Kathy Comes to Dinner Ch. 04


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I was instantly begging for her to finish me.

“Like this?” asked Kathy, as she poured some Superlube in her palms and after rubbing them together for a few seconds, started to stroke my cock, very, very slowly.

“Oh yes!” I exclaimed, “just a little faster, please.”

“Oh, more like this?” Kathy asked as she increased the speed a bit.

I thought her inexperience was going to lead to her making me cum before she intended. I groaned “Oh yes, that’s perfect, just please don’t stop. Oh it feels so good, I’m almost there” I couldn’t help myself I was babbling away as my orgasm was quickly approaching.

“But if I keep this up, it will be over too soon.” She giggled, as she slowed way down again. I could only moan in frustration. “Peter, do you know why I’m enjoying this so much?”

I wasn’t really paying any attention to what she was saying until she stopped stroking and gave my balls a rather firm squeeze, which quickly got my attention. “Peter, pay attention when I’m talking to you, I asked if you knew why I was enjoying this so much.” I allowed as how I really didn’t.

Kathy went on to tell me that one of the main reasons she was had grown tired of my ogling her tits all the time and this was a bit of revenge. I really thought I’d always xslot been discreet about my staring, but obviously both Kathy and Lisa saw it otherwise. “In fact even now you’re staring at my tits instead of looking at my eyes while I’m talking to you!” It was true, I was. I snapped my attention to her eyes. “That’s better, now don’t be rude anymore.”

Kathy continued to stroke me so slowly that I just constantly dribbled precum, but wasn’t approaching orgasm again. She kept talking about being respectful and looking at her face as she spoke, not her tits. This was much like telling someone not to think of an elephant, the more she talked the more I wanted to look at her chest. But I kept my eyes glued on hers. After several minutes of this Kathy acknowledged that I was behaving much better.

She told Lisa that “I’d really like to see him shoot, with his balls this full and his cock so hard and purple I bet it would be a real show!” she giggled.

Lisa assured her it would, but added “Its up to you, but I’d give him a real challenge first.”

“I like the sounds of that” replied Kathy (I sure didn’t) “what do you have in mind?”

As usual Lisa had a rather diabolical plan. “He has done a decent job of keeping his eyes off your breasts for a while, but could he if they were naked?”

OH GOD I thought, no matter how much I’d love to see those tits uncovered I knew I was in trouble xslot Giriş now.

Lisa suggested to Kathy that she remove her top and the start stroking me again, increasing the speed very slowly, but constantly. If I could keep my eyes off her tits long enough, I would finally cum, but if I even glanced at her tits once, that was it. Somewhat to my surprise, Kathy agreed.

“Okay Peter, look into my eyes and don’t waiver. I’m going to take off this top now” Kathy explained.

I did as I was told. She again started stroking my cock. This time she started even slower than before and with plenty of Superlube. It seemed as if she was taking about 30 seconds on each stroke. Very slowly she increased her pace, all the while I kept my eyes glued to hers. After quite a long time she was finally stroking fast enough that my orgasm was building up. It was very close now, I was going to make it.

Then she started to shake her shoulders and with my peripheral vision I could see her tits shaking. I lost my place and took a second’s glance at her tits. Instantly I looked back into her eyes. I couldn’t have been more than a stoke or two from cumming. She stopped and started laughing. I screamed in frustration.

“I knew he’d never make it” laughed Lisa.

“That wasn’t fair, you started to shake them, I only was distracted by that” I tried to reason. It was to no avail, they both xslot Güncel Giriş just laughed harder.

“You might as well take a good look now, that’s all your going to get tonight” Lisa said triumphantly.

I did. They were even more perfect than I had dreamed, with big round nipples that stuck straight out. I didn’t get to look long. Kathy bent over and smothered my face in her cleavage. It drove me wild. After a few second of this though, she jumped off the bed and put her top back on.

“Peter, I’m so disappointed, I really want to see you shoot” Kathy pretended to pout.

I started to beg for another chance, saying I’d do anything.

“Anything?” Kathy echoed with a grin.

I swore I would do anything at all. By this time I would have said whatever it took to get to cum.

“I am pretty horny” said Kathy as she looked over to Lisa.

Lisa hesitated for a minute and then nodded “But he doesn’t get to see that!” she laughed.

Lisa quickly grabbed a scarf and was securely blindfolding me as Kathy went on “Peter, I really do want to see you cum in this condition. So I’m going to give you a chance to make up for your failure. If you can give me the best orgasm I’ve ever had, I’ll make you cum. You should know I’ve had some truly remarkable ones in my day, so this is going to be a major challenge for you, but Lisa tells me you are an extraordinary cunt licker.”

I could feel my self blush bright red again. I couldn’t believe the all things Lisa had obviously shared with her friend.

To be continued…

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