed his hand for a moment, then took it away.

He managed to control his irritation, that breast had felt so beautiful. No bra, she was so firm. It was getting colder so he took her hand and and they went inside.

Sophia sa on the arm of a big arm chair and he took the hint and sat in it. She moved and sat upright on his knees away from his body. But he could feel her thighs on his legs through her dress.

“Did you enjoy the fight?”

“What fight?”

“The one you went to watch in the bar.”

“Didn’t see it. I was distracted.”

“That’s no good. Was it the fat man in front of you?”

“By a young woman who is probably the most beautiful I’ve ever met.”

“Do you mean that or are you saying that just because you want to get your hands on her?”

“Just to get my hands on her of course.” Sophia got his joke and giggled

“This young lady had the most elegant cheekbones.” He traced his fingers tips slowly over Sophia’s cheekbones and she closed her eyes.

“And enormous dark eyes.” His fingers pleasured her eyelids.

“A slim nose.” His fingers drifted.

“And full red lips I wanted to kiss.” He took his time slowly dancing his fingertips across her lips. He could tell she liked it and repeated his touch.

“This wonderful young woman had a long and elegant throat.” Sophia lifted her chin to give him full access. Peter took his time and covered every millimeter twice. Her eyes were still closed and her lips were slightly parted.

“And silky perfect skin.” His finger tips moved to her collar bones. Sophia’s eyes were still closed and her lips still parted. She moved her hand and squeezed his other arm. Peter could tell her breathing was deeper and thought it was safe to try more.

“And this wonderful, beautiful young woman had breasts I fantasized about for hours.”

His fingers skimmed lightly over the rounded skin of the top of her breasts above her dress, lingering just a little then back to her throat and behind her ears, her ear lobes and back to the top of her breasts.

Sophia moved along his thighs and snuggled her body into his. She lifted her face and Peter could see she wanted to him to kiss her but he covered her face with soft kisses then licked with the tip of his tongue. He moved to her lips, just tantalizing with soft caresses and the tip of his tongue all the time drifting his fingers over her breasts. Sophia stroked his hair with her hand and the tip of her tongue played with his.

Sophia’s tongue probed more deeply and she covered his lips with hers and he realized she was aroused and she was enjoying what he was doing to her. This excited him even more, this exotic woman was really becoming excited by what he was doing.

He knew that women were different and somethings which excited some did nothing for others. Sometimes things which worked one night didn’t work on another. Variety; find her boundaries.

His hand went to her dress over her breast and he still traced lightly with his fingers. Sophie’s arm went around his neck, pulling herself in closer and Peter clasped the breast in his palm. He felt Sophie suck his tongue quite harshly and he tightened his grip. Then Sophia nibbled his tongue with lips covered teeth. Fuck that was exciting. He started to tighten his fingers around her breast.

Sophia’s free hand came down to his and for a moment he thought she was going to take his away but she pushed his hand harder into her breast. Her teeth nibbled harder, he flinched slightly and immediately she stopped nibbling and pushed her tongue into his mouth, Taking her cue he covered his teeth with his lips and nibbled gently.

Sophia pinched the back of Peter’s hand and he felt that was a message that she wanted her nipple tweaked. Her nipple was long like a pencil rubber and hard and he rolled it between his thumb and first two fingers.

Sophia took her hand away using the arm to hug him tighter. Peter tried varying the strength of his fingers on her nipple and when he squeezed and twisted harder she gave a little shudder.

“Fuck that must have hurt,” Peter thought. “She liked it though.” And the thrill of that thought made his cock even harder.

He had never been tempted by this before but he was aroused by what was happening. He nibbled her tongue harder and Sophia’s hug tightened then she moved and started to nibble his lips with hers over her teeth. When he gave a flinch of pain she changed to kissing him tenderly.

“Bedtime Peter.” She stood up, took his hand and they went into large bedroom which had a super king sized double bed and luxurious fittings.

“You can put your clothes in there,” she pointed to a wardrobe.

He stripped to his briefs and when he turned around Sophia was lying on the bed, still wearing her dress. But the dress had ridden high and Peter could see all the inside of one exquisite thigh almost to her pussy. She was sipping from a glass of wine and Peter came and sat beside her and put a hand on that thigh.

She passed him the glass and nudged his hand further up her thigh so that he could feel her panties.

“It’s time you took these off, you’ve made them all wet.” She lifted her hips and Peter was happy to oblige. She put his hand on the zip of her dress and raised her arms as he lifted it off her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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