Kat Goes Camping with the Guys

I have been accused of been a bit posh. I don’t think I am but I can understand why people say so. My parents are rich and like most parents they want what’s best for me, so I had the best schooling, including elocution lessons, so I do sound posh, even if I don’t always feel or act posh. I can be a bit snobbish at times but deep down I am just a normal girl, with normal feelings, normal wants and normal desires. For example, my parents insist on calling me Kathryn, but I prefer to be known as Kat to my friends. Kat sounds kind of cool and normal whereas Kathryn sounds very posh. So please, call me Kat.

Mother and father would have a hissy fit if they knew I had a boyfriend, they banned me from having one until I’m at least 25 and I’m still only 19. That’s bad enough but he is not from the right background. According to mummy any suitable young man would be financially sound, have a good career mapped out and have a M.A. Hons. degree from Oxford or Cambridge university.

Like his parents, my boyfriend Mark, was born and bred on the local council estate, left school at 16, no qualifications, no job and no prospects. His future, like his present, seems to revolve around hanging out with his mates, drawing state benefit and spending it all on beer, fags and computer games. I guess he is what my dear old daddy would call a deadbeat.

However, I like him, he makes me laugh, with his carefree attitude he makes me relax, and he is hot, really gets my juices flowing. For now, that’s all I need. I am not expecting to marry him, I just want to enjoy myself and live a little before I settle down with somebody mummy and daddy will approve of.

Mark usually hangs out with 3 friends, they have known each other since they were little kids and they are all close. They are all within a year in age and come from the same type of background. Of them, only John has a job, he is a builder’s mate. He is the only one with a car so tends to drive the others everywhere, mostly just cruising around town.

I started to tell Mark my plans for us during the upcoming bank holiday weekend. Mark told me he was going with his mates to Scarborough camping, Saturday morning to Monday evening. I was a bit pissed off and sulked, until he said he would ask if I could go with them. I perked up and gave him a blow job just to make sure he did. I find there is nothing like a bit of sexual promise to get a guy to do what you want.

He told me the next day he had asked and the guys and they were a bit reluctant to let me come. They said it would spoil the dynamics the guys shared, whatever that means, but he said he told them if I couldn’t go, he was not going either, so they agreed. Made me feel special, as if he chose me over them, even though we were doing what they wanted and not what I wanted, I wanted to have him all to myself, to go shopping and have lots of lovely sex.

I had only met his friends once before and then only briefly. They were a bit immature I thought, the way they acted and talked, I didn’t wonder none of them had a girlfriend. They just were too macho, too full of their own shit, they had no idea how to behave around a girl.

Of the guys, Mark is by far best looking, as I said he is very hot with a capital H.

John the driver is the tallest and most muscular, must be all the lifting in his labouring job. I Liked John from the start.

Neil seemed to be the wimp of the group and seemed to just go along with the others.

Billy was the real asshole of the group. Always something to say, usually something loud and stupid, always messing around, again doing something stupid, pointless, or attention seeking. I liked him even less than I liked Neil, who I thought was a total waste of space. bursa eskort

The feeling was mutual, Billy made it clear he didn’t want me along, he thought I was just a posh girl looking for a bit of rough. Some of his comments I felt deliberately course and rude, they were for my benefit no doubt, to make me uncomfortable, I was in no doubt he didn’t like me and was going to make the trip as unpleasant as possible. Wanker I thought.

I was not going to let this asshole spoil my day out with my hot new boyfriend, he could go fuck himself as far as I was concerned, it’s the only way he will ever get a fuck, and I told him exactly that. After he made a comment about hoping I was not on the rag, just because I didn’t laugh at one of his derogatory jokes aimed at me, apparently, he wanted to hang his coat on my nipples. Very funny.

John drove, Neil sat in the front passenger seat, Billy in the back behind john. Mark told me to sit in the middle where I would be more comfortable but I said no, he could sit in the middle I would sit by the door. I wanted to keep as far away from Billy the asshole as I could. We set off towards the seaside, it was a beautiful day, hottest day of the year so far. All the guys were in shorts and tee shirts.

I wore a white cheese cloth gypsy top and a pink Ra-Ra skirt. The top, is elasticated at the top, leaving me bare from the top of my boobs upwards, and from my belly button to the top of my skirt. It’s the sort of top that looks like it could easily be pulled down exposing my breasts. The Pink Ra-Ra is short and very flared. If it were windy my pink lacy panties would no doubt accidently get an airing.

These were not the clothes I had on when I set off from home. Mummy would not have let me out of the house dressed like that, especially as I had removed my bra in the bus shelter, where I had got changed on my way to meet the guys. I didn’t intend going braless but I had worn a black bra, appropriate to the clothes I had on when I left the house, but my gypsy top is a bit see through and looked stupid with the black bra.

Well when I say stupid I mean not very sexy, and I wanted to look sexy for my new man, Mark. I thought my slightly see through top would look exceptionally hot with no bra on so he could get a good view of the outline of my 34c cup boobs, and my perky nipples. I have a nice flat tummy and long slim legs topped with a firm but shapely butt. I thought I looked sexy and from Marks reaction, I think he thought so too.

With 3 of us sitting on the back seat it was a bit squashed, the window winder was sticking in my side and it was getting quite painful. No air-con so all the windows were open and my hair long dark hair was getting blown about. I was starting to wish I had not talked Mark into letting me come along, the only consolation was he was turned slightly to me and I had my right leg over his left leg and his hand was on my thigh.

When we were about half way there when we stopped for a rest room break, we all needed to stretch our legs and empty our bladders, especially Billy the pain, who had drunk quite a few cans of beer.

When it was time to set off, John and Neil got in the front as before, Mark got in and slid over to the middle, I got in next to him, but Billy, instead of going around to the other side started to get in next to me saying to me and Mark, “Shove up.”

Mark moved over and I had to move over to let Billy sit next to me. I was not pleased and scoffed loudly, saying, “Billy can’t you just go around and sit where you were sat before.”

He said, “No need I’m in now.” Adding, “Anybody would think you don’t want me to sit next to you.”

That’s exactly what I thought, I probably should bursa escort bayan have said so earlier to Mark but I didn’t want to make things worse by admitting I didn’t like his friend. If I want to spend time with Mark in future I knew I had to make friends with his friends as well. I bit my tongue and said nothing.

I sat as before with my right leg over Marks left, cuddling up to him. Soon Mark nodded off and I was feeling sleepy, my eyes were heavy and closing for long seconds at a time. I noticed John adjust his rear-view mirror. Slowly I realised he was looking at me, very intently, he moved his mirror downwards, he was looking at my legs. I guessed from the angle he had a good view of my inner thighs and possibly my little pink panties too. My Ra-Ra skirt was very short and had ridden up, my right leg over Mark, left my legs parted slightly and there would be nothing obstructing Johns view all the way up my thigh to my lacy knickers.

I liked it, I liked it a lot. I pretended to be asleep, though I peeped out from slitted eyes. Billy had noticed my thighs as well, he gently put his hand on my left thigh, casually as if by accident, but I knew it was no accident. Cheeky bastard I thought. When I didn’t move, he very gently so not to wake me, started stroking my thigh, each stroke getting higher and bolder.

I froze, I had torn feelings as to what I should do, well I knew exactly what I should do, but I didn’t want to do it. It felt nice, I felt so sexy, I was immensely aroused. John was still watching as Billy stroked my thigh almost brushing my panty gusset, almost brushing my pussy.

John nudged Neil and pointed backwards towards me. Neil turned, when he saw what Billy was doing he said, “Fuck me Billy what are you doing, Mark will kill you.”

Billy grinned and said, “No he won’t, he said we could all fuck her if we let her come with us.”

Neil said, “No Billy, Mark said if she let us, we could fuck her, and she hasn’t let us she is fast asleep.”

Billy retorted, “Well she hasn’t said no either, so that’s good enough for me. Besides look at her, she is gorgeous, so sexy, I don’t think I can wait till tonight, I want to fuck her right now.”

With that he moved his hand from my thigh, up and down inside my knickers, he couldn’t get a good feel at my pussy, my legs were too close together, so with his other hand he pulled my left leg over him, opening my legs and giving him clear access to my now dripping pussy.

I was excited listening to them and their plans for me, knowing they were all watching and looking at me was a turn on. I was the Center of their attention. I thought Billy didn’t like me, but I think he was just jealous of Mark, knowing he was fucking me and he wanted to.

I secretly nipped mark to wake him up to save me from making a fool of myself, I wanted him to stop them because I couldn’t. I was nipping him hard and wondering why he didn’t wake up. Then I understood, he was not asleep, he was pretending all along, he knew what was going on.

Well if that’s what he wanted he could have it, if he wanted to share me with his friends I would let them have me. I would let them all fuck me, John, Neil and Billy.

I pretended to wake up, Billy didn’t even stop, just carried on stroking my pussy. I said, “Well looks like I won’t be needing these anymore.” I grasped my little pink panties and pulled them down and off, I tossed them on to the gear stick and spread my legs as wide as I could, an open invitation.

Neils face was a picture, I don’t think he had ever seen a pussy before. John was having trouble keeping his eyes on the road. Billy looked like he had just won the national lottery. I don’t görükle escort think he could have been happier if he had just won £50 million. Mark stopped pretending to sleep and joined Billy in massaging my pussy, taking turns to finger me.

I said it wasn’t fair poor john driving and missing out, so I knelt behind the hand-break, lent forward, took his lovely cock out and started sucking him off while he was driving. Billy, not one to miss an opportunity, was first to fuck me from behind while I sucked john. My choice of clothing became a good one. Mark pulled my top down to my waist, my skirt did nothing to stop the guys doing whatever they wanted with my pussy, so was left alone. Although I had only removed my panties I might as well have been naked. The guys had 100% access to every part of my body. Billy and Mark swapped places repeatedly fucking me in turn. They really did share, each one spending just enough time in my pussy to keep them going with out cumming. I on the other hand, came like a steam train, not once but over and over.

John shot his load into my mouth, I was a good girl and didn’t spill a drop. Billy said posh girls don’t swallow, I did. Neil didn’t seem to know what to do, poor guy was out of his depth, it was not that he didn’t want to, he just didn’t know what to do. I helped him out.

I climbed over into the front and sat on his knee, straddling him, and facing him. I took his cock out and mounted him. He couldn’t move so I had to do all the work. Neil was a bit of a dark horse, horse been the right word, although he was a proper wimp, he had by far the biggest and thickest cock I had ever seen. I marvelled how he didn’t faint when it went hard, his body must have been empty of blood filling that thing up. It was his first time, but even so he also had the most staying power. I would soon learn to love riding Neal.

Truck drivers were honking on their horns as we passed them by, with me getting a right seeing to by my new friends. After Neil filled my pussy full of his hot white sperm I moved into the back and sat on Billys lap, facing forward this time, I bounced like a kid on a bouncy castle and didn’t stop till I felt him deposit his load inside me. He was nowhere near as big as Neil but he never seemed to go slack even when he had come.

Lastly, I lay down on the back seat with my head on Billy’s lap, spreading my legs for my lovely Mark, who climbed on top of me and suck his wonderful cock deep, deep inside me.

We arrived at Scarborough just as he came inside me. I was happy and glad I came after all now. I had cum more times that day than I usually do in a month, and I can’t usually sleep at night unless I make myself cum at least once.

The guys set up the tent while I had a shower. We didn’t see any of Scarborough, we spent the whole time we were there in the tent fucking, as I got to know the guys proper. They are all what Billy would call my bit of rough now.

Do I have 1 boyfriend now or 4, well, Mark is still my main boyfriend, but it’s like he has 4 cocks, each with a different personality.

John is the strong silent type, and he fucks me in the same manner with strong strokes and he hardly makes a sound, even when he unloads in me.

Neil is still weird, but what a cock. I can forgive his weirdness in return for his monumental fucks on his giant spitting cobra.

Billy, always eager to please. Something wrong with Billy, even when he comes he never seems to lose his erection, it starts to slacken but never quite manages it, he is hard and ready to go again before you can say, fuck me Billy.

Then there is my Mark, such a caring and sharing man. On his own he is more than man enough to please me, he has no worldly possessions but me, and yet he shares me with his friends. Sometimes its hard to remember which of the gang I am supposed to love the most, but once they have all had me, its Mark I cuddle up to.

It was the best weekend of my life, so far. I have a feeling though; the best is yet to cum.