Kanesha Ch. 05: Auction of Slave 336


This story is intended for adult audiences only. All characters found within are above 18 years of age. This is the fifth chapter in a series centered on the heroine Kanesha Connors. This story was written with the help and approval of the lovely Aerielle. She is the inspiration of the lovely Kanesha and her perils. She has been a huge help in developing the plot and scenes within. We hope everyone is continuing to enjoy.


Kanesha Chapter 5- The Auction Of Slave 336

Trent eased out of bed and made his way to the small bathroom in the back of his office suite. He turned on the shower and slid down his boxers stepping in. He let the warm water cascade over his brown hair and silently cursed the new streaks of gray starting to age him.

A few moments later he felt small soft hands slip around him and slide down his muscular abdomen and grasp his hanging cock. “Hey Lover..” Melinda whispered in his ear as she stroked his wet member in the warm shower.

“Today’s Auction day.” She said feeling him stiffen in her grasp. “I can’t wait to sell that slutty former auctioneer. What was her name again? Kanesha? Moesha? Kyra? It doesn’t matter she’s nothing but a number now.” She stroked his cock firmer and faster letting the water rinse their naked bodies.

“No need to be like that Melinda, you know very well who she was. You did spend nearly two weeks as a newly acquired slave to make the plan work. Just remember, she’ll make us rich!” He said as he turned and slid his hands to Melinda’s hips then up her waist and to her shoulders. He pushed her down by her shoulders. “On your knees…”

Melinda gave him a menacing look “I’m not one of your little sluts..” she said challenging him.

“After that little tantrum…You think you’re not, but don’t kid yourself… kneel..” He commanded firmly.

Melinda eyes lowered as she sank to her knees in the shower. She was a little embarrassed that her attempted mockery of Kanesha had backfired. Trent was sharp and she knew to watch her step around him. He had mentioned doing this kind of thing before; attracting a gorgeous woman like Kanesha, and like herself, and betraying them into slavery. But she was a full fledged Club Dominatrix. ‘Could he do that to me?’ she thought.

She took the head of his member between her lips and started moving her head back and forth. For a moment the thought of using her teeth on him crossed her mind, if he wanted to play power games with her, she’d show him who was really in charge.

Then she remembered how she was going to auction off one of his favorite fuckdolls tonight. She’d make sure he got a great view to Slave 336’s sale and public debasement. She’d make sure that he had a front row seat and that might take him down a notch or two.

Melinda felt his rough hand move through her wet black hair as his cock slid even deeper in her mouth. She gagged briefly on his member before he slid it out and smacked her face with the side of it. She realized that even her plan might not dent his sadistic dominant armor but she smiled on the inside as his cock choked her thinking it will be a lot of fun trying.


Slave 336 shuddered as another orgasm was raped from her body. She would have screamed but the huge red ball gag between her teeth wouldn’t have allowed it. She wondered if she even had the strength to scream. She didn’t know how long she had been restrained or how many orgasms had coursed through her body.

Her lust filled mind vaguely remembered why she had been put where she was. She remembered Master Trent fucking her while she was bound to a rough wooden table. He had been fucking her so good she barely had time to beg for an orgasm but as she did she felt it begin to course through her sex fueled body. But she didn’t have his permission, she knew he would be harsh but had no idea her current position was what he had in mind.

Her pleas for forgiveness had fallen on cruel deaf ears as Trent strapped her to the sybian machine. He roughly positioned its dildos into her two well fucked holes. Leather straps were run around her thighs and ankles pinning them together on each side of the device. Her ankle restraints were padlocked to the sides, and a leather arm binder was applied. The ring at the end attached to the ceiling by a chain. Her collar was chained to the front of the diabolical device, bending her forward with her arms raised behind her and her head held down. Last, the massive red ball gag was slipped behind her teeth, and locked in back, the latex ball complimenting the black latex hood that shrouded her pretty face.

She could clearly recall his voice from last night: “You should know better little fucktoy than than to cum without permission. You’ll suffer so many orgasms here you’ll beg for the machine to be turned off. Perhaps, this lesson will stay with you when you’re new master tells you ‘No’. I only have a few more hours to teach that wanton body of yours valuable xslot lessons like this.” and with that he smiled, knelt and kissed her hood. He flipped on the sybian and said something to the guard outside before turning off the light and plunging her into darkness to meet her fate.

Her full weight straddled the device as the dildos pistoned slowly but the vibrations on her clit had sent her to orgasmic bliss over and over again. Every hour a guard would check on her and shoot a load of his cum onto her hooded head, or perfectly positioned ass. The five dried loads were her only method of tracking time.

Her eyelids were heavy as she saw Master Trent enter. He looked into her eyes. They rolled back lost in another orgasm and exhaustion. He watched her suffering in this sadistic way. Finally, he walked over to the door.

“Release her, find her a bed and let her rest until 1. Then have her cleaned and prepared for sale. Her auction is tonight.” He told the guard.

As he left he could swear he watched her near-perfect little body writhe in pleasure on the device. He wasn’t sure if it was just the machine raping another orgasm or if she’d heard his words about her auction and that had sent her over the edge.


Hours later, Kanesha’s naked body hung again in the doctor’s exam room. Water dripped down off her dangling toes. She had been privileged to have two slaves clean and shave her in the shower but the guards had again denied her a towel to dry off. Her black curly hair clung to her face and neck as a shiver went up her spine in the exam room.

She felt the dildos retreat after measuring her again to see her current ability to take thick cocks. Part of her was proud her pussy had managed to take all 10 inches and the thickest bulge. Her ass had also improved to take the 8th bulge before she submitted to the painful stretching and begged for the device to stop. The view screen behind the doctor updated her abilities rating her as the doctor readied her breast injections.

“Last treatment before you are sold tonight, slave” The Doctor said pressing the needle into her flesh and depressing half the plunger. “I will say your breast tissue has firmed up nicely and swollen a noticeable touch. Maybe not a full cup size yet but if your new owner wishes we can have you at 35 or 36 D in a few weeks.”

She grimaced as she felt the familiar burning feeling in her chest as he switched and injected her other tit. She looked down and did notice her breasts feeling fuller and heavier. Of course it could be the gold rings and chain she continually wore piercing her hard brown nipples.

She watched him discard the syringe and slip a hand to her shaven mound. “I will miss playing

with you. I’m hoping your owner will wish to pay for more of my services before he takes you home.” His fingers rubbed back and forth across her clit.

“Is there anything you see on the display screen that seems inaccurate?” He said slipping a digit into her moistening pussy.

Slave 336’s eyes went to the screen behind him and her face under the profile listed. She slowly read through the profile that she knew all her potential buyers would soon be seeing.

Slave 336

Hair: Black

Eyes: Brown

Skin: Light Brown

Age: 29

Height: 4’11”

Weight: 101 lbs

Measurements- 34C-24-34

Cocksucking- 9.9 of 10 rating, has been used 115 times since barcoding, swallowed 73 times, facial 42 times.

Cunt Fucking- 10 of 10 rating, has been used 77 times since barcoding, filled 64 times.

Ass fucking- 8 of 10 rating, has been used 82 times since barcoding, filled 45 times.

Tit fucking- 7 of 10 rating, has been titty fucked 23 times.

Pussy eating-7 of 10 rating, has eaten 27 cunts since barcoding.

Orgasm Control- Capable of multiple orgasms, struggles with orgasm denial having lasted 3:14 minutes under recent orgasm denial training.

Piercings: Nipples with chain.

Brandings: Side Of Left Tit: “Property of:”, Tramp Stamp: “Slave 336” with Barcode, Pussy mound: “Pretty FuckDoll”

General Users Comments and Notes:

Users consistently comment that 336 is submissive and energetic with a strong desire to please. All sexual skills are far above average with her mouth and cunt being her most valuable assets. Continual anal training is recommended if she is expected to serve larger cocks. Her breasts and ass are plump and large enough should she be required to breed for her owner. She is tough enough to handle very rough fucking including multiple members. Her gangbang session with the guards far exceeded their expectations. She was limited during this week in lesbian sessions but when asked to perform sex with other slaves she eagerly complied to direction. Users comment a higher rate of her own orgasm while she is in strict bondage or pain. She has a high probability of being a masochist and could easily be trained as a painslut. xslot Giriş Final assessment suggests due to high submissiveness, high sex drive and exquisite body she be used as a Pleasure Slave until a time that her new owner deems it prudent to resell, breed or diminish her status to a lower slave.

Slave 336’s eyes met the doctor’s, nodded her head slowly accepting every word displayed on the screen. She pushed her hips forward as his second finger pushed inside her and began fucking her. She knew no one would be allowed to use her today and make a mess. Her thrusting hips begged him to let her cum. His fingers moved faster and thumb grinded into her clit letting this slave have one more “O” before she was sent to the display cage. The last thing Slave 336 saw before she closed her eyes in orgasm was the multiple pictures taken of her naked, branded, pierced body from every angle at the end of her profile.


“Alright. Let’s put her with the others.” The guard said tugging Slave 336 by her nipple chain. She grimaced and hated how it seemed to be the favorite method of transporting her around the sex club.

Slave 336 was led into a large cell with three walls of bars and one of stone with hanging shackles. Other slaves who were to be sold tonight had already been chained to the stone wall with their wrists above their head. The shackles were loose enough each slave could be turned and inspected on both sides. She knew from working so many auctions slaves were often unrestrained for more detailed inspections by potential buyers.

“Write a P on this one.” One guard said to another. “Her sale is permanent.”

Slave 336 felt the thick black marker write a wide P across her flat toned stomach. She looked to her left to see the number 6 written on the blonde to her left and a 3 on the redhead to her right. She knew they were destined to be sold for 6 and 3 months respectfully. She knew most buyers would completely ignore them when a permanent future slave was destined to be sold.

She watched the guards leave and knew it was nearly time for members to arrive at the club. They always opened the doors soon after all the slaves to be sold were placed in the Display Cage. That meant it would be only a few hours before she was dressed in something sexy and take the long walk up onto the stage.

Several minutes went by in the cell before the members arrived. The other slaves talked among themselves of their paydays they would each have from the temporary sale of their body. Slave 336 remained silent, partly afraid they might recognize her voice as last weeks auctioneer but also partly because she couldn’t relate to them. Each one had a future, a life after her collar, she however did not. Her collar was not coming off, unless her new owner replaced it with one of his, or her, choosing. Her life was solely in her new master’s hands after tonight.

It didn’t take long for members to make their way to see what livestock was for sale tonight. Most just made causal observations through the bars about the dozen or so naked women. A large burly man and his equally large wife walked by and nodded to one of the guards. Slave 336 watched as they were granted entry to the Display Cage.

Like each bound slave, 336’s eyes tracked the pair as they walked to the far right. They seemed to have decided to take close looks at each one of the women for sale. Her heart raced as she knew in a few minutes they’d reach her.

“Charles, come look at this..” the hefty woman said. “This one’s a permanent buy and she’s wearing a hood.”

“Interesting…” The man said in a deep voice. “Let’s have a look.” The pair skipped over a few of the women and stood before 336.

“Scan her. I want to see her evaluation.” The woman barked.

“Turn Slut.” The man ordered digging out his phone.

Slave 336 turned around feeling the chains above her twist and intertwined as she presented her ass and barcode tattoo. She heard the familiar ding of the phone scanning her code and her heart beat faster.

“Damn it. Her face is blacked out.” The woman spat. “Guard! Come take her hood off.” She yelled.

“Sorry Ma’am.” Said the nearest guard “It’s part of her auction. We’ve been ordered to keep her hooded until her bidding reaches a specific level.”

The woman growled angrily. “Turn back around Tramp.” slapping her on the right cheek.

“You’re a mystery.” She said as Slave 336 returned to her back and ass pressed to the stone wall. “Who are you?” She asked.

“I’m Slave 336.” She replied submissively. “Everything you need to know about me is in that profile, Mistress.”

“No Stupid. Who were you? What’s your real name?” She growled back impatiently.

“She’s not allowed to answer that.” The guard interjected. “Again it’s all part of her auction.”

“Guess she’s just a dumb slut who doesn’t know better than to sell her young body to the deviants of this club. I’ll xslot Güncel Giriş be saving some of our bidding to see that pretty face of yours. I’d love to find out if you really are a pretty Fuckdoll…” the woman patted 336 on her shaven mound before moving further down the line.

Her husband on the other hand took a moment longer. He’d been reading her profile in detail as his wife verbally taunted her. He finally spoke up. “You have quite the scores and reviews from those who’ve been fortunate enough to test or train that body of yours. I’m especially interested in the rate at which men have cum inside your pussy. By my estimation over 80% that stick it up your breeding hole enjoy it so much they can’t pull out and finish. My wife has a few male slaves who I’m sure would be happy to feel it and see if they could breed you…” He said as he trailed off with a sly grin.

As they left the cell the woman shot her a harsh look before the door shut. Slave 336 twisted her hands above her trying to rest her shoulders that she knew would be tired very soon. She knew that the Display Cage would be open from 5 until 9 and then after the slaves would be moved to a dressing area and waiting cage. For her it would be the longest wait, she would be sold last as the slave with the longest length of contract.

The next customer to be allowed entry was a sharply dressed Arab. He seemed rather interested in the fairer skinned slaves. 336 felt a twinge of jealousy as he barely acknowledged her, instead spending exorbitant time evaluating the blonde to her right and redhead to her left. As he was about to leave 336 made a bold move and shifted her bare feet wide apart.

He noticed the act and made his way to her. “What hot piece of slavemeat do we have here?” He said in a thick Arabic accent. “I think the buyer I represent is more interested in a fairer skin tone but perhaps you little slave would serve him as his dog’s bitch. He has some rather cruel dogs he like to use on slutty American bitches.”

Slave 336 tried to pull away from him regretting bringing his attention to her. His hand patted her shaven mound “Don’t worry little Fuckdoll. We’ll burn a new brand into that mound the old fashioned way if you sell cheap enough. Bitch seems a more appropriate title.” He laughed as she squirmed away from him and he turned and left.

Buyers funneled through in greater numbers as the evening went one. Phones scanned 336’s barcode over and over making her present her ass for them each time. Usually a hand would rub a plump cheek or trail down between her legs. She knew they weren’t allowed to fuck her and make a mess but that didn’t mean they couldn’t sample her holes.

Fingers pushed and prodded her body seeing if the ratings she’d been given were accurate. Some buyers disagreed with her unusually high scorers but most had to admit she was the perfect combo of submissive and fuckslut. Her pussy squeezed tight on many fingers soaking them in her wanton juices. Slave 336 moaned from behind her hood as member after member tested her body for its value.

She noticed one man staring at her intently. He was athletically built and reminded her of Master Trent. He approached her when space had cleared. “Slave 336, what is your purpose?” He asked in a southern accent. She was taken back by the question and didn’t answer immediately.

She watched as he moved closer and both hands slid to the bottom of her breasts. He lifted them slightly as if weighting them. “Slave 336 what is your purpose?” He asked his sharp blue eyes meeting her brown eyes.

“Sir. I guess my purpose is to please my Master.” She said meekly enjoying his strong hands lifting the weight of her bust.

“And if his pleasure brings you pain?…” he said as he dropped her tits letting them bounce down and shake the chain tugging downward on her pierced nipples.

She gasp at the agony. “Then… I will revel in my pain Sir. My pussy will soak as he or she hurts me. My body used however is wished as long as my betters are pleased.”

His smile was an obvious acceptance of her answer. He leaned in and whispered in her ear. “I’ll be sure to bid high on you. I’d very much like to see your body put through physical toil to bring me pleasure.” She shuddered as he turned to leave.

Next, she was asked to suck the fingers of a member’s wife. Her pussy got so wet at the humiliating act of sucking deep the red painted fingers of the woman. As she pressed them deep feeling them in her throat she heard the woman comment “That cocksucking rating is no joke. I think my fingers just blew their load…” the surrounding members burst into laughter.

Slave 336 felt the deep debasement of performing for her buyers. Each member who groped or fingered her could be her new owner. She felt her pussy dripping her excitement down her inner thigh at the thought of one or all of them using her freely. She wanted to cum so badly for them but knew they’d never let her.

Another man walked up to her to appraise her wares. “Turn. Present.” He said shortly.

She complied letting him scan her barcode like so many other patrons. She detected a hint of accent in his voice but couldn’t place it.

“Cuál es tu Nombre?” He said.