Just What I Wanted

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“Let it fall off your shoulders, and pool around your ankles.”

He was speaking of my cocktail dress I was wearing; the one I picked out specifically for this meeting. I didn’t hesitate at his command, and simply slid the shoulder straps over and let it fall; leaving me standing in my bra, panties, stockings, garter belt, and heels. The dress remained in a circled pile around my feet as I awaited his next order.

“Step out of it, and kneel.”

Again I did just as he commanded, no hesitation at all. My only thought was to be his to order for the night. He however did not have another spoken order for me, rather just an indication of one. As I knelt in front of him he stepped forward undoing his pants and pulling out his endowment. It was clear what was to come next, and I excitedly leaned in to oblige. However, before I could get my mouth on it he spoke causing me to freeze.

“Stop, no touching and no mouth yet.”

He then began to tap the swollen head of his engorged member on my face; teasing my with it, putting me in my place with it. Some of the taps became slaps, making sure to further remind me I was there to be used as he saw fit. Guiding his warmth girth around my face, he plopped it onto each eye socket, stabbed it into the tip of my nose, and prodded my cheeks as if using it to examine me. My lips went untouched, which only furthered my humiliation as well as my desire. I felt like a piece of meat or a toy for him to play with, and turned me on to no end.


Finally I got the order I was patiently waiting for, and I eagerly did as told.

“Stick your tongue out.”

Again, I complied and was presented with his delightful cock to lay rest upon my stretched out tongue. He however just held it there, as if to tease me further. I could feel his warmth, his pulse, but I dared not get greedy and move. I simply waited with his erection held in place as I stared up at him. No expression could be gathered from his chiseled face, as I awaited his next move, his next kütahya escort command. Suddenly the weight of his sex lifted before dropping back down with a hard, wet thud. He repeated this action several times, each with the same plop onto my bed of taste buds. I just knelt obediently, allowing him to do as he wished as my knees began to pain from the hard floorboards of the room.

He stopped slapping his helmet against my tongue, and then began slowly sliding it back and forth across it. I could taste a drop of precum escape the tip of his cock and coat my palate. Then out of nowhere, he pulled away leaving me kneeling and a bit curious of what he was to do next.

“Stand and turn.”

I did as I was told, though was a bit perplexed as to why he didn’t want to continue with the oral treatment. As I stood and turned away I could sense him approach from behind. His hand grabbed the clasp of my bra, and in an instant it was undone. The straps were pushed off my shoulders and the garment fell to the floor to collect with the pool of dress around my ankles. Soon followed by the tug of my panties which also collected with all of the other garments. I now stood naked with a pile of my clothes at my feet as I awaited for what was to come next.

“Turn back and kneel.”

I returned to my previous position, and though I was wondering exactly where everything was headed I knew not to ask questions.


Once I complied, his shaft was placed once again on my tongue. This time there was no waiting or teasing, instead he slid it right into my mouth; pushing it against the opening of my throat. I reflexively gagged as he did, but that did not slow him a bit. He simply backed out for a second before pushing it further in, entering my throat. Inch by inch his girth disappeared and cut off my oxygen supply. I could feel saliva bubble up, and slip out around his pulsating manhood. Within an instant his full testicles were resting on my chin, and my eyes watered with strain. His hand lara escort grabbed the back of my head and held me still with the enormity of his cock lodged deep in my airway. Though I felt the effects of oxygen loss begin to take effect, I made no motion to show it; I merely knelt and took his onslaught.

He held his member a few seconds longer in my throat before pulling it all the way out, now coated with the sticky sheen of my saliva and a bit of mucus. Tendrils of the mess stretched out from my mouth to his now dislodged cock. I continued to kneel in front of him as his slobber covered unit swayed back and forth. I watched as he gripped the base of it and swung it into my left cheek with a wet splat. He then began to rub it across my face as if trying to wipe it off on a rag. I felt so small, so insignificant and the humiliation was rising with each passing moment. This however only added to my desire rather than make me resist. The humiliation drove me to further serve obediently, and stirred my fire that burned within me.

Once my face was significantly wiped with saliva, he parted my lips again with his spear and began shoving it back into my throat. This time he wasn’t satisfied with just holding in there, this time he proceeded to mercilessly fuck my throat. Muffled gagging sounds escaped my mouth during the onslaught, and my eyes had tears running from them. Both of his hands were on the back of my head, forcing himself deep and keeping from getting away; not that I had the desire to do so. I was in a serene state of enjoyment. He may have been roughly using my face for his pleasure, but it was exactly what I wanted, what I needed. Deep down I have always wanted to be used like a simple fuck toy for someone else’s pleasure, and humiliated in the process.

The fact that he wasn’t saying anything during it, only added to the sensation for me. It was as if he didn’t even respect me enough to talk or ask for permission, he simply took what he wanted and did whatever he felt like lara eve gelen escort doing. He used as an object; something to satisfy his darkest desires.

His abusive throat ramming went on for another minute before his member swelled further and he ripped it from my windpipe. He slapped it hard onto my forehead before aiming the tip at my face to shoot his orgasm at me. The first shot of his nectar struck my left brow and draped down over my eye to my cheek bone. His next four shots all landed over my defenseless face in the same manner and force, completely covering me in his discharge. As the last dribbles escaped the head, he rubbed it over my lips as if applying lipstick.

Completely spent, he wiped his softening cock clean with a handful of my hair. He then tucked it away into his pants and buckled them back up before grabbing my hair again and dragging me to my feet. He pulled me towards the door, and upon opening it up he proceeded to throw me out by my hair into the cool night. The door was then slammed closed, and I was left standing outside of the cheap motel room naked in my stockings, garter, heels, and a face covered in his sticky cum.

I was a bit disoriented by what just occurred and remained motionless until I realized how exposed I was. As I went to hide by my car just to my left, the door opened briefly to have my dress and purse tossed out. Apparently my dress and panties had fallen off as he threw me out of the room. I returned to retrieve my belongings before retreating to the relative safety of my car. I didn’t take the time to redress, but simply threw my dress onto the passenger seat and sat there replaying what had occurred in my mind. While I wasn’t expecting to be tossed out like garbage, I wasn’t upset. Instead, all I could think about was how extremely turned on I was and how badly I needed to find release.

Instinctively, my hand found my begging pussy and brought me to orgasm almost instantaneously. I came time after time right there in my car in the seedy parking lot of the cheap dive of a motel. As I came down from the waves of pleasure, I thought to myself how happy I was that I responded to this man’s Internet ad. With a smile on my cum caked face I pulled out the lot wondering if I would ever see him again, or find out his name.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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