JV: The Encounter

Big Tits

It was your typical Saturday afternoon in October and there you are in the middle of the busy airport. This was the first time you have done anything like this. You never thought that your pussy would convince you mind to do something that you’ve only thought about. Being from a small town, you’ve always had this desire to know what it was like to be fucked by a big, black dick. You are dressed nicely, a tight short-sleeved sweater, with matching skirt, no panties.

As you scan the airport, you notice me; I am holding one singe white rose. Can this be true, your pussy has been dripping every since you boarded the plane. You never thought this day would get here. You eyes scan me from head-to-to before zeroing in on what you have been craving these last few months. As I walk toward you, you mouth starts to water as you think about having the “majicsnake” in your mouth. The closer you get, you notice the bulge in my jeans. As I look into those green eyes, your pussy gets wetter. How can this good-looking guy make me feel this way? I’ve never felt like this before, you say to yourself as I introduce myself to you. You see my lips move but you don’t hear the words, you are wondering what it’s going to feel like when my lips kiss both sets of your lips.

“Hello,” I say in a hushed yet sexy voice, as I gently kiss your hand. “HHHH Hi, I’m, I usually don’t do this, but I just had to see what it’s like to be with a black man,” you tell me with your hands still trembling. I stand there, thinking, trying to decide what to do or say next. You want me as much as I want you, but neither of us wants to rush things. After all you have been curious about black men for as long as you can remember but you have never acted upon it until now.

I ask if you would like to get something to eat as we head to the parking lot. Still feeling quite nervous, you just nod your head. When we get to the “Beast,” my black Suburban, I open the door for you. You start to get in and then turn and kiss my lips. As we stand there, I can feel your body still trembling. With me looking down and you looking up, our eyes meet. I can tell that you are still a bit nervous but I also see the sparkle in your eyes. You are ready for a new adventure. The conversation is light; you are intrigued by the “Spiderman” seat covers. We talk about my fascination with “Spiderman as we fight the traffic. There seems to be more drivers than usual on the road today, zorla sex so we decide to stop to eat. As we head into the restaurant, you are still clutching the white rose that I gave you at the airport. As the waitress is leading us to our table, you remind me of a conversation that we once had. The one about me playing with your pussy as we are waiting to be served. So I ask the waitress for a nice table in the back. No soon has the waitress taken our order, you look at me with those lusty green eyes and tell me that you aren’t wearing panties. I guess that’s my cue.

We start a lively conversation. “I’m glad I decided to come, I almost changed my mind, I didn’t know if I could go through with it,” you tell me.

I scoot my chair close and let my hand drop into your lap. Lifting your skirt, I let my hand run along the inside of your thighs. You spread you legs slightly to give me better access to your sweet pussy. As my hand creeps closer and closer to its target, your heart begins to beat faster and faster. I insert my finger into your pussy and the juices start to flow. You cross your legs trapping my hand. When I look at you, you are licking your lips. Just as I bend over to kiss you, the waitress is back to deliver our order.

As I move closer to you, the aroma of your pussy fills the air. You wonder if anyone else can smell your desire. Just then the waitress returns. You can sense that she knows what’s going on. She looks down and with a smile asks if she can be of anymore service. You nervously nod “NO.” Before leaving, she gives you her card and tells you to call or we need anything else. Looking at me, you ask, “Are you sure we won’t get caught again?” I answer with a smile and say who cares. We finish our dinner without any further interruptions. The sexual desire between us is such that we decide to spend the night in Portland instead of making the two hour drive to my house. We check into a nice hotel for the night.

Once in the room, we embrace and slowly take our clothes off. You are quivering like a leaf. I wrap my arms around you and started fondling your ass. You tell me that you have never been kissed like that before, and it felt so good. You can feel my hard cock straining against my pants, so you undo my zipper.

“What’s wrong?”

“Nothing, I just haven’t ever seen a cock that huge!”

“Don’t worry baby, I’ll be gentle.”

“I’ve porno indir gotta see those great tits of yours.”

I cup your right breast in his hand and started licking my nipple. You wrapped your hand around my cock and started stroking it. I start stroking your hairless pussy, and the next thing you know the most powerful orgasm you’ve experienced, starts ripping through you body. After you recover, I take you over to the bed. I spread your legs and start eating your tender pussy. I make you cum hard 5 times before standing up and ask if you are ready for my “majicsnake.”

“Not just yet,” you say, “I have to suck on your cock first, it just looks so delicious.”

You hop down off the bed and take my cock into your mouth. It is so big around you can barely fit it in your mouth, so you lick up and down the shaft and suck on my balls a bit. I stood up and start suckling you tits again. You decide to tit fuck me.

“God, that feels good!” I moan, “Don’t stop!”

You keep up the pace and soon I shoot my hot cum all over your tits and face. But you don’t seem to care. You just want me to put my dick into your eager pussy. I lift you back up on the bed and eat your pussy some more, gave you 2 more orgasms, before standing up and placing the head of his cock on the opening of your pussy. You are now more than ready.

“Fuck me!” you plead, ram that hard cock into my pussy, you scream out loud. You have never been this full before, and it feels like you are being fucked by a telephone pole. I keep going and an extremely powerful orgasm started ripping through your body, so powerful that you pass out for a minute.

“God damn Majic, you are so fucking good” you grunt.

“Shit JV, you’re so fucking tight, it’s hard for me not to cum!”

“Why don’t we try another position?”


I withdraw from you and bend you over the back of the sofa. To your surprise, you feel me licking my asshole. You tell me how you enjoy this new sensation. “Not my ass, I’ve never been fucked up the ass! You’re too big!”

“Don’t worry, Baby, we won’t rush things.”

You start to cry, telling me that you don’t want to disappoint me. I assure you that I’m not disappointed. I slowly slid my monster cock into your eager wet pussy. It is stretching your tight pussy to its limit. You start begging for me to quit but when I start to pull out, you beg me to fuck you ensest porno deeper. I just hold my cock where it is as you get adjusted to the new sensation. I start fucking you slowly while rubbing you clit. The deeper I bury my cock in your pussy, the more you beg me to fuck you harder. Harder and harder I fucked you, and you come over and over again. Sweat is dripping off both of our bodies and we both are gasping for air. Still I kept fucking you harder and deeper until I explode inside of you. My hot cum is filling you pussy and dripping down my leg. We stand there in the same position for about 5 minutes, exhausted. I finally draw my cock from hot, wet pussy.

“Damn, that was good.”

“I’ve never felt anything like that before in my life! You were fantastic!”

“So were you, I only wish we hadn’t waited so long.”

“Shit!” you exclaim, “What time is it?”

I glance down at my watch, and inform you that we have been fucking for nearly 2 hours.

“Damn, we’ve been doing it that long?” You can’t believe it’s been that long. You tell me that you have never had that many orgasms in a row. It was as if you had one continuous 2 hour orgasm.

You take a glance in the mirror; you think you are a mess. You hair is wet and matted to your neck, and your make-up is running all over your face. I lead you into the bathroom where I run you a nice hot bath. I lower you into the tub and begin to bathe you. First I shampoo your hair and wash your face. Next I wash your breasts. You lean your head back and close your eyes as I start to suck your breasts. First one and then the other, your hands move down and start to rub you pussy. I stand you up and rinse you off. Then I start to trail kisses down your body. Finally I end up at your pussy. I lick your pussy until another orgasm ravishes your body. I turn on the shower and step into the tub. You drop to your knees and engulf my still hard cock. You suck it like it’s your last meal.

With water cascading down our bodies, you can feel my body starting to tense. I warn you that I am about to cum but you continue your oral assault on my cock. ‘”Damn baby, I’m going to cum,” I announce before filling your mouth with hot cum. You are unable to swallow it all, cum starts to run down the sides of your mouth and all over your face. Totally spent, I rinse you off and then we take our time drying each other off. We lie in the bed and talk about how good it was. You tell me how sore your pussy is but you can’t wait to be fucked again. We fall asleep with your head on my chest and my cock in your hand. You have never been fucked this good before. Your pussy is sore but throbbing, you are dreaming of the next time that we fuck.